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Gramma Catches Up with Us -

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Gramma Catches Up with Us -   Empty Gramma Catches Up with Us -

Post by Ponee on Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:09 pm

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM GRAMMA!  IT was great to hear from her!


Gramma here has been so busy that I just can't get emails sent! 

 I have gone through 3 pairs of tennis shoes and wore out four tires on my 49  Ford!     

I have had my Dinar in fourteen banks and so far, I have just missed Exchanging from what the Gurus have written.!  Well, it seems so any way...as so many Gurus have said there's been Exchanges here and there. 

I even went to Vegas to watch who went in to different banks and one bank called the cops on me for having binoculars  looking in the  Private Banker's window!   
You never know... ahhahah    The cops asked me what I was doing and I just told them I was watching  paint dry on the windows they had been painting. You know officer..paint inspector.   Smile   

I also  try to look at different things when I go into banks.  Once I asked if Della Rupe was there.   They got on the loud speaker and announced for a Miss Rupe to come to the Teller's booth....No one showed up but and I had plenty of time to look around for the Del-la Ru Thing-a-ma-bob machine.  Didn't see one... 

Of course when I go to most banks it's on the 8th of the month as one Guru thinks the Chinese favor  the numeral  8 so we could see the Dinar go ballistic on that date.  So far, I have decided that might have meant  8th month or 8 o'clock or 8 minutes after 8 or ..oh heck  forget the 8th..Wasn't lucky for me!    I hope all my dinar is official...I have heard some mighty  wild stories of different dealers who have gone under...not under the ground, but some may wish that as time goes on. 

One guy that was standing at the bank to exchange was eating hot dogs, I heard and Hot dog, you won't believe what happened to him....bar  none for the real info. for that!

      I thought about flying over to Iraq and get one of those cards that has been talked about for a year.... Gurus have been telling how many times?: they have been passed out....so far.... you'd pass out to know just how many false reports on that there have been.   

Talk on low valued coins now out....Made of gold or not...I don't think they have much to do with the dinar as the cost of one is thousands of dinars...So  it's an  even even deal, in my opinion.    

I just can't figure out how many of  the gurus are so sure their big informant is right and the RV will hit "tomorrow".  We got one newby who never has written before??? has just announced he is a biggy and look for the assigned RV to be in March!  

Another Guru has flown so much getting ready to land for the RV, he  has spent two billion, three hundred thousand dollars on Gas to stay in flight .    I wonder what  he is doing for food after all these years?   I bet his pot is full up there....WATCH OUT BELOW!!!   Some think he and a few others  our full like his pot! ahhaha          

What I am scared about now is, when  and if it does happen...We won't believe it...  Just let it go in one ear and out the other.     They say 800 numbers will FLASH and banks will be open 24 hours a day.    Well, that's what they say  anyway.

   Have you ever seen so many 3 day  shut-downs in your life for this thing to happen?  That Shabibi sure fooled us on that one! hahahha    

I heard the CBI employees on their break read some of the Dinar  Web sites for their laugh for the day.. hahah   One guy had to go to the doctor for a dislocated knee; he got so  tickled one day he slapped his knee too hard.... hahahha     

Well, at least I quit buying Dinar and Ding Dong.  The last time, years ago when they were saying NOW!!!  Any second...Hurry....etc.... I  went 80 MPH in my trusty 49 Ford  to get to the bank hoping the RV didn't happen on my way...I had the Bank to put the time I signed over the money for a money order on the money order even!   You know...proving I paid for the dinar before it RVd...)  grrrr.  dumb me........  I try not to go back to that bank anymore as they wink at each other and say...OH NO..here comes speedy Gramma...

I even have told my friends I'd buy their Dinar back that I was so excited for them to buy...DAHHHH   I try to hide from them too years later...Not so much to give their money back, but hopefully not a sock in my face!    Now...I see they say the DONG is to go in  the next couple of hours....44c?   Rial too?   Heck, just buy some USA stock...That might go up too this year and maybe even sooner!   

Well, if the Dong and Dinar  change this year...we have  till 2017 to pay Uncle Sam his share...but am sure the government will find a way for an early payment. 

They will need it $$$   for all the illegals  coming in to feed and cloth them and make sure they vote for the party now in; The Givers and Taketh Awayers.......Well, better sign off on that one.    

Good Luck my  friends and Ponee! 

Hopefully, we stay healthy and can continue to read about what's going to happen...in the Future?     hahahhaha    (I hope it RVs...25c would thrill me...I could a buy a '94 Ford! this '49 is getting a little wobbly...  Maybe an '88 would be better...You know...8 the lucky number?       Talk later....


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Gramma Catches Up with Us -   Empty Re: Gramma Catches Up with Us -

Post by Terbo56 on Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:18 pm

I'm cracking up right now- Hey Gramma, how 'bout a bright red shiny, Super Stock Dodge? From the Jan and Dean album, 'The Little 'ol Lady from Pasedena'- Go, Granny go!!! Smoke 'em up!! Gramma Catches Up with Us -   2834342768
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Gramma Catches Up with Us -   Empty Re: Gramma Catches Up with Us -

Post by DinarPhoenix on Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:44 pm

WAY TO GO GRAMMA! Don't take so long to write next time.  Smile
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