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wsomn - WSOMN Monday Drama 5/14/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

WSOMN Monday Drama 5/14/18

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wsomn - WSOMN Monday Drama 5/14/18 Empty WSOMN Monday Drama 5/14/18

Post by Ssmith Tue May 15, 2018 10:17 am

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, it looks like we made it through another weekend with no RV. However, we are receiving strong indicators that the RV will happen sometime the early part of this week. Hear our prayers Father that this week’s speculation will be different. I understand there is still one provider believing it may run into June. Give us discernment as we wait, hope, and pray.

Dear Lord God Almighty, I trust all the Mothers of our group members were contacted by their children or better yet, had an opportunity to visit with them as well. Help us all Lord to truly understand what it means to a parent to be contacted by their children after they have left the family nest so to speak. I know when I get a chance to meet with my sons, it gives me joy Lord.

Well here we are again friends another early morning post from old TED for the few who may be watching now or perhaps for those who managed not to sign off their telephones or computer before going to bed. It was an interesting day today some Intel has us going to the exchange centers before the end of the month while others feel it is more likely to happen sometime in June. We shall see.

Only Time and God knows for certain since He has been there from the beginning of the earth and will be when our world comes to an end. It is what we do that will or can make a difference. Can I ask, are you prepared for whatever option we have between now and then? Be careful and remember, “Our Destiny Awaits”. Sleep well my dear friends, enjoy the day before us…

We keep looking for an event that will trigger a revaluation of the currency. After so many years, gotta finally resolve that the only event we should be looking for is the RV itself. Nothing will trigger it, it will just happen.

Reports are out that Abadi did not win the election. Not sure what happens next. Could be that the failure to adjust the value of the dinar prior to the election may prove to have been a gross miscalculation.

I've read from other sites that Sadr is ahead, but doesn't want to hold office. He is supporting Abadi with certain items to be agreed to. Sorry, I don't have the link, but thought it might be better news.

The mainstream news has reported that Sadr cannot be in power but his party will have considerable influence.

Interesting point RAB. I believe there is considerable international politics going on here which is impacting Iraq. Look at what's going on with Iran. We've been told there will be twists and turns during this month of May, and we're beginning to see this play out.

It appears to me that we get rerun information all the time it's here everything is done. Waiting for the 800#'s then its tonight then next 72 hours then 48 hrs then next thing ya know its next monday tuesday then next week after this and that really am wondering if it will every happen. Its been alot of years of reruns. LOL

It doesn't look as tho anything is going happen anytime soon. Everything has a just kinda fizzled out

It was It's gotta go befor the end of March, then April, now it's May, ,well sounding a lot like Aug or Sept

Delta 'knows' and WS 'knows' what going on in IRaq...BUT they apparently are as clueless as you and I about "when". I am interested in hearing where they are mentally about RV since election turmoil...

I sure hope yet another summer doesn't pass us by with 'no rv'. Like you all, I've got plans...

ramadan starts tomorrow - ramadama ding dong - everyone should go to the middle east at least once to live through their ramadan month - very enlightening

lostnq8, I agree. I did in 2000 and 2001 for 2 months each time in Egypt. I didn't really follow the rules 100% for ramadan but my friends and etc did

love spent 8 years in the sandbox - 30 days of no food drink chewing gum or smoking during the day - breakfast before dawn - prayers during the day - dinner at dusk - party til whenever - sleep a few hours and start over

Yes exactly, but I smoked and ate when I wanted lol My friend in Egypt and his family and friends followed exactly how you said

Yes exactly, but I smoked and ate when I wanted lol My friend in Egypt and his family and friends followed exactly how you said

love you were lucky - in some countries you would go to jail or pay a huge fine or both if you are caught breaking the rules in public

It’s not bad guys - it’s actually very good- Abadi will be PM- they will be stronger together. And Abadi has nothing to do with the RV at this point anyway. The CBI functions on its own and takes orders from the IMF and others. Don’t panic - chill- and you’ll see what happens.

Don’t read wacky sites or Listen to Gurus who know nothing.

You will be doing a disservice to yourself.



Great news, AdminBill!!

I agree, thanks AdminBill!!!

I can't imagine enduring this for 12 years. Mercifully, I was introduced to this "only" 7 years ago. lol

Well, I'm gunshy about getting excited anymore really. The let down is too much to bear. Regardless, always appreciate your information Admin. Smile

I see the header is still black

What does the black color header mean. Thanks for any info

It means that the RV has not happened yet. The header will be green when it happens.

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