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 Bruce D Call Notes 4/28/17

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PostSubject: Bruce D Call Notes 4/28/17   Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:04 am

Bruce:  Good Evening everybody to the Big Call. Tuesday we told you we were in a place for this to go at any moment. I have to tell you that tonight is even more so that way. The information I have gotten today is pointing to the immediateness of it. There have been some things that have occurred.

Bruce:  Iraq had to take back Mosul, but has not really announced it openly. Tuesday Prime Minister Abadi did an audio and video recording of an announcement that should be aired on Saturday. We expect an announcement made about Iraq. This would include the liberation of Mosul, the sovereignty aspect of Iraq, and include the language like redenomination of their currency. We know the terms revaluation, reinstatement, and the terms RV and RI we have used years and years. The term redenomination is going to be utilized because it means there are lower denominations that are in play and are out. Those should be at the bank and the ATMS and ready to go if they are not already out. We thought that would be the final step for Iraq when they had the lower denominations without the 3 zeros on them, we thought it is GO time and expect an announcement with that affect.

Bruce:  They have electricity on all over the country. It means they can have ATMS powered up, and banks online.  They have a whole new financial system.  It has been completely redone. That financial system probably be announced also.  Also new members in the world trade organization. There is quite a bit happening around the sovereignty and redenomination of Iraq and liberation of Mosul. That pre-taped audio and video announcement they made Tuesday will be aired on Saturday in the Mosque in the morning. That is positive for us. We have been looking for something like that for awhile. It will put them back as an international player.

Bruce:  We know the rates we talked about before, and their rates continue to go up. This dinar is going to be an amazing currency by about May 5. We think it going to be traded between hedge fund managers and traders.  All the currencies in that first basket will be traded and elevated in value even above the values I talked about a week ago Tuesday.  It is really amazing. We can say that Iraq is ready to go. They have been ready.

Bruce:  Mosul take back has been for weeks now. They have had a few tuning and few issues here and there. The youth in Mosul have sort of grouped together and started a cleanup program over there to clean up the homes, buildings, and streets. They have been volunteering to do that in a positive way since ISIS has been cleared out. That is very positive I think they are being rewarded financially for doing that. That is good news.

Bruce:  Internationally we know North Korea has been a challenge and still continues sort of being a threat. I am getting information that it sort of looks like they may have reached some kind of an agreement there. They may have agreed on something we can’t really go into, but, it looks positive.  Let me put it this way. It looks like the reunification of South and North Korea is something in the offering.  It really could be coming here to us. I am excited to hear about that.

Bruce:  As far as things happening internationally everything is moving along well.  The USN is what we call the dollar, TRNS, tradable new currency that is gold backed. If it isn’t yet being traded, it is on the screens in Hong Kong and Singapore ready to begin to trade. We also should get some announcementSaturday from our President Donald Trump. I am excited about that possibility too. It may be regarding our gold back currency.  Hoping it will be.

Bruce:  We have the first of May starting on Monday.  We also know that this whole GCR our understanding is we are pushing against the back wall now. We do think we are in a position now that everything is sort of in the completion stage where our Tier 4, the large Internet group is next to go. It appears that Tiers 1, 2, and 3 are finally complete.  The core and sub groups have been paid and completed this afternoon. That is how close that was.

Bruce:   Our understanding once that was completed there may be a reset of rates again which would be positive for us, and that we would very shortly be looking to receive the toll free number. I would take that as instructed with any protocol with that and put it out on the Big Call site: thebigcall.net and other sites so it can be seen online so all can set their appointments and begin their lives.  That is the goal and that is what we would do. I am set to receive that call anytime now. It could happen any moment.  We don’t believe there is anything in the way. At this point if there were something we believe they would have already solved it. We are just literally set on go any moment.

Bruce:  We know that Prosperity Packages are set to go out as soon as we get heads up. The closest thing to an actual shotgun start. A lot of groups have been partially paid in some way and funds available to them on Monday.  Their start date would be on Monday for them. That maybe as well the date used for us if we get started between now and then.  As a date of Monday we would have full funds available.  I do believe we will get started before then.  That is my understanding.  I been told that we would have the number put out, set our appointments, and get started.

Bruce:  I have heard some specific times.  It is not wise for me to put them out because do not know for sure that is going to happen.  We have been delayed here and there as you know. We are still waiting.  It is all good in the sense things have been happening to move this along further like the payment of the core and sub groups. That takes care of Tiers 1, 2, and 3.  Next is Tier 4 which is us.  The so call John Q Public that maybe have been gifted or bought stuff some years ago will probably start a little later. I don’t think they will start with us.  I have been hearing they will start on dates of May 11, 12, in that time frame. We will see how that goes.

Bruce:  I think with the resetting of rates, the hedge fund guys and traders trading up these new currencies they have been exotic in a sense and they are no longer exotic. That is going to end up being a benefit for us. Even the so call screen rates being seen now on back screens that we kind of talked about last week those are now privately negotiable rates for our group, but they don’t require an NDA.  In terms of the dong, rupiah are right there together. The dinar is higher. These higher screen rates are sort of privately negotiable without an NDA. That is very cool.

Bruce:  Are we going to chill and take a little vacation, do some stuff? Of course. We have earned that. It is okay. You have earned it.  I know the term “hit the ground running.”  I know what it means. I have heard it forever.  We will get started.  We will stop doing calls for at least 3 weeks to a month. Get our new website and platform and heads together and then we will start doing weekly podcasts.  We will communicate with everybody again.  All I can say is stay tuned to our site: thebigcall.net.  That site is not going away. We will keep it until we transition completely over to a brand new site. Don’t worry that site will stay in place. We will communicate with you on our landing page as to where and when our calls will be. We probably link our new site from thebigcall.net.  We will set it up so we do not lose each other.

Bruce:   If you want to drop out and do your own thing, okay. That is cool if you want to do that. We sure can use the help, not your money but your involvement. To rebuild America to start here is going to be a super program for us. It is a long term plan. It will go for at least 20 to possible 50 years. It could be. I not going to forget other areas we talked about such as Dominican Republic, South and Central America, etc. There is a lot we are going to be doing. I am into languages and other cultures. I will be traveling and hopefully doing something in other parts of the world.  This is going to be a legacy. This is something we will be able to do and something we will be proud of in giving back and creating something new again in our country.

Bruce:  I am excited. A lot of the detail is too close and sensitive. We are right where we need to be.  I have every reason to believe it will be between now and the weekend. Thank you all for tuning in. We do thank our future partners-to-be in the financial industry and the banks from HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China, WF, and who all in position to work with us as partners.  Thank you. We are looking forward to working with us partners. Also thank you to all the banks in Canada, South and Central America.  HSBC will be the main bank that will be working with us on this.

Bruce:  Intel is telling us we are right here. I have been told it is very close and wouldn’t surprise me if it happened over night or the next day or so. I will put the numbers out when instructed on our site and couple places on the web. Stay tuned to the bigcall.net. Thank all for coming in and listening to the Big Call. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent.  Good night all, and thank you so much.

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PostSubject: Bruce   Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:16 am

You can literally cut and paste most of what Bruce has said and re-publish it in 6 months.

Though nothing he has predicted will happen, he will not lose any of his audience.

It is common...when there is money on the line, people do not want to admit they made a mistake.  They will read excuses and make up their own, just to make themselves feel better that they were not scammed.  They were scammed.
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PostSubject: Re: Bruce D Call Notes 4/28/17   Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:08 pm

Bruce is such a buffoon. He obviously  has the same sources Tony, Terry K, and good ole Okie and that total idiot blu Wolf had.
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Bruce D Call Notes 4/28/17
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