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RayRat Call Notes 9/6/17

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RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/6/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:59 am

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 6-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday September 6 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We’re going to talk a little bit and do some training, then get on with our week. Where are we in the grand scheme of things? We did two updates since the Monday call:

First: “Reports are stating that Iraqi TV is showing the following….

The Kurds are starting their campaign of information for their “vote of independence” for September 25. Also, the UK has expressed support of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil until September 25. [RR: I haven’t received any more information on that agreement.]

PM Abadi is shown inspecting and praising the military but no mention of other concerns.

Exchange Reminder: Be prepared to WAIT for solid, actual data before you rush in; timing can be crucial on this ride.”

Second update: “Another report from Iraqi TV indicates Salar and Abadi stating that the budget is finalized and clear of all court appeals and ready to be published in the Gazette.” And it was published in the Gazette. Many have had the opportunity to review that in all its luster and glory.

I do want to give an example, from a video clip I remember seeing that is significant for where we are. Picture a kitchen in a normal household; there are several different dogs, and in front of each dog is their feeding bowl. They are patiently sitting in front of their individual bowl. This little girl comes in with a big bowl of dog food, and they patiently wait for their bowl to be filled until the little girl is finished. Then she stands up, moves over, and makes her command. Then and only then do the dogs start to eat. They had the food in front of them, but were trained to wait for the command to come in, from a little child, not an adult. That is an example of a message for you. It’s not that you are dogs! But a dog will normally go straight for his food, unless he has been trained to sit and wait. This girl had the command of several different kinds of dogs, and they waited for the command to dig in.

The best of us will wait for instructions to make us aware of … something. Keep that in mind as various bits of information come out. I guess I’m stuck with the role of giving out the instructions so that you can make good decisions on this opportunity.

The Budget is out; it did not reveal what we are looking for, yet. It is believed an announcement will be made somewhere between now and Sunday. I’ve heard the 10th, the 9th, so I’m saying between now and Sunday. Abadi should be announcing the RI of their currency, in the $2 range, and the word is that he will be making that announcement on the 9th or 10th. That all remains to be seen, but it’s still better than getting nothing. In the event that holds true, a great leveraging opportunity will present itself for those who wish to take part.

I’m sure some of you will have Zim questions, so I will hold my Zim comments until we get to those questions.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Regarding the information about the Zim, I find it curious that the folks that are constructing the payout for the2008 defunct Zimbabwe notes would break up the payout in any kind of convoluted way. Since they could give us any amount they want, why would they make it complicated when it does not have to be? They could simply establish a basic rate and leave it at that. To my mind they must have a reason for constructing the deal this way. Obviously they have something in mind and someone or something is going to benefit from doing it this way. My concern is, do they want or need us tethered to this deal for some undisclosed reason? And is it in our best interest? We need to know the proper questions to ask. I want to believe that the infamous THEY would not try to manipulate and take advantage of the emotions and inexperience of most of the folks waiting for this event.
A: I don’t perceive any of that to be a question; it seemed more like your thoughts to me.

Q: I have a small business and an existing LLC. Post RV can I transfer funds and/or ownership out of the LLC into a private family foundation?
A: Sure you can: it’s called making a donation.

Q: Monday, you said, “…that whole 80/20% thing that some of you have heard, and having an Humanitarian effort, etc. It has been reported to me a little differently than you all have been hearing it. Sure, there is an 80/20, but it is not projecting to do what you have been projecting it to do.” In the past, you have said you would challenge the exchange person to show you proof, a legal Statute, that requires you to give up control of what is really your money, and that it be used for some Humanitarian effort, either of your choosing or theirs. [RR: It’s not your money, and that is what gives them some control over what you do before you receive it.] What are your sources telling you regarding how likely this is to occur, and in what form or percentages?
A: It is coming to me that this is what they are going to utilize across the board for Zim exchanges.

Q: Further, you said, “No one wants to hear that whatever currency you hold may only do half of what you are expecting, but there is a possibility that could happen, and I would want you to know that possibility exists, as opposed to not knowing it. That is why I shared it.” What are the rates your sources are NOW expecting for an International Rate on the Zim, Dinar, Dong, and Rupiah at the time of exchange?
A: We’ll wait on that and see what happens; you can’t do anything any way until the actual date, no matter what people are telling you.

