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  "Threatening your Beliefs?" by Pat 6/9/17

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PostSubject: "Threatening your Beliefs?" by Pat 6/9/17   Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:34 pm

It always amazes me when I see a response to any post, but usually it's to one of Yosef's, that the author gets offended to new ideas, that threaten their comfort zone.

This type response reflects to me a couple of things about the responding author. They are so insecure in their beliefs, that when Yosef (or whomever) posts something provocative, their beliefs are jeopardized, and they are so insecure in what they believe, they have to lash out to protect the bubble they live in. They can't just look at it and think "Oh, that's interesting, but not what I believe.", but they have prove to the world (and say insulting things), that they are correct, to keep their bubble safe and secure (ego at work).

Another thought that runs through my mind is the person must think they know everything, because anything that threatens their belief, cant possibly be true because they know everything.

Both these scenarios are especially true when the subject matter is religion or politics. Hot topics. Everyone seems to know everything, about their religion or their political figure. Over and over I see people get their feathers ruffled, because alternative ideas come up and people's responses are so ridged in their thinking. It's obvious they think they know everything about it, or they can't handle their beliefs being wrong, because that is a too vulnerable or a insecure feeling.

Long ago I learned, I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, and that makes my life so easy because I'm willing to listen to any alternative, and evaluate it, without being offended or getting upset. I seek new ideas, because that is how you learn. If you aren't open to new things you stop learning. Then how do you grow?

We routinely talk of hidden secret Cabal, hidden agendas, chemtrails, rogue vaccines, poisons in our genetically altered food, higher dimensional beings, channeling, Galactic Federation, manifesting reality, (I could keep going), yet.....NO! It's IMPOSSIBLE that Trump will be impeached...or is a clone...or (insert whatever). Seriously, people? You believe in other dimensional beings and Ascension and you think THAT is impossible?
You really think you KNOW everything about Trump, (or any other topics that rattles your beliefs)?

I don't generally get rattled, because my beliefs aren't ever ridged. They can't be ridged because, I don't know everything about everything. I'm always taking in new information and honestly evaluating it, DESPITE the fact it may be different from what I currently believe.

If you are threatened by opposing views, you aren't open to learn new things. Staying flexible also allows you to not have such severe reactions (responses). It allows you to respond more respectful to others, "Interesting viewpoint, but that's not how I see it." instead of, "You can't possibly know what you are talking about and are an idiot!" Really? Who is the idiot when you are completely blocked off to new viewpoints?

Next time you lash out to Yosef, or any other known Lightworker, check yourself first and evaluate if you know everything, about everything, before you jump in and lambast the person for a new twist on any subject. You may find out down the road, you really don't know everything.

Stay open, humble, and respectful. You might just learn something new, that years ago thought absurd.


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Posts : 18147
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PostSubject: Re: "Threatening your Beliefs?" by Pat 6/9/17   Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:34 pm


If in any way your response was referring to me, I will NEVER apologize for wanting the lies to end, especially from those who supposedly care for us so much. New ideas do not offend me. Passing them off as truth as opposed to one’s sick fantasy should offend anyone who seeks truth.

Seriously, I do not understand permitted such blatant and perverse hyperfocusing on another man’s crotch like this. I don’t even fantasize about my husband’s crotch this much.

The only things of which one can be sure are the things one has experienced for oneself, so if Yosef is so sure of Trump’s “true gender,” then it boggles the mind to think of how Yosef has such first-hand experience. Was he at the Moscow Marriott in that room? I guess with a shattered Overton window, anything is possible, but that’s doesn’t make it true.

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"Threatening your Beliefs?" by Pat 6/9/17
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