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Who is Q? QANON

@ReapAndSow73 wrote:Bolton.  Pompeo.  Haspel.  Giuliani.  Complete and utter swamp creatures.  Q has some value, and does shine light on corruption...but also shills for GOP, and claims any negative story reported about Trump is a distraction.  Sorry, no way.  Both sides are instrumental in increasing the divide, both are keenly focused on increasing size and scope of centralized government.  It's PsyOps propaganda, even if well-intended.  While I do believe opinion-shaping being orchestrated by mainstream media is an intentional distraction (to keep people from focusing on the exposure of corruption), Q has mixed truth and disinfo.

Great commentary, You're right on the money about the names and u can add quite a few more, Mueller, Haley, and Sessions. It's all Providence, U can't deny that the corruption of the 7th floor of the WH would of ever came out if Clinton had won or friends&rapists Weinstein, Daiglish,Nxivm, Raniere and Allison Mack would be arrested. Like my post #walkingaway it doesn't matter how it's happening, Q or being tired of the hatred but people are being redpilled "seeing the truth behind the curtain" and are not believing the propaganda no more. U have blacks West, Candice Owens and even Farrakhan telling his followers that the same enemies of Trumps are the enemy of his. I still read some MSM just to see how they twist the truth into their own agenda but the people are not believing it anymore and when the people stop believing the MSM and stop idolizing the other prop of the deep state Hollywood it's all over, point, game and set WE'VE WON.
by kenlej
on Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:33 am
Topic: Who is Q? QANON
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