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Okie_Oil_Man says this is the final weekend of this worrysome journey - it is RV TIME

Dear & #OklahomaAttorneyGeneralsOffice 

This on-going insider information scam has never been about providing accurate or truthful information to a cult-like following..

It's solely a MLM tool that preys on the weak & pays content providers /unlicensed currency pumpers aka "guru's" for salacious postings that in turn creates click bait, subscription fees & pathetic donations .. 

How the money is distributed / paid out is anyone's guess

It's pretty clear after 10+ years of the same insanity, this particular shameless POS is an internet parasite that has for years claimed insider sources, when in fact he trolls for threads of misinformation and converts each shred into his personal brand of deception. 

Lastly, we love when guru's (aka unlicensed currency pumpers) add their IMO to their bottom line, like,  "we've never been closer", or "my source in Reno says the exchange centers are on high alert" or "it's not a question of IF , it's a matter of WHEN", .. 

You should know this is code for "stay tuned", because they know you'll visit the same site 100's/1000's of more times more for useless & empty updates .. adding more clicks to their revenue stream or falling victim to continuous donations and subscription fees.   

#Nuffsaid #lockhimup #Liarforhire #GiveLonnyOurBlessings
by Tinef
on Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:50 am
Topic: Okie_Oil_Man says this is the final weekend of this worrysome journey - it is RV TIME
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