Q: Finally, Tony and DC talked about specific Caps and Limits on how much dinar and/or dong would be allowed as cash in an account, before the remainder of an exchange would be required to be taken as a Structured Payout, over “x” number of years. If you have heard new Caps/Limits, please share this information.
A: What I’m hearing now is that caps will not apply. That was then, this is now; they have already changed the procedure, from what I’m hearing.

Q: Let’s say that the intel regarding the 80% holdback for Zim comes to pass. Let’s also say that the Zim is treated as a bond and not a simple currency exchange and would therefore likely be a taxable event. Who takes the tax write-offs on the 80% holdback? Personally, I’ve always felt that Zim was merely a diversion to take the pressure off of the currencies that would really make some money.
A: I don’t know that it’s a diversion; so far as I can see, it’s a reality.

Q: On Monday’s call you said that important information will be forthcoming on the following day (Tuesday). Were the items that you shared with us in your posts yesterday the information you were looking for or are you still waiting?
A: I am still waiting.

Q: Have you heard of any exchanges taking place in Canada, or any news at all from the Canadian contact? [RR: Canada is very much involved with the process.] So far, where I’m located, I haven’t been able to find a bank that currently exchanges the IQD, but do exchange VND. Do you know if Canadians can exchange in the US? We have a USD account at Wells Fargo. If not able to exchange in the US, do you know what the reason is?
A: I don’t know any reason you would NOT be able to, especially if you already have an account at Wells Fargo. You could call and ask them directly. Some Canadians have reported that when the rate goes live, they will exchange the IQD in Canada. They might not exchange it right now, but that will change.

Q: The Budget was supposedly in the Gazette. Was the value of the Dinar in their and has the Budget been transcribed for us to read?
A: The Budget has been published. The value was not in there, but it has been transcribed for people to read.

Q: Ray, have you heard if the lower denominations are in use?
A: From my six Iraqi contacts, none of them have reported that lower denoms are out or coming from the ATMs. They so say they have been paid at the same old rate, not the new rate.

Q: Most people assume that Wells Fargo is the lead bank to exchange Zim; have you heard of any other tier one banks exchanging Zim? [RR: Several banks are going to be involved in the Zim.] If the Zim comes out with a rate value, do you think it will have a timeline on exchanging at the banks? [RR: No.] If so, do you believe you will receive any timeline announcements from your bank contacts on exchange of Zim and other currencies?
A: No. From my enquiries, there are no time constraints on Zim.

Q: How likely is the budget that was published yesterday bring the original budget we were waiting for earlier in the year which means we would still be waiting for the “revised” budget to be published?
A: The Budget has been published and we await the announcement on the 9-10 to see what that means for us.

Q: If the dinar RI at about 2.75, would it be wise to exchange and leverage by buying more Dong?
A: Could be – you’ll have to work the numbers and see.

Q: could you please explain how one would take advantage of a leveraging opportunity if the dinar comes out initially at $2.00 or point us to a resource that would explain this?
A: Easy: go purchase more currency that hasn’t revalued yet.

Q: If the dinar comes out initially at $2.00 and one is interested in a contract rate, should one take their dinar to an exchange center right away to see if a contract rate is available (say at $10.00) or wait until the rate goes up and then apply for the contract rate (at which point it could, perhaps, be gone)?
A: Where have you been all this time? I know that for a year I have been saying, “If you want the contract rate, don’t wait – you need to be first out of the gate.” If it lasts a week, I would be surprised. So I don’t know if you haven’t been on the calls or just haven’t been listening. Don’t wait for the contract rate. If you want it, go exchange first thing.

Live questions

865/404 caller: What impact will this have on the timing of the special seminars? Will that still be within a few days of the RV?

RayRen: Of course.

Caller: You are still hearing that there are contract rates? [RR: Yes.] At one point, didn’t you say something about contract rates being related to countries with oil?

RayRen: That is my understanding.

Caller: You mentioned Saturday/Sunday is possible for the RI; how much longer will it take for the RV to come in?

RayRen: My contacts have not said anything about that. Once it pops out, it doesn’t matter; every day you can see the rates move, and you can make decisions and move accordingly. It won’t be secretive, or shouldn’t be.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

918 caller: When the RI is announced in Iraq, and the re-instatement rate, could you instruct us about the banks that exchange dinar? Or do we just go to the bank and research it ourselves? Then we could take the dinar and follow through on a leveraged plan.

RayRen: Yes, I will release the list of 59 banks then.

