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MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17

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MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Empty WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:02 am




MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1618224&m=75&t=1481246793
So much for Friday folk’s hopes and dreams put on hold once again by nobody knows and if they do they are not telling. Oh sure they can speculate and the folks feeding the Gurus information are just sitting back without a care in the world… except for the wrath of God that is. Of course that doesn’t mean much to them because their god in the almighty dollar. Is that what we want to be?

Personally I think not because the money grubbers have manage to over shoot their goal and that is complete unchallenged domination of mankind. If we are not careful we could end up with that same sort of self only thinking. Sure the least we deserve is to spend a little on our own needs that have accumulated under the yoke of oppression. We must change our country.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father walk with us through this process and guide us down the path of building the world that our Creator wanted us to build. It begins by paying forward and I don’t mean giving cash to our friends and family. Lord Help us to open our eye and see the overwhelming need that surrounds us. Help us correct the mistakes of our forefathers. Amen and Amen.

Lord God Almighty smile down on Your people and bring them back the core beliefs of our nation’s founders. Our country was built on Christian values and we need help to bring it back to that core belief system that has brought us so far from the first people who settled this land. Help us Lord for I feel that there are many who have lost their way.

Lord please watch over our members as they rest and prepare them for the adventures yet to come.

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1625058&m=76&t=1500602890
#FastFact: 17 of east #Mosul’s 24 power stations are now back online, ensuring people returning to their homes have access to electricity.

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596367&m=75&t=1456359031
This is so cool, had to re-post .. again .. Sandnsea wrote earlier . https://youtu.be/llsQL2bPWqY Watch and share

Wow that is an awesome video. I want to help homeless Vets and Veterans Villages. That is so much more cost effective than anything I have found so far. Very grateful for that Sand!! GM all have an amazing day!

Thanks dk - keep it going

Just share it with as many as possible. We need to get it out to the Dinar Community . And you don't have to depend on expensive equipment - these ppl are geniuses. I love how easily you can enlarge these home for multi - generational families

I know the weekends get frustrating but it's not even that anymore. Is it me or does this seem like an ongoing saga of guess who's on third and if your crowd is big enough you follow, then oops move here then you hit a wall. guess since nobody knows, we just don't ask any questions expecting an answer. Oh well, continue on.

Many have put heavy expectations on Trump. If he is helping or not we wait. I sure hope for the people of Iraq that Abadi isnt' making false promises. They lost so much and they need a major boost not a bunch of promises. We do too but if all that happens in DC is infighting well we aren't much different than Iraq. People hurting, starving displaced and we live in America. HUH

It's pretty darn disappointing to watch people in power have so little regard for others. It's not anything new but it is beyond tolerance at this point...ok I'm done had to vent. All better now sure others share my thoughts.2

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1591736&m=75&t=1451433083

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1622532&m=75&t=1492877037
PJ....may i remind you that because you live in America...your housing is better than most of the 3rd world countries....also...if you have only 15 dollars left that you do not have to spend on bills at the end of the month...you are in the top 3% wealthiest in the world. You are truly a very wealthy person...even without the RV. and may i say....lucky too

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596577&m=75&t=1456608110
Seeya Monday. Not hanging around all weekend waiting for something.

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1591678&m=75&t=1451348875

KFTA - They use the word ratification. That is all? I wonder if everyone understands this... the implications are obvious to mean one thing only. They read it once then twice.

It must be passed by now dark said an hr ago it was

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1605507&m=75&t=1463489266
Well I'm beginning to wonder if THAT is what we are looking for re: "RVRelease". we've been getting true but 'NON-STARTER' info for years. They are putting out placating info and we should all admit it. imho we will not see anything this week or next BUT we MIGHT ,,,just MIGHT see something in Iraq's start of new fiscal year (mu opinion)

I am bgining to believe you have it right OWL

not trying to be a downer but that IS what it is stacking up to be imo. NOTHING more depressing than what we've had for yearsw, week after week...nuttin...nuttin...nuttin!

It is difficult to remain positive with all this confusing information flowing from here there and every where

Once their fiscal year is Jan 1

Well subprimeguru, that is kinda bad, because this fiscal year "theory" while new does make a little sense to me as to WHY we are so "delayed". we are NOT getting good info through all sources in dinarland...imHo

I believe most if not all RV's in the past were not based on fiscal year at all. Like Kuwait

some of it true but tell me WHO in here can truly "measure" when this will pop, based on current and/or past info? nobody!

I certainly HOPE I'm terribly wrong! The second it happens NOT on the day I guessed I will apologize. Best bet is take all that Me or anyone says and simply do NOT believe it.
MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1605507&m=75&t=1463489266
I guess my ulterior motive is to point out that we ALL can guess same as everyone who speculates to the info. LOOK how 'mislead' we've been watching Mosul...!

seriously - dont be offended, but I THINK we need to take a 'different track' because the current information is making fools of everyone! MAYBE we need to look outside the box a little more???

