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18 - Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog"   10/17/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog" 10/17/17

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18 - Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog"   10/17/17 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog" 10/17/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:02 am

"Galactic Fog"

Issue #18 October 17, 2017

18 - Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog"   10/17/17 Image

There’s a weird galactic fog burning off humanity’s beautiful but hidden forrest right now whereby the worse Trump acts in public, the closer we get to our RV in private... and the more we can see our ZIM / USN forrest of infinite blessings.

The US Military and all major banks are synced up and preforming final redundancy switching tests this past weekend.

That means all the necessary physical/digital new USN/TRN is in place now and just waiting for our arrival.

That’s 50 million $10,000 USN bundles air lifted and Brinks truck loaded onto pallets, delivered to every region of a 330 million populated country, representing 85% of the total redeemers worldwide.

There’s absolutely no drama regarding the transition from old money to new, nor our redemption staffing or safety. None. Zip.

All is well.

But this geopolitical “out of chaos comes order” pageant we are now witnessing is an old cabal trick, like usury and war.

Thankfully the NPTB are using their steady dose of social havoc, strategically, to corner the cabal by utilizing their own chaos against them to help mask the NPTB’s global transition from absolute malevolence to absolute benevolence... while swatting all tiring cabal bugs in an ever dwindling resource scarcity fly trap.

They simply have no energy or funds to fight back.

They knew the cabal would fight till the bitter end.

So not only did they use the coming chaos in positive way, they increased the negative intensity by literally inserting Trump into the White House and then keeping him there!

That’s just bananas with banana toppings.

Talk about allowing a wolf into the hen house in order to round up all other cabal wolves, globally, including ISIS fighters, Israeli Mossad, Ukrainian Militia,, Saudi Arabian Hybrids and most recently Kurdistan Jews.

That’s why Trump was so surprised when he won the 2016 election. He was willingly scheduled to lose and keep all the remaining campaign cash.

So much so, he was planning on reaping those left over contributions from all those cabal foreign nationals, dictators and oligarchs seeking future political favor just in case he won.

That left quite a paper trail going back to 2015 for Mueller to find. And why Obama assisted by collecting most of it before he left office.

Hillary Clinton actually was the one that made out the biggest financially—by losing—and staying out of jail and avoiding public disgrace.

No wonder the Clinton’s agreed to throw in the towel and play good losers in the Trump aftermath. Also why Hillary just resurfaced with a book.

So what you’re witnessing now is China and Russia quietly controlling Trump’s eventual resignation (via the Mueller investigation and future pre-signed pardon by VP Mike Pence) as to when the restored US Republic will openly come on-line and take center stage with President Ryan being installed and the USN announced as being gold backed.

Ironically, both events will have come and go months before the RV is made known because technically (legally) the Republic never left the gold standard circa the issue of the USN back in 1862, and never wasn’t a legal foe of government dating back to 1776.

There’s no other logical explanation for all this overt insanity other than the lies and illusions are being burned off like morning fog until only what’s real and true is left.

We know Trump has been given amnesty via Russia and China for acting as insane as possible, completely on purpose, to make his eventual exit as President not only acceptable to the American public, but wildly welcomed and mercifully cheered.

The media knowingly assists in this reverse chaos strategy by priming the Trump impeachment pump, which honestly won’t happen. It’s just too disruptive.

And the remaining factions of the cabal unknowingly also prime the same dump Trump pump with their controlled weather events (hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires) and false flag horrors (Virginia Congressional Shooting, Las Vegas Concert Massacre, NFL Anthem Kneeling, White Supremacy Rallies).

Look, I know this is sounds confusing, and you’re not really sure what’s completely true versus what might be true or even false. But consider this... the Mueller investigation had all the information and evidence needed to convict Trump before he was sworn in as President.

Yet the NPTB have allowed Trump not only to become the 45th President, but still allow it until Trumpet no longer serves their purposes... which we understand is the completion of the RV, full compliance to GESARA mandates and confirmed implementation of the USN internationally.

Once all that’s done, and only when it’s done, Trump will be removed in less than a week. Until then, root for Trump to cause more chaos so the Republic can be brought forward.

Remember, the USA, Inc and USD bankrupted in 2012 and our largest creditors are now choosing our workout strategy in a fashion that’s favorable for their national interests.

Am embarrassed and disgraced America, yet replenishes US economy services the BRICS agenda very well thank you.

Americans are all but helpless by-standards waiting around like children with no ride home until the NPTB decide to stimulate our economy with their self imposed global RV, which includes our Republic and national currency called the USN.

Good or bad, Trump is the fulcrum point they haven choose, not us. Despite the sincere votes you cast last November—regardless of which cloned-alien-hybrid Reptilian you voted for. Hilarious stuff. Incomprehensible maybe but real life. Sobeit.

God is with us

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18 - Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog"   10/17/17 Empty Re: Alexander Gagin/Yosef - "Galactic Fog" 10/17/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:17 pm

This dude is seriously crippled from the neck up.  I was thinking, with all of the subscription money he stole from unsuspecting, 'speculative investors,' he'd buy a friggin clue.  Not so much.

Has he spent ANY time observing what is happening with Mueller, Hillary, Comey, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Rosenstein and Podesta?  Like, the exact opposite of what Yosef/Gagin states is happening is ACTUALLY happening.  Mueller is about to be removed from his special investigative post and summarily indicted.

Go back and read all of my posts on this topic, for months and months - Yosef/Gagin has been wrong 100% of the time, and everything I posted regarding what would happen to Mueller's snooping around is coming to fruition.  Mueller was trying to cover his tracks in the Uranium One deal, and he got caught, folks.  Truth always finds the light.

Yosef/Gagin should really spend his time figuring out how he's gonna slither into the dark corner, rather than to perpetuate this false narrative and fraud.  HAS will be short-lived.

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