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 Once Again, Santa's a No Show" by Dr. Dinar  12/25/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Once Again, Santa's a No Show" by Dr. Dinar 12/25/18

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 Once Again, Santa's a No Show" by Dr. Dinar  12/25/18 Empty Once Again, Santa's a No Show" by Dr. Dinar 12/25/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:01 am

Once Again, Santa's A No Show*   by Dr. Dinar
Ahhh, now it's all making sense. As the year comes to a close, once again we sit here with our shoeboxes stuffed with funny money and our bank accounts glaringly empty.
How could this have happened. According to all the big time players, we've been closer than close for the entire year. It was imminent.
Told time and time again that "Everything's done.", "We're in the window.", "We'll be in the banks on Monday.", and yet, here we are. Still waiting to exchange.
All of the intel seemed to be in alignment, more than ever before. Basically all the Guru's were on board with their "It's happening right now!" talk.
From Iraq to Zurich, Hong Kong to Australia, the UK to Reno, the entire globe was ready to go, shouting from the mountain tops that this year would be different.

No way we'd get beyond Thanksgiving. We'd be shopping up a storm on Black Friday. Guaranteed we'd have the greatest Christmas ever. And yet... nothing. Once again, Santa is a no show.
Could all the secret sources be out to dupe us, to make us look like fools? I don't believe so. There's just no way they could be so cruel.
Don't they know how much so many of us are depending on this to happen. I know I'm not alone. This is my Plan A thru Z.
Year after year, doing everything possible to stay hopeful, everything possible to stay positive and remain in the game. How could they not know.
Week after week, month after month, we continue to hear that it's an ongoing process. A process we're not privy to. And that even though we can't see it processing, the process continues to process.
That all we're waiting for is that part in the process where us Dinarians will become a part of the process and all its processing, enabling us to process our currency through the currency exchange process.
Unfortunately, there's just no way to prove any of this so called intel to be true. Or false, for that matter. All we can do is keep the faith and continue to believe in the unbelievable.
I'll admit, after being involved in this journey for nearly a decade, occasionally I find myself really beginning to question my own foundation. A foundation built many years ago. One based on resources, research, and facts. Well, facts as I believe them to be anyway.
Along the way I've made lots of friends, as well as even a few "sources" of my own. And one thing I learned long ago was not to bother my sources. Sure, once in a while I'd do a little fishing, throwing out a question or two just to see if I could get an answer.
Most of the time the only response I'd get was a hint or two, no actual verifiable proof of anything. I found myself spending more time reading between the lines than there were lines.
And lately, as more sources seem to be under NDA's, things have really gotten quiet. Definitely a hush all over the world. Well, at least all over Dinarland anyway.
For the most part, nobody's talkin'. And that can be extremely frustrating, as well as sometimes disheartening.
Which led me to do something I told myself I'd never do. But, desperate times being what they are, I decided to call in a favor from a source that I've been friends with for many years.
I hated to put our friendship on the line but at this point, I wanted an answer. No, I needed an answer. So I was willing to risk it. And I'm glad I did.
Do I trust this source and his knowledge of the situation? You better believe I do. His integrity is beyond reproach and he's just about as connected as anybody could be.
Without revealing too much about him, let's just say he spends most of the year in a colder climate, he's extremely bright, a born leader, always at the front of the pack, works best at night and has his hoof on the pulse of this RV/GCR process. No, he's not the Jolly Red Triggerman himself, but he's pretty darn close.
So, after waking up to yet another broke Christmas, I decided to play the "long time friend" card and ask him what the heck is going on here and why are we still waiting.

 Once Again, Santa's a No Show" by Dr. Dinar  12/25/18 Dr-dinar_orig

Despite his better judgement, knowing that if his intel is in any way leaked throughout Dinarland, it could very well lead to his being fired from his long term position. Thankfully, he was willing to send me the screenshot above.
To be honest, upon first viewing the photo, I was shocked. How could this be!
With today's techno-filled world, the last thing I ever imagined was that Santa was simply unable to find us. That Dinarland was a no-show on his GPS. Not so much a glitch but more of a complete denial of existence.
Looking back, the only thing I regret is not asking sooner as I feel somehow responsible for letting everyone down this Christmas. And the many Christmas' prior to this, when this was about to pop. Needless to say, that's quite a few Black Friday's down the drain.
I only hope I can make amends to all the Dinarians out there by ensuring that next Christmas will be different.
I'll personally make sure that Santa either has an updated GPS or even taking it upon myself to contact Google, confirming that Dinarland, as well as us Dinarians, do indeed exist and that Dinarland deserves to be included on Google Earth.
That should eliminate any future problems. Please accept my apologies for not taking care of this sooner. All I can say is get ready for 2109. It's guaranteed to be our best year ever.
Dr. Dinar

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