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KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26  11/19/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26 11/19/18

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KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26  11/19/18 Empty KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26 11/19/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:05 am


KTFA Monday Night CC Notes 11-19-18

Denaridori - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR NOTES!!! She has been typing all day Tuesday and all afternoon Wednesday to get this done so everyone can have it

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you ready for the Part 2 of our call tonight. I welcome almost 1200 people on live stream and another 1200 on our phones. God bless all of you. And to those who listen to this recording later on, I ask for the Holy Spirit to envelope me and guide me and help me present the conference call tonight in a dignified manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last time we were with you last Monday, we told you that the project of lifting the 000’s from their exchange rates still exists. And that was actually a quote that came from the exchange from the Central Bank of Iraq itself. Why? Because we told you that we don’t see any delays.

​I’m reviewing a little bit from my Monday call. I’m going to talk to you for about 30 minutes, maybe close to about 9pm and then Delta’s going to come in and he and I are simply going to tell you we told you so. WE TOLD YOU SO.

There are no delays we told you Monday, so now we’re retroacting back to Monday’s call. You know how I do it. I start on Monday then I take you to Wednesday and then Friday’s Team Chat and then I walk you into today’s Monday’s call.

Last Monday we told you that the flipping of the 000’s project still existed but there was no delay for it, there was no postponement for it. There was nobody saying a NO GO, there is nobody saying we’re not going to lift the 000’s. Nobody was denying it.

There were no excuses, there was no negativity. We told you to look at the face of the people that were coming out of the CBI with nothing but smiles on their faces. Remember all of that? Of course, you do.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there was a very strong reason for that. There was a very, very strong reason to tell you that because the CBI is telling you the truth. Then on Wednesday I prepared you with something. I called it “the contradiction of information on the monetary reform”.

I compared it ot he China Syndrome of 1995, but I also added a caveat by saying to you, you are now going to start seeing as of Thursday and Friday contradictions of the monetary reform minus denial. What I meant by that is they’re going to give you every reason in the world for you as Iraqi dinar investors to change your mind and back away from this.

This whole conference call is in my opinion, by the way. Everything I say is based on the articles and opinion. This is a speculative investment, we do not offer you a date and nor do we offer you a rate. That is beyond stupidity to even consider that.

We do offer time frames to which, by the way, I tell you today is the end of your time frame. I really want to capture your attention…I really want you to listen to me. I know I say that all the time, don’t I? I suppose there’s a good reason for it. Today is the end of your 4-6 weeks IMO for what? --- The 2nd Article.

So, on Wednesday I told you to prepare yourself and what did you see on Thursday and Friday? Ahh…we are not going to have Allak as the Governor of the CBI. Really? After all we said about Allak.

​What else did you see? A guy that was an economic comes out and he says …yeah, I don’t think they’re going to lift the 000’s. Really? Who asked you? Are you the CBI? No. Contradictions, family for the monetary reform for the next two days …then boom boom! Very quickly!

Contradictions make no sense. Iran making $1 billion from Iraq? How? Yemen stands up and they say that we will run the $1 billion through our banks. Impossible! How? Saudi Arabia will give Iraq the electricity? No! You know very well that was brokered in a completely different area.

Oil dropping in the heat of the winter? Gas is under $2 now! Why? This is a brilliant plan by Donald Trump. All of these things that we told you … Iran, says Donald Trump to Iran, you’ve got 45 days. Hmmm…Just before the end of the year, huh? I’m glad you’re listening radians (?). I’m glad that most of you are listening. You won’t be listening to me much longer.

There are many denials out there and we’ve prepared you on Wednesday, then on Friday, we started talking to you a little bit deeper about a completely different subject. Now, what we wanted to tell you on Friday was that there was ….well, one of our fireflies…(Hold on, you guys are crashing on livestream – we’re over 1200 now)….Let me know when we crash.


We have a firefly—you know what a firefly is – This individual has been communicating with, you know, some very important people that we believe that we can get some information about what’s going on with the Iraqi dinar. One of them was sent to the Chamber of Commerce. I’d like to read a letter to you (from the Chamber of Commerce of Iraq):

Greetings Sir: Thank you for your interest in Iraq’s finance and for your comments (Can you imagine the questions we asked). Nobody knows the answer to your question (quote) “when things will change” but I can give you my opinion on what is going on.

(I bet you you can, you’ve been well educated. Ha! Go ahead What is your opinion, Chamber of Commerce of Iraq? _

Iraq is going through a positive evolutionary process that will provide better business opportunities than what it was in the past four years.

Sure, Frank, what’s up? -- In the past 4 years? Yeah, the project was successful. You know about the project? You guys have been bragging about it. Not us, the CBI has.

Ahhh—4 years, huh? It was successful? Tested? Yes, yes. Tried? Yes. They told us that. And they’re ready to implement it now, aren’t they? Yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen, the title of our conference call is “IMPLEMENTATION”, Implementation, IMO, of course. Let’s not put anything up on what I’m talking about right now. Let me explain it and then we can put up anything that you want, okay guys? Okay.

So, once again, you caught the 4 years, you caught the hint? All right, let’s go.

​The Prime Minister, he says (this Chamber of Commerce guy), the Prime Minister – you mean Mahdi or Abadi – No, no, no, Mahdi. (Ok)

The Prime Minister picked up few new candidates for his team and he’s trying to use the rest of his team under huge pressure from political parties. (Family, what did we tell you on Team Chat?) that Mahdi selected financial experts, remember…etc, etc., etc. Next paragraph.

As you know PM Abdul Mahdi’s interest is economics. (What did I tell you Friday? His goal is what? Jobs and the monetary policy, nothing else.) His goal-- is his interest in economics therefore he will get involved and, therefore, he will certainly get things moving! (LOL He has.) (Thank you Chamber of Commerce, is there anything else you want to say?)

Well, the time of the event is excellent.
(The what?)

The time of the event is excellent.
(What event?)

The new Prime Minister and new Minister are fresh to develop links with national and international business organizations. It is certainly an opportunity that should not be missed.

(LOL - I agree with you! LOL… I don’t think they’re going to fudge this up this time around.) No, and I strongly suggest that you should consider choosing a Sponsorship Package. I will be more than happy to send them to you, if you are interested. Kind regards, Abbadas al Hassoun Fani (???)

(Yeah, send it. Knock yourself out.)


The attitude in this Chamber of Commerce, representative is very, very obvious – a mirror image – of almost every word from our conference call, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, our firefly also has more, but I am running out of time. I’m simply running out of time. Our first hour takes more than an hour, as you know now. What we do have now is another communiqué between our firefly and the Trade Bank of Iraq. And, also, literally a communication of the Trade Bank of Iraq with JP Morgan. --Hello, how are you JP?

In the beginning there were 4 banks and the Bank of America picked you, Chase Manhattan. And you picked Wells Fargo, didn’t you, and they protected themselves by denying it with the greatest force filed they could ever create…it’s a scam!

