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  "Conscious vs. Un-Conscious" - One Who Believes/Richard Lee Mckim, Jr. - 12/28/16

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PostSubject: "Conscious vs. Un-Conscious" - One Who Believes/Richard Lee Mckim, Jr. - 12/28/16   Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:43 pm

Re-posted (4-27-17) by request of One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

Conscious vs. Un-Conscious
Aware vs. Un-Aware
Action vs. Re-Action

You have been told this is hard and complicated, but in truth, it is so easy and empowering to know. This is going to be quick, easy to understand, and be some of the most empowering and life changing information you have ever read on the subject. To understand how your Conscious and Un-Conscious works, is to be able to take complete control of your life. By the end of this post, you will understand your Conscious Mind and Un-Conscious Mind so well and be able to "Work It" to get the most you can out of life. Here we go!

First Things First

The first thing we are going to do is re-label the Conscious and Un-Conscious to become, Aware and Un-Aware. Frankly, this view of your thinking process is way more descriptive and empowering. If you think about it, it makes sense that if you are "Conscious" of something, you are "Aware" of it, and likewise, if you are NOT Conscious (Un-Conscious) of something, you are "Un-Aware" of it. This is as it should be, because you don’t need to be aware of everything in life, just what is important and relevant, with a special emphasis on "Relevant."

When you are driving a car, you are Aware of the speed you are going, and all the controlling devices, but, not so aware of all the things happening in the engine. So, in short, you are aware of what you need to be aware of and not aware (Un-Aware) of what you don’t need to be aware of. That is "Relevance." You are going to love this next part because it really explains your "awareness function."

Your "Conscious/Aware" Function

The "Aware" (Conscious) part of your thinking/processing is limited. I want to say Very Limited, but, it is still all you need to function. We could compare it to your computer monitor which has a limited number of pixels on screen. However, while it is limited, and cannot display everything in the World at once, it is all you need to function because it can display what you need to focus on at any given moment. There is that "Relevant" concept again.

Juggling Screen Time

Since your screen size (Window of Awareness) is limited, you have to juggle the screen time (What is Visible) at any given moment. When you go to download a file, you need the download information on screen so you can decide what actions you want to take to start the download. However, once it has started, you no longer need to monitor it. It runs in the background (Un-Seen & Un-Aware). Then you bring up word documents, art programs and several other functions at once. But, you can't see them all and work on them all at the exact same time, so you must, shut one down, or put it on pause, while you shift your attention and screen time to something else. Then when that other matter is resolved, you can then shift back to the word document or art program or web site you are studying. So the short version is that you move things in and out of view, as you need to take actions on them. If it is not relevant at the time, or needs no actions at the time, or can run automatically in the background, it is not allowed to take up the precious screen (Monitor) pixel space. You have just learned all you need to know about your "Conscious" (Aware) function. Let's see how this relates to your Conscious thinking function.

Your "Window Of Awareness"

Your Window of Awareness is what others call your conscious function. Awareness is created by "Attention." When you pay attention to something, you naturally become Aware (Conscious) of it. It is limited and must be shared by lots of different functions, such as seeing, hearing , tasting, thinking, etc. As you give more attention to one part/function, you lessen the available attention for other parts/functions. You spend your days shifting your attention around from one function to another to make best use of your limited attention/awareness/conscious ability.

How You Allocate Your Attention/Awareness

Have you even been deep in thought and didn't hear a word someone was saying to you? Your thoughts required so much "Attention/Awareness" that the attention that would normally be allocated to hearing, was momentarily diverted to thinking instead. As soon as your thought no longer required so much thinking time (Attention/Awareness), then attention was rerouted back to hearing.

The same thing happens with your vision. When you go into deep thought, you often de-focus your eyes, and aim them to some out of focus distant place, so that the attention normally allocated to vision, can be diverted to thinking in the moment. People you are talking to can sometimes see this and say that your eyes glazed over, and seem to be no longer paying attention, and they are right. You are not paying/spending/allocating attention/awareness to your vision. You vision is literally reduced or turned off.

The higher the Volume of sound, the more Attention/Awareness it takes to process it. That is why people say that the music is so loud that they can't think, because the attention devoted to thinking has been rerouted to processing the extra volume of sound. Some people turn their rock songs up just for this reason because it drowns out thinking and attention to anything else.

Have you ever heard someone say that something took their breath away? That is because the sight and/or thoughts about what is happening required so much attention/awareness to process, that not only did it use up the attention resources it had from normal awareness allocations, but, it had to draw attention (processing power) away from the breathing function. You literally stop breathing for the moment until you redistribute the Attention back to its normal allocated functions. This is the same thing that happens when people are so surprised, that their mouth drops open. This is because the attention that is normally devoted to holding your jaw from hanging open due to gravity is momentarily rerouted to thinking about the surprising situation at hand. Once the surprise is over and the extra thinking power (Attention/awareness) is no longer needed, the extra attention that had been taken from the holding the mouth shut is returned to its normal allocation.

When you are really upset and worried, and your thoughts have gotten so big that they require more and more attention functioning power, your body will reroute the attention/functioning power from your digestive system to your thought process to handle the huge demand this worry is causing. This of course causes digestive problems and cramping because it is not functioning properly due to the reduced amount of energy/attention available for it. In this case the attention/awareness is not taken from the mouth because it is most likely being used and demanding attention to operate, and your breathing is requiring attention so you don't pass out, so it gets the attention from a place that is not as important and needed in the moment. By the way, this can cause medical problems over time from the reduced energy/attention to the internal organs. In this way, you can see exactly how worry can directly injure your body.

Consciousness Function Is The "Action" Function

Notice that everything mentioned in the Attention Allocation examples above are "Actions." Actions, whether they are thinking, seeing, hearing, etc, are predominantly NEW. This is important because anything new requires more attention, thinking, viewing, hearing to figure out what it is, make a decision about it, and basically "Process" it. Everything New, Novel, Different, requires first time attention for disposition. These are what I call Actions. The First time you hear a song, or drive to a new place, it requires Conscious attention and awareness to make decisions. Do I like it or not? Do I turn here, or go straight? This is the nature of the Conscious process and what it is for.

The Un-Conscious, Un-Aware, Re-Actions

The un-conscious, un-aware, functions are those that have already been decided. They do not require disposition. They do not need consideration or thought. They are Actions, that are Repeated, thus Re-Actions. When you first drive to a new location, you have to really devote attention to vision, to see where you are and recognize landmarks, and also devote lots of attention to thinking of where you need to turn etc. In fact it requires so much of your Awareness to complete this "Action," that you might even say to a passenger, please be quiet for a moment, I am concentrating on which way I have to turn to get to this place. The reason you ask your passenger to be quiet, is so that you don’t have to allocate any attention/awareness to your hearing, because you need it all for seeing, thinking and deciding.

Remember that the Awareness/Conscious/Attention function is limited, so you need to move as much as possible to the Un-conscious/Un-aware, area. Once you have taken an Action a certain amount of times where you are really paying attention to it, it then moves to the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware area of functioning and becomes a "Re-Action."

When you go to work the first time, you turn right on 4th street, that is the action. But once you have taken that conscious action several times, it then becomes automatic and becomes a re-action. You just act the same way as before, you re-act, act again, the same as before. Soon, you are driving to work, and before you know it, you are at work. These Actions did not need to be "Mindful" wasting your valuable Conscious space for already known information and already decided actions.

Every Action Wants To (And Will) Become a Re-Action

Your whole life involves learning and "Original" acting, and then moving that function to the Un-aware (Un-Conscious) area to function as a "Re-Action." It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to keep everything in your life in your current window of awareness. That would be a dysfunction and lead to a miserable life.

Do you have any idea how much of your life is a "Re-Action?" Stopping at red lights, greeting those who greet you, waving to someone who waves to you, opening a door before entering, etc are all reactions. 99% of your thoughts and actions are RE-ACTIONS! They have to be in order to allow room in the Conscious space to see, hear, and think of new things. That is why new things are so interesting, because they have to be processed in the Conscious/Aware area to determine its disposition and what action should be taken. You are really "Aware" of new things and actually paying attention to them, because you have to. You have no prior experience to rely on.

When you listen to a new song for the first time that you like, you are really devoting a lot of awareness/attention (Consciousness) to it, to process and consume it. During this time, you may be less aware (Paying less attention to) other things such as conversing with another. However after you have listened to it a hundred times, it is no longer new, and no longer needs to be consciously processed and decided on. You think that you are really listening to it "Consciously" but you are not. It has been moved to the Un-Conscious processing area. Once you have an opinion of it, the "Original Action," then while in the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware functioning area, every time you hear it, you have the same opinion of it (The Re-Action). You don’t have to "Decide" whether or not you like it every time you hear it.

This is why going to a concert can be so invigorating because the music is a bit different than the recordings and require Conscious/Awareness to process it. Some call it being "Present" because all their attention is allocated to the present situation. By contrast, when the Present situation can be handled by Re-Actions, the mind is free to "wander off" on to other thoughts and/or paying attention to other things.

Another example of this would be driving to work, and creating a speech in your mind or making complex plans at the same time. When you get to 4th street, you turn right, that doesn't have to be decided, or thought about, it is automatic and the same action as always, thus a re-action. This leaves your mind with lots of available attention to devote to thinking or listening to a book on tape.

All Decisions (Original Actions) Are Recorded (Remembered) For Re-Action Use

Since every action wants to become a re-action some day, they are all recorded in the mind. You call it a memory, but it is actually, building a program for smoother and better functioning later. After all, the Conscious processing area has to be kept free and clear as possible. If something is different every time (Thus always new), it stays in the Conscious processing area, taking up processing space because it has to. While it will keep you "Present," it does limit other functions that might otherwise be using that available processing power.

In example, if you decided to go to work a different way every day, you would be not only be using up processing space to figure out a way, you would also be using processing space to review your memory to be sure it is in fact a new way never done that way before. Can you imagine how engrossing (engaging) it would become after 10 days? How about 100 days? Pretty soon you will have to go in the opposite direction and around the entire city, just to do it differently than ever done before. Can you imagine how much of your attention space you would be using to plan and execute a new way home each day? There would be no processing space to think of random thoughts because your attention/awareness would be fully focused on what you were doing.

Now, just to really make the point for the value of Re-Actions, let's take that example and move even more Re-Actions into Action Status. As a reminder, Actions take extra consideration and involve more decisions. So with all that in mind, let's say we move you back to your driving school days. That is you have to consciously decide whether or not to turn on your blinker, be completely aware of stepping on the break, and pressing on the gas, while at the same time checking your mirrors consciously (Mindfully) just as they taught you in school. Your mind would be so full of "Actions" that it might be drawing energy/attention from your digestive system and other non-essential systems just to provide enough attention to handle all these "Actions."

What if we took it to extremes by changing the peddle arrangement and function every day. Each day, the peddles and controls would be in different places, and have different functions. You would really have to concentrate to remember that stopping on the gas pedal now stops the car and the old brake location now makes the car speed up. You can see without Re-actions to standard functions, your mind would easily get tired just driving to the store and back.

Now Full "Re-Action" Mode

Now let's move as much as possible to the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware "Re-Action" mode. You have been driving for 20 years without an accident or problem. You have been going the same way to work for 10 years. There is nothing special, different or new that will happen on the way home from work. When you come to a stop light, you automatically stop because that is what that means, and you take the same action you have taken thousands of times to step on the break until the car stops. When you take the same action again, it is a Re-Action. Act again. When you get to 4th street, you slow down and turn right just like you have done for years. Every action and thought is done just like it was done before, acted the same way. Acted again, is Re-Acting, every time the same way for the same situation. Next thing you know, you are home and you don’t remember the trip home, because it was all on Un-Aware, Un-Conscious mode, automatically acting just the right way and just the right time.

That freed your Conscious/Aware part of your mind to observe and notice other things such as hazards, or other changes that may arise. You may also have enough thinking room in your Window of Awareness, to consider what you will do as soon as you get to work, and what you will be doing tonight after you get home from work as well.

Your Conscious/Aware Mind Is For NEW Thoughts & Actions Only

That is how you are designed to "Process" New Input, make decisions, and that which is repeated, is moved to Automatic Functioning in the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware Areas, and all else is discarded. Everything you have learned has moved to your Un-Conscious/Un-Aware Processing area. When you see a STOP sign, you stop. That is an automatic Process, already decided and the Action is not only known, but Acted as well. Again, since this Action is the same Action as before, it is a "Re-Action."

When you see a Long Yellow Fruit, you know it is a Banana. You didn't have to figure that out like you did the first time you ever saw one. All that Knowing about what it is and that you can eat them, has already been learned and experienced. Now, when you see one, your Automatic Un-Conscious/Un-Aware Processing area, responds (Re-Acts) to the visual input from your eyes and brings up everything you know about it for disposition in case you want to eat it. You didn't have to consciously figure out what it was and if it was editable, that was instead brought up as an automatic Re-Action from your Un-Aware processing area. In this way, even though you see the Banana, it did not take up you conscious processing area, you could see the banana and still continue a conversation with someone else and think about dinner at the same time.

Now, if you found some new Fuzzy Fruit looking thing on your kitchen counter that you had never seen before (Something New), you would have to use your valuable Conscious processing area to figure it out and make decisions about it. Notice that while it has your Full attention, you aren't thinking about anything else in the moment. Finally, you figure out it is a Kiwi fruit and it is delicious. Now, the next time you see it, you will respond (Re-Act) the same way from now on, it is a Kiwi and is good to eat. It will have been moved to the Automatic Response area of your Mind, the Un-Conscious, Un-Aware part.

It is Only The "Processing" That Is Un-Aware, Un-Conscious

This means that where appropriate, the Results from the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware area are noticed, but the Processing is NOT. In example, You see a STOP sign and you stop. You were able to "Notice" that you put your foot on the break and that you are stopping the car at the STOP sign, but you don’t notice all the reasoning why. You don’t waste your Conscious thinking area with thoughts like "This is the sign I saw in Drivers Education class, and when You see one of these you are supposed to stop the car, and to stop the car I have to move my foot to the peddle that works the breaking system, and apply enough pressure to stop the car." No, instead, it "Just Happens" automatically and appropriately. No wasted thinking that was unnecessary. That thinking was already done before and doesn't need to be thought again. Instead, it just needs to be acted just like it has been acted thousands of times before. That is Re-Action." That is "Un-conscious" processing, with a consciously noticeable result.

Actions = Every Type Of Response

Thoughts, Actions, Feelings, Emotions, Care vs Not Care, Like Vs Not Like, are all "Actions/Responses" to the situation in the moment. If the situation is new, then it is your first-time action/response. However if you have encountered this situation/event many times you may be having a "Re-Action" which is fine, if you like how you responded before.

The Power of Routine

The power of having a routine is that it moves tasks to automatic functioning. It frees your mind for other thoughts and activities. For example, washing the car. What does it mean when you have the soap ready and the car is in position? It means soap the car. What does it mean when the car has been soaped up? It means rinse it off. What does it mean when you finished rinsing it off? It means drying it. What does it mean after it is dried? It means put everything away.

Routines are a series of tasks or processes that are "meant to be" one after the other. When in a routine, you can listen to music, daydream or ponder the meaning of life, because it takes no thought to move from one part to the next. It is "Pre-Decided" and therefore automatic.

