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Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis 4/9/17

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Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Empty Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis 4/9/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:02 am

Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 17800295_10212481927351281_5897900569111653715_n

Kent Dunn

The Godess vortex has been found this explains the fights in Syria!!!!!!!

Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis

Yosef Says.....

Below is why Trump has suddenly reversed his political and military position in Syria.
The irony is that the Chinese Elders are in full control of our military via finance; thus making victory in any new foreign war literally an impossible task for the US military (any military for that matter). 
Notice to how radical factions in the U.K., France, and the USA have recently reemerge and adopted this sudden aggressive military position in Syria, even though the country is being liberated just fine by Russia, Iran and Turkey. 
Control of the divine feminine energy vortex is the only logical explanation to what is an obvious and irrational new political/military position in the Middle East. 
The cabal is dying a slow and painful death, and their hospice caretakers in, China and Russia, have requested the mortician be notified to prepare a quiet funeral. 
God is peace... not war.

COBRA Says.........

The Syria Pentagram

The real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface. Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global consciousness of humanity.

This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of Daesh (Islamic State).

The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years.

All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past.

Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Syr

These five points are:

Aleppo, a city with a strong Goddess presence:


Homs, the birth place of Julia Domna. Julia Domna was a Roman empress who tried to bring wisdom to the Roman court:



Palmyra, the birth place of Zenobia, a queen that lead the revolt against the oppression of the Roman empire:


Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Zenobia

Raqqa, the area where the Halaf culture was born:


Manbij, which was the center of worship of the Syrian goddess of fertility, Atargatis:


Three of those points, Aleppo, Homs and Palmyra, have already been liberated from the clutches of Daesh, Palmyra very recently:


Manbij will be free soon, too:


The liberation of Palmyra has cleared the path towards the liberation of Raqqa, the main Daesh stronghold in Syria:


When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East.

Those who feel guided, can help supporting the healing of the Syria pentagram by visualizing this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:

Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Syria

 Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Halaf2

This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.

Victory of the Light!

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Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis   4/9/17 Empty Re: Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis 4/9/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:15 am

LOL Yosef, nope.  Cabal is absolutely still in charge, and the war drums continue to beat at feverish pace.  You're clueless.

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