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Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious

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Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious Empty Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious

Post by Ssmith on Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:51 am

Um........, Has any one else noticed its Thursday night and we are not at the bank and we have not been given the 800 numbers? Just wondering. Yoseph, Veritas, what is going on? The "Black Friday" distraction is almost upon us though we are going to miss it. I am beginning to feel the AOP and The NPTB are as bad as the cabal in that they seem to be holding this back for their own reasons, is it to better their position in all of this? Where are the benevolent grandfathers who want us to help humanity with this blessing? Why do Yoseph and Veritas always post in the past tense, like we have received the blessing while we are still waiting? Could we get some straight answers, please! Please don't tell me to be patient as we all have been patient! I think the majority of us would like some answers. I don't want to hear about more banking people being arrested as in Zaps post because we never see any proof of it. We need this done NOW! If any of the AOP or NPTB are reading this please release this as you have promised you would.



Dear Mr. Disgusted,

I pray for you today that you are able to open your eyes to the bigger picture and embrace love for love is the antithesis of fear and both cannot exist in the same heart.

I pray that you are able to see:

1. 69 zeros. Ok take all the time you need on this one. I'll wait. 69 zeros backed by more gold than existed in the world prior to this addition to the ledgers. This would mean that the stores of gold kept hidden in remote locations (obviously for benevolent reasons) along with gold manifested in 3d that have been kept safe in higher dimensions are now here for this event...your liberation.

2. Geopolitical maneuvers that are beyond mind boggling. Agreements made whilst the cabal carry out their shenanigans can't be an easy feat, can it? Let alone the in country dog and pony show put on both by benevolent forces to gently guide you into the new reality and by the dark forces to fight to keep you imprisoned in their matrix of lies and fear.

3. Prophesy. The great battle between good and evil spoken of in many 3d manuscripts which is the biggest event in the history of history itself is playing out before your eyes. This battle is being fought for YOU because you are loved that much. All of this and you, Mr. Disgusted were so blessed to have front row seats to the main event.

4. Banking policies and procedures which we will refer to as "the process" have been worked, and reworked, tweaked and retweaked many times to ensure that YOUR blessing, this one's in history event is kept safe in PERPETUITY so that YOU, hopefully, will be Gods hand in action in the greatest dispensation of pure love and grace the world has ever seen.

5. Intel providers who work tirelessly around the clock to gather information (for free, might I add) to bring YOU hope and peace of mind that 1. This is real and 2. It is on its way in short order. In the absence of a legit release time (which by the way will never be posted on a PUBLIC forum - DUH - HELLO?) intel providers, scour current events via mainstream and alternative media to give you their best prognosis on where we are on the timeline. They also spend hours on the phone with their informants and each other to cross validate their intel to discern truth from untruth. It's a full time job and instead of thanks, you stab them in the heart. Nice.

6. That which you desire, you push away. My teacher once told me that a chased dog keeps running and when he is tired of running, he comes back to you. Same with the law of attraction. We are all co-creating this new world and positive momentum is required for it needs to exist in thought before it can manifest in form. So if we all think, see and feel positive and neutral, we manifest it faster. Sir, not only are you not pulling your weight, you are pulling against us. And by being public about your mental state, you jeopardize the process by dragging others down with you. Stop it. Just stop it.

7. The calls that run 7 days a week by warriors like Bruce, Doc WC, TNT, Wingstop, and the like get little appreciation especially behind the scenes people who run the programing and don't get the spotlight like "SHOWME" aka "Vanilla Moose" who work a full time job yet stay up till 4am because they care about YOU getting your information. Seriously, just stop.

8. Guys like Yosef who don't get paid to research information and package it for your enjoyment, criticism and judgement which takes about 3 hours a piece and he does 2 or 3 a day and has for the last NINE MONTHS while others are critical of missed dates.

9. Intel providers are also currency holders who want to redeem just like you and share your pain, YET push through the pain and frustration and put on a smile and deliver spiritual messages (thanks TANK AND OTHERS)

10. Counselors, who should be charging for their time to help others cope with the stress and talk people off ledges daily who have taken it upon themselves to step up to help the community across the finish line our of PURE love for humanity. There are too many to mention all of them but FX STRATEGIST, Hayden, Pua the Great, Gen KLEE just to name a few. No we don't all see eye to eye but all have love and appreciation for the process and the community.

