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Gary Larrabee w/Response by One Who Knows 2/16/17

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Response To Kent Dunn's Report

I just listened to Kent Dunn's report and I wanted to comment on a few points. The information seems to be a bit on the Fear Mongering side and I don't agree with it. I am not going to say anything bad about Kent, as he is only conveying what he knows from his point of view. However, I will address some of the intel and give you the more optimistic, and for me, the more realistic view.

#1) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

There has been a lot of fear lately about Fukushima Radiation killing the Pacific Ocean and reaching the west coast of the USA. Kent is not the only one who has been spreading fear about this Radiation situation, as ZAP mentions it in regularly in his posts as well. I don't feel that they have bad intent but instead, sincerely want to help or warn us about these things. We probably have all seen the images and drawings of the spread and read the "Reports" that claim dire consequences, but I feel this fear us unwarranted. I have no doubt that both Kent and Zap both are truly worried about this situation, but it is only because they don't know the whole story.

What Has Been Done:

According to Zorra of Hollow Earth, the radiation was cleaned up shortly after it happened. There were cloaked Space Ships (UFOs) that neutralized it in some highly advanced way that we couldn't have done. In fact they have also neutralized the radioactive waste all over the US and I expect in other places in the World as well. I remember him jokingly taking about those who work at those waste sites. He said the workers were doing their daily job of measuring the radio activity of the sites and found there was none. These workers then thought that their instruments must have failed because they were so surprised to find no radiation. Not only has waste radiation been removed and deactivated but all nuclear power plants are or will be shutting down. Radiation and nuclear power are very nasty and environmentally harmful energy sources.

In a related matter, all nuclear weapons have also been shut down and will NEVER be permitted to be used again. In fact, it has been reported that more than 12 times the USA and other countries have tried to start a nuclear war but the weapons failed to launch or detonate. Suffice to say, all matters relating to nuclear power and radiation have been addressed and dealt with by the Galactics on behalf of the inhabitants of Planet Earth. On behalf of Everyone here on Earth, I say Thank You! Here are a couple videos about the nuclear weapons being shut down:

UFOs Shutting Down Nuclear Missles

Aliens Saved Earth from Nuclear Meltdown?

UFO shooting down a warhead !!MUST WATCH!!

The Rational Evidence:

#A) Our Friends in High Places. While we don't have specific evidence besides what Zorra has told us, we can rationally deduce that this Fukushima Radiation scare is a HOAX. First on the part of the Galactics, clearly they have the means to neutralize threats like this one and have actually been seen at nuclear disaster sites in the past (See Above Video). If they are truly here to help us move into the new age of peace, prosperity and heal the planet, they would NOT let this kind of thing happen.

Remember that not too long ago there was a Asteroid that was 150 miles in diameter about to hit Russia. Zorra was dispatched to save Earth from being destroyed and wiped out by this impending disaster. He flew his ship into the middle of the asteroid and dematerialized and blew up the asteroid from the inside out. There were videos made of this and they are on YouTube. By the way, even the Zorra Nay sayers will have to admit, that something (UFO) came into the tail end of the asteroid and saved our planet from being wiped out. These videos proves this actually happened. Here are a couple of videos:

Amazing UFO attacked the meteorite to defend ourselves, Russia, Feb 15, 2013 HD

Russian Meteor Destroyed by UFO

Zorra has also mentioned that if they allowed us to have a nuclear war, the Fall-Out would come into Hollow earth and they are not going to permit that to happen. So they are saving us and themselves at the same time.

So, for the very same reasons that the Galactics and those in Hollow Earth are doing their best to save us from disaster and themselves from fall out, so would it be true of saving the Pacific Oceans and its inhabitants such as the sea life, whales, dolphins and of course, the Mer people from certain death by radiation. This is not to mention the USA coast line and all the life there that would be killed off by radiation poisoning. To be sure they are NOT going to let that happen.

Finally on this matter, the Galactics have been clearing our skis of chem. trails and even when they are being sprayed, they are making them harmless to us. Why would they go to such efforts to clean our skis and still let Radiation kill off our Oceans? Yes, of course the answer is they WOULD NOT. This is why our Galactics Friends and our Hollow Earth and Inner Earth friends wouldn't let it happen, but there are others to consider as well.

#B) The Cabal Are Not Freaking Out. Along the lines of Rational Evidence, California is the home of Hollyweird, and is a huge Cabal strong hold. Frankly, California is so CABAL, that they have even said they want to become their own country apart from the US. Of course that will NEVER happen. But the point is that if this Radiation scare was REAL, the Cabal in California would be freaking out and calling on our Government to do something about it and yet... not a peep. Why don’t they have news reporters on the beach with radiation detectors? Why aren't they selling everything they have and moving East? Why isn't President Trump making this his top priority? The answer, is rationally and logically simple... It is NOT TRUE. It Is FAKE NEWS to cause fear and scare mongering, just like all their other fake shootings and fake false flag events. Anything to scare people.

