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Post by Mission1st Thu Jul 27, 2023 11:19 am

Twitter bases its advertising algorithms on the amount of clicks a particular url or websites receives per month and pays the site owner accordingly. I do not know the calendar dates that Twitter reckons these numbers, but Ill bet if you compared them to Tony's "windows" and arm waving, they would coincide.

Phony Tony has a couple of tricks to boost up the "click bait". One is to send out a tweet at some odd time with a cryptic message about "things happening now" or similar to make the desperate and stupid wring their hands in hope and start clicking on the link. He also occasionally starts late, not because he is late, but because he gets more clicks if the sheeple think they are not getting into the call. 

And also occasionally, he pokes his round turtle head from under the rock and does a public show to perhaps lure in new people or reengage other listeners. Yesterday, the 26th of July, was no exception. He must really need some clicks.

Tony started off the show by having Little Ray put out some hyped up music about the fanciful and hopeful RV actually happening, which we know it wont, not dissimilar from a televangical religious scheme. 

Tony started off his segment by pushing the Noah's Ark scenario, which is if you don't pay in, you will be left out in the cold when the RV arrives. I dont suppose he realizes that Forex or the other companies will display any change instantly. His constant lie is that the US government and all of the agencies will have special rules for the TNT listeners and give them a sizeable advantage to run to the bank for the big money, especially the mythical contract rate. He tries to say that today is a practice run, for the soon-to-be RV. 

Tired old Tony told his listeners, with a wink and a nod, that they would all have to read between the lines on todays news. He further went on to blabber that he could not give out certain information on dates and times. (imagine that). He further went on to say that his Pronoun People, whoever "they" are, are telling him that the listening audience that they are receiving too much information. He then went into his same old tired explanations of what is happening in Iraq and the world, non of which can be verified.  

So with that, Tony and Ray went to the callers. One caller asked how so many people always got in line  in front of him and of course, Ray lied. The listening audience doesn't realize Ray lines up the pumpers ahead of time and rarely is there a legitimate caller on the show. "Show" is the key word here, because the more one entertains, the less your target realizes they are being played, just ask PT Barnum.

So, in short, just another day in Renfro Land, pulling in those pennies and dimes to fund a lifestyle free of any real work or ethics.
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