11. Finally, respect the process and don't mock what you do not understand. People died and are dying for you as we speak to bring you this gift. It is a fluid and dynamic process. Dates are prognosticated and missed. Ok so what? What did YOU bring? Some of you were mad at missed dates last year because "what else needs to be done? Nothing! Everything is done!" Then bam! Paris Agreement, Brexit, HCL, Mosul, LDs announced in Iraq and other events happened. Oops....guess you were wrong. No worries, we all were. So what? Live and learn. But please stop with the negativity thrown at those who chose to step up while you're sitting in your ass. Ok? I say this as a brother as I would to my own brother who is out of line because in reality you are my brother (or sister) and God doesn't love me more than he does you just because I'm better looking.

Ok...I'm sorry. I vented a little. I'm not perfect but I try. I'm not here to offend or publicly ridicule you or anyone else. I just want you to see and appreciate what I do. I apologize if you took offense and send you my love and prayers to gain some gratitude for the process.

Did I forget the special thanks to SHOWME? That guy built many of the chat sites that you love and frequent. Next time you see him on line or on a call, thank him. He is one of the ninja hero's on dinarland. By the way, he loves it when you call him Moose. And never dog on iPhones in front of him. You've been warned. Mooses bite.



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Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious Empty Re: Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious

Post by Ssmith on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:53 pm

"Disgusted" responds:

Dear Sir/Madam,

All opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one but a lot of times they should not be shown and just kept to themselves. I don't know how long you have been in this ride but after more than 6 years of this, I think I have the right to vent a little. You don't know me or what drives me. If you want to find out, get my email from Dinar Chronicles and we'll chat. I don't know everything that is driving this but I know a lot more than most. Have a nice day.


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Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious Empty Re: Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious

Post by Ssmith on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:55 pm

Another response to "Disgusted":

I’m always left wondering about the character of an “Anonymous Poster”. Especially one who chooses to use this collective thought domain to share their personal pain and weakness. I try to understand where they are coming from and what are they all about. I do my best to not be biased about them with my feelings, but I am also human, on a path of awakening. The hard part of this path is applying the lessons harvested.

Reflecting on this post its apparent that this poster is new to this domain and hasn’t had enough time to soak up the deeper lessons available. That they have hit their frustration limit when the promises don’t match the outcome.

I get it. We all get it. That’s the part newbies don’t understand, we all feel that way! We all want to scream and some do..but those who have lasted here have found a way to bleed of their frustrations in a positive ways by checking themselves and using the triggers to reveal what is up for them and how they can grow from it. Also taking that energy and pouring it into your plans for tomorrow. Now is the time to be busy with preparations. The frustration can be great motivation.

We all want this but complaining accomplishes nothing. Questions work, thoughtful discourse is welcome…but complaining only shines a light on you my disgusted newbie and as you have stepped forward let me reflect a few things that are coming through.

You could easily be a shill or a troll or any of the many digital mischievous and those who have travelled these blog sites expects that of everyone who causes a fuss. It’s almost like they are raising their hands and saying “over here”. But let’s assume for the sake of learning your actually are someone who cares and wants answers. Ok…fair enough.

Here’s what you might not know. What you see posted here is the best available Intel. You have no idea how scattered the information used to be and how smooth it is now, and the growth curve it took to get here. The quality of the Intel is as good as it gets. Yes it’s not perfect. Yes it fails all the time on accuracy, however the progress continues. If you’re paying attention and checking your frustration the useful details are in the posts. I understand its challenging. It’s the nature of the environment. That’s the opportunity presented in the challenge.

Now the rest of the story…there is a war going on my friend in the digital domains and if you know it or not the fog of war skews all information. Sorry to pull the veil back that far but if you really want to know the lesson here is it’s up to you to find the truth and not put the responsibility of that on other people. And especially don’t drop your frustrations on the messengers. You will never know their personal pain and sacrifice they bare to bring what they can…but in the end it’s up to us to take that information and prepare accordingly.

A final thought. Some have been following this RV for over a decade. Many have less time but we have all waited. Please have some respect for the silent majority who sit quietly watching and waiting and preparing for the moment to come.
Negative Nancy, have a Seat, Let's Talk by B-licious Cleardot


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