#C) My Personal Feelings. The last and final point is that I do have psychic abilities and it is clear to me that this Radiation Scare IS NOT TRUE. For all those who have the ability to go within and discern truth, check for yourselves and you will find that we are in good hands not matter what the Cabal tries to do to make us fear. When I check the validity of this, I get that it is NOT TRUE.

Consider all these reasons and rationale, and make up your own mind. You have to decide if you are going to fear this or if you are going to have faith, that powers greater than we are, have this under control and are doing all that is needed to keep us and our planet, safe and have been doing so for a long time already. Frankly, I Feel VERY CONFIDENT that we are safe and actually safer than we have ever been.

#2) Fema Camps

Yes there are Fema Camps and we need them. But Kent was not clear that they are a good thing for us. On the one hand, he mentioned that these camps were being staffed and acted like it was something we had to worry about. But later on in the conversation, he mentioned that it was the paid protesters who would be rounded up and put in these camps.

I remember reading a post that explained that we (The Good Guys) let the bad guys set up the surveillance networks and the Fema Camps in example, because they would be needed later to spy on them and the camps would be needed to hold the thousands of Cabal and their Minions when they are arrested. Frankly, that is genius to let them build the very camps that they would soon be living in. The fact that they are now being manned just tells me that NESARA is about to be announced and the mass arrests of the politicians will soon begin. I find nothing scary about these camps. In fact, they are going to be needed for all the Cabal scum that is about to be rounded up. I just want to give a little shout out to the Cabal: Thank you for building such great camps for us on your dime, and the spying network has gathered such wonderful evidence against you. You really did a great job on it. If I had a say in the Fema Camps you will soon be inhabiting, I would add a little chem spraying unit to give each of you a daily spray. And yes, your food would be complements of Monsanto. Let's not forget the Fluoride in your water, for your teeth of course, Wink, Wink. But, lucky for you, the new powers that be are way more benevolent than I would be.

#3) Marshall Law

Regarding the matter of Marshall law, forget about it. This will NEVER HAPPEN. It is EXACTLY the opposite of what the New Powers want. They are going out of their way as not to disturb the sleeping public. Yes they are "Allowing" these protests for now as they serve a purpose. They think they are harming the new World change, but actually, they are helping the cause in a big way. They are causing the public to wake up and pay attention to what is going on. It doesn't matter if they are Bashing Trump, it is still causing people to go to the internet and see why they are so upset. More and more people every day are going to the net to see what the truth really is. They are hearing Trump when he says the Mainstream News is FAKE NEWS. So they are checking the web to see for themselves on that as well. When the protests no longer serve the new powers that be, they will all be arrested, as Kent says, and put in these lovely Camps to spend some time thinking about their life choices. So, there will never be Marital law like Kent says. I have no doubt that he really thinks there will be Martial law and that he is truly trying to help, but, I am here to tell you that is what the Cabal wants and they will NEVER GET IT.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are in good hands. It is hard to let go of the Fear that we have been programmed to feel, and embrace the new reality that we are safe and being taken care of. But it is true. Noting is as it seems on the surface, it is way better. Big things are being done behind the scenes to keep us and the Earth safe form the dying Cabal and their Minions.

While you can't see all the evidence right now, soon, after NESARA and GESARA are announced, and you see on the news what is happening, you will know you are really safe. They want that for you and can't wait to prove it to you. But for now, you just have to believe it on Faith, that the New Powers that be, have your best interest and the Earth's best interest at heart, and are doing whatever it takes to keep us safe and unharmed. Additionally, they will never do anything to scare us or the public. They will make announcements in a way that the changes are welcomed and wanted. Even when Disclosure comes, it will be done with such LOVE that the whole World will feel it and be at peace about it. Relax, all is well.

May You Feel Safe In These Changing Times and Remember Above All That You Are Loved and Protected

Signed: One Who Knows
by Ssmith
on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:52 pm
Topic: Gary Larrabee w/Response by One Who Knows 2/16/17
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One Who Believes Has 10 Reasons the GCR Should Happen Today 1/14/17

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10 Reasons The GCR Should Happen Today

From everything I have learned from the intel providers that I trust, we are IN THE WINDOW NOW. We have had a good "Report" from Yosef, From Bruce at the Big Call, From Zorra of Hollow Earth, and even have heard from Fisher of The Real Truth Call/Chatter. Those are all my favorite Intel Providers and they all concur that the time is now.

But Is It?

