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Elmerf123456: "I am tired of all the false information" 8/3/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Elmerf123456: "I am tired of all the false information" 8/3/19

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Elmerf123456: "I am tired of all the false information" 8/3/19 Empty Elmerf123456: "I am tired of all the false information" 8/3/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:19 pm


I am tired!

I am tired of all the false information that we receive leaving many friends that we’ve gotten to know hanging on a thread. 

I am very tired thinking that our government who we elect, put in office, thinks that they know what’s best for us, yet for some reason they always come out ahead financially after office than when they went in there yet The general economy for the US citizens never changes only to be offered minimal relief!

If democracy and Lincoln’s intention with this statement:

”Democracy is direct self-government, over all the people, by all the people, for all the people.” Then how can they be so self absorbed to not hold that meaning true? 

I’m tired of bits and pieces. We all know why we are here.

We know the truth, we have studied, we have verified and vetted much of this information yet we’re still left with crumbs.

I pay no disrespect for anyone that shares information, they share what they have been told. I for one was one of those at one point in time. We are just a small segment of this country yet we are part of the people also, and together we can do many wonderful things to change our nation. 

I for one know this will happen when it’s supposed to happen and no sooner. 

I’m tired because i’ve seen many people suffer and having their hopes and dreams crushed by living moment to moment and doing whatever whenever they can to survive. I’m also saddened because we’ve lost many along the way!

I’m tired...but remain Vigilant to do my part and see this through and help many who have not had the understanding of how this will change our world, not financially but rather give us the tools to help those who need help the most. 

I’m tired and disgusted by not being able to pay things forward as it is intended. 

Im tired and yet I am ready to be an intricate part of change for our society.

Together we really are the people and it’s time to help all the people, by the people and for the people.

As my friend says...“Nuff Said”

To the Powers that Be...Do what you know you must do for the good of ALL THE PEOPLE in mind!




Elmerf123456 And His Friend From Across The Pond Chat.

[ELMER] Hey Pondy...Are you there?

[PONDY] Hey Elmer, how are things going?

[ELMER] Not too well. They aren't buying it anymore.

[PONDY] Didn't the base exchange from Okie work out?

[ELMER] NO! Too many people called the bases and found out it wasn't true.

[PONDY] Didn't you tell them it was only the bases here that were doing it?

[ELMER] Okie didn't include that part.

An hour later...

[PONDY] Can't you think of anything yourself, or does Okie do all you're thinking for you?

[ELMER] Pretty much. He has me on a short leash.

[PONDY] Let's see if I can help you out.

[ELMER] That's great, Pondy. I don't want to lose this gig. These TNT'ers don't know how to do research. We can tell them anything and they believe it.

[PONDY] Have you told them that Mosul is under control and that ISIS is no longer a problem?

[ELMER] I told them, but they put articles out over at Dinar Daily that basically said it was a lie. Some guy over there called me a elephant for putting that out.

[PONDY] What can we come up with that's new and fresh. Hmmmm.... 

30 minutes later...

[ELMER] Well?

[PONDY] Shut up, Elmer. Can't you see I'm trying to think?

[ELMER] OK. Sorry, Pondy.

[PONDY] How about “dancing in the street”? We haven't used that for awhile.

[ELMER] That sounds good. I'll tell them that's why they were blocking off the streets the other day. So they could hold the celebrations.

[PONDY] Now you've got your thinking cap on, Elmer!

45 minutes later...

[ELMER] And there also has been confirmed rumors of exchanges. What rate should I tell them?

[PONDY] Just tell them it's a high rate, but not as high as that idiot Yosef is. Or tell them it's the negotiated rate. Remember the Gen64 Group? People are still waiting for their email w/the code that will get them the negotiated rate. LO

[ELMER] Great!

[PONDY] IKO Ward got a lot of mileage with talk about oil tankers. He had people watching them all day long. I still get a good laugh when I think of that one.

[ELMER] That's not a good idea. People saw the folks at Dinar Daily laughing at them because they knew the tankers were just being used as storage. Some guy from there called IKO a elephant too. I get so tired of them doing that.

15 minutes later...

[PONDY] Talk some more about the Chinese Yuan. I know we can run with that for a few more days.

[ELMER] Will do. Also I'm going to talk about the Elders are on their way back to Beijing.

[PONDY] Good. Maybe Okie will give you a raise.

[ELMER] I sure hope so. My lawyers are wanting to be paid for the work in the court case. Those motions to delay are sure costly.

[PONDY] Sorry you got yourself in trouble, Elmer, but it happens. But back to tomorrow's intel. Check with Okie and see if he has any more stories for tomorrow. I guess you'll be posting at TNT as usual. I'll look forward to seeing what you have to say when Recaps puts it out. Maybe we'll do another post later in the day.

[ELMER] At least these people at TNT aren't like the people at the realtruthchatter. They are really crazy over there. Good thing that they left TNT.

[PONDY] Boy isn't that the truth.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. You should seek and rely on the advice of licensed and registered financial, legal, and tax advisers of your choice. 

Are you really listening to the FOOLS a.k.a. Guru's and the people who post their so called INTEL on their websites?


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