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“The #WalkAway Movement Is Huge! The Real Walk Away Story Being Underreported”

People are starting to awaken by the 1,000,000s The comments on the videos I look at are from people that just a few months ago were brainwashed into the plantation. Remember the 100 monkey study. When a few were taught to clean their food in the water before eating on a island taught a few more and when so many learnt  about it the whole island in a moment started to do it. It's happening with the people now where we will tell our masters we will not kill,die,and steal for u no more 

I found this short video by An0maly to be another excellent summary about what the #WalkAway movement is about. In my view, this represents a grand awakening of humanity, and it will continue.
The main point I aligned with here is that so much of current “buzz” among some is the idea that they are “victims” of something or other. And that is not what I and many others have learned in their spiritual growth path… to stop playing “victim” and become the main player in one’s journey.

by kenlej
on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:22 am
Topic: “The #WalkAway Movement Is Huge! The Real Walk Away Story Being Underreported”
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