It’s not a scam, but people were scamming so you were legally within your rights to say that. Hmmmm, fascinating!

Tell me Citibank, how’s the weather over there? So, we will talk to you about this type of information, family, later. Not tonight, because what we have is even 10 times more powerful than this. You know why? Because we told you so.

Firefly also sent letters to the CBI and also to the Embassy in Iraq, besides the Chamber of Commerce. He also sent letters to the Investment Conference, besides the Trade Bank of Iraq, besides JP Morgan. So, and the interesting thing these letters were sent in February of this year. They’re now just responding to them. Hmmm….

Yeah, I agree Chamber of Commerce, one does not know the answer to these questions but we are evolving and over the past 4 years it has been tried, tested and proven and ready to be implemented. Yeah….A lot of positiveness…I don’t see any denials, do you? Hmmm…

We also prepared you a week ago last Monday, in our opinion, Donald Trump wants to meet with Mahdi. Two days later on Wednesday, you see an article that says “ TRUMP WANTS TO MEET WITH MAHDI”. -- Oh, HELLO! Yeah.

You see, these were important things to prepare you for. I believe that Trump wants to meet with the Prime Minister of Iraq to put his foot down and tell Iraq and Iran to depend less on the American dollar.

But, I also believe he’s going to put his foot down very hard on the monetary policy that the USA is in control of. But Iraq is a sovereign country who has the prerogative to initiate it. Chew each word carefully with me…do not swallow until you are fully understanding what’s going on before your eyes.

Martial Law was introduced, no doubt, to you Iraq, but not for an eternity. And if you look at the 2 years Maliki and Obama wasted, merged, then we are on course for the 10 year cycle that this takes. It is mirrored with our stock exchange. As I said everything is in my opinion. What do I know?

Trump is brokering, I told you on Friday’s TC and privately outside of TC, he’s brokering all these deals with Iraq. That’s why, IMO, Trump wants to meet with Mahdi and he’s going to do the following things that I just told you. I also want to tell you more things that Donald Trump is going to do, but I’m going to save that for a little bit.

Trump is brokering deals with, for example, Yemen and their airport in Iraq. Trump wants this monetary reform to come forth. Why? Because Trump wants the citizens of Iraq to commence in the sharing of the wealth of this country.


That’s within the HCL and that’s what’s within all the deals that Trump is doing right now with oil companies and to explode those numbers So that the citizens of Iraq receive more of the wealth through the HCL. ---Fascinating, isn’t it? trump is a genius.

You see, Obama could have done this, but this what not Obama’s goal. This was not his agenda. It was not his 8 year candidacy. The last thing he wanted to do was to helpAmerican citizens.

Donald Trump is brokering all of these deals and they’re actually large deals…TRILLION deals. You know what I’m saying, but they’re not going to be paying anyone, IMO, until they have a change in their exchange rate.

Mahdi’s goal, like I told you, is to increase employmentship. Bring in those oil companies and also to initiate the new monetary policy for the IQD. By the way, as I told you on Friday at TC privately, there’s a lot more between the relationship of Mahdi and President Trump right now. There are many things you’ll never ever read and they’ll be many things I’ll certainly never know.

Mahdi is front and center with the pressure to follow through with the monetary reform with his goal. And the front and center pressure is now coming to him, the POTUS.

There’s a package of laws that are being pushed through right now and there’s 17 or 18 of them. It’s called the PACKAGE OF LAWS and one of them is the HCL that I believe Donald Trump is going to SHOVE through.

On Friday we also told you I know you’re looking for the 2nd Article. I know you say every morning to me…Good morning, Frank, where is the 2nd Article? -- Where oh where art thou, 2nd Article?

On Friday’s TC, I said to you, ladies and gentlemen, for my teams: “It takes a little time to read the news for it to come out to be put into print.”

From my teams I shared on Friday’s TC: “IT’S PRETTY MUCH HERE.” Walkingstick said the same thing – “IT’S HERE”.

From my teams I shared on Friday’s TC: “IT’S ALREADY IN PRINT. YOU JUST DON’T SEE IT YET.”

For example, I gave you…Art. 8 Compliance that was accepted and used to maintain the 2% compliance. You just never saw it, but you saw what I call the fossilized evidence. The 2% compliance being kept all year?

I told you my opinion the RI of the IQD occurred in the first quarter of this year as much as I was mocked. And as the months have gone by – 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5,4,3,2,1 is not a launching before it’s in print, zero is the ignition sequence that starts the liftoff that starts the clock. WELCOME TO ZERO, my KTFA Kona Family, IMO.


INTERNATIONAL financial experts are already working to increase jobs and to create a financial introduction of the IQD into the international markets of this world. For example, on the 18th the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) started selling national bonds. – Well, now that’s interesting! Yeah, it’s interesting all right.

On Friday’s Team Chat I told you in a very private manner too that the CBI, IMO, is being attacked. I called it a “Mafioso style” to destroy the knowledge, the education, of the lifting of the 000’s as told by the CBI to the citizens of Iraq.

We told you on Friday that this attack on the CBI through the media has a lot of electronic hackers. There are even fake demonstrators outside of the CBI right now still demanding nonsense. he CBI website was difficult to log into.

This attack knew that they were going to put up more security on the CBI website so they started to attack it in a physical manner by protesting outside and in an electronic manner to interfere with their website in a social manner by trying to say things with the idea that we told you be nothing more than contradictions and lies.

The CBI is trying to protect itself from falseness right now. They are trying to make the CBI look bad so we thought we would warn you about these hackers. They would do anything to keep the cash cow…those who are doing this.

This Mafiosa style to destroy the hopes, the knowledge, the education of what the CBI is doing – to postpone it, to cause it damage. The Sugar Daddy is about to go away. Their cash cow is about to go away. But the Board of Directors of the CBI got their orders from the west to GO INTERNATIONAL NOW!

Secure your website NOW! Be secure, CBI. Be professional. Be safe because your website is making you vulnerable. And, many of you said – Oh, yeah well, they’re just renewing their license.

Okay, well that’s good and that’s wonderful, but I hope you understand what I just told you because many out there want to destroy and stop the monetary reform, not just in Iran, but in our own government.

​I find it ridiculously stupid. I find it childly immature. I find it a sore loser sucking his thumb. The lifestyle of those who don’t want the monetary reform of the last 13-14 or more years is being destroyed on both sides of the pond. It reminds me, like I told you, the Pharisees. They wanted to use the temple to make money. That was their cash cow.

That was their Sugar Daddy. Jesus comes in and tears the place apart and says – Are you crazy? That’s not what this place is for. Donald Trump goes in and says – Are you crazy?

This is not to run the world’s finances…this is not the way to do the monetary reform. Are you crazy?

Prices of oil in the heat of the winter are going down crazily. Now, you explain that to me because I’m not crazy….I find it brilliant! –Oh, you think you’re going to make money off of selling oil, do you? You over there, and you over there. Really, you think so?

