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 "Intermittent" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Intermittent" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/1/19

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 "Intermittent" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/1/19 Empty "Intermittent" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/1/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:09 am

Update with MarkZ 3-1-19 : Notes by PDK- Not Verbatum

MZ: I was asked why I do this….I was too tired of seeing people at their wits end and depressed….Way to many people I’ve seen giving up hope and about to give up their currency and that was just killing me .

News has been intermittent…..What we are hearing today is CMKX packages will most likely go out tomorrow and we will most likely have access to our funds on Tuesday. But, I also have folks saying no, no, no…its happening today…we are going to play wait and see. ….lol…I would take sooner . …

No one I know has any spendable, accessable money yet and as of 10 minutes ago…Mr. C has not been paid yet. But, I do know people who have been moved around and are sitting in Reno and Chicago waiting to exchange.

We are hearing lawyers are redoing and refiguring SKR’s …That is a rumor that appears to be true. There is a lot of new paperwork going on with those changes. Adjustments of final numbers . Figuring payout down to the penny.

MZ: Do I still feel good about where we are? Yes I do . I feel very good about it.

I still expect $6-$8 dollars per share on the Fines and Penalties.

Access on Tuesday is when regular folks with the 800 numbers will be going to the bank. That is what I am hearing.

Q: Question from chat would please tell who Mr Cottrell is again. Why is he involved? Did he selected you to be his voice as that is good news.

MZ: He is the one that launches the gold that backs our currency and gives us liquidity. . As we understand they will show up on his doorstep with a couple laptops…and he will do his thing …and bam …we are gold backed…..He does not get to pick that moment…..he wishes he was because it would be done.

Q: Do you know who in Australia will be redeeming the Zim.. banks etc.. And will there be any zeros taken off? If so how many.. thanks

MZ: My understanding of it and IMO …and again consider all rates as rumor right now, that they will take off 6 zeros and it will be about .24 cents. This is based on conversations with people much more plugged in then I am…this is what people who are really involved with the Zim are expecting…..and I hope its true……..we won’t know for certain until it goes….since it is a bond type transaction that is subject to change and there may be different rates depending on humanitarian projects…this is what I think will happen……it can change at any time till it goes.

Q: Good morning Mark This was in last nights Bruce call….are you hearing the same? Bruce: We are in a position now where SKRs are being paid out. We understood this evening Fines and Penalties, Adjudicated Settlements, and Cores, Admiral’s group and all that would be paid this afternoon and this evening. I believe yesterday for about 3 ½ hours banks had video conference calls where they were going through last minute protocols, last minute information. Everybody has signed off. Everybody has signed off. The President has signed off. Our Treasury has signed off. The Chinese monetary authority has signed off.

MZ: I believe Bruce is a little to advanced in his news right now. I do know a number of people that are there for processing their skr’s..a number of people are in Chicago and Reno and other areas and as of last night they had not processed their SKRs yet.

Do they expect to soon? Absolutely…as I understand it those skr’s are being refigured and renegotiated and because of the drag out …and I heard this caused a little bit of a delay.

Im hearing everything from the SKR’s will be done early next week, to heck no, they will be done today , some say 800 #’s tomorrow …some say Tuesday….but just know that everything is in place and everybody is working hard. …….and there is not a darn thing any of us can do about it.

Just know that everybody is there and many have been paid to be there…..that the banks are flying people to be there on their own dime….and that to me is very exciting.

We need to keep in mind that there really is a lot of misinformation out there because they need to keep this somewhat uncertain so that people can’t take advantage of it in a negative way…

Member: I heard some very interesting things concerning the SKR's. I heard that the attorneys were trying to renegotiate the rates

MZ: I have heard the exact same thing that attorneys are trying to renegotiate the rates…….I also heard , and I do not know if there is any truth to it at all………that because the North Korea talks broke down that there had to be some changing and renegotiating of the Asian revaluation rates and that is one reason we are sitting here today without numbers and skr’s being exchanged and it also forced some of the SKR’s for dong to be renegotiated , and this caused a little delay and stalling us a little bit .. but it’s not supposed to considerable….I was told that as well.