I'm still looking and hoping the end of July is correct. There's so much in the news. I think they have to go and declare International by the end of July.

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1618421&m=75&t=1481651117
Not making a fool of me. I just made an investment that I know pay off at some point. When it happens it happens. I don't treat it any different than my 401k at this point.

sub when did you first purchase?

10 years ago

Me to sub 12 yrs and counting...at the time I called this my "tenn-year-plan" and YES it is terribly depressing to be past the mark by nearly 2+years!

Thank Maliki for that. And Obama for removing the troops when he did.

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1618224&m=75&t=1481246793
And I have to ask what is with all this "I have mote information that I cannot pass along" garbage?

Ted THAT is what I mean too. I guess on some level I understand, BUT why - for Petes sake dont the info gurus hold their sources more "accountable"? I love to hear the inside stories as to WHY it did not pan-out...it might just help on the 'bad days'

once why dont you go looking for your own conclusions not based upon a dinarland crook.......research is a lost art

If someone actually feels their sources are convinced 'this-is-it' then quantify it before AND after so we can track with it. Treat us like reasoning adults!
Once I believe we have real nuggets now. And I have been kicked from many rooms for being 'Negative'. When I was just saying why it wasn't happening and people got mad.

I do what most simple researchers do and dont have the knowledge as to where to begin. Besides the Government is behind this...you think (seriously) I should waste my time? Hmmm, let's see ..."Uhhm hey, Senator Bozo can I talk with oyou about the dinar dong and zim? I KNOW you know all about it!"

once ok then keep, keeping on or just hang......you have no choice

Heck I got blasted by many members here when Tank was here and I corrected a position he was taking, that groups were being called in. That was a year ago.

I do believe there are some REAL sources out there and we are stymied by who we know

tool hahaha I know that! Thanks for that, but I was just opinionating

sub you are very right.....im surprised im not axed from here. we are making real progress now, very visible. i still do not think its time here in july, but august could be very interesting. just my opinion so once doesnt cut my head off.....lol

subprime you said: "Once I believe we have real nuggets now. And I have been kicked from many rooms for being 'Negative'. When I was just saying why it wasn't happening and people got mad." <----see I knew you understood my position!

I do Once, that's why I didn't blast you!! But hoping I could help.

most all of us are no longer newbies and no longer naive...I guess I'd like to have an open-minded conversation about WHY the current "stuff" is NOT producing results

once its not producing because most gurus are flaming idiots.....its true, but people flock to listen every week.

I HATE to admit Frank has suprised me more than once and less than 3 timees in the last 9 years and Delta is trustwortthy imo

I wish I could get my deposit back from all the crap prognostication we've had to tolerate over the years...lol

once nobody should ever have listened in the first place....its not good for mental health, but there is real stuff out there, but it doesnt include galactics, 3 digit zim, humanitarian super rates or any other crap

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1601727&m=75&t=1460324373
sounds like this investment isnt really for u Once

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1618224&m=75&t=1481246793
Let's not attack each other we are all in the same boat juste seeking answers to our questions and getting none.

curly...IF you are being straight, you should go take a nap!

that is an offensive 'pat=put-off-answer' that peeps in chat rooms give. I'm not trying to force anyone and I'm trying to simply run a different thought line or conversation...thats all. I'll shut up cause I must be offending some...laters

fact is people will flock to bruce, ray, dr wc., yoyo and the dinarland world will keep going. have a great day and apart from the lord, which i highly agree with, you will find your happy place in all this....i know it

I understand OWL but there are many here who can be pushed beyond their own good so we need to keep it in a non challenging mode

It wasnt an attack my observation, this isnt his first time in her saying this. Buying stocks isnt for everyone either.

it's not a matter of what is right for who just have to keep our frustration undercontrol now more than ever I believe.

Iraq is despartate to go international. They d an RV to do that. We are where we have never been before and so is Iraq

Fron M Goat today - Iraq is still operating under a closed economy they can not yet use their dinar outside of the country. When this last part of the sanctions are lifted they will be able to use dinar all over the world, trade dinar, pay in dinar and it will be listed on the global currency exchanges. This is what we wait for. Read more at: https://dinardetectives.com/mnt-goat-372/

While I respect Muntaingoat and all others opinions, I just can't bring myself to believe that Iraq is the one who is holding all this up. I believe they are being used as a scapegoat.But what do I know anyway when it comes right down to it?

All is speculation at this point we just need to wait.... and wait...and wait until the time comes. IMO

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1625058&m=76&t=1500602890
I also just got a text --- Stay Tuned--- Weekend is not over yet ---


IMO, Anyone who will take a look at where we are above and beyond "it hasn't happened yet" has to be pleased with the progress and our current position. To start ranting about what fools we are accomplishes nothing and is frankly insulting. Maybe I'm a fool, but I rally like where we are. And that comes from direct sources and not "gurus".