​Iraq, just be silent. Iran, shut up all of you. China, where you gonna buy it from? Huh? Huh? Huh? I’ll tell you Iraq..be silent. .​

Look, Iraq, be silent. Iraq, you can use the oil. Iran, we’re going to work with each other…I’m going to broker some deals. Just shut up. Have you heard anything from Iran lately? -- Hello! And thank you very much.

$1.99 a gallon – yeah, okay. Look, all of you – ALL OF YOU – all of you and you know it. All of you work with President Donald Trump and you will be rewarded like the 8 countries that Trump is allowing to (LOL) to buy oil from Iran right now CHEAP! LOL -- I’m trying.

So, last Monday when I talked to WS, he basically pretty well put me in my place.
WS: Stop asking questions, Frank, I already told you 4-6 weeks.
FRANK: But, but, but, the 6 weeks ends next Monday when I do a cc.

WS: Stop asking me questions, I told you stop asking me questions, I told you, the 6th week
look for the 2nd Article.

FRANK: But, but, but it’s coming down to the wire here. LOL That’s next Monday – today, by the way. What do I do? WS, you made a comment. You said that it was already here, or something like that. Why would you say something like that? Were you told something to convince you even further than this last week we’ve been together?.

WS: Umm…Yes.


WS: Yes.

FRANK: Sir, can I talk to you about Donald Trump?

WS: Yes.

FRANK: Why is Trump now – I mean, I just gave the family my opinion – Why is Donald Trump NOW asking to meet with Mahdi?

WS: First of all, Frank, understand that what you’re reading are translations.

FRANK: You mean he doesn’t want to meet with him?

WS: Oh, he wants to meet with him. Didn’t I tell you that last Monday?

FRANK: Yes, and I told everybody.

WS: Okay – you saw the article.


​​WS: Frank, it’s more subtle that Mahdi will come to visit Trump in Washington then it will ever be so that Trump will go visit Mahdi in Iraq.

FRANK: And, it hit me – and I told him, I said, oh, that’s right. The logistical reason would be astronomical for our president just to re-arrange everything . He’s coming to DC, when???

WS: Frank, you asked me WHY.

FRANK: Yes, sir.

WS: President Donald Trump wants to deal with Iran.

FRANK: Ohhh…and Mahdi is the man who’s doing it for him.

WS: Yeah…that’s right. President Trump is going to beat the monetary policy in front of Mahdi, senseless. He will pounce on it, scream on it and he will do everything Donald Trump – LOL – has brokered …ahh … Donald Trump has brokered the exportation of oil from Kirkuk lately, recently – it’s a done deal.

FRANK: Yes. He’ll be dealing with that too,

FRANK: Okay.that’s three things you’ve given me. Anything else?

WS: He will be doing something with the hydro carbon law

WS: Yes. Donald Trump prepared himself by saying give the citizens their share of the wealth. He wants the wealth to be distributed because he brokered the deals and Iraq is about to be flooded with oil companies and jobs.

FRANK: WS, can they do the HCL at a program rate?

WS: Certainly, they can, Frank.

FRANK: They can?

WS: Of course. The HCL is not about you or me…it’s about the inside of Iraq. But when the HCL is enacted, you will see, maybe oil and gas people, countries, people come into Iraq benefiting the citizens as well as their share of the HCL increases.

WS: Do you understand what Donald Trump is doing for the citizens of Iraq through the monetary policy – that there is no denial that the 000’s will be lifted from their exchange rate – and we believe in our opinion INSIDE OF THIS YEAR?

FRANK: Yeah…yes sir. I do, I do.

WS: Is there anything else you want to tell me about Donald Trump?

WS: Umm…there’s an investment law being passed and approved that he is pushing
tremendously right now.

FRANK: What is it?

WS: It’s an investment law – a precious minerals and metals to bring in companies to establish the mining in Iraq.

FRANK: More wealth?

WS: Yes, so that more wealth can be spread.

FRANK: Well, that’s right – that’s under the HCL, right?

WS: Yeah. Frank, I want to tell you something.

FRANK: You want to tell me more? What else do you want to tell me – you’ve already told me 6 things about Trump and wanting to talk to Mahdi.

WS: Frank, the reason you want more and more about President Trump is because what President Trump wants right now from Iraq…and Iran.


WS: Like I told you it’s one thing to go to the USA, but it’s a completely different nightmare of logistics for Donald Trump to go to Iraq but note that on our last Monday cc we told you that this trip was possible, IMO, remember that?

FRANK: Yes, sir, I told them.

WS: ….And, no one in the internet even suspected it.

FRANK: No, sir, they didn’t.

WS: Frank, the bonds.

FRANK: What about the bonds?

WS: It’s not important.

FRANK: I know it’s not, but the reason I have it on my list is because I want my KTFA family to understand it better.

WS: Okay, look, your family is confused.

FRANK: They are?

WS: You have to understand first of all the gentleman –(hold on we’re being flooded and shut down..it looked like we’d be broken…it’s amazing we haven’t)….WS said concerning the bonds, your KTFA family is confused.

FRANK: Confused? Well let’s help them.

WS: All right…Tell them the following: Your analyzer, Militia Man, brought you a good study that he had, and MM, along with your KTFA family, what they needed to do is scroll down a little bit further to the site that MM gave them and they would have noticed serial numbers for Iraq.

WS: If you would have taken those serial numbers and put them in then they would have given you two different other bonds.

FRANK: Really?

WS: Yes.

FRANK: What do you mean?

WS: These were bonds that were actually from a few years ago – they’re different. THOSE were international bonds and they are backed by American dollars.

WS: One of them was actually set at 1 Billion, yeah…a 1 Billion bond that investors bought up very quickly. It was a total of 2.7 Billion but they were bought as internationally bonds and they had a maturity date of 2023.

WS: There is another international set of bonds that will mature in January in 2028. The other one I told you matures in March of 2023. Both of the international bonds – and these international bonds were sold at $1,000 USD each.

WS: Now, what the CBI has announced is NATIONAL bonds and the national bonds are going to be sold through the Iraqi Stock Exchange, but they will not be USD’s… they will only be in IQD.

WS: I don’t know the mature date on them, but I believe they might in one year, but that information is unknown now.

WS: The face value of the national bonds is 5 million at a 5.8%. At that rate, these national bonds are being introduced at a PROGRAM RATE to draw in any of the last IQD’s from the citizens of Iraq.

WS: The reasons for these national bonds being sold inside of Iraq, and for that matter, anybody who wants them from the ISX, is to draw in liquidity from the IQD from the citizens and also, #2, for the citizens to stop hoarding the local currency, #3, to draw in the interest of these local national bonds, in lieu of interest in foreign bonds or foreign currency.

FRANK: Also, like in 2016, they were made but this announcement was made also prior to the launching of these national bonds. WS even brought us articles back in 2016 explaining it. – Interesting.

WS: You see, they promised Iraqi’s a good return on their investment.

