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  1. Jewelz
    Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:57 am
    Message by Jewelz - Hiya smith / Tommy
    Well smith, no big deal, though you are the only one that seems to appreciate some things I write so just to let you know this is Tommy - I had to join again with another screen name and Mr gmansaid moderator apparently banned me - if you did not read what he posted below according to his ideas and what he thinks - it certainly is not what I think - but then again, he has the badge and the sheriff in town and has a job to do and an ego to keep up with...I don't have anything against him, he seems like a good enough guy and wrote me personally a time or two though control freaks are all over the place...

    I've sure seen a lot worse said from people here that are allowed to continue posting stupid shit - but I have no need to anymore and was reluctant to in the first place anyway - I was not out of line being rude or bashing anyone it's just the sort of truth that is not popular and upsets people who are not ready for it - though that is about to change along with everything else and this dinar is kicking the door open to it all that most of these folks have no idea what is about to go downtown in ways that are going to boggle the mind.-

    You must be able to tell the truth without compromise or self concern and it is not yet possible to do get banned for it....we are going to get the help needed from outside so you can do it, so you don't have to hold yourself back from being your authentic self ...right now not many care to touch the truth with a 10 foot pole, so to speak... it is what is going to bring the world together and forward, because right now everyone is being polite kiss ass slaves lying to themselves and everyone else..

    The greed is what is interesting's going away....I never even purchased any dinar and not even concerned if I needed a few billion that I wouldn't get it...because these fools grown adults no less that don't know what to do with theirs anyway....except buy more shit they don't need, while the world suffers...its pretty disgusting to me though I do understand it pretty well and I am not angry as Mr gmansaid assumes, he is wrong.......peace ...

    The post from gestapogmansaid in a thread that I did not see until I rejoined..

    Hey Tommy, it is not cool to come in here looking for cannon fodder, my friend. You know darn well that the starvation is orchestrated. Just who are you angry with? You can post but playing agent provocateur is an unwelcomed practice in this forum. I have rules to enforce. Tommy, thank you.
  2. Tommy
    Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:29 am
    Message by Tommy - Hello
    haha thanks ☀ you are intelligent :cheers:

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