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What Happened to Porsha Bell's WeThePeople MONEY? 12/30/17

Ramona Caesar Campbell  Kathleen Marsh, we checked our records and nothing is posted in GFM in your name. For the record, Kathleen Marsh aka Janet Moore Aka Willow Greensong.

This is your notice!!Cease and Desist!! Please DELETE your DEFAMATION post on

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Is the Iraqi Dinar A Scam - Read the Latest Dinar Guru Predictions and Iraqi News

Kathleen Marsh  I am Kathleen Marsh, no aka nothing.

Kathleen Marsh  I sent the money when Porsh Belle first set up the go fund me account. I have all the receipts from the gofundme account and I would ask you to please DELETE the implication that I have any AKA's. Thank you, Peace

Kathleen Marsh  I have no idea who Janet Moore and Willow Greensong is, but it's certainly not me.

Ramona Caesar Campbell  Send me your receipt then. Prove it.

D.L. HarrisGroup Admin  I agree with Ramona Caesar Campbell on the all rights reserve, in response to Kathleen Marsh our group is not called "We The People CU" nor have we ever used such exact name. We are "We The People Trust"- is our name, also our ewallet as mentioned in many post have been created and come to light, but we are still in betta testing, on the functionality of the ewallet, with no issues are still a work in progress, and those who have donated, have been sent emails on updates. Such notices have been posted here and updates sent to the email that was used doing the final donations.

Kathleen Marsh  Thank you D.L. Harris for the update, it's been a while and I haven't heard anything. At first it was going to be a CU and but it has been an ewallet for a while now. Sorry I called it a CU, my bad. I look forward to your updates. Peace Brother

D.L. HarrisGroup Admin  Kathleen Marshalso check your email,.or post it here

Kathleen Marsh  I received this letter Oct. 5th, at 5:46 am:

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Thank You so much for your patience and understanding

D.L. HarrisGroup Admin  Ok, THANKS

Kathleen Marsh  D.L. Harris Could you show me how the beta is a working model?

D.L. HarrisGroup Admin  Kathleen Marsh beta is a? what am i missing

Kathleen Marsh  I guess I just don't understand how to use this "Beta testing" or how it works and how long does it take before the testing is completed? Please enlighten me D.L. Topics tagged under wtpt on Dinar Daily 1f642:-)

Ramona Caesar Campbell  Kathleen I did not find any information on you or to validate a payment. No one made a payment of hundreds of dollars. Why ask for information that doesnt concern you. No further information will be provided. Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

Kathleen Marsh  Ramona Caesar Campbell I have all the receipts and why you can't find it, is beyond me. Anyway, if I get ripped off, I get ripped off, it happens. What I would like you do is retract your statement that I have any AKA's, because I don't, and that is a fact. