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 "The Fuse is lit" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA  2/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Fuse is lit" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/21/19

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 "The Fuse is lit" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA  2/21/19 Empty "The Fuse is lit" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/21/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:21 am


DELTA » February 21st, 2019

ICS Financial Systems Ltd.’s ICS BANKS gains 4.5x Faster Batch Processing & 27x Increase on Digital Banking Transactions Running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine http://www.icsfs.com/ Full Post

David12001 » February 21st, 2019

If I am reading this right and understanding correctly, the banks inside and outside, not to mention the CBI able to do transactions with other central banks around the world, could the CBI put a new rate in the system and have it recognized by banks and central banks in the blink of an eye. Just food for thought.

Iobey777 » February 21st, 2019

YES!!!!! IMO!!!! As someone just said in TC (team chat) , the fuse is lit..to which I replied..it has been burning and is now at that point where it stops burning and meets the gunpowder..the next thing is BOOOMM!!!!!

Popeye7 » February 21st, 2019

I believe the flame has reached the gunpowder already... But in typical Iraqi fashion we are waiting for the actual reaction of these 2 elements igniting to cause the boom that will be felt around the world!

DELTA » February 21st, 2019

Al Mustashar Islamic Bank Goes Live in Record Time with ICS BANKS ISLAMIC From ICSFS

January, 2019

Al Mustashar Islamic Bank will Deliver Leading Banking Services in Iraq by using ICS BANKS ISLAMIC

Baghdad, Iraq: ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, announced that Al Mustashar Islamic Bank, a recently established bank in Iraq, is now operating on its multi-awards winning Islamic banking software suite ICS BANKS ISLAMIC.


Popeye7 » February 21st, 2019

And why would they go live in record time?... What is the hurry? (smile)

Tennessee » February 21st, 2019

my question, how can they go live with a PR (program rate) !? NOT!

Judy » February 21st, 2019

As Frank would say "Internationalism"

ChrisC » February 21st, 2019

There are two Hebrew words used when studying scripture and they are peshat, which means "literal meaning" and sod, which means "hidden meaning or wisdom".

Like many here I am frustrated with this event, especially when we hear it was done in December, but we are still here. We see buy/sell rates that are almost the same, but we are still here.

We see all the signs that "scream" internationalism, but we are still here. The problem is that we are looking at this deal for the "peshat" explanation and we should really be looking at it for the "sod".

There are elements in this that we obviously are unaware of or don't understand. My personal mistake in studying this venture has been to think it was only about Iraq. In the beginning it may have been "mostly" about Iraq, but now the stakes are bigger.

It is about Iraq but it is about so much more now. There is a battle being fought, and IMO is still raging, between what we could call groups that are "for the people" and groups that are "against the people" and Iraq is the rope they are using for the tug of war.

I believe Iraq will be like the latch on a gate; once the gate is open the cattle are going to stampede and run over all of the people wanting us to stay cattle. It is not that easy to do, but for those that are getting tired and giving up or are severely frustrated with this deal, start studying what Trump has been fighting with the Deep State.

There is a guy on YouTube that has a channel called X22 Report and he has a lot of interviews that will help open your eyes to how EVERYTHING is tied together. Trump and the patriots are fighting a battle for the freedom of not just the people of the US, but of the World.

The more you wake up, the more you will see we have been living in a world almost like The Matrix. We have been pulling the plow for a small group of people that are fighting like crazy not to let us open that gate because they know they are going to get gored.

The Yellow Vest protests, the Wall, Brexit, they are all tied to our venture. So when you can't see a reason for why we are still looking at a program rate, know that there are a whole lot of bulls ramming that gate and the hinges are almost off.

Popeye7 » February 21st, 2019

Just when you thought the news could not become even more encouraging folks... Today is once again one of those off the charts days...

From Iraq, and Kuwait signing an extremely important economic agreement... To the declaration of Isis being officially defeated coming soon, as well as the article stating that the different factions of Iraq's government cooperating with one another for the good of the whole of Iraq...

There certainly seems to be a timeline in all of this that only few know of as Frank, and the teams have pointed out countless times... IMHO...

Samson » February 21st, 2019

Washington and Beijing are working on joint memorandums of understanding to settle a trade deal LINK

Popeye7 » February 21st, 2019

Oh, I failed to mention this one... Meeting on Friday between the 2 leaders... Interesting

PJ75 » February 21st, 2019

Yes, Popeye, there certainly seems to be a timeline for both the financial and political worlds. It has been my opinion for many, many months now that events within these areas are totally aligned and timed.

When Trump is exonerated via the Mueller "investigation" wrap-up in the next week or so, then the real indictments/arrests will start flying. This had to be done in a certain order.

The daily bombshell headlines could/should provide perfect cover for an RI/RV. There are comments from KTFA members concerning X22 and his reports. He follows a certain military intel operation closely. Anyone closely following this military intel operation are days/weeks/months ahead of the mainstream news reporting.

Frank knows where we're at and SO DO WE! Just a little more patience needed at this point.

RE: Wednesday short “Dessert” CC


Iobey777 » February 21st, 2019

“IMO, Frank, Teams, WS and Trump are all upset with Iraq and they "may" encounter some disciplinary actions IF they don't do what they have been told to do!!

Do not miss the 2 articles that Delta brought you today!!..let's what happens in next 2-3 weeks and or 2-3 days..." This is the jist of what Frank told us yesterday on "dessert".It was short and sweet!

We wait, we watch and we pray that they will finally decide that now is the time to tell the world!

IMO, the whole world knows Iraq is INTERNATIONAL....they just need to make the big ANNOUNCEMENT and show us and the citizens their new rate!

They have shown everything else!! I believe we will see the new rate very soon!! Hang in there!!! God is so Good!!

Samson » February 21st, 2019

Iraq's economy is the world's second-best performer with a record of recovering countries after years of setback

20th February, 2019

The US non-profit Fund for Peace publishes an annual report on the fragility of countries around the world based on a wide range of factors. It measures the economic, political, social and security stability of 178 countries around the world and takes into account other factors such as demographic pressures

The index gives countries a score of 0 to 120 degrees, where the high score expresses a decline in stability, and vice versa. The index, in its version of 2018, lists the countries that registered a recession and recorded a recovery

Note: Recession does not necessarily mean that countries are on the list of fragile states. For example, (Which means a decline in the index), but it is nevertheless ranked among the most stable countries in the world

Iraq, on the other hand, scored the second best improvement but is nevertheless classified as a list of countries close to the risk of relapse LINK

Oil near the peak of 2019 amid OPEC cuts, but the economic slowdown is holding back

21st February, 2019

Oil prices surged near their 2011 highs on Thursday, supported by OPEC-led supply cuts and US sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, but the global economic slowdown has kept it from rising further

At 0742 GMT, US WTI crude futures were at $ 57.39 a barrel, up 23 cents, or 0.4 percent, at the latest settlement, close to the peak of 2019 at $ 57.55 recorded the day before

Brent crude was $ 67.20 a barrel, up 12 cents, or 0.2 percent, on the latest closing, not far from its peak of $ 67.38 a barrel the previous day

Analysts said the global economic slowdown was preventing prices from exceeding peak levels this week

"The slowdown in economic growth will inevitably lead to fuel shortages, eroding the strong gains in oil prices," said Benjamin Lo, analyst at Philip Futures in Singapore LINK

Minister of Finance: We encourage the work of the private sector and work to stabilize contract employees

21st February, 2019

Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein said on Thursday that the ministry is working to encourage the private sector, noting that the ministry has a reform revolution in all its branches.

"We discussed a number of projects in the province and how to find solutions to some problems," Hussein said in a joint news conference with the governor of Karbala Aqeel al-Turaihi and his follow-up, "the economy News," noting that "the problem of the staff of the ministry's contracts will be solved by stabilizing them."

"We are in the process of restructuring the work in all branches of the ministry and this process is in the direction of reform," he said. "We have agreed with the governor of Karbala to encourage and interest the private sector to solve a lot of problems and we have to rely on it and encourage it." LINK

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