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 "On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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"On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17

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 "On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17 Empty "On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:16 am

To all Lightbearers:

Let’s get one thing clear: anyone can be used by the dark side. ANYONE. Anyone can be co-opted. That includes lightbearers, lightworkers,and harbingers of truth.

If we know one thing it is that the cabal has many tricks up its collective sleeve. They know how to INVEST, INFEST, and INFECT on multiple levels at once. They are Master Plotters in it for the long haul, with the forsight to wait years, decades and longer for their plots to thicken. Why do you think they are gathering in Chantilly, VA right now? Presidents, political systems, wars, and all societal courses-of-actions are chosen far in advance.

As their plots further we see the results decades later— if we ever do see them at all— and wonder: HOW COULD WE HAVE BEEN SO STUPID??

Anyone remember McCarthyism, when fingerpointing, blame and labelling rose to unprecedented levels for modern times? Entire groups of people, out of fear of being labelled “Red” or “Commie,” jumped onto the fingerpointing bandwagon until labelling became epidemic. The gurus were later proved to be false but it was too late for the lives ruined and for those who so blindly followed the false saviors.

What about the legacy of the Salem Witch Trials? Same thing: Blame, fingerpointing, labelling, and silence out of a reaction to FEAR.

What about Jonestown, whence the saying “Drank the Kool-Aid,” arose? Believers followed the false prophet into oblivion, again out of fear they would not get to heaven.

Don’t forget the Inqusition, when fear, labelling and blame heightened the institution of torture to an art form and helped squelch true spiritual, intellectual, artistic and scientific advancement for nearly a millenium.

We have a problem in DinarLand. Cabal tactics have sneaked into this bastion of truth and light in nefarious ways. Anyone familiar with the Delphi technique? I bet you’re familiar with it without realizing it. This is where individuals infiltrate groups of people and deliberately divide the participants over something inconsequential to the main argument. This is how the cabal pushed UN Agenda 21 through the small towns of America. They deliberately divided participants of town hall meetings who might otherwise have gotten something proactive done againt the encroaching forces of control and instead refocused their attention on false conflicts within their ranks.


What is the lesson here? To blindly follow those who are our purported leaders, whom we have ourselves put upon pedestals? Or do we use our common sense and stop all fingerpointing and blame and allow opinions to be voiced that might differ from our own? I could say a lot right now about those whose feet are made of clay and of the imperfections inherent in their arguments and personas, but will refrain lest I fall into the BLAME TRAP. For that is what this is, a trap —or possibly a test—which could bring us down and halt all progress made to this point, and blight our infinite potential as a light community.

WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE. I call upon the Lightbearers of DinarLand to put down your torches—or in thise case, mallets— and use your discernment and common sense. Truth will out.

Fingerpointing and labelling questioners who have the temerity to speak out despite the threat of banishment as “cabal,” has the opposite effect from what this community is about. Instead, it silences objectors and instills FEAR. Remember, the leaders here have themselves said that ANYTHING THAT CREATES FEAR IS CABAL. To blindly follow their accusations is to put them on the level of guru, and this is our own mistake.

Think back in history to other moments when fear has been used to divide groups of people who might otherwise have been unified in their thought and mission. How about the purges and every single war we have endured? How many times have we blindly followed our leaders into oblivion: the Fed, USA, Inc., the war on Marijuana, the wars on whole foods & natural cures, the war on the sanctity of our bodies and the right to refuse vaccines—any of these ring a bell? All of it is bad.

REMEMBER: If something incites fear and silences debate it is cabal. The truth is there for everyone to see. So let it shine.

Please do not label me for this post. Please do not call me anything other than an individual with a brain and the ability to think. Please do not seek out my IP address so as to report me to heaven or Grandfather. If you want my IP address I will be happy to provide it. Please do not cast stones at my head. Please don’t say I’ve written in under various names. I have written in precisely three times: once to thank the lightbearers, once to question Yosef’s labelling of David Icke, and now. Those who are of the light already know who I am, as they know each of us.

I am far past disgust, although I understand Brigantine’s reaction. Instead I am gravely concerned to see lightbearers and seekers of truth fall into age-old traps.

Remember: when the matrix is fully revealed and all that is false is stripped away, only one thing remains. That is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


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 "On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17 Empty Re: "On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian 6/3/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:24 am

It has been said that our lives are the most impacted by the people we know and the books we have read. This post entered my life as an mini-example of the latter.

AreLian, for this post and its contents, you have my deepest thanks for your...












precision, and


You are, among the many people posting on this blog, one of the very best examples of "grounded" which I have seen. Forgive me if those who wish to mock and deride, using a caricature of "grounded" through ignorance or malice, would use my compliment against you. I am proud of your courage and willingness to say what is the most basic of the fundamentals of love. The deterioration, through opportunist excuses, of ordinary respect and loving kindness has burdened me terribly. Your words refresh me and I am deeply grateful for the truth you offer.

Strengthened in honest love and grounded in objective truth.

I am,


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