FRANK: I know – almost 6% -- that’s amazing!

WS: …because it’ll stay at a PROGRAMMED RATE, Frank.
WS: Oh, yeah….

FRANK: Even when they change the exchange rate?

WS: Next question, Frank.

FRANK: Even when they change the exchange rate?

WS: Next question, Frank.


FRANK: Oh….Umm…okay, then they’re selling the national bonds on the ISX only in IQD’s. This is obviously an indicator of trust. In the government of Iraq and in the Central Bank of Iraq by the international community while they still bash Allak. Trump has confidence with the citizens of Iraq that even with a programmed rate, we know you won’t keep your promise.

WS: They will, Frank…it’s just not out yet. It’s all over the social media, all over the TV in Iraq. And, I know you have some people that say…Well, I’m in Iraq and I don’t see nothing! It’s jack! You know what, Frank, leave them alone…they will soon.

FRANK: Yeah, okay. And Allak?

WS: Leave him alone. They will soon.

WS: They’re blaming him for something that he had nothing to do with back in 2013…the destruction of 7 billion dinars. Besides, they weren’t destroyed, They’re exaggerating. … Which by the way, I told you on our Wednesday dessert, that a blanket contradictions would start family. Allak is just one of those examples.

FRANK: Isn’t it amazing how so much comes out to prove, so much that we shared with you. How we doing family? Are you bored?

WS: Yes, these bonds, Frank were ready last year to be sold but were held up to be sold at a suitable environment when it’s ready in Iraq. And it’s ready in Iraq, wasn’t it Frank? It was tested and tried, Frank.

FRANK: Wow!!

WS: Printed in 2017 but now being sold right now.

FRANK: Hummm…fascinating!

WS: Frank, just be careful of the possible denials of BS that’s out there right now. By the way, YES THIS IS THE END OF OUR TIMEFRAME STUDY AS OFTODAY, KTFA FAMILY.

WS: Do you want another time frame or would you rather complain about missing the last time frame? Time frames are for logic…a date is for the weak minded.

These bonds, these national bonds, should logically fail at a programmed rate, but, IMO, the advanced education of the citizens and to the world will create the suitable environment to buy them with confidence with trust, with cooperation by the citizens to the CBI and to the GOI,,,a loud voice from the citizens.

FRANK: And, WS said to me – Frank, I told, you they can afford….we hope they can afford to buy these bonds, but it’s not that they can’t afford because they don’t have the money, it is not the affordability of the value, but can they afford it – I said in my posting, and I meant – Can they afford to trust the CBI and the GOI?

FRANK: Hooah, yes!

FRANK: Don’t you love this suitable environment? I only want the strong to be with me. The rest are slowly methodically being removed from KTFA swiftly or simply are being silenced among us.

By the way, once again, the bonds are a programmed rate and they ‘re very telling, and it’s challenging, but you simply have to keep your eye on the CBI on Article 2 for it to come out and ignore the demand of those who are constantly tormenting us asking when, when, when?

​Bad attitude of when, when, when is an insult to us that know that such a question is not a part of this investment – it’s an insult. And, by the way, the national bonds…part of the smoke screen we suggested from now on? NO! They simply were the next step of the monetary reform of the re-instatement of the IQD.

These national bonds that the citizens we believe will buy these bonds at a programmed rate because of the confidence in the CBI and the GOI are like when you bought your dinar years ago at a programmed rate.

************************* ​

Investors come in many colors and for many reasons. We have a member on our forum by the name of BIG D…How ya doing, Big D? I read every post. I read every post in Team Chat and on our thread.

Big D, that was a very good idea of yours. If we were willing to buy dinars at a programmed rate years ago by faith, why shouldn’t the citizens buy thesebonds by the knowledge that they have from the CBI…from the promise. I’m going to have to speed this up – it’s getting late. Ladies and gentlemen, the value…Can the citizens value the CBI and the GOI?

When we purchased the dinar years ago at a programmed rate, we knew or we felt that we would profit more than the citizen would with their national bonds.

But it is the trustthat you had that the citizens now have and this is an important key to make…it is the faith the citizens have in the CBI and GOI – the confidence, the belief, the credence, the reliance, the conviction, the dependence, the assurance, the credibility, the positiveness that is now found in the hearts of the Iraqi citizens because it must not fail with the citizens that is vital to comprehend in this sea of tactic confusion.

Gas is less than $2 at the pump. It’s crazy…No, it’s amazing, Donald Trump. And the sovereign country of Iraq I believe now feels comfortable in their suitable environment to lift the 000’s and to fulfill the promises we have in the Final Article Thread.

In the monetary reform…that is working that’s been tried, tested and now is about to be implemented, IMO…no not in my opinion, in the CBI statements.

Look at all the countries that are conceding to Donald Trump, like I told you, for his plan. A fair trade, a fair currency play. We told you so months ago that this was going to happen because we felt it was part of the monetary reform plan and we knew that the monetary plan and we knew that the monetary reform plan was not going to fail.

In the last few days you have seen a plethora of articles from my news hounds that have confirmed our study’s sharing, and family, guess what? There is more! DELTA, DELTA, DELTA, are you there?

DELTA: Frankie, Frankie!

FRANK: Delta, Delta, I hope you were able to listen to that.

DELTA: Yes, it was a beautiful introduction, Frankie, and it’ really an amazing time for us and the investors and the Iraqi dinar, of course. It’s just amazing.

Frank: What’s really amazing, buddy, is today is the end of our time frame so I need for you, my eyes, my ears, my voice in the middle east, Show me Article 2, my friend. Show me Article 2. The floor is yours. When you are done, then I will join you. Take your time, relax, you have full throttle from WS. Go.

DELTA: I appreciate it. Thank you, thank you very much and I’d like to thank the whole team including Walkingstick, the I-team and everybody who’s on this amazing journey.

Basically it looks like we’re coming to then end here. All of us are waiting for basically Article 2 and what Allak told us a while back and everybody was waiting and I listened to you when he said everybody asked …Where are you Article 2? Where are you? It looks like we’re here and I’m praising WS for what he’s given us and this it’s just amazing…it was unbelievable.

So, basically this is what’s been happening. An article came up today from this gentlemen actually is an economist. He’s someone who has a no position and he works for the Central Bank of Iraq. He’s in charge in the department of issuing notes and all kind of stuff and his name is Abou Kason Shanoun (?) and he’s the guy in charge.

This guy came up with an article and then that was basically sent from a Youtube interview that Don found and sent us the tape and then it was forwarded to me. I had the chance basically to listen to him.

He had, actually, like an interview with one of the channels called “mass” basically meaning “people” in Arabic. Then he went ahead and basically said a lot of good things for us what we’ve been waiting for more confirmation about what’s going on.

Now I’m going to explain to you exactly what he said. I’m going to read it in Arabic exactly what he said and then I’m going to and try to translate it in parts. And now I’ll give you more details on this one because some people who are so confused with the way it was worded.


