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From those who did not beleive

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From those who did not beleive Empty From those who did not beleive

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:18 pm

From those who did not beleive


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Let me start by saying that I have great expertise in aviation and aircraft procurment.  I have been with the airlines for well over 25 years and into the Private Corporate Jets for 15+ years.  I have been helping a group get a long range G650 for their use, as they have several Chinese Bonds that they are redeeming.
They did not believe in the currencies, RV/GCR.   Thought they were scams, as did most.  The dealers they are dealing with in Europe have helped to set them straight.
The following is an email from one of the European Attorneys who just put this to their group of Bond Sellers. (exactly as received) from last night.

Watch G20 Meeting

Watch G20 Meeting = China: GCR Officially Announced
China has now officially announced that the historical bonds will be
This has been released in all Chinese media.
These announcement s made in the Chinese open media today and late
yesterday finally confirm publicly that this operat ion is moving forward.
There are also other sources who are opt imist ically informing that
internat ional agreement s are nearly completed and official ceremonies are
expected to take place over the next several days.
Release of spendable cash was ant icipated several t imes in the past , but
has been delayed due to final currency negot iat ions involving several
count ries.
At the moment , there is a slight delay due to the gold backing for the US TRN
to be finalized, but this issue is expected to be resolved and it is ant icipated
that next week t ransact ions will be put in place.
Several large Dinar t ransact ions will be completed before the bond and box
mat ters are scheduled and undertaken.
I have been told that just a bit more pat ience is required before all is put into
mot ion.
I t must be remembered that this is a one-t ime historical event that has no
precedence in protocols and procedures, even though many procedures
have been prematurely presented.
The final official procedures are being put into place, now that all of the
internat ional mat ters and account ing between nat ions is coming to
resolut ion, and I ant icipate that I will be informed of how things will proceed
by Monday.
Aspiring Flippers, Government s and Private alike, are desperately t rying to
lure any Bringer of Historical Bonds into a submission commitment , and
offering money that the Seller / Holder cannot spend or withdraw from his
bank account - not one cent !
The reason is that these part ies cannot be assured that the bonds they
accumulate will be accepted by redempt ion, and therefore most of these
offers will include a disclaimer and the right to return the bonds to the
current holder.
I t should be clear that if a private buyer cannot redeem bonds or boxes,
there is no reason to expend funds, as there is no private market for these
Unlike, a stock market situat ion, these issues are not publicly t raded, and the
only opportunity for gain is redempt ion by the original issuers.
Owners will begin receiving not ificat ion this coming week, and again the
details for this process will be finalized Shorty, after which I will be able to
inform representat ives and sellers of what to expect , and any last
documentat ion which may be requested for the procedure to proceed
smoothly and quickly.
There are many applicant s who are registered, so obviously not everyone
can be first – but the plans are to be organized to go forward as quickly as
possible, keeping in mind that some large submissions will require t ime for
authent icat ion.
These final unforeseen delays are apparent ly coming to an end and
resolut ion very soon.
What all have had to endure was unfortunately beyond anyone's cont rol –
but it must be kept in mind, that the bonds, boxes, and dinars, are at the
core of a complete revision, of all the world currencies as well as the
account ing and set t ling of previous currency and internat ional banking
mat ters and agreement s.
I t has been a very difficult issue to pinpoint exact ly at what junct ure, all
part ies would be fully sat isfied and in agreement with the future financial
course of the world.
I t should be understood that all of the official agreement s and then all of
the procedures and systems must be complete and effect ive, before the
massive operat ion of t ransact ions on the bonds and boxes can begin.
As always, I will cont inue to update you when I have solid informat ion or
news to report , and be assured that all effort s and care are cont inually
being taken with all submissions and to assure the earliest possible closing
date for those who receive this email
"Confirmed that all 70+ Rothschild banks that did not respond to system
'ping' the night before did ping the 2nd t ime around 100% LAST NIGHT.-


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From those who did not beleive Empty Re: From those who did not beleive

Post by FS4Enthusiast on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:44 pm

I wish I had one cent for every time the word "ping" was mentioned on a dinar site.

I also love that this guy is both a "doc" and a pilot.  You can literally see the "this guy is a doctor, he must be smart" and "this guy is a pilot, he travels the world and must be well informed" thought processes at work.

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From those who did not beleive Empty Re: From those who did not beleive

Post by Kevind53 on Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:22 pm

Nice job of plagiarism I read the text there a day or so ago. I want to say it was Zap, but not sure. Can't seem to find it right now.

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From those who did not beleive Empty Re: From those who did not beleive

Post by Ssmith on Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:18 am


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RE: From those who did not beleive

Isnt this intel that has already been put out there a couple of days ago? Not being critical just stating that there is a lot of info stating that same information that is already online. =)

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