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 "Sounds Like it's Done" - Dinar Alert News Discussion  10/7/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Sounds Like it's Done" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 10/7/17

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 "Sounds Like it's Done" - Dinar Alert News Discussion  10/7/17 Empty "Sounds Like it's Done" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 10/7/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:00 am

Dinar Alert

Kaperoni: Float the dinar .. or VAT Kodaf oaths

10/05/2017 (00:01 pm) - Number of readings: 874 - Issue (4033)
Abdul Hussain Hinan

Before the Central Bank of Iraq began to use the term (currency window) instead of (currency auction), which is true simply because there is an auction so that we call the auction, but it is a window to distribute the rations distributed by the bank on the banks monopoly buy the dollar and some of them has any balance inside Iraq , while preventing the Iraqi to buy them.

​And all of these banks are doing is to bring bills are incorrect and certified by commercial attachés in our embassies in Dubai, Beirut, Amman and other during a routine operation takes place in embassies without checking their veracity.

The central bank may impose a ratio of 8% of the value of any bill to silence the few voices objecting to the policy and considered at the time , the percentage represents a customs tax on goods are retrieved after confirming the arrival of the goods to Iraq and the payment of customs duties it.

The new Iraqi central raise the cost of this ratio axed for billing request because it is difficult to verify their authenticity, perhaps most , has nothing to do with any goods up to Iraq in practice which, while traders professional real profession trade, they buy their dollars from the market and not central because they are not customers who insists the central Iraq on the way undone large part of his fortune.

Despite this great wastage of wealth and the decline of the reserve, still insist based on the currency auction or sell the dollar on the window it is the only way, as much as death and there is no other alternative.

Lord means asking whether there is an alternative?

Alternative or solution essential is to float the dinar without hesitation to get rid of the waste of millions of dollars a day, where the Central Bank of Iraq helps wasting hard currency at a rate ranging between 10 to 15 million dollars a day from a corrupt process politically likes to talk about, where everyone seems to be a partner or is unaware the risks.

The people and help the political class in this silent killer, which split into beneficiary layers by proximity or after the government function and all of them put a red line for his interests and his money obtained by the end of the month without work or benefit related to the growth of the economy only contribute to the consumption and environmental pollution.

The pain increases the proportion of 25% of the people who are under the poverty line are preoccupied with sectarian conflict and insults among themselves, and they are not indifferent to what writes serious numbers may threaten the future of their children.

Most government experts kidnapped economic decision in Iraq against floatation also stands for reasons not including Iraq 's interest at all, and cite the reasons for poor obsolete, and we can not convince them, and they are defending their position by saying that the central bank defends the citizen and fear him, especially since most of the goods come from abroad,

and constitutes an answer to a specialist and Fahem market economy, the main reason for the destruction of our industry and our agriculture because of the Iraqi Central Bank 's policy - biased foreign product on the domestic product account,

so we hear from time to time and the other of the conspiracy theory buffs who are a majority in Iraq, the neighboring countries conspire We have in order to kill the Iraqi industry and agriculture by flooding the Iraqi market cheap products without production price in the country of origin.

There really is not crazy sells his goods for less than their actual value or even without a certain profit, no one is conspiring against us and on our local,

but the bitter truth that the central bank donates a significant portion of the value of these goods pay indirectly for foreign product due to the adoption of the value of non - real and exaggerated Iraqi dinar , which made imported products cheap compared to Iraqi counterparts if they were produced,

however , and as long as the insistence continues strongly to reject the float of the dinar, and we not only have the ability to provide proposals publicly, let us explain the practical alternative to the auction currency , which can be applied without real obstacles:

- Bank Sell ​​ Dollar for two reasons, the first is to get Iraqi dinars to meet government requirements, and the second is to maintain the stability of the exchange rate, and Balhalten can achieve these two goals to sell the dollar directly to the Iraqi citizen and not to banks, here turn the default goal of the bank ( be careful citizen) to the real goal of honest .

And what the appropriate mechanism for that?

- checks the number 12 we print a check in each check book ( the number of months of the year), and at a rate of one book per family per year, according to the Ministry of Commerce records.

- family buys checkbook (dollar) in exchange for Iraqi dinars (see check Iranian million riyals rolling in the market).

Some may argue that people are simple and do not know this difficult process, and the fact that man no matter how simple understands profit, however, can also be those of ordinary people to sell their stake to a broker or banking company or any ordinary person in exchange for a portion of the profit posed by the price difference between the central rate and between the parallel market, and thus will win the citizen will not escape the currency.

What about the real traders who ask for the dollar in order to import goods?

- will buy the dollar from the citizen at a lower price than the previous price to buy it, thereby winning the real merchant, while the merchant fake disappears, and win the average difference citizen, the government and get Iraqi dinars to walk their financial transactions will not dollar flee abroad, but will flow of dollars from abroad to home and this Iraq complains of it long ago, where the dollar does not enter Iraq only from the sale of oil.