Q: Is there any such thing as a backwall for this. If so could you share

MZ: the back wall to me is if everything collapses and they have to rush it.

Q: what are your thoughts on the Cohen shenanigans hearing creating a delay in the gcr? i had heard that Trump will need to be out of the country for the gcr to happen. Do you think that is correct?

Member: i can answer that one ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!!

Q: are you familiar with TransferWise Accounts? Your thoughts?

MZ: I am going to tell you exactly what Mr. Cottrell told me when I asked him questions like that because he helped write some of the new rules for the new banking system….The QFS…..the Quantum Financial system …and we will not need to worry about any of this….We are not going to need to have a skeleton trust, special accounts this and trusts that and that because the new banking system is so secure that we do not need to worry about those.

And keep in mind that money transfers with blockchain will be so very fast and secure anytime you move money back and forth. So I am not as concerned about the safety of our money as some are.. . Yes after I get exchanged I will be moving funds into non-discretionary accounts and insuring everything though .

Q: do u think our new currency is ready to go and loaded in atms

I do believe its ready-absolutely…… but its not loaded in ATMS yet. They will have to shut the ATMS down for a brief time in order to go in and change everything.

Q: I will say this I have known Trump for over 30 years I don't really care for him that much but he has gotten more done concerning the RV/GCR than any other President

MZ: I agree that he has gotten more done than any other president to get this reset done.

Q: are u a believer that Iraq can have a 2.86 rate in country and not international?

MZ: I do think that’s possible….keep in mind that we saw something similar with most revaluations so they can suck some of it off the streets and let them adjust….Do I thinks its possible- yes…..Do I think its occurred..no…..but I could be wrong……

I can just tell you that my sources in country are not seeing a rate of $2.86 right now. . Maybe it’s a special buy-back of some kind? But if you are a regular Iraqi going out to buy a Pepsi at the corner store…you are not getting $2.86

Member: I was told that the banks asked for one more day of training and that they the wanted the exchange to start tomorrow

MZ: I am hearing the same from some sources….you have exceptionally good contacts….and that you are hearing this and I am also and we both have very different contacts is a very positive sign.

Member: they also said that as soon as the F & P were starting to be paid then the 800#'s will be released

Q: WF group is real?

MZ: Yes it is real…The old Gen64 group is now the WF group and its very real.

Q: Do we have to exchange in the state we reside or can we exchange in the state we're visiting at present?

MZ: I am being told you will be able to pick where you want to exchange……If you are worried about security, or your neighbors, or having people know you are sitting on a bunch of money…….- you can choose to go somewhere else to exchange so you are not in your local area, and come home and live a quiet life. . Or exchange in your area and then move to where you want to be.

If you want to exchange in another town or state…be sure to have zip codes ready for the place you want to exchange at.

Be sure to ask what kind of perks you get….It doesn’t hurt to ask. Also you will need to tell them what types of currencies you will be bring with you to exchange.

Member: We are a whale now so ask for it all

Q: How will CMKX shareholders receive notification ?

MZ: I have been told we will have a knock on the door from USPS after they are done with all their regular deliveries…they will go back out to drop packages..or it could be there is an email telling us we have a package on the way. If you aren’t home….they will let you know when they will be back. I am told they want to get all the F&P, CMKX packages done within 48 hours.

Q: what's your guesstimate on fines and penalties time frame?

MZ: I am hearing between tomorrow and Tuesday. I sure hope it’s right as I am so ready to get off this roller coaster. So that includes F&P’s, CMKZ, Pickford, Farm claims, Indian nations claims, Omega funds and Prosperity Packages and a couple others.

MZ : A very good film about how money works that i think everyone should see is by 100th Monkey films…the title is “The end of the road” . this is a good film about exactly how your money works….If you have Amazon Prime it is free for you to watch

Member: End of the road: LINK

MZ We should send a copy to every member of congress so they learn how our money works and so those idiots quit overspending. ..lol

MZ: I really do think we are close though based on very smart people involved in the process….

Everybody have a great day.

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