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What is Iran's interest in promoting an Iraq that accepts normalization? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

What is Iran's interest in promoting an Iraq that accepts normalization?

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What is Iran's interest in promoting an Iraq that accepts normalization? Empty What is Iran's interest in promoting an Iraq that accepts normalization?

Post by GirlBye Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:50 pm

What is Iran's interest in promoting an Iraq that accepts normalization? 2020-11-21_11-33-39_434769

Iraqis angered by Tehran's interference may prefer normalization with Tel Aviv over subservience to the Wali al-Faqih.
Iran is a "pariah" in the Iraqi street. Iran is risking moving its media arms in Iraq to promote this time Baghdad’s approval of normalization with Tel Aviv, in a move observers believe may have adverse consequences, as many data indicate that the Iraqi street may choose normalization with Israel over the continued subservience to Iran.

Baghdad -  Iran seeks to test the Iraqi popular mood regarding normalization of Baghdad with Tel Aviv by promoting through pro-Tehran media, because Iraq has agreed to comprehensive normalization, at a time when observers believe that the unfair Iranian interference in Iraq's policies and internal security may push Iraqis To accept normalization.

Observers believe that Tehran's media arms do not take into account the changes that the Iraqi street has witnessed regarding many internal and external issues and files, similar to the Palestinian issue, influenced by Iran's provocations, which have become a "pariah" in Baghdad.

The Iraqi media, funded by Iran, have been promoting, for days, a scenario that says that Iraq has accepted two requests within the framework of an Israeli plan for comprehensive normalization, the first of which is to extend an oil pipeline serving Jordan and Egypt, and the second to settle part of the Palestinian refugees in its western desert.

These means, run by Iran from Baghdad and its electronic armies, feed this scenario with complex details, such as a call to reject any attempt to enter foreign workers into the country, under the pretext that this matter will be a cover for the entry and settlement of Palestinians in Anbar and Nineveh.

The scenario deals with its exciting details, such as mandating Egypt, through Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to build giant housing complexes in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh, whose declared goal is to solve the housing crisis, but in fact they will be prepared to receive the Palestinians.

But this scenario, according to observers, ignores the reality of the major shift in the Iraqi mood regarding the issue of normalization and the Palestine file.

It cannot be said that the Iraqis have changed their view of Israel because of Israel’s change of its policies, but the matter is related to the policies of Iran, which has turned it into a hated state, within the various Iraqi factions, including the Shiites that Tehran claims it is defending.

Iran is afraid that it will find itself in the face of an Iraqi political normalization with Israel, supported by the street, especially the Sunnis and the Kurds

The Iraqis now attribute the blame for any reckless behavior of any armed militia in the west, south and center of the country to Iran, which does not conceal its supply to the Shiite militias with money, weapons and training, in addition to issuing these orders to carry out operations inside or outside Iraq, which made Baghdad's relations with a number of capitals at the forefront of which Washington is at stake, especially after the series of missile attacks that targeted US bases.

As a result of these practices, bad feelings grew among the Iraqis, whether Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, towards Iran.

The October uprising that erupted in October 2019 against the Iraqi political class was the best evidence of Iran's losing its favor, even within Shiite circles, where young Shiites raised slogans against the Iranian presence, such as "Iran overland," meaning that Iran should leave Iraq, referring to the militias. Shiites and their political representatives.

Then the young Shiites raised the slogan We want a homeland, and interpreted it that they wanted to restore Iraq from the clutches of Iran and its followers in Baghdad, the center and the south.

As for the Sunnis and Kurds, the talk about the necessity of normalization with Israel is almost overt.

Iraqi politicians familiar with the scenes say that Iran is afraid to find itself in the face of an Iraqi political normalization with Israel, backed by the street, especially the Sunni and Kurdish.

The Sunnis and Kurds in Iraq believe that Iran's insistence on managing the Iraqi file in its current way has caused the country to fall behind the successful countries, despite their huge potential.

The atmosphere of war that Iran is waging in various regions, through its Iraqi militias, no longer entices the public or attracts supporters, while the idea of ​​"resistance" continues to lose its luster gradually.

The Sunnis had previously tried the "resistance" against the US presence in Iraq after 2003, and found it to be an ideal recipe for destroying their regions, weakening their political presence in Baghdad, and enabling Iran and its allies to dominate the Iraqi decision.

And you can now engage in semi-public dialogues in Kurdish cities such as Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and Sunni cities such as Mosul and Ramadi regarding whether normalization with Israel is really the only condition for getting rid of Iran's negative influence.

And you may hear from many in these areas that they are ready to accept all forms of relationship with Israel if this leads to rid them of Iranian influence.

The Iranian Shiite militias insist on maintaining forces in Sunni areas and on the borders of Kurdish areas.

These forces play no more role than reinforcing negative feelings about Iran and its henchmen in Iraq.

Observers say that a referendum among Iraqis on whether they prefer Iran over Israel or vice versa, may reveal shocking results.

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