Basically, what they’re trying to do is the Central the Bank of Iraq basically they’re having details how they’re going to re-construct their currency and why they’re doing that…why the purpose of why they’re doing that.

So, he came out basically, he said.. (Speaking in Arabic)…This project basically to construct (?) their currency and lift the 000’s and then introduce the smaller notes. Basically, this is what the plan is.

He gives examples. He said, for example, a 1,000 dinar is going to become a dinar. This is VERY IMPORTANT. He’s not saying that you’re going to exchange a 1,000 dinar for a new 1 dinar. It’s VERY IMPORTANT.

By lifting the 000’s in the long run the 1 dinar is going to take the value of the 1,000 dinar because remember what they’re going to do is lift the 000’s from the exchange rate and at the same time shave down the 000 notes gradually.

And then he said that basically the million dinar will basically become 1,000 dinar. Nowhe’s talking about the exchange rate, right? But indirectly, he cannot say publically ---

Oh, by the way we’re going to revalue the currency. He cannot say that, but remember, like Frankie told the family, this is for the Iraqi citizens, all right? But in order to do this, they needed to change the rate which I’m going to explain to you.

Then he went again talking about this project. He was talking about a long time ago…..and by the way, this press conference, he stated that the project was basically postponed two times. One time there was basically economists and a lot of people who complained which was a big, big issue. At that time this project was ready or implementation.

And, the second time, basically was in 2014 which is what he was talking about, and he said because of Daash and ISIS, the project was basically had been postponed at that time.

But he said we are continuing with the study and WE ARE BASICALLY DONE and the only thing left for us is IMPLEMENTATION. This IMPLEMENTATION on this project, or whatever you want to call it --HAS TO HAPPEN. They HAVE TO DO IT.

Now, the reason they have to do it is because they explained that the money supply, or the paper notes, has close to 44 Trillion dinars and there’s about 6 Billion paper notes in Iraqwhich is lot of paper.

So, what they’re trying to do, family, is totally different than other countries. Other nations like Turkey --they like that – the reason they love it is because the either the inflation and that was the last result for them to do it with the IMF (?).

Let me give you an example with Turkey. Before lost the 000’s the exchange rate was every dollar…every one dollar was equivalent to 1.6 million lira and the hyper-inflation was 140% at that time.

So basically this is what’s going on here. Then he starts talking about coming out with the Fil – a ½ dinar, a ¼ dinar and even less than that because the market is going to require that when the rates go up higher than that, but this guy gives us the TIME FRAME.

FRANK: Time Frame?

Yes, sir. Remember Frankie I talked to you a little today but it’s amazing how tricky it is.

This is exactly what he said : WE HAVE TO DO IT AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR OR NEXT OR BEFORE NEXT YEAR! LOL It’s in Arabic but if he says that, he said, it’s like…So, you tell me, Delta…When are you going to come see me? I’m going to tell you, this year, pr next year, or before next year.

Frank: What? That’s the same think knucklehead!! LOL

Delta: Yes, this is what he said. He said we HAVE TO DO IT…and this guy with this press conference…. (interrupted)

Frank: Talk about contradictory denial, possibility, plausible – whatever. You say you’re going to do it this year or ….LOL …go ahead. LOL

Delta: This is what he said: Basically this project is very, very important because the people’s notes – there’s about 6 billion of them worth about 44 Trillion. So what they’re trying to do here is to basically reconstruct the currency. How is Iraq going to do it without them basically lopping the currency.

They need to basically increase the value which is to lift the 000’s #1, and we talked about this a while back, that when they start doing that they’re going to adjust salaries.

Now, here’s the catch here….if you have a million dinar, and you go to the bank they’re not going to give you a 1,000 dinar because that’s a Lop. They’re going to give you a million dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply.

The only way you can do that is to raise the value starting with their employees becauseremember they’ll have to go back to 40-50% of the salaries to the government employees and any other employees and then Remember, you’re going to give them a million dinar and get a 1,000 dinar and that’s going to be worth the OLD million dinar which is worth $840 USD. And this is what they basically are trying to do.

So this guy he’s telling everybody that the PROJECT is DONE, the STUDY is DONE is done, the project is done and WE ARE READY and the only thing that’s left is the IMPLEMENTATION and this implementation basically has to BE DONE THIS YEAR – and this is where it’s the confusion part --before next year which is basically this year. They have no choice there.

He is insisting here that DEFINITELY WE HAVE TO DO IT. Even though whatever the obstacle they had before, now it looks like they might do this.

Like I told you, Frank, even if it’s a few weeks, a lot of citizens – and I got this from a lot of people on social media and Facebook that everybody is just begging the CBI to just do it. They need the value to go up and this is what’s exactly what’s going on here.

It’s unbelievable, it’s very huge, and it’s from the horse’s mouth and again they’re not denying this time and this time they’ve got their mind set to do it. I believe why they’re pushing this and they the timing here is because of the incident with what’s going on with the CBI with the 7 billion.

By the way, I did bring you a while back why they’re doing all this kind of attack on the CBI Governor because it’s all politics --you know that.

You’ve got the (inaudible) which he basically rules and you’ve got another group and they’re trying to do a negotiation and they tried to get the vote of the Central Bank of Iraq to go to them. Then the Counsel Minister to go to someone else even though they’re trying to attack the guy.


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KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26  11/19/18 Empty Re: KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26 11/19/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:06 am

page 2.....

For example, the 7 billion dinar. #2 (Inaudible). It wasn’t even his fault and we all know that Allak wasn’t even the governor at that time. But everyone’s trying to make fun of him all over the media. (inaudible) You see if you go different places (inaudible). So, it’s allpropaganda, it’s all basically well organized orchestrated and people are paying a lot of money for some of the media to make the guy look bad.

But it looks like this announcement that came up today from this guy from the CBI stating that they’re going to do it - -they’re done – and basically based on the time frame, we should HAVE THE IMPLEMENTATION BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR.

This is exactly what WS told us a while back. He told Frankie within 6 weeks and WS was exactly spot on. WS, it’s really an honor to have you on our side, and your service. God bless you sir and your service.

It’s amazing about the timing. All of you remember when WS came out last week chatting.

He and Frankie said, yeah, I’m aware of Allak. We don’t know the whole details but the most important part is from the horse’s mouth he’s telling us exactly what’s going on and that they have no other choice.

Remember, they have to GO INTERNATIONAL. I don’t believe in coincidences either, but the US TREASURER he talked to (inaudible) which was a phone call.

Then he got Allak time between Iraq and the US. This is the first time – not sure if this happened before or not when a financial minister of a government and an official of the other country. Usually you talk to the financial minister… you talk to someone like you. But the head of the US Treasury talked to ? and I believe they gave them the GREEN LIGHT basically to tell these people.

By the way, talking about the Congress, the green light is HANDLED BY THE US PRESIDENT,not the Congress. It’s the Iraqi policy but it’s all in the hands specifically the US President.