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596977&m=73&t=1457061796
JMO... 1.all usa banks have to be compliant there working on two to be completed by first or mid August. 2. when kurds are satisfied with the negotions on the land they want back meeting with kurds and bagdad were scheduled for sept and changed to aug. so people hang on lets see how fast this all comes together. JMO

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1625058&m=76&t=1500602890
This I know - they are complient

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596977&m=73&t=1457061796
Sand I beg to differ.. one was to be completed by endo of july and the other my first or mid augus

All are Basel 3 some are 4

Every bank I have contacted here locally have stated that they are Basil3 Compliant. some are at Basil 4

Sand no argument here but i know what i know... shared info i should have kept to myself sorry

I got this from someone I trust 100% who working in that area on Wall St

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596977&m=73&t=1457061796
Sand i don't doubt your information... and I have mine. mine i trust beyond the here say

I can care less about iraq

Actually I couldn't care less bout Iraq,,,, (Word play)

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1624907&m=76&t=1500066166
Been working on setting up a wallet to play with the crypto currency

006 both usa and bagdad have to come together with items to complete so yes i believe iraq is involved, the referandoms (sp) can't be compelted till kurds are happy

I'm moving on with the rv thing if it happens it happens I need to find something that will make some money noes

So I guess iraq is holding the world hostage now

They've been rounding up a lot of crooks at the other tiers

006 if you think its hard to set up the wallet for cryptos......wait until you make some money and cant get it out. thats when the fun starts. took me 7 months and it was contingent on factors that cant be seen. its like you will make some money, but its no good if nobody can cash you out.....sound familiar


It has been reported to me that Parliament did in fact meet today and approved the Supplementary Budget. (The contractors and peasants are happy campers!) smile This weekend isn't over yet..........stand by.

006 its a currency that cant be tracked now......if you want to buy a car with it or a boat.....no problem. the minute the holder wants it to go into a bank acct, it hits the system and all your crypto buds are gone like the wind. it sucks....from personal experience

I just regurgitate what others say

Hope Admin gets the news he's waiting for


hoping for more information later today or tomorrow....GO RV!!!!

This is getting so close to our blessings and I can see the meat sliding off the bone...now... : it's coming!! excited I am pumped

I am ready to exchange! and ready to relax!

it's fnny I was in church at 4pm service and I asked the Lord for the Rv to start if not give me a sign that's coming.... Mass was over by 5pm and at 5:20 we get a text from RR I don't know about you but I ill take that has a sign...

this should happen this week!!

Today I had a chance to drive my mom to a friends house to visit. After that she said could we stop at this shoe store she on the way there. She tried on these Italian Sandals and she was was like a little girl dancing and moving in them. I bought them for her.....she was all smiles...when we got home I got a big hug and kiss.
just waiting for the RV to happen o she can enjoy the new home!!!

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1625058&m=76&t=1500602890
Wonder if Gerry has his Depends on?

He peeks in from time to time

Guess he know when to quit ...

And IKO tracking the ships. What crazy stories we have


Waiting for Admin to get excited. Things need to be confirmed. But things continue to look promising. But I think he's waiting for other stuff

I guess Y has exchanged, hepn rtc and say he can't talk finances but can talk politics

trel yoyo has just ran out of stories so he needs to change stuff up to remain relavent.......dont buy it.....its coming for all of us, not just him now

Tool not saying he has was just my opinion but we know some ppl have exchanged he can be one

trel ok, i do know how some have been paid.....all skr......no money changed hands at our level.....but i understand, we all have opinions

MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Avatar?id=1596906&m=76&t=1457022189
Can I ask a question, why do we call ppl we don't like out their name and get mad when ppl we like get call out their name?

trel not sure what your asking....i was just giving some information based upon my experience with actual paymasters i have sat down with. just trying to offer some info......i will opt out....hope you are feeling better...i have been watching your story

Tool was asking everyone, I do it also

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MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Empty Re: WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17

Post by shlomo001 on Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:06 pm

What a bunch of idiots

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MOSUL - WSOMN Saturday Drama 7/22/17 Empty WSOMN Sat Drama

Post by Scotchie on Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:37 pm

Ted:  To be real, your  idol is the dollar also.  I suggest you sell some of your currency to take care of any medical needs.

Pj:  Trump has no compassion for the "little people".  He is a snob and suffering from some sort of mental disorder.

Everyone:  Surprised ADMINBILL did not ban Pj

Oncewaslost:  Sorry, my friend.  Nothing is happening.  12 years is a long time.  I think by 15 years something might happen.

toolfan:  We were close friends.  I am not sure why you are still pushing this for now.  You know better.

Ted:  Iraq is not holding this up.  The IMF/World Bank will not allow it to happen while Iraq is still getting loans.  They need for finish with the loans, but more importantly, pay them back at the same exchange rate as today.  It will take years.

Izzie:  My sweet friend.  Your info is wrong.  Sorry.

Sandnsea:  Stop regurgitating what people say.  They are wrong.

Mangelo:  Nice that you bought someone shoes.  Italian!!  You might need that money back soon.

Trel:  No one has exchanged.  No one has EVER exchanged.

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