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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/16/17

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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/16/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:09 am




So here we are again stuck in the middle of the week no better off than we were last week other than what we hear Bruce say that the High Rollers are exchanging and that it turned out to be a bigger task than the banks believed so we have to wait once again. But then we ought to be used to that by now. Some are already pushing that it may be in September or October before we go.

Yes I am ticked off sick and tired of hearing one excuse after another and constantly building us up for the next day the next week or the next month or even the month following. Straight as answers folks that is all we need but what we get is “I can’t tell you what I know, but we are close” Well the truth of the matter is close only counts in Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I am pleading with You for true and unbiased truth that seems to be a secret only known to the select few who do all they can to get us into their own money making schemes of one sort or another. For the most part we in this group are true and honest people who need real answers that we can plan on. If it be Your will that we wait, so it will be.

Dear Lord God Almighty Forgive my ranting because these words I write are the unspoken words from many of us here waiting for a blessings that is continually being put off over and over again. The thing his that as bad as it is for me, I know there are others in far worse shape than I am in. Help them first Lord. I pray for many each night and I know there are others in need. Hear my Prayers Lord.

My friends if there is any comfort that we should gain from all of this it should be that you each have a group of other members including you in their nightly prayer sessions as well. And the Lord said “where one or two of you are gathered in My name I will be there with you as well. Amen and Amen

3rd email to change my password

I have had 2 I just send them over to junk

yep this last one looks really good, yet dont they know they have sent two before so I know better

Thank you, AdminBill…love the word "positive"

ADMINBILL, good morning, and yes passwords ignored. Thanks for the heads up though

Wonder which guru will predict that the eclipse will have something to do with the RV.

Myladies handles mountaingoats posts? Huh?


Ck recaps for Goat- If posted it will be there

we are headed for some rough water folks... lets hope this dinar ride gets over soon

Frank's already starting. Kinda early? Idk.

CAL: Bitcoin is a crypto-currency currency, along with many, many others that have come out. Some have assets, most do not. Plz correct me if I'm wrong, don't want to mislead. The youtube pretty much explains it all.

While many are running to precious metals, Bitcoins and other cripto currencies the banking community is laughing at you because they know you can run but you can't hide. doesn't anyone remember when the government impounded all gold public and private. Think before you jump folks. JMO

TED: No jumping Here! I've converted my IRA CD making .25% to God & S 5 years ago. When I take possession, it still has a value. Crypto currency is like a lottery ticket. I'm done with speculating, unless I can touch it, feel it, drive by it,

Anything from Frank?

Who's number is that below?

Pj, it was for the outlaw call, which has since ended

So Okie say he heard it's going between tonight and tomorrow 6:00 est. let's hope

Okie call something off there!!! Other day Elmer was asking for prayer? Sounds fishy

Okie was in the hospital but is now at home and doing well at last report (yesterday).

Okie curious if he was actually on a call or not was topic 006

Okie was on call and it was him. I know his voice

Why would he come on a call and say it could happen tonight when no one know when it will haapen. Unless he is the button pusher

He said he was optimistic about because of his sources. He hopes it is true this time

I thought Elmer was the only one Who has contact with okie. Just me thinking out loud

Apparently he doesn't have exclusivity

yes okie mentioned 6am to 9 am tomorrow yet he did say he hoped it was going to happen cus we have been down this road before

006 - you really believe Okie has only one friend in this world????

Elmer makes it sounds he is the only one who has contact with him

I keep drifting sorry so it was okie on a call today right or recycled

Let's hope it wasn't recycled

What do you mean by recycled. It was a live call he was on. He answered people's question. It wasn't his call.

Cool that's what I was trying to get confirmed thanks!!!! I started with okie,

They will have a replay call. Just listen for yourself. I am sure it will be on dinar chronicles.

What call was okie on please?

Outlawz call

His voice is distinct raspy

I'm sure it all fake info

Well I use to listen to his calls back in the day he had his own call. It was definitely him.

What makes his information any more fake then all the other calls? They are always all wrong.

Like that one cat says time will tell

D4 we are almost there . The RV or nut house whatever comes first ! Lol

Here it is: Okie just received info from “the second to the top”. RV to occur from 6pm tonight thru 9am. This information did not originate with him.

toolfan4 you believe it won't happen till September is that right?

dedar yes, but its only my opinion....based upon info i have, but im only one and not the decision maker.....okie, bruce are not either, just opinion. dedar keep your eye on the only marker we have....that is iraq...they are a barometer to this...as they get close, we get close. as they suffer setbacks, we do to

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WSOMN Wed Drama

Post by Scotchie on Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:08 pm

Ted:  Save yourself the work.  Just cut and paste a past post.

KLS:  You, I am sure, read I won one million dollars on one lottery ticket.  You have a better chance with the lottery than the dinar.

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Re: WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/16/17

Post by roxy22222222 on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:56 pm

Get over it Ted and quit your whining! You're making an A$$ out of yourself! :yes: :yes: :yes:

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