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 Banking info posted by WSOMN's Snake

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PostSubject: Banking info posted by WSOMN's Snake   Sat May 21, 2016 10:46 pm

Banking info posted by Snake~~ 5-21-16 PM

 Courtesy of WSOMN!

Snake wrote
4m ago
to whom it may concern, it is Sat nite I am switching between basketball and hockey and reading all the posts re photo id's and asking for high exchange rates, am almost afraid to share some basic info re WM's and banks, do not wish to start a fight but can share some info about dealing with them that could be a benefit to those willing to consider this concept.

Forty years in the investment banking business arranging loans for syndicate private placements as well as personal financing for approx 700 Professional Associations or Private Corporations
Realize your first contact at the bank will be to record the specific currency presented, the immediate confirmation of on site legit currency or the possibility of shipping it off to a central clearing house for authentication which I strongly recommend against, find a bank that can confirm on site do not let the currency out of your possession

Once you have your deposit slip in hand certifying the dollar amount(s) recorded in your accounts

You will then most likely be given a name and phone number of a WM, my experience is you are presented a business card of this individual with instructions that you should call or expect a call shortly to establish a convenient time for a person to person interview

At this meeting is where you are going to negotiate your rates and the banks will be allocating you to the particular location based upon the level of value you represent to the bank

The bank either has the machine to count and verify your currency or a book showing the identifying markers on the bills, the certification will be a listing of the currency presented x number of iqd, x number of vnn, x number of zim etc, with most likely the international rate showing as the amount of deposit. I doubt the exchanger will have the authority to provide all the benefits the bank offers as well as a negotiable rate in a 5 to 15 minute exchange

Remember this above all else I say, bankers are some of the most greedy individuals on the planet, the more of your funds they believe they will control the greater position you will be in to obtain a more favorable rate

If the initial meeting is longer then apply what I am telling you in your own words to negotiate the most favorable rate but please remember arriving at a rate normally does not include a signed contract so within days, weeks, or months the bank or brokerage house can be changed.

You should conduct an interview of the WM you are sitting before as well as the interview he or she will be conducting of you to determine how sophisticated you are in the investment arena

Questions to be asked include; how long have you been in this position; what is the average size in general terms of the accounts you have under management; based upon the tenure and size of accounts what would your say the average rate of return would be for a conservative investor, a moderate investor, an aggressive investor and how does that compare to your banks Trust department for the same type accounts?

Now you get to the good part: Are you a salaried employee or a commissioned employee or a combination of both?

If commissioned or commission and salary please identify which securities and insurance licenses you have qualified for and have you had any complaints filed against you personally with a regulatory board?

If commissions is it a set percentage or does that vary by the products your present for my consideration and my decision to participate?

No it is not in the forum, you are welcome to copy and save my posts or place them somewhere in cuz this is costing exactly what it is worth, use or delete

Now once you know how the WM is compensated you can begin to negotiate what rate you might consider and more importantly for his/her greed factor just how much you might be willing to place in this particular WM's care and custody. You see most of these individuals participate either in commissions or a bonus arrangement based on how much they contribute to the bank's bottom line. Greedy Greedy, they sell you an annuity at 8% commish or a life policy with first year comm at 60%, and lifetime renewals the dollar signs appear like pixey dust

No perks are the banks willingness to court your business and they take the tax deduction for the ability to entertain you

If I am holding several hundred million in exchange funds and tell the WM I am planning on taking 20 m to secure my family, setting aside x to cover any possible tax liability and plan on investing the balance thru your institution so that together we can benefit mankind by funding the following vehicles, do you think we can partner up and accomplish some really fantastic good for mankind?
They see the value to their ass pocket and hopefully buy into wanting to participate in some true community benefits, nuff for now my whiskey glass is empty going for a refill
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PostSubject: Re: Banking info posted by WSOMN's Snake   Sat May 21, 2016 11:10 pm

zejaybee wrote
4m ago
snake also complaints against someone with a series 7 securities license are public record, in case you missed that, at the NASD website
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PostSubject: Re: Banking info posted by WSOMN's Snake   Sat May 21, 2016 11:38 pm

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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Banking info posted by WSOMN's Snake
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