Caller: I’m going to wait and not take advantage, but what I will do is to load up on some more dinar. You’ve given us a great opportunity here, and I will wait.

303 caller: I’m a little puzzled about how to respond strategically to an RI rather than an RV. How long do you think it will be before the RV itself happens.

RayRen: I am hearing rumblings of December, but that is not a problem for me. We just need the currency to do something, and an RI may be even better than the RV, because if you don’t hold much currency this could be the chance to boost your holdings. So long as other currencies don’t move, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Even an RI will give you the working capital to invest in more of the rest of the currencies, getting a bigger slice of the pie through incremental steps. A person with one million dinar – if that’s all you have, that will not yield a lifetime of wealth. So the best move is to get that money and make it grow. If there are still some other currencies that haven’t finished maturing, that’s a great opportunity to move on to other currencies that will change value. That could give you returns of 100%, not 1 or 2%. That let’s you take steps towards where you want to be, if it unfolds correctly and you take advantage of it.

Caller: Would you expect 800 numbers to be issued on this RI? [RR: Yes, if they are going to be issued at all. ] Do you believe the RI will NOT affect the other currencies?

RayRen: If the information I’m hearing is true, the other currencies will not come out at the full higher rates; they will rise gradually.

Caller: So, you do think there will be some dramatic appreciation for the IQD?

RayRen: We have been hearing the dinar will RV at $3.71. If dinar RIs at, sat $2.70, then it will go up again with the RV. That should not be an issue for us; our issue is, “what can I do with this currency?” The RV stipulates that it will have to say at that rate for at least 90 days, but there is no such stipulation with the RI. That doesn’t matter to us; all we need is a new, higher rate. If they were to RI at fifty cents, that would still be a great opportunity to leverage ourselves into higher positions. That’s what we need to focus on: how to make our money working for us, rather than our working for it.

919 caller: Is there any additional information on the Zim that you want to share?

RayRen: No.

208 caller: I’m a little confused about the Zim. We were always told that if you exchange Zim, you can’t go back and buy any more.

RayRen: That was if you are involved with special arrangements, like contract rates. We have had members state that there special agreements or stipulations. Some disagreed with that and declined to do the exchange. This RI will not have conditions on what you do with that money; it’s just a rate change, so you shouldn’t be locking into anything or not allowed to do whatever you like. We are just talking at the currency at the public rates. You go in, ask for the rate, and decide if you want to exchange at that rate. IF there is a tax, you will only be taxed on what you receive.

Caller: I am committed to humanitarian work in any case, so 80% going to that doesn’t bother me. [Appreciation]

347 caller: I hear everyone talking about 80/20 on the Zim. We didn’t get an 80% discount on when we bought the Zim, so how could someone put stipulations on the currencies.

RayRen: You made the decision to buy that currency at whatever value someone was selling it for. Now Zimbabwe is offering to give you something from their devalued currency. Their citizens have been given some value for their old notes. Someone on the outside sold it to you as a collectible, not as a currency. That was clear when you decided to buy the notes. With collectibles, you buy it, hold onto it, and hopefully someone will give you some money for it down the road. Those were the conditions under which this currency was offered. We were supposedly buying it for collectors value. Anything more than that, you can consider as a gift. Zimbabwe may now be saying “we will give you a gift”. That’s what I’m hearing. That doesn’t mean that all the information I give you is 100% accurate, and you get to stir it up with all the other information you hear it. There is nothing you can do about it anyway until it comes out. I don’t know for sure if there will be a stipulation that 80% has to go to humanitarian causes. As I understand it, they are giving you a gift – the 20% — and the rest will go to a charity – that’s the 80%. Do you have a charity that you prefer? If not, they will make that decision for you. That 80% is not yours, that’s what you have to understand. [Caller restates his position for the fourth time.]

479 caller: I am no longer getting text messages…

RayRen: To 40404, text the following: FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM.

740 caller: When we go into the bank, if we are going for the contract rate, and if the bank says we are not eligible, will they want us to digitize the money, or take it back and wait?

RayRen: If you go in for the contract rate, and you decided you can’t or won’t take it, then you get to decide if you exchange then and there, or take your currency home.

Caller: I might exchange a portion, buy some more currencies and wait for them to appreciate? Is that the best strategy?

RayRen: that is a good strategy, but only you can decide if that is what you want to do. I have been talking about leveraging currencies because there will be a dynamite return, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other leveraging opportunities. Maybe I have my eye on a shopping center that is a steal; all I need is the money to buy it. That’s still leveraging. It doesn’t have to be in the currency field.