The Hand-Off

The hand off from the Conscious/Aware Function to the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware Function happens in many ways, most often by repetition. The more you respond (Act) in the same way over and over again to the same stimulus (Trigger/Situation), the more it becomes your natural/automatic response (A Re-Action). That becomes the hand off from the thinking/deciding Conscious/Aware function to the Un-Conscious/Un-Aware/Automatic Action (Re-Action) Function. The sooner you become certain by clarity and decision of your response, the faster it gets handed off to the Un-conscious functioning as an "Automatic Action."

Actions should NOT be handed off to become Re-Actions until you are confident about it. IE: You first learned to stop at STOP signs and after just a few times, it was handed off to become an automatic Action. When figuring out the best route to your new job, you try several different ways until you decide which one you will use. Soon, you get to work and don't even remember the drive, because it was all automatic actions that have been taken before, making them all Re-Actions.

The Hand Off Trap

Jumping To Conclusions means using past experience in a partially or fully Automatic way (Re-Acting) coming to the same conclusion as before for the same set of circumstances. The conclusion may or may not be correct for this specific instance. In short, don't say "this is just like before" unless you liked how "Before" turned out. If "before" turned out badly, then say "This time it works out for the best." This makes it take a different path of creation that is not the same as before (Not a Re-Action). You can say and think these kinds of thoughts: "This is different this time because I know what I am doing," or "I know what to look for," or "things work out for me now." If however, this is like before and you liked what happened before, you can say "this is like before" or you can UPGRADE it by saying "This is even better than before!!!!"

Changing Your Mind (Deactivating a Re-Action)

This is how to de-activate "Re-Actions." This is the most important part and the part that most people fear. However it is so easy and works perfectly every time. Remember that it took several "Actions" that were the same, to move it to an automatic "Re-Action" status. You stopped at a stop sign enough times that you no longer have to think about it anymore, you just do it. People FEAR that "Re-actions" are somehow permanent and "Get Stuck" and can't be removed, and that is not true in the least.

I am going to show you step by step how to reprogram "Automatic Re-Actions" otherwise known as subconscious/unconscious/unaware actions/responses. Then I am going to give you a few exercises to prove to you that your sub-conscious (Re-Actions) are easily changed at will, you just have to A) Know that you can do it, and B) Know how to do it.

Request For Disposition

When things are running "Normally" and you are cruising through life, stopping at stop signs, driving your car, noticing things and knowing what they are and what to do with them, you have no confusion or conflicts. However, when you come upon a situation, that has changed and is not "Normal," then the automatic "Action" does not apply, the situation gets "Kicked" up to your Conscious/Aware process to decide what to do.

This is a "Request For Disposition." In example you are driving to work like you do every day, and you always turn right at the stop sign, but today there is road construction there and you can't turn right as "Usual." Notice that you don’t still turn right, but instead, you are suddenly aware that a "Different" decision has to be made, than the "Usual-Automatic" action at this point in the trip. This "Conflict" has kicked the problem that needs to be consciously considered and decided on, up into FULL VIEW in your window of awareness. So you go straight instead and turn at the next street and get back on course. If the next day the construction is gone, you may have a slight thought about it, but most likely will just turn at the usual place automatically with little or no thought about it. Now consider that the construction is going on for months. That is easy to understand, you just get "Used to" the new path and it becomes an automatic Action which means a "Sub-conscious Re-Action."

How To Re-Program Your Sub-Conscious

This is so easy because all the control is located in your Conscious and fully aware area, otherwise known as your "Window of Awareness." All you do is make a "Command" (Program) that states the changes to be made and then expect them to change and do the work to make the changes become Automatic again. That's all!