It remains there trying to put virtual questions designed to thwart any valid idea, and that it is difficult to provide a sufficient amount of dollars inside Iraq under the pretext that the ongoing conversion process gets from the accounts are already outside Iraq,

and the answer: can also sell dollars to banks through remittances provided delivery of the dollar the central bank by the banks and received abroad as being, but for a commission or a specific tax can tax be a surplus value of VAT , a tax that should be Kodaf faith or as a compromise after the cash reserve reached below the $ 40 billion , which is approaching cash cover Almsam M versus monetary bloc in Iraqi dinars , as well as external debt , which reached fairly scary.

The taxation on remittances abroad is not a new innovation, but it is a practice in many economically stable countries Kalamarat, where this tax be imposed to maintain a delicate balance in the economy,

even if it launches the Iraqi Ministry of Finance through the General Authority for taxes on the move, they Stajabi amounted $ 10 billion annually from this tax vehicle at a rate of 19% to fill the part of the imbalance created by the agreement diabolical fiscal policy followed by the Iraqi government and monetary policy followed by the Central Bank of Iraq. LINK

--Today's pizza...sausage, green peppers.

Phil Oberholzer: Nice tasting juice Kap, TY.

"Alternative or solution essential is to float the dinar without hesitation to get rid of the waste of millions of dollars a day, where the Central Bank of Iraq helps wasting hard currency at a rate ranging between 10 to 15 million dollars a day from a corrupt process politically likes to talk about, where everyone seems to be a partner or is unaware the risks."

Tobyboy: This.is good article explaining what is really going on which we have known. And of course the temp CBI governor Keywords also knows this and is just as corrupt as the corrupt politicians.

This is interesting Quote " family buys checkbook (dollar ) in exchange for Iraqi dinars ( see check Iranian million riyals rolling in the market "

The politicians are not going to pay any attention to this with all the money they making on their corruption.. Somehow the IMF has to step in to correct this with the help of some honest politicians if there are any.

Kaperoni: The IMF can only lead them to water. The Iraqi's have to follow the plan and do it right or they will lose it all. So far, it's not been working out, the next few months will be interesting. --Today's pizza...sausage, green peppers.

Punisher: The guy in the picture looks like a nazi sympathizer.
--"The Guilty Will Be Punished"

Art: interesting stuff kap

Mike: I wonder how the pumpers are receiving this article, this puts the kibosh on the whole $1-$3 dollar RV. Floating the dinar outside of Article VIII seems nuts, even under Article VIII Egypt and Yemen lost purchasing power in their respective currencies, what will it do to the dinar? --Stay grounded...

Shengwah: It looks to me like the corrupt politicians intend to ride this sinking ship right into the sea. --'Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.' Schiller


Kaperoni: Iraq General News > Pentagon: Al-Baghdadi is still alive

History Tahrir:: 2017/10/6 8:24 [Oan- follow - up]

US Department of Defense said [Pentagon], on Thursday evening, the audio recording of the terrorist leader Daesh, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, evidence that the latter is still alive. "

The Anatolia news agency quoted Turkish, ministry spokesman, Eric said position in life, " The US intelligence confirmed that the voice message attributed to Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, looks authentic."

He added , "logically, confirmed registration] that he was alive until recently, or at least until the time of recording his voice."

Last week, one of the sites Daesh published, an audiotape said that the leader of the Daesh, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, in which he urged his followers to "continue fighting, and attacks against the West."

It is said that Russia had announced last July that it had killed al - Baghdadi in Syria air strike late last May with a large number of terrorists at a meeting on the outskirts of tenderness.

The United States denied the Iraqi government and the news, said he was still hiding in the border region yen Iraq and Syria.

The US State Department was considered in 2011 , al - Baghdadi , a global terrorist, and has allocated $ 25 million reward for information leading to the arrest or kill him.

And is about to end Daesh in Iraq after the liberation of the entire province of Nineveh , and recently Hawija and stayed Tuahdha only in the border with Syria, specifically in western Anbar and liberated country will be free of them.

Moscow announced yesterday that Daesh controls less than 10% in the Syrian territory.


--Today's pizza...sausage, green peppers.

Justwaiting: Well, saw this couple days ago. Now, I will be a pessimist - confirming that the voice is his does not indicate to me that he is still alive. There is no date that they have been able to tie to this recording. So, ~ hmmn or at least until the time of recording his voice."


Kaperoni: Washington: Liberation Hawija a big step towards the expulsion of Daesh from Iraq

Since 05/10/2017 19:21 am (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD - The balance of News

Washington said that the liberation of Hawija represents a significant step towards the full expulsion Daesh from Iraqi territory, noting it was a fierce battle and could not be resolved without the courage and sacrifices of the Iraqi forces in the field and with the support of the coalition.

She congratulated the United States Embassy in Iraq in a statement received / balance News /, a copy of the Iraqi security forces managed under the leadership of Prime Minister al-Abadi of the city and the citizens of liberation from the control of al-Hawija Daesh.

