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Market's crashing....... show me the money DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Market's crashing....... show me the money

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Market's crashing....... show me the money Empty Market's crashing....... show me the money

Post by Ssmith on Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:47 am

WSOMN - Gerry Maguire

To all our diligent followers:
BE READY! Things are breaking all over the world! Monday, Japan went into NEGATIVE bonds rate @ -.03%, now last night Sweden Riksbank went NEGATIVE -.05%! For third straight day, JAPANESE markets have been absolutely hammeredNIKKEI and TOPIX both DOWN hard!! Meanwhile, the Japanese yen strengthens wildly against the US dollar @ 111.33... Just 2 days ago it was 115.45!!! The volatility in markets around the world is insane, AND now you should have no doubt traders are scared even to the level of panic! This situation squeezes the RV closer to you by the hour!! AND, remember, the Chinese markets are safely closed!! This seismic move in the global bond markets is huge and Central Banks around the world are taking very strong actions!! Expect to see HUGE declines in all makets and asset classes very very soon! It will come suddenly like a massive explosion. It will not be subtle or unnoticed! The dam is breaking in many areas. US Treasuries are ALL down. There are several very aggressive swings in all asset classes. Oh, and by the way, oil is DOWN hard, WTI oil has gone below $26.70 !!! London, French and German markets also down hard!! These are very substantial and big moves DOWN. (Take a look at your charts for the Nikkei, FTSE, CAC, and DAX. They're ugly if you're investor, but great for us!)
Let me put it to you this way, we're on the Titanic, a few days ago we hit an iceberg, Monday we got hit by a torpedo on the opposite side of the ship, last night we backed into another iceberg.... So, we have major leaks EVERYWHERE and no way of stopping it from sinking! Oh yea, almost forgot, Rio Tinto (huge global mining company) lost 50% of it profits!!! Soooo, what we have is a full blown global currency war RIGHT NOW! Currency wars never last long!! So, you better be ready because these things happen fast! AND, Zurich Insurance took a huge hit against its profits DOWN over 51% YOY! Every major banker around the world is getting in front of a camera and firmly reassuring the public that the banks are solid and secure! Bull****! "Me thinks she protests too much." Listen carefully, they're telling you the collapse is imminent!! Really really imminent!!! So, BE READY!

PS- Janet Yellen is full of crap, and nobody is amused! At this moment, she has refused to comply with a Congressional subpoena, thus she is in Contempt of Congress!! Most people go to jail for that.... so, watch her closely, wouldn't it be unbelievable to arrest a sitting Chairman of the FED! IF such an event should happen, US markets would almost instantly collapse. Don't think it couldn't happen RIGHT NOW!! Again, BE READY!

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Market's crashing....... show me the money Empty Re: Market's crashing....... show me the money

Post by Terbo56 on Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:54 am

They'll ALL go down in flames, just hang on, it's coming-Janet Yellen is the 'FED' Nazi, along with her assistants-She is a habitual liar, and has NEVER told the truth about anything, because IF she did, she would have been dead a long time ago- She was partners with Ben Beryankme-
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Market's crashing....... show me the money Empty Re: Market's crashing....... show me the money

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:44 pm

Yep the Yen has indeed gone up, and Japan is not happy about that. In fact they are concerned that it may arrest their efforts to stimulate their economy. Keep in mind we are not talking a huge growth here, but one or two percent. Nor is it just up against the USD, but against most other currencies. Most experts expect the Bank of Japan to step in quickly with interventions to lower the value.

The bonds are a little disconcerting, as that means investors are buying bonds guaranteed to LOSE them money. They must be very nervous about Japan's economy to do that. On the other hand, with interest rates going negative in general, there are not a lot of other places to put your money if you want to move away from a stock heavy position. Since stocks in general have not done well, losing around 10% last year, this is somewhat understandable. Keep in mind, while things have not been great here, when the US get's an economic cold, the rest of the world ends up in ICU.

Let us not forget that oil is the lowest it has been in years, and while that is good, it also exerts some deflationary pressure, driving down prices in general, not so good. As far as the renminbi, goes, China keeps it tightly controlled with a very limited float, after all they do not want to let it rise and take away their trade advantage. Big deal, the dinar is not allowed to float either and you know what that's worth....

Rio Tinto? Heck they have been circling the drain for years, earnings are down (again) dividend cut, sharply decreased sales due to the floundering economy in general and China in particular ... no currency wars, no imminent collapse, the only bull I see is Gerry Maguire's scare tactics.

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 Market's crashing....... show me the money 2805820865  Market's crashing....... show me the money 2805820865  Market's crashing....... show me the money 2805820865  Market's crashing....... show me the money 2805820865
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