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  "Trade Between Planets, No Money Used!" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/6/17

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PostSubject: "Trade Between Planets, No Money Used!" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/6/17   Sun May 07, 2017 7:55 am

Trade Between Planets, No Money Used!

I got an interesting question from KS about what it will be like after money is gone. Basically, how does one Planet do Business/Trade with another Planet? Good question! I will answer this with a personal story that Ashtar told me from 2 Billion Years ago. But first here is the question from KS:

"Use of Funds After Earth's Future is Secure?" by KS - 5.4.17

Entry Submitted by KS at 1:08 PM EDT on May 4, 2017

Once the planet and its citizenry have reached the PLAN's stated goals and its future is secured, will the PLAN's architects, on and off-world, seek in any way to replicate what was accomplished through currency HERE and then apply some or all of the existing humanitarian / infrastructure accounts (ostensibly still earning a return at HSBC) to off-world settlements, new worlds and technologies to be developed?

Realizing that currency would become passe here as the plan reaches fruition, is there a future use for this asset-backed currency, as many will have chosen a fifty to a hundred-year payout to provide a long-term benefit to humanity and to the Galactic Federation?

What can we expect?

OWK, I wish to express nothing but appreciation and gratitude for the incredible work and service that you and all the other POSITIVE Lightworkers have provided; the hope and knowledge that all of you have willingly and freely shared is in itself, PRICELESS, as is Patrick's generosity in providing this wonderful platform at Intel Dinar Chronicles.




I first posed this question about inter-planetary trade to Grandfather, who told me the best one to get the answer from was Ashtar as he has been dealing with inter-planetary Trade for eons. So, I contacted Ashtar of Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation. He answered my question by telling me a story about me, when I was still in Atlantis. It was near the Beginning when Atlantis was still strong and before the Anunnaki had arrived and corrupted it. About 2 billion years ago. It was an "Inter-Planetary" Trade Deal involving a special crystal. First let me give you the setting of the story.

The Setting

I was a "Priest" and in charge of the Atlantian Crystal fields. The crystal fields were well known all over our solar system and other parts of the Universe. When you are talking about Galactic Trade, it is about things that are special to a given planet, and not available on other planets.

For instance, Gold is very rare in all of creation, and not available on other planets and that is why the Anunnaki came here to get it. Other items that are big in inter-galactic trade are: silver, platinum, uranium metal, rare minerals, elements and crystals. There is no money that works, and this story predates when the Anunnaki got here so they had not introduced money here on Earth yet. By the way, It is easy to see why Africa is going to be so valuable as we enter the new Galactic Travel age. The rare elements that are valuable all over the Universe.

As Ashtar tells this story, there was a woman from Saturn, who needed a "Seed Crystal" from Atlantis, which had the best in the area/universe? She caught a ride on Ashtar's ship and came to Atlantis to see me. He said that he witnessed the transaction from his ship as he hovered above us during the transaction.

As I mentioned, I was a Priest, and a keeper of the crystals and the crystal fields. If I remember what Ashtar said correctly, she needed this special type of crystal to power? her space craft.

Ashtar explained that there is a special "Protocol" that is expected by the crystals which is a certain procedure to deal with them. In short, they have to be handled in a special way.

I spoke to the crystals and asked who wanted to go with her. One jumped up from the crystal bed and wanted to go. Basically, that crystal volunteered to go. That is very important. Also of interest, you do not go to the crystal, it has to come to you. So, she waited with her hand out and the crystal came to her, and went in to her hand, and started singing. I did not get exactly how the crystal moved, but I do know that they have a higher consciousness and clearly have mastered movement on their own. Also of note, I assumed that the singing meant that the crystal was happy to go to her world with her.

Then, as is the custom in the Inter-Galactic Trades, she had an item to give me in trade for the special Atlantien Seed Crystal. As I understand it, she offered me a crystal of about the same size, which was about 4 inches in length, 6 sided, and double terminated (pointed at each end). It was called "Purple Saturnite" found only on Saturn's Moon, Europa. It was also rare and came from deep inside a volcano. However, no one can enter this volcano with out an invitation. The way Ashtar described this, it seemed that the so called "Invitation" was supernatural, or Vibrational in nature. Clearly, you have to be very special to be able to go there. I, as the priest, accepted her crystal offered in trade for the crystal she wanted.

That was an example of a very special trade between planets, item for item and no money involved. It reminds me of Star Trek as they show trades of interesting items, but hardly ever talk about money, or credits as they call it.

Other Interesting Points

I heard that Earth is very good at making Aeroships (UFOs) and trades them with other planets for things they need or want. Ashtar Confirmed this. (Note: Naturally, I am going to reserve my own Areoship after the exchange.)

Not every planet values or uses the same kinds of things. Ashtar told me of a planet where every structure is crystal and built from crystal, and another planet where only Silver is used to build things.

This is a wild piece of information. There is a planetoid that is 70 billion miles in diameter & radius, Way bigger than the sun, and it is one living Diamond. Can you imagine a diamond that large that has consciousness?

Finally, Ashtar told me that I wasn't always a Priest who was the guardian of the Atlantian Crystal fields. I've been a rock, a plant, and many different weird animals on other planets as well. Of course, Zorra has told me that I was a Fairy, and a Mer-person as well. I can't help but think what it is going to be like when we get all of our past lives memories back. What was life like as a rock? Then it hit me, a lot like waiting for the RV!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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"Trade Between Planets, No Money Used!" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/6/17
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