She said that "as Hawija, one of the last strongholds of Daesh in Iraq, editing represents a significant step towards the full expulsion Daesh from Iraqi territory."

She also noted that "the battle of liberation Hawija was a fierce battle and could not be resolved without the courage and sacrifices of the Iraqi forces in the field and with the support of the coalition."

She stressed that "the defeat of Daesh in the end will depend on the continued close cooperation between all Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi army and anti-terrorism police and federal and local forces and the popular crowd and the Kurdish Peshmerga, which are united by a common goal against violence and oppression inflicted Daesh of the Iraqi people."

She concluded by saying that "the United States stands proudly with the Government and the people of Iraq and we are working together to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future," .anthy 29 / m h n


--Today's pizza...sausage, green peppers.

monty.monks.007: Sounds like its done.

Punisher: Yes it does. Job well done to all who fought bravely!


Kaperoni: Iraq Government News > A new crisis in parliament pending the resolution of a court!

Since 06.10.2017 at 12:58 (Baghdad time) Baghdad balances News

Escalate the political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, without a glimmer of hope in the opportunity for dialogue and solving problems at the negotiating table, because of the hardening of the positions of the two parties after the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region on 25 September / September last.

And it came to demand the Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, to hold accountable the participants in the referendum judicial Kurdish deputies, and directing a letter to the Federal Court in this matter, the floats on the surface question about the future of the Kurdish deputies after this judicial escalation.

MP Mahmoud Hassan member of the Legal Parliamentary Committee said, "The House of Representatives face the book to the Federal Court in this regard and is awaiting."

He explained Hassan, according to a statement for "free site", that "any action or the next step of the Iraqi parliament depends on the opinion of the Federal Court, and what it will recommend actions that can be taken against those who participated in the referendum, which was the result of independence support."

What is the opinion of the law?

"Constitution a formula section, in which phrases express commitment to the independence of Iraq and the maintenance of the Constitution, and therefore it is possible that this is a basic rule used by the Federal Court in giving opinion declaratory to the House of Representatives regarding the position of the House of Representatives who took part in the referendum," says the legal and constitutional expert Iraqi Maitham Handal.

Handal is likely that "the Federal Court based on which state levels issued by the unconstitutional referendum before the vote," and see in the act of violation of the House of Representatives, and thus a healthy exercise of accountability procedures against them in the House of Representatives or even move complaints in other jurisdictions as possible be adopted by the public prosecutor. "

The public prosecutor asked on September 27 / September to take legal action against those responsible for the conduct of the referendum in the Kurdistan region in front of the Central Investigation Court, according to the announcement by the official spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar.

The judge said Bayraktar said that "the procedure was based on the Ministerial Council for National Security approved by the decision of the House of Representatives, and the violation of the referendum decision of the Federal Supreme Court."

Bayraktar said that "the public prosecutor asked the Ministerial Council for National Security and the competent authorities a list of names of persons in conflict with the Constitution and the decision of the Federal Court to take legal action against them according to the law."

Possible Scenarios

"Constitutional law is a legal provisions regulating political action", which according to Handal between the Federal Court "will take into account" this aspect in its recommendations are not hamper the political action of the government.

"Suspension" may be a member of the parliament, according to Handal, is improbable until the decision on the matter, ruling out at the same time, "the abolition of" organic, "because it disrupts the work of the House of Representatives, and here comes the political considerations that appreciation back to the Federal Court."

Handal explains that awaited the Federal Court decision, may give the powers of the House of Representatives to take action within certain mechanisms.

Among the expected "to lift the immunity by the House of Representatives and then the rest of the follow-up procedures procedures, or may be so they can be the formation of investigative committees within the House of Representatives, or to refer the matter to the ordinary courts and public prosecutors shall move the complaints against them," according to expectation Handal.

If proved the participation of the deputies in the referendum, according to the laws in place, "then the right of defense will be guaranteed for all."

In the end Handal believes that the escalation of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil "will continue until a political solution to the issue, and therefore will not be so they can be to any action at this stage" .anthy


Kw: It is amazing how they want to apply the constitution...not when it requires them to apply article 140

Mike: Ditto kw, the hypocrisy out of Baghdad is epic. This is a smart play by the GOI, get the corrupt and in the bag Federal Court to delegitimize every Kurdish leader who participated and install their own puppets in Erbil.

The problem is, they'd have to go and get them, and for sure that's not happening. Every displaced politician out of Baghdad went to Kurdistan first to avoid arrest and prosecution because they knew that Baghdad had no chance of actually going there and arresting them.

Hashemi, Issawi and others have all traveled to Erbil and left the country from there because Baghdad is impotent and a toothless tiger, the Peshmerga would put them down quick.

All this will do is prove the Kurd's point and rally the Kurdish people for further steps of independence, Baghdad's stupidity is playing right into the Kurd's hands. Iran's shills in the GOI are not negotiating with the Kurd's, punitive measures are all we see coming out of Baghdad and it's going to backfire on them in a big way. --Stay grounded...


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