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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/1/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/1/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/1/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:28 am

RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/1/19 Tamara17


(Bullet pts by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Wed night Blast from Ray (2/28/’19):

· (1) Some US banks are seeing rates on the back screen, but we’re being informed that they are not the final rates.

· (2) Iraqi TV news broadcasted a spokesperson stating that a complete, seated government will be announced no later than March 17, 2019.

· (3) PM Mahdi reportedly announced on Iraqi TV that several ministers of his cabinet will be replaced due to their suspicious background.

· (4) Two reputable sources have reported to us that 35 Dinar is equivalent to $100 US in-country only. We await more detailed information regarding this process.

· (5) It is being reported to us that consumer market prices for goods services are being (or scheduled to be) adjusted due to rate changes. It is anticipated that fills (coins) will be effective with the new pricing structure in addition to the lower denoms that have been slowly trickling into circulation. (Time will tell all).

· Friday morning blast: Fri morning TV, Iraq giving away land to citizens, & direct flights now to London.

· Opening Comments: Tony/unless there’s an actual RV that’s occurred, we will not be doing a call on Monday. Day of his daughter’s death.

Because it’s Tony’s birthday on March 28, he will be 60 and having a party at the club. Open to the first 100 people who get there! By then we’ll all be rich!

We hear two things because of different levels. Info is at the street level. Adjusting prices on the market. Told Fills are coming.

Rates today: Ray/$4.43 – $6.73 Dinar.

Tony/Wed was on admin hold. Today it’s moving back and forth. The best day? Listen to the Q&A when CIA lady asks.

· Board Questions for Fri 3/01/2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65352054/questions-for-ray-cc-030119/

· Lena: WTO 2019 website doesn’t show Iraq as a member. Do you think this will keep Iraq from international revaluing their currency? Ans:

Tony/ won’t keep them from revaluing, or they wouldn’t have changed in country already!

· Jiminkc: (1) you mentioned trying to negotiate an additional .25, or .50 cents on currency remaining beyond what might be allowed to exchange at the Contract Rate. Why didn’t you negotiate for additional Dollars on that non-contract rate for the dinar?

Ans: It’s up to you! Dong and Rupia won’t get a dollar difference. Less than $1 makes a difference depending on how much you have, when you go in there. Wait, reschedule another appt. If I can’t negotiate on rates, I can negotiate on other factors. Guarantees on certain projects, no fees, etc.

Ray/ Q’s for both: (2) Besides the 50% account set aside for taxes, what % will you set aside for “investment”, Deposit interest, and how much for living and spending?

Ans: Ray/deposit interest, investment in one category. Live off interest not principle.

Tony/ set 50% aside and use that for my money. Living off interest 50% saved for taxes. I’m never going to use my money.

Story: got to point in his life when he couldn’t live on large amounts of income. Don’t touch your money. Live on your money’s money! That’s your lifeline! Anybody who has $1m or more, can make $5k/mo. and live off that. Let your money grow and bring you more later.

(3) What % of the exchange will you be setting aside to transfer to other banks for diversification?


· Samadhi: With $2.86 rate confirmed, does that mean it is live in Iraq? Or could it just be on their cards and not be live?

Ans: It’s on there cards now. Everybody has seen it. They are adjusting all of their prices to the new rate. Live in Iraq!

· Atlast-51: Please help me understand the significance of Iraq giving away land plots to citizens, and British flights to Iraq, has on what we are waiting for?

Ans: Significance is zero. Nothing to do with the RV. Country is growing!

· CharlieOK: Recent info that 35 dinar = $100, is it time to understand that Iraq has once and for all revalued their currency in country? If so, wouldn’t the min the importance of the appt of the ministers who have not been appointed yet? (being a big reason in the delay of the RV). What are your top 3 road blocks to the RV now?


· Lightfirst: Will this revaluation of currency also be credits not only for oil but also for gold and other minerals? And will it put us in a gold and asset base? Will this explain the debt payment of this country with that? Please explain.
Ans: Our deal with Iraq is to buy barrels of oil. Could other countries want to sell them precious metals and be paid, yes!

· Glemast: When does Texas say the r/v will happen?

Ans: We’re not talking about their server. But if you were talking about some people….I probably won’t say it.