What do you do when you get up in the morning? Get dressed, go to the bathroom, go make coffee, or something else as well? We are going to add an automatic Action (a Re-Action) to your morning routine. Say/think to yourself "I am going to add a special action to my morning routine, to be carried out every day, from now on." This alerts your automatic processing system (un-Conscious) that a change is going to happen. The change we are going to add is this: Every time you wake up in the morning and get out of bed for the day, snap your fingers three times and say "This is going to be a beautiful day!" Importantly, when you are training yourself for a new program, or a change in an existing program, it is just like if you were training someone else.

So, make the intention that you will do this every day, and be sure you do. Now, use this Reasoning: "Since I didn't get this done this morning when I got up, I will do it now so that it is done for today." Right Now, as you are reading this, snap your fingers 3 times and say out loud, if you can, if not say to yourself: "This is going to be (or is) a beautiful day!" Do this every morning as the first thing when you get up. Make a note for yourself if you have to. If during the day you realize that you didn't get it done, then do it right then. Remember you are in training. Soon, this "Action" will become an automatic Re-Action every day.


De-programming is the same as Programming except, you are not adding a new "function" or action, but instead, replacing an old program/action with a new one. The program command is something like "When I would have normally/usually done this:______, I now will do this ________ instead. Then when that normal action is about to happen, it "kicks" up into view and you hear (inside) the question "Didn't you want to do something different here than normal?" Then you think yes, I now do this _______ instead and then do it. After a while, the new path/action/procedure/thought becomes your automatic Action (Re-Action) to this situation and you don't get the internal question "Do you want to change something at this moment?"

As an example, it is easy to see this when you start driving to a new job, or a new direction to the same job, or change how you see the World, or change whether you let something bother you any more or not. Once the changed response/action becomes the normal action, it no longer comes up for disposition (What to do), it is already decided.

The Proof

So every time you notice that you are doing this action (again), you will realize that you have created a new program for yourself and successfully implemented it as well. You will realize that you do have control of your sub-conscious and can program or re-program it at will. That makes you very powerful.

Now that you have "Programmed" yourself to snap your fingers 3 times and proclaim: "This is going to be a beautiful day!" when you get up every morning, you could reverse the programming and remove it by stopping yourself each time until it no longer "tries to happen." But, let's not do that. Let's give EXTRA Meaning to it, instead.

Now The Bonus

Since Meaning creates what is to be, let's take this action and make it work for us as well. The way you do that is give meaning to what you are doing and then every time you "Do It" the meaning is activated into action as well. So, let's say that "When you snap your fingers 3 times and proclaim: "This is going to be a beautiful day!" it actually makes the day become a good day. It becomes an affirmation that sets your intention and expectation for the day. This actually elicits the best opportunities to show up during the day and makes the day become wonderful and beautiful. When snapping your fingers 3 times and proclaiming: "This is going to be a beautiful day!" Means that you will have a Beautiful day, then Having a Beautiful day is "Meant To Be." That makes it "FATE."

There really is no limit to how much meaning you can give any one thing or situation. So with that in mind, let's add another meaning to snapping your fingers 3 times and proclaiming: "This is going to be a beautiful day!"

Now, not only does it Mean that you will have a Beautiful Day, it also acts as proof that you have control over your sub-conscious mind. It MEANS that you can control everything in your life because you can completely control your mind and what things mean and how you act and re-act to every situation and event. Every time you snap your fingers 3 times and proclaim: "This is going to be a beautiful day!" It Reminds you that you are in complete control of your World, that you are fully capable and in full control of your life.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you are always (In All Ways) in complete control of your mind and thoughts, actions and re-actions. You know EXACTLY how it works and EXACTLY how to work it. This is the most important thing to understand and control.

I could have written for days on this exciting subject, but I had to stop before it got too long. Please feel free to copy and paste this in your notes or on other websites. This type of information is from my other life as a teacher of the secrets of the Universe. However, I felt compelled to share this important understanding with this community before we become too busy to learn this kind of stuff.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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"Conscious vs. Un-Conscious" - One Who Believes/Richard Lee Mckim, Jr. - 12/28/16
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