Who knows for sure? Frankly this is the "Disclaimer" for all those who live to criticize and blame. Yes, we can't be sure and for those who NEED Certainty, stop reading this post right now. For the rest who want to be inspired to believe our time is now, I will list a few things that have come to my mind on this wonderful Saturday, January the 14th of 2017.

#1) Saturday is the ONLY day of the week that is a weekend day for every country in the World. Importantly, that means that the markets are closed and the Banks are closed, though some are open, but not doing official transactions. When they change over the rates, they will want to do it when everything is shut down at the same time. By the way, even the Banks that open on Saturday will all be closed for sure in Hawaii, by 11pm EST tonight .

#2) Today is the PEEK of the current energy wave that is hitting the Earth at this time. It is supposed to be very strong today and helping to bring about even higher consciousness. Zorra recommends that you meditate today to raise your vibration and utilize these extra strong energy waves. Also recommended is to go out in nature. Of course for many that means "Go out in the snow."

#3) Interestingly, the SITREP that came out yesterday, (Yosef?) mentioned the new $100 Gold coin that was dated 2017. He suggested that it was created by the Republic and was evidence of the new Gold backed money. Frankly, that Gold coin is "Gold Backed" and issued in 2017, when only the Republic is in charge of our money supply. Hmmmm? I am inclined to agree that this is "Evidence" of gold backed money in coin form. With that subtle announcement, only we who are informed would be able to make the connection to the Restored Republic. Could that be the "Sneaky" announcement we have been waiting for?

Intel SITREP - Saturday - 00:00 EST - January 13, 2017

#4) In more "Far Out" type information, this is the time that all the planets are "Going direct" whatever that means. I guess they are all lined up and going the same direction? I am not sure but it sounds like something that the Elders would be interested in.

#5) I also have noticed that our "Exchange window" has decreased over the years down to 6 days to get us all through the process. With that said, starting today, we have 6 days until the presidential inauguration day on January 20th. Interesting....

#6) While this doesn't count for the rest of the World, we in the US have a 3 day weekend with Monday being Martin Luther King day. This may be important because, we have a complicated situation here in the US as we need to do this process as quickly and quietly as possible as not to wake up the sleeping public. The 3 day week end may be important for that reason.

#7) Several top intel providers have mentioned specifically that the SKRs would be made liquid by the end of the week. The end of the week is Saturday night. The week actually starts on Sunday as the first day, even though for us in the US, it is a religious day.

#8) We, the informed, know that the Republic will have to make an appearance VERY SOON, and most likely by or on the presidential inauguration day, January 20th, 2017. If we, the internet group, get processed by then, the Republic will have more funds and an "Army" of Humanitarian agents ready to get started helping the World. More importantly, we will have funds already in our hands and as Light Workers, can help calm down the masses with our financial help, and our knowledge of the plan and what is going on. Frankly, I don’t see the Republic being announced first, and then during that mass public confusion, we go exchange. Remember, we are part of the plan as Light Workers. We will be answering questions 24 hours a day, once the Republic is announced. It will be a bit crazy for most, but not us, who are highly informed. To recap: I think we will get our money first and be in place to help when the Republic is announced.

#9) Also we should consider that there are some very big "Events" coming in rapid succession. #a) The Gold Backed Monetary system gets quietly announced (GCR), #b) Instantly and simultaneously we will be exchanging at the offsite exchange locations. #c) NESARA gets announced and begins implementation, #d) The New Republic is announced and begins public Cabal disclosure, #e) Mass arrests and trials become very public, #f) Some time later, but not too much later, comes Disclosure of the Galactic presence and then the healing ships arrive.

What is the point of this list of "Events?" Simple, it all starts with us, and so the strong need to get this (Our Exchanges) started ASAP! All those other things happen AFTER we go exchange, which means we are going to be exchanging very soon!!!!

#10) Many of the intel providers have stated that this is our week and that it must start before the 15th. SKRs are supposed to be liquid before the 15th. Which brings up what is so important about the 15th? It is the day that the IMF discloses the new currency rates of the World, in case they have changed. So if this starts before the 15, then the new public rates can be listed on the IMF website on the 15th right on schedule!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this is ALL SPECULATION because we have no proof and will not have proof until AFTER it has happened. In the case of the GCR, Proof kills, as we saw on 9/11. So all we can do is guess. However, that being said, the closer we get to go time, the easier it is to see that this is all true, and that we really are about to exchange.

For many very good reasons (not Proof), it looks like this is our day. This post is meant to offer encouragement and inspiration to those who are interested. To all the others who demand proof, you will still have to wait, just like the rest of us. Interestingly, when the proof comes, it will no longer be needed or wanted. Go figure!!!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes
by Ssmith
on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:06 pm
Topic: One Who Believes Has 10 Reasons the GCR Should Happen Today 1/14/17
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