· Massman: Question relating to 1st mtg w/Wealth Mgr: (1) Is there a min amount you must have for the bank to agree to give you the 10% (eg, $4m)? If it limited to a specific bank or the big 4 or 5 we’ve discussed? (2) Will the savings accnt or IMF investment be in the name of a trust at that time or would that come later? (3) When he referenced putting his investment “with the IMF”, is that the same thing as the humanitarian projects discussed earlier or different? Assuming Tier 1 Trading Platform is a completely different animal.

Ans: Don’t know amount. No guidelines for amount for specific interest rate. Ask for 10% then ask them why not if they won’t give it to you. There are no “stupid” questions. Don’t think they’d give you 10% on $100k. People with money are going to get the 10%. Make $10m/yr. living off interest. Banks are going to be in competition. Out of the big 5, at least 2 of them, the perks will be offered, so once the $ comes into that office, they want to make you an offer so good you will take it. “Let’s make the best deal now!”

Ray/ make sure your investment can be assigned. Assign it to someone else to keep that investment going. You need to be invited to the IMF projects. Ask your wealth mgr, private banker, investment advisor, if you can get involved in those projects. Hopefully, after the RV we can provide you with that info. Need to have “qualified projects”. IMF pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. Projects more secure than the “platform”. Platform you are gambling. IMF projects go thru banks. Platforms are one of the highest “con games” among the rich. Especially here in the US where everything is documented overseas.

Personal story of flying to LA, met in penthouse and seeing investments in projects. The secretary told Tony not to get involved. Folks like this, even attorney’s, managers, etc. are going to try to take advantage of you!

Example of R Kelly. How is it even possible he didn’t have $100k to get out of jail. A complete stranger had to come up with the money. He couldn’t read. Gave away all his money. All his life is now gone! Be careful who you give power to, they will abuse it!

· Dwayne: Still planned to have 800#’s for different regions?

Ans: Haven’t been told differently.

· Shar35: Update says some banks are able to see the rates on the back screens now. Is this different than the rates on the back screens that has been reported in the past?

Ans: Same screens. Fluctuate up and down. M-W on hold.

· Irishman: Tried to donate 3 times via Cash.me app and denied. Wondering if any others were experiencing the same issues.

Ans: Ray, seen them as failed attempts. Repeat attempt.

· Lifetalker: Tony, have we reached or passed the date you told us about last Monday when the notifications went out?

Ans: There’s a good possibility we could see something out this weekend. 5 days are up. Could happen after close today or banks closed tomorrow. Might be right after the let out the fills and coins! All we got from banks was fluctuation! A bunch of “I can’t talk about it”. $2.86 in Iraq, trying to get to the $4.43. Big contractor over there thinks ministers will be announced the 20th of March. Don’t think it will be on administrative hold for a month. Reinstatement occurred in Iraq. Saddam had it at 2 something.

· Sunstar: Do you expect to see the rate within the next 14 days?
Tony, yes. Contractors were told at the beginning of the month to prepare to do their paycheck at a new rate. They are going to have to do it.

· 9ball: did you say principle won’t be lost?

Going thru bank, yes.

· Live Callers (Area Code/City, State):

· 360/Vancouver, WA. I’d like to visit the mid-east. Where would you go?
Tony/only place I’ve planed on visiting is Dubai. Been invited to Kurdistan by Barzani. Looking forward to doing it. A guy invited me to Thailand. Looking forward doing that. If I was a single man, living that dream life, I’d be in Brazil.

C/also lost his eldest daughter recently. Very difficult. Monday should be a way for honoring you for honoring her!

· 951/SoCalGuy. C/how are you separating your currency?

Tony/was told from Treasury to separate Dinar from the others incase tax consequences. Other currencies could fall under the tax rules.

C/will go with one for Dinar and all others together in another.

· 865/Good ? CIA Lady C/appreciate “best time”. Do you have to wait until the banks in Hawaii are closing, or go with Eastern time banks closing?

Tony/Eastern time. Bank people think West Coast and Hawaii time.
C/small window. Appreciate “we will not get out of this month”, especially by your birthday especially “this weekend!”

Tony/once it’s hit hedge funds, etc, it’s going to be international.

C/describe demeanor of info givers. Believe it when I see it, or exuberance.

