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The importance of the private sector DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The importance of the private sector

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The importance of the private sector Empty The importance of the private sector

Post by claud39 on Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:33 am

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Monday, 15 April 2019

The importance of the private sector 980-Alsabbaq

Fouad Aboudi

The trends of achieving integrated economic development should be based on the private sector base, with its positive impact on the overall movement of the market and the consumer street, as this affects the investment of citizens' daily needs and meet the demands of the direction that ensures that it is not directed to fill them with foreign imports.

The problem in our economic situation and the way it is built is in the absence of planning and balancing between the local Iraqi industrial and productive market and the phenomenon of dumping this market with foreign products, despite their poor quality and low product origin. 

There is a serious interference not noticed by the economic planners is the process of economic and development of the economic sector, starting from a step to aid the basic formation of the provision of supplies to sustain the pumping of the output of the private sector of local products or national industries through the rehabilitation of factories and factories to disable the equation Theory and practice.

In the recent period, the good voices calling for the restoration of the spirit of the private sector have been mentioned. The most important thing is that the Prime Minister, Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, gave confidence to our economic sector and was indeed a joyous gospel to occupy this important sector and its contribution to the development movement sought by the government.

But the pulse of these calls and voices should not be dim, but calls for sharpening the task and re - evaluation of the private sector to ensure its contribution to the real economic construction movement, which aspires to every Iraqi aspiring to accelerate the pace of domestic production and to prove the national industry an important role on the road to economic construction necessary, During this important stage of the stages of our country, which suffers from a clear lack in the crystallization of the production of factories and factories and prepare them to receive the national experience of local, which is still the dust of neglect exceeds its presence.

The fabrication of the foundations of building the foundations of the national economy depends first of all on what the government is doing to strengthen the private sector, not only because it is the basis of the Iraqi economic reality, but because it represents the important pillar in any economic activity that is the basic building blocks of construction and economic growth to rise in the field of orientation The real national can not be called growth along with the required development. In order not to lose sight of this vital factor (the private sector) from any welcome step, whether by our government or by supporting parties such as our expatriate industrialists, we have to make scientific and logical calculations that will stimulate the efficiency and vitality of the positive effects on production and the value of those effects. Positive action on the overall construction of a healthy Iraqi economy, and it seems obvious and contributes to the required contribution due to the awareness to lift this sector.

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