Caller: Is this information I could get from the seminars? Or the bank?

RayRen: Not from the bank, but you could get this kind of info from the network.

Caller: So, let’s say I don’t take the contract rate, and I do have several different currencies; how would you go about doing that? Is it just the numbers or is there any other information I should take into consideration?

RayRen: Something else to take into consideration is your level of pain or risk. I have a high pain threshold; you need to find out what is available and see what you are comfortable with. You might not want to follow me into the higher-risk ventures; you might prefer to stick to lower risk opportunities in case they don’t pan out.

Caller: I will make my own decisions; I just want to see the factors more clearly. When you let us know this is going through, will you let us know what other currencies are going up?

RayRen: There is a chance the other currencies will not come out at their matured rate, and you dn’t want to leave money sitting on the table. Let’s say the IQD RIs tomorrow, and you have four million dollars after exchange. Do you need to run down and exchange all of it? No. You might need a little money to clear some debts, but if your four million could turn into ten million, is it worth waiting to see? [lost caller]

Next caller: Will we have the rates of the other currencies when dinar RIs? Or should we just wait until dinar goes higher?

RayRen: All these will be public rates. We will know the IQD rate, and if it comes out at $2+, and you know it will go up to $3.70, just wait. Exchanging it and buying some more dinar is just spinning your wheels. However, if some of these other currencies have not matured, then to exchange some dinar, and buy some of these other currencies, that is leveraging your holdings. You can exchange some dinar and load up on the dong (for example) IF the dong is still underpriced. The same applies to the Zim, rupiah, Afghani, etc. If the Zim comes out at five cents, and you know it will go up to ten cents, that means you will double in value even if it costs more for Zim than it has in the past.

Caller: When you talked about nine currencies in the first basket, will we know what they are if/when the IQD is reinstated?

RayRen: If the dinar RIs next week and none of the other currencies move, that is a killer opportunity. I will let you know what the other currencies are; it won’t be secret information, it will be public rate changes. Right now, you can call any bank and find out the international rate of the dong. If the rate changes, the banks and currency websites will tell you. So the question is rather “are we at the ceiling for that currency, or is there room for increase?” We should be able to learn that part and share it with each other in this network. If the apple costs two cents and we think it will go up to two dollars, we can purchase apples and wait it out.

Caller: What do you think is the timeframe on the dinar?

RayRen: I did hear a rumor about December, but that is not real information. Iraq can change the RI rate at will; the RV rate is restricted. But I don’t have to wait on that if I can exchange dinar and buy something else that I KNOW is going up. The market will also drive up the dinar temporarily, so there’s that aspect to look at. We’ll be sharing information with each other to be more informed on the choices out there; then each individual will make their own choices and decisions.

Closing Statement

We’re in a really good place. Some sources are saying attempts have been made to get this thing out. We are in the process of letting things happen. We have Abadi’s announcement on the 9th or 10th, also part of the process, so let’s see what the week brings up. It looks like there may be a leveraging opportunity next week, for those who want to leverage. If you don’t want to leverage, just sit and wait, if things unfold as I have been hearing. So leverage the heck out of it, or sit on your hands and wait. If you do have to exchange something, exchange as little as possible and use Someone Else’s Money to deal with your immediate financial situation.

From what I’m receiving, the 80/20 deal is applied to every Zim holder across the board. That means you can look to receive 20% of your Zim x the new rate, with 80% allocated to some kind of charity – either one you select or that is selected for you. As more information surfaces, we will share that with you. Because we are still awaiting more detailed information, what four-letter word should be on your mind? W-A-I-T. Be wise, wait, and move in methodically with a fixed determination and a plan. Until then, while we wait…

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/6/17

Post by Majek on Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:22 pm

Ray the con man, He's got everybody at TNT running around like chickens with their head cut off trying to pick apart his reports of Zim and an RI announcement, this is his latest bone he has thrown to keep his gullible sheep in his game. Ray is a smooth talking bullshitter. Next week TNT folks will yet again be disappointed and still "waiting". But Ray will come up with more clever ways to keep his scam moving and like the past years, they will believe him. Maybe one day they will learn, but until then Ray makes money they don't.

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RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/6/17

Post by Terbo56 on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:40 pm

:tup: :tup: :tup: RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 2834342768 RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 2834342768 RayRat Call Notes  9/6/17 2834342768
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