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The (state) militias are not part of the Popular Mobilization Forces DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The (state) militias are not part of the Popular Mobilization Forces

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The (state) militias are not part of the Popular Mobilization Forces Empty The (state) militias are not part of the Popular Mobilization Forces

Post by GirlBye Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:12 pm

There is a desperate media campaign by Iran's followers on social media and the Iranian media to mislead and confuse the Iraqi public opinion, the purpose of which is to consider all the escaped armed militias within the (Holy Popular Mobilization), and any criticism directed at any of these militias is a criticism of the sacred, and the critic is considered to be the American Joker. And a client of Israel !!

Therefore, I think it is necessary to separate the pro-Iraq Popular Mobilization Forces, which command the prime minister's command and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and the pro-Iranian militias, such as (the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades), and (Asaib Ahl al-Haq) and others in the tens of outlaws. . The true popular crowd was established in response to a legal fatwa from the supreme religious authority, Imam Ali al-Sistani in June 2014, after the handover of Mosul and other western provinces to ISIS by their local governments, and after ISIS threatened to occupy all parts of Iraq, including Baghdad, the capital. The crowd contributed heroically and made huge sacrifices with the Iraqi army in liberating the land and honor, which won the admiration and appreciation of the Iraqi people.
Iran's followers were not satisfied with sanctifying these outlaw militias, but they were working to undermine confidence in the army and all official Iraqi security forces, and to destroy their morale, by spreading lies and fabrications that the Iraqi army cannot be relied upon to protect Iraq from the upcoming ISIS invasion, Because this army was defeated by 400 ISIS militants in Mosul in 2014. Therefore, we must rely on these militias to protect Iraq, which they call the holy popular crowd, and the crowd of them is innocent.

Very briefly, I would like to explain why and how Mosul and the other western provinces were handed over to ISIS without any resistance mentioned. This was done after Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister at the time, was accused of being sectarian and marginalizing the Sunnis, and against national reconciliation, and that the people of Mosul were conservative and could not tolerate the presence of an army under the command of Shiite officers. To the army stationed in Mosul. At the same time, there was a campaign to antagonize the people of Mosul against the army, and to give it names such as Al-Maliki’s Army, the Shiite Army, Al-Rafidi, and the Magi ... etc., and the people used to throw stones and spit on the soldiers in the streets. Under these pressures, Maliki responded by appointing Mosul officers, most of them Baathists. A day or two before the handover of Mosul to (ISIS), these officers granted their soldiers open leave, and ordered them to leave their barracks and travel to their hometowns.

As for the current army, it is different from that army, and it is the one who paid the great sacrifices with the Popular Mobilization Forces and the international coalition forces led by America, and everyone did well in a fierce war until they liberated the land and supply from the defilement of ISIS in 2017. So, what statement offends the reputation and morale of the Iraqi armed forces It is considered bad propaganda serving the enemies of Iraq and national betrayal.

As we have shown repeatedly in our previous articles, the real crowd was integrated into the Iraqi armed forces according to a law issued by Parliament, and it is under the orders of the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. While the state militias loyal to the Iranian guide, the Wali al-Faqih, Sayyid Ali Khamenei. Followers of Iran launched a campaign against the current Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, describing him as an "American Joker", and this does not serve the Iraqi cause. There is no doubt that the loyalty of these militias to a foreign country at the expense of Iraq is considered national treason according to all customs, divine laws and man-made laws.
The history of these militias is black, as they have rebelled against the orders of successive Iraqi governments since the fall of the unjust Baath regime in 2003 until now. And recently, it hit the peaceful demonstrations that broke out on October 1, 2019, killing hundreds and wounding thousands of peaceful demonstrators, and kidnapping dozens of activists in these demonstrations, in addition to their repeated attacks on foreign diplomatic representations in Iraq, the crime that the leadership confessed to Iraqi Hezbollah (See our article tagged: (Iraqi Hezbollah admits to striking foreign embassies - Margin No. 1).
The danger of these militias did not stop at foreign diplomatic institutions in Iraq, but rather they burned the headquarters of Iraqi parties, as they burned the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad, because one of the leaders of the party (Mr. Hoshyar Zebar - former foreign minister) criticized the crowd after launching rockets at Erbil airport. 

Certainly this criminal act is against the Iraqi government. In this regard, we say, perhaps Mr. Zebari should have criticized the militias that carried out this crime and named it after them, and not the crowd. In any case, even if he was referring to the real popular crowd, these militias would not have burned the party headquarters and in the crowd's name. This is a crime intended to blackmail anyone who criticizes any militia loyal to Iran. This is against the democratic system and its constitution, which granted the right to criticism, freedom of expression and publication, and threatens societal peace. If the critic is wrong, he must be answered with criticism, also in a democratic manner, and refuting his statements as an argument, not by burning his party headquarters.

Among the crimes of these militias is the crime of the al-Farhati massacre in the district of Balad south of Salah al-Din, where a militia kidnapped 12 men, killing 8 of them, and kidnapping 4. Finally (a security source revealed, on Wednesday, the fate of the four remaining kidnappers in al-Farhatiya that “it became clear during the past few hours. The four kidnappers of al-Farhatiyya confirmed their martyrdom.) (2)

And further evidence of the involvement of one of these pro-Iranian militias in the Al-Farhati massacre, as (Iraqi security sources revealed, on Wednesday [10/21/2020], a government decision to expel Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq militants, linked to Iran, from the Farhatiya area in Salah al-Din Governorate) North of the country, in connection with the murder of 12 Iraqi civilians in the region and the kidnapping of others.) (3)

Likewise, the report (Al-Hurra - Iraq) Washington - (() days after the “Farhati massacre,” it appears that the noose is gradually narrowing down the “Asaib Ahl al-Haq” militia that runs “security” in the region through its brigades affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Forces. Similarly, the families of the victims explicitly accused Asa'ib Forces and its 42nd Brigade, which operates within the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Authority, of being responsible for the massacre.)) (4)

And if all this evidence is not sufficient to criminalize the unruly gangs, here are the latest statements of Mr. Faleh Al-Fayyad,

He pointed out that "the crowd has a specificity because it started from a legal fatwa," stressing that "the crowd is not responsible for raising the slogan that some parties are supporters of the crowd, and that burning the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Baghdad is unfortunate and a criminal act." "We felt ashamed to raise the flag of the crowd over the party building," Al-Fayyad added, explaining that "the security forces arrested 15 to 18 people accused of burning.) (5)

In sum, there are dozens of unruly armed militias tampering with the security of the country and the people to serve Iran, and they obey the orders of the Iranian government against the interest of the Iraqi people, and they are not part of the popular crowd, so they must not be allowed to commit crimes against Iraqi and foreign institutions in the name of the crowd. Their danger to Iraq and its people is no less than the threat of ISIS to the stability of Iraq. Therefore, we must fight them and disband their organizations before it is too late. And our people must pay attention to the filthy plots being hatched against them to destroy their homeland in the service of Iran and in the name of religion. Some of them must do what they do evil against their people, believing that they are doing so as a legitimate religious duty after they were brainwashed by their leaders who exploited religion and sect for political purposes.

“Good people do good, bad people do bad things,” says the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Stephen Weinberg. But for the good guys to do evil deeds, this needs a religious justification. ”

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