Tony/define exuberance! They don’t know why we haven’t seen it over here. Every time we talk to them, they say “it’s done”.

C/may be our last call.

· 610/Gman in PA. Requesting donations to pay for “information superstation on air.”

· 951/Riverside, CA.. Caller/questions on Trust. Heard others saying Zim can only be used for humanitarian.

Tony/doesn’t make sense you can’t spend your paycheck. Why would somebody buy Zim notes to be told what you have to use it for? Doesn’t make sense!

· 347/ New York, NY. Sleeping!

· 201/ Jersey City, NJ. C/if it doesn’t happen this month will it happen this year?

Tony/Absolutely! Wouldn’t put out tariffs, documents at borders saying you can’t bring in to their country more than 10 dinar notes at just a few penny’s, etc. They can’t get construction projects that were supposed to start today without the money…
C/it’s tough waiting.

T/it is.

707/Santa Rosa, CA. Appreciates both Ray & Tony for great explanations. How to go about getting info on IMF “projects”.

Tony/after the RV happens, we’ll put the link up. Take it to your wealth mgr. and let them do the work for you. Will be looking for people to put millions in, not the $100k investors. Will put inf in the forum where everyone can find it. Global projects. 5 year basis renewable every 5 years!

· 770/Roswell, GA. Question on contractor’s rate changes.

Notified to happen first week of Feb. Now on the street they can’t pay them the old rate. Nobody’s been paid the last couple of days. Let’s see what happens next week. 35 dinar per $100. At old rate 1100 dinar for $1.

C/see cabinet?

T/said they said the 2nd session. Don’t know when that is.

C/confirmation about contracts on Dong?

T/there are still contracts for the Dong. Been giving it out, don’t know anyone. Banks still say there are contract rates for the Dong!
· 281/ Houston, TX. With rates on screens are they still exchanging?

T/can’t tell you, haven’t been made aware of it. Bank people haven’t seen “spikes” on screens of people exchanging. I know “paymaster” in Reno, and they aren’t being paid. If not on “administrative” hold, at $4.43 (low point), should be good.

C/Dong contract rate?


C/when it goes will the US let it go!

Tony/will be released globally all at once. Iraq always wanted 72 hrs, 10 days. So far, they have had it for 36 hrs. Just waiting for it to reach $4.43. $2.86 was re-instatement in country. Now they can go with re-valuation. The international flights mean life is becoming normal again for them.

C/saying could see this over the weekend?

T/very possible!

T/parliament mtg on the 4th.

· 514/Montreal, QC. Canada (nope!)
· 303/Denver, Co. spoke about traveling to middle east. · XXX/Alaska, how are you going to fly with all your currency to exchange?

Tony/happens more on the ground than the air (declare you have it). I’d fly with it versus driving with it. Don’t want to go to court. If I was her I’d call the 800# and ask for an exception.

C/Worried about traveling in AK to exchange.
Tony/do a small exchange then charter a private jet and get to where you need to go.

C/80 yrs old, lost a spouse while waiting.
Ray/have traveled with currency on our carry-ons and never approached. Most folks have had no incidents.

· 916/Sacramento, CA. want to ask for contract rate on all currency. Is 20m dinar, or exchange resulting in $20m dollars.


· 740/Newark, OH. Understands how difficult it’s been for 18 yrs.

Tony/She passed when she was 11 yrs. old. Now here friends are married with children.

· 765/Muncie, IN. Nope!

· XXX. Mother only holds Zim.

Ray/give her some currencies you hold. Caller dropped off.

· Final Comments:

Rates are flashing. Changing prices in market place. Don’t know how long we have to stay at this “re-instating” rate. Banks are anticipating something to happen this weekend. Be excited.

Go buy some more Dong. If something happens, we’ll be back. If it doesn’t, we’ll probably be here Wed. Definitely not Monday for reasons stated.

· Ray/this train is definitely coming to a stop. And some of us will get on another one.

· Currencies in US dollar recent rates: · Dinar $6.73 (floating on bank screens and Forex at $4.43) · Dong $2 contract rate. · Zim $0.15 to 0.38 front screen rates

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/1/19 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/1/19

Post by oldmanskull Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:33 am

this PRICK needs to go back to JAIL i think someone is going to take him out before this is over he lies like TRUMP maymaybe   it's his long lost brother

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