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 "In Response to Anonymous" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/5/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"In Response to Anonymous" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/5/18

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 "In Response to Anonymous" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/5/18 Empty "In Response to Anonymous" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/5/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:39 am

"Regarding Kim Possible" by (Anonymous)

First I would like to state that I have been following this whole Kim “Possible” episode and it is kind of funny. Here is a Lady that comes out of the blue and has created a lot of problems and that between her and Jared Rand who we all know is not a Rand at all but has a good story to tell the same as Kim.

I am almost 70 years old and I have been in some of the tunnels where a lot of the gold is stored, I also have pictures of the stacks of gold, Wells Fargo boxes, Treaty of Versailles boxes and have pictures of the serial numbers and pictures of the actual bonds.

I also hold power of attorneys on a lot of the Marco’s Gold that is in Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo, Barclays, etc. I also have the keys to all the various vaults where the gold is contained and need less to say I am not a M1. I was a good friend of Bob Curtis who won a law suit against the Marco’s. Bob was there when Marcos pull out the golden budda, I have been involved with the finding of Yamashita’s Gold and I was good friends to the person that was the signer on the Series 57 Bonds.

I have talked with people that I personally know at Credit Suisse and they have clearly stated that there is no bank in the United States that can pull any type of funds, bonds, ledger to ledger transfers from any bank if the pulling bank is the receiving bank.

A ledger to ledger transfer is not a wire transfer and does not have stops along the way for it to be intercepted it takes more time to the paperwork so to speak then that entry on the ledger. They subtract from one ledger account add to another ledger account, it is as simple as that.

Since the world banking system is or has been changed over to be digital and block chain it make it a lot harder to steal funds. The actual transfer happens in seconds not minutes, hours, or days.

Oh by the way anyone that transfers a lot of money worldwide has a homeland security number, I even have one.

I have dealt with actual M-1’s they do not not let anyone know who they are and they most certainly will not post anything on IDC unless they are doing what the Cabal tells them too.

All you have to do is listen or read what she says and you will find that she does contradict herself.



I read your story and it is quite impressive. You were involved with Marcos and the Yamashita Gold story. Good Reading.

Now let me ask you;

You do not state your name?

Are you a US Citizen?

If you have been in these tunnels, why have you not shared your "found treasure" with any government? Or even with other people here on this site? I mean surely you didn't walk out with nothing did you? Did you keep it for yourself? In your basement? Was this within this decade?

"You hold power of attorney over some of the Marcos accounts". Well what are you waiting for Mr. Anonymous? Why is everyone on here still waiting for an RV? Are you using this fund only for yourself? Where is the loot? Many on this site alone can't afford to eat. Why are you not sharing with the people on here? Leave me out.. Just the people. The US needs money, the people need money.

As you well know the accounts formerly under the "Marcos Name" require a) system permission and b) drawing code..You have to have access to the off-ledger system. As you may be aware the system was completely shut off, not even visible to any of the banks you mentioned. Do you have the capacity to "turn on the screen"? I do. I issued a challenge to anyone wanting to take it. Are you ready to enter your codes in and I will do the same? Lets see which transfers 10 dollars. Nothing big.. or 10 million if you prefer.

I have a Homeland clearance code. My clearance code works in all countries including the USA. No issue there. Mine is current, has my name and passport attached to it, is not tied to nor issued under the old "Fed" guys or the "UN". Any "Office of Foreign Asset Control" Report will show this as current, clean and clear. My clearance level is 7 through 13 and I use them interchangeably as needed. The FED was a level 6, Marcos was a 7.. Government is Level 4, Banks 3, UN/IMF/BIS are Level 5.

I am not "waiting" for anyone to deliver me codes, and as I stated I have used the accounts to transfer out clean and clear 3 weeks ago. I will do this again at least 2 more times before the week is out. If you are that connected Mr. Anonymous then you will know when I do.

So the "challenge" is still out there.. Your codes vs Mine Mr. Anonymous. Ready when you are.

Kim "Possible"

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