The Congress has nothing to do with this one just to be clear about misinformation. I was talking to the foreman talking about the Congress having to pass it, but it has nothing to dowith that, gut the US President and the US Treasurer, under the control of the President.

There was a program on one of the Iraqi TV channels and they were talking about the economy, Iran, and Iraq and stated that the US Is in control of the Central Bank of Iraq 100%. They are in control and it looks like for this guy to come out publically to say they’re read, it looks like they GOT THE GREEN LIGHT which is exactly what WS told us a while back and this is coming up to the end of the journey.

They have to keep moving forward but when you see those articles and get confused when you see those articles about the 1000 becoming 1 – you won’t see 1,000 anymore because the 1 dinar will take that place. Remember they tried to use that money for papers and they only had them as the initial inclusion which everybody has at the ATM, etc.

But, if you have a million dinars it will be equal in exchange 1:1. Of course, you’ll have to open up a new account but they’re more educated now I believe THIS IS THE END…the FINAL step. You are spot on, WS.

Tell the family I’m absolutely there and it looks like the US is ready, Iraq is ready…and again, there’s not choice. I listened to this guy to make sure I understood what he said and needs and he said it exactly – He insisted they have to do it. WE HAVE TO IMPLEMENT.

One of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS with the CBI is in charge of the department that issues currency and everything. We know they’re done…everything’s done. WS gave the example about the 1 zero, 2 zeros, 3 zeros…that’s it. It’s a done deal but I guess that the US is trying to protect Allak, trying to save him because, I’m going to be honest with you – they know exactly what’s going on.

Allak (inaudible) 000’s, the US controls that. But because Allak helped the US a lot, when you think about it, he did a tremendous job. He did something that Shabibi couldn’t do and that’s why there’s a lot of attacks on him because this guy eliminated a lot of corruptions.

Now, it’s very hard with those corrupt politicians in the government so now he basically shut the door with those corrupt. They used to make money with those currency options –you guys know that.

I do believe that this guy was very good with the elections and he did what they wanted him to do and I believe that probably they rushed the matter and gave the Green Light to the CBI to go ahead and lift the 000’s.

When you look at the time at the timing when you look back a few weeks ago…the timing is amazing. This is what’s basically going on. Just to let you know again family, the CBI – every wire that goes through the CBI is monitored by the US Treasury.

EVERY WIRE TRANSFER GOES THROUGH THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ. The US Embassy in Baghdad isn’t just there for visas. They have basically every department for the last 15-16 years helping Iraq and the CBI to guide them to the right place. They don’t know how…Look at Allak. He didn’t even have experience, but he’s learning. He’s a good listener.

So, the CBI is there and the US IS IN CHARGE. I told Frankie this last week and he said the US devalued and they’re the ones who are going to bring it back. I’m not sure Frankie if you remember awhile back when the Iraqi Parliament was begging and pleading for the US Government to lift the 000’s from the notes because they know the US is in charge.

​But now everything’s smooth and you can tell that the Financial Ministry and Mahdi and everybody else…it’s all a done deal.

So, that’s what I got Frankie…if there’s anything I forgot, let me know.

FRANK: Before you end, I can’t believe it – what is this now? November the 1st – after all these years I’ve been using this iPad and I never knew the speaker was on the left side! LOL Everybody is saying I can’t hear Delta or your advertisers.

Well, bozo Frank here…I kept putting the phone on the right side and that’s not where the speaker’s at and I moved it to the other side and everybody said, I can hear now. Oh, I feel stupid.

FRANK: So, because of that, I want you, with your permission let this be your last 5 minutes and then, believe it or not, I’ve got another 30 minutes, Delta. I still have other reports from WS about this article. Wait til you hear it, okay?

FRANK: So, very quickly give a quick synopsis. Here’s the article, you found it, and it’s in Arabic.

FRANK: We also have a second copy which we did not release that I’m going to release to the family tonight.

Then, there’s an audio and video and you translated it from Arabic and the moral of the story is: THEY ARE READY TO IMPLEMENT THE OOO’S DESPITE ANY PROPONENTS THAT ARE MAKING ANY NONSENSE, THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING THIS.

FRANK: And, then, he talks about the 1000 to 1, 1 million to….I want you to go over it one more time when they see it probably tomorrow. Then I may as well tell you now instead of putting it at the end. WS told me that in 2 days, possibly tomorrow, but within 2 days he’ll give me even more of Article 2.

So, go ahead and explain it again.

DELTA: Okay, thank you, so basically, what’s going to happen is, regarding the currency. We revalue the currency whatever it may be let’s say 1:1 or 85 cents, whatever it is for now in Iraq, right? Then all the currencies are going to co-exist and basically.

So what’s the purpose of this..the purpose is to basically phase out the 000 notes. So, the 1,000 dinar for the sake of the numbers let’s say it’s $1. Then, what’s going to happen is we’re going to come up with 1 dinar and 1,000. Now, the 1,000 dinar going to still be equivalent but 1,000 dinar but lower notes.

I go to the bank and give them 1,000 dinars after it’s re-instated, they’re going to give me 1,000 dinars in 1’s for 1,000 dinars and 50 dinars. But what the purpose is they’re trying to phase out the 1,000 dinar lower notes. How are they going to do that? (inaudible).

When you go out to the ATM machine, let’s see you get paid. I used to be an Iraqi citizen paid 1 million dinar. The reinstatement is 1:1 so it will be equivalent to about 1,000.

I’m going to the ATM and collect my salary and I’m going to receive 1,000 dinars. Now the thousand dinars would be equivalent let’s say to $1,000 USD which is a replacement of 1 million dinar.

Okay, now the million right now and this is how there’s some confusion is probably how some of you are going to try to do this…this is not a Lop, okay? It’s a revaluation, but they can start paying with the lower denominations with higher value.

But, if you have an account, if you have anything that’s higher, it’s not going to change a thing. If you have 10 million in your account and you’re an Iraqi citizen, that’s going to be 10 million dinars.

But what they’re going to do is, after the fact, they’re going to start distributing the salaries with lower denominations that’s had value like the old ones. What’s happen is it’s going to take the place -- the 1,000 dinar and you have 1 dinar replaced. 1:1

You’re not going to see the 1,000 anymore and then the 1 dinar is also going to take the 1,000 dinar place. They’re going to be in a place ..they’re going to be equal…the 1,000 dinar is going to be equal to 1 dinar…they’re going to be equal to a 1,000 -1 dinar notes.

So, this is what’s going on there. Exactly what they did with Saddam Hussein. With Saddam Hussein, let me give you an example. He came up and they said you have 3 months to exchange your currency and that’s not going to be the case this time if it’s 10 years, 5 years.

Saddam Hussein, I’m not sure if anyone knows this, he had 10,000 dinars and when they came up with these new notes for the citizens, you’re going to go exchange the Saddam Hussein notes with the new one and it’s going to be equivalent ..

​if you have a 1 million dinar it’s going to be a new note of 1 million dinar, but of course, they can’t sell you that here because they’re telling you what to do with the revaluation.

Basically, they’re just trying to simplify and make it more easy - -no more trillions so for the time it’s going to be easier to do that.


​FRANK: Bravo! Bravo! I’m actually going to share one cookie with you. That was absolutely fantastic! Wait a minute…wait, wait, wait…listen. I’m going to share a half a cookie for you, a quarter…etc….

DELTA: I don’t like cookies. I like tres leches cake.

FRANK: That’s Mexican!

DELTA: I love it.

FRANK: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I feel stupid since I found out about the speaker and we may not be doing these anymore…LOL Just kick back, relax and listen to your phone, but if you hear something in the next 30 minutes and you want to comment, or anything, just come in real quick. You got it?

Okay, because if not, this is where I say good night to you, I love you, and more than likely I’ll be calling you tomorrow because I know he’s going to call me tomorrow, okay?

DELTA: Love you too, brother. I’m in the background listening.

FRANK: All right, ladies and gentlemen. You ask constantly where is the 2nd Article? We want you to know that what Delta found is what we told you you would be finding. Yes, there was an escort as I called it – what’s another word, CONVOY. If I can have your attention, stop posting right now because you want to hear this, ok. You want to hear the explanation of this article.

You heard the translation and you heard the clarity from Arabic to English from Delta. What I’m going to do is give you strictly from WS because you see I I think you’ve noticed by now, we separate WS from our teams, from our fireflies.

WS takes all priority. If we’re doing something and he’s calling us, we drop everything.

Now, with that said, I’d like to give you WS’s report. Would you like it? By the way, it’s half of this book! It’s up to you if you want it and I mean that sincerely – Oh, my!

​We’ve reached 1,300 of you and we still have a ways to go. Here we go. I won’t dilly dally any further and I maybe I’ll finish this in less than 30 minutes and talk as fast as I can.

So, we told you there would be a convoy – an escort – that would lead you to more information about the full article that we were seeking. The WS wants you to know that this article that Delta has is a partial reflection of Article 2. It’s no longer a convoy or a part of that. This is now part of Article 2 that is coming out.

The article is talking about the 1,000 to 1 but will not tell you they’re going to lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate just yet. Instead they will give the explanation of what will happen to their currency when they do.

1,000 dinar will become 1 dinar, of course in their country. This is a transition – got it? A reinstatement—got it? That requires a redenomination with a completely new category of notes.

The revaluation has nothing to do with what this article is about. We told you that the project of 2,014 was ready to go with Dr. Shabibi but what happened? It was cancelled.

There are no obstacles now. There is no cancellation….they’re going to do it! And you see this article also the part I’m talking about right now also. The part Delta talked about 1,000 to 1. It is also defining that this is not a Lop. This is a 1:1 definition.

Get excited, family! This is a definition of a redenomination and more than anything else, this article has been issued by the Central Bank of Iraq. This is the first one that he received that we’ve allowed to be released.

The second one…it has my notes on it…there’s another copy that I will read to you tonight that you will be more surprised more with. Indeed, it even goes into that 1 million goes into 1,000 dinars. The 1,000 becomes the 1 dinar. Well, of course, that’s the 1:1 rate they’ve been talking about inside their entry. Family, this is not a lop dog gone it! LOL

Excuse me. This is not a LOP, dog gone it! Be careful and only read the translation from Delta who reads in Arabic then translated in English as we have given it to you on our site.

By now, the whole internet has come to see it and has taken it to their site and good for them. God bless them all!! We told you give us 4-6 weeks – that ends today. How do you like my WS now, internet? Because I know the KTFA Kona feels about him.

We also know about WS wants you to notice the following. Not that led to its postponement that it led to its postponement. Well, you might say why are you double talking, Frank. Not that the LEAD to the postponement but the LED to its postponement.

Right there if you watch it on my screen – got it? You understand what that means? It’s past tense which by the way WS says: The reason why it’s in PAST TENSE now to IMPLEMENT THE LIFTING OF THE 000’S is because ALL of the OBSTACLES THAT LED to the postponement because WS wants you to know that ALL OBSTACLES THAT LED TO ANY POSTPONEMENTS OR DENIALS HAVE BEEN ERADICATED….have been NULL AND VOID.

WS also wants you to know, hence, why you are now reading these articles today on this Monday because these postponements issues no longer exists. They are extinct.


The movement, the momentum from those who are losing the ability to steal Iraq’s currency is dead. It’s buried, hence, why this form of Article 2 no longer has the fear of hiding from us when you ask daily…Where is Article 2. It is IN PRINT and is now being brought out to you.


WS and I want you to know – Look, my team’s huddle with WS on a weekly basis and for your conference calls and I determine what we share, but you are not in that huddle.

This play that is called in that huddle to be executed is what you’ve been missing. When the opportunity is right, we talk about it…like today.

We told you this months, weeks ago that the 2nd Article would be coming out but the shockto read this and to finally see this before our eyes in a true form of this article is hard to absorb all at once. Be at peace, take this conference call to God in prayer because the reality of the reality is also hitting me hard.

I want to thank my teams, I want to thank WS and I want to thank our fireflies. WS said to me: Frank, I know you’re excited but it’s not news to me. That’s what I’vebeen telling you to accept for a long time now.

WS also wants to say to you KTFA KONA that within a DAY OR TWO, if it is permissible, you will release, you will add a lot more to this article that Delta brought to you today because he can now.

Also, WS wants you to really, really remember, in fact Delta mentioned it just a few seconds ago, please do not forget, please remember 12 to 9 – trillion to billion, trillions to billions, and taking into account the Turkmenistan article coupled with what Iraq has already done with their monetary reform equals a redenomination….coupled with a revaluation equals a reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

As we continue to see together because we wish to explain the redenomination process that’s upon you that is in full progress. We want to explain the redenomination processthat is in full process and also finally WS wants to tell you that Trump is the one that is swinging the big hammer right now. That’s why all that you are reading, all this information is coming out now.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, what I’m going to do is finish up by reading to you not the original translation, there’s part of it in Arabic on top for those who are Arabic or middle easterners, and this is the body highlighted in red for the important part because tonight our conference call is IMPLEMENTED and what I’m going to do instead is show you that Delta was able to listen to a live audio and we were all able to find this translation which is a little cleaner. We use a Microsoft…I’m sorry…This is a different translation that is a little cleaner.

Once I finish reading this that will be the end of our conference call. Now, pay close attention to what this gentleman from the Central Bank of Iraq came out and said TODAY TO THE MEDIA in Iraq that the rest of the internet that studies the Iraqi dinar did not know, did not find about. It was Delta who brought it to us because you see, we are in the rightplace. You may not be even if you are in Iraq.

The Central Bank of Iraq on Monday unveiled the details of the “CURRENCY STRUCTURING PROJECT which aims to eliminate the 000’s to facilitate the currency trading”.

Ladies and gentlemen, yeah, okay, on Monday – unveiled the details of the currency structuring project. That was 4 years of testing and making sure that the second set of books with many institutions, with many banks in Iraq that were selected like WS’s firm and banks due to pay at a 1:1 rate on a second set of books by lifting in June 1 zero, in July a 2nd zero, and in July a 3rd zero.

That’s why last week we see that “The project to delete the 000’s in existence” regardless of all the denials and bologna and garbage and even comments from other gurus that, in all honesty, have no idea of what they’re spitting out.

Four year project The CBI on Monday unveiled the details of the currency structuring project which aims to eliminate the 000’s to facilitate currency trading. In other words, GO INTERNATIONAL!

The currency trading 2nd Paragraph “THE CURRENCY STRUCTURING PROJECT WHEN IT FIRST FACED MANY OBJECTIONS WAS POSTPONED TO BE PUT BACK IN 2014 AND STARTED TO APPLY BUT THE EMERGENCE OF ISIS WAS A NEW REASON TO POSTPONE IT” said Director General to release cabinet Abdul Kareen Haasan (?) in an interview with the media today. --- Hmm, yeah, okay, I see. Hmmm

The currency structuring project when it first faced many objections was postponed to put back in 2013, and we started to apply it, but Obama basically stabbed us in the back and said I’m pulling out our troops.

Our commanders said, What are you doing?? What are you stupid?? And all of a sudden the following year, they cancelled it and Allak comes out and says I’m looking for stability security now. – No kidding. Really? Yeah! I see, Why? Because of ISIS?

We need Mosul back, we need these cities back. We’ve got our banks there, don’t you know that? -- Yeah, we know that. Unbelievable! This is going to delay it because ISIS and DAASH will take over! All these cities and all these banks. – Yeah, I know. It seems likesomebody planned this. Hmmm….

Maliki has the other blame, yeah. So, when Obama didn’t allow us to continue to protect Iraq and brought us out prematurely, Maliki went crazy. Maliki went a-kaka and he just fed ISIS and DAASH all the biggest that he could stealing the money at the auctions through the CBI and sending it to Iran because that’s where the sales were being developed.

And the interesting thing is that it said …look, we were ready to do this thing in 2014 but we had to postpone it. We started to apply it in 2014. Remember what Delta brought to you? Look – the 4th quarter. What does it say right here? Ahh! 1:1

It happened in the 1st quarter of 2014. What happened in the 1st quarter of 2014? The 1:1 disappeared and went back to the programmed rate. Yes, it did! Do you understand this,family? Teach your children well.

Paragraph #3 – The currency structure project aims to delete 3 zeros to convert the 1,000 dinars to 1 dinar while the 1,000 dinar in the place of the 1 million dinar, Hassan said. You see, the project allows for the printing of new categories of dinars and half dinars down tothe handling of the FILS, he said. WHAT??

So, ladies and gentlemen, the currency dollars aims to delete the 1,000 dinars --- that’s a 1:1 – that’s not a Lop. While the 1,000 dinars replace the million dinars 1:1. Not a Lop.

And this project, you know, the one we’re ready to implement, this project allows for the printing of new categories.

You mean the new small category notes? Yes, of course, of the printing of the new small category notes and half dinars. You mean 50 cents? You mean the metals? Well, yes, down to the handling of the Fils, -- the coins, the metals, the Fils. You said Fils? Yes, I did! LOL You said small category notes and we call them FILS, okay? Ahah.

Ladies and gentlemen, WS wants you to know that there are 6 banks that they represent with their firm are in the process of making sure that they COMPLETE STRESS TESTING. For those of you in the banking industry, you know what I’m saying. But, WS’s firm, right now, 6 banks, are completing stress testing.

You see, they need to make sure that their banks have enough LIQUIDITY. What for? For the onset of the citizens bringing in the 000’s for the new small category notes and thecoins.

Ladies and gentlemen this part of Article 2 that we seek and sough that is in front of us will include much more information. This and much more as defined to you will come in 1 or 2days and I will determine how we share and release that information to you because the stress testing must be completed because the coin metal, dual testing of fractional banking has been long completed.

What Delta brought to you is WS is going to add more to in a day or two – these are details we told you that are coming. There will be more of a breakdown but this is a partial mirror of what is to come of what WS told you that it’s HERE! It’s IN PRINT! Please enjoy!

So, the last and final and 4th paragraph reads as: “The idea, in other words, the idea of this currency structuring project that he’s talking about, the idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study and the project needs only to be implemented he stressed,stressing that this project must be carried out despite the restrictions LED to its postponement.

So, that last 4th paragraph – and you don’t have that translation by the way. Tink can we release that Microsoft translation? Okay – sorry, I told them not to release it.

Let’s finish with this last paragraph. The idea is integrated and…..Wait a minute….it’s what??? It’s INTEGRATED. Well SHOOOOT! Then you only need to announce! It’s already integrated??

This idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study.

Yeah, but before you report—and the project needs only to be implemented! (??too fast to understand)
A stressing that this project.

Yeah, the 000’s on the exchange rate. Ah, this project must be carried out despite the constraints that led…that’s past tense LED…to its postponement.

You got security and stability?

You got a suitable environment?

You gotta date don’t you?
Is this thing on! Knock, knock, knock. Unbelievable! They hung up on me! Let me have that number again.

Dingalingaling….you got a date, don’t you? You’ve got a date don’t you? -- Is this thing on?

Oh, unbelievable, they hung up on me! Jiminy crickets…let me dial that number again. Dingalingaling….this number has been disconnected. Forget it, I don’t need anything. And on top of it, in one or two days, we – YOU ---will tell us so much MORE and there’s nothing, NOTHING out THERE…there….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT’S GOING TO STOP THIS.

This project that you completed, this comprehensive project. It’s been integrated! That’s because you did ARTICLE 8 …Is that right? THAT’S RIGHT! Of course you COMMITTED…You committed Article 8! You gotta date, don’t you – HELLO? It ain’t working.

So…1,262 listening on Live Stream and another 1200 on the phone. How ya like us now? What are you looking for? ARTICLE 2 – that will manifest right in front of you because the citizens already KNOW about it and are DEMANDING it…and they’re GETTING IT.

I thank you for the 10 years and ask you to stay with our study as I said to you when we come to the end of our study, would you please allow me the opportunity to study with you just to up the end of this year? Would you please do that? I hope so.

And I will ask you that if you feel that this report from our team are of value, if you feel that you want to say thank you, please post it on our forum. If you’re not a member you can go to KTFAlways.com to sign up there.

– No, no, I signed up for another blog and I go to this other place and I hear what you have to say, Frank. – Really? How lazy of you is that? Why wouldn’t you want to come straight to the source and read exactly what everybody takes from us…exactly what we say.

Now, when I say if anybody was hurt by what I said, I apologize, that was rude. That was rude, I apologize. Allow me to say this…why be so lazy? LOLOLOL
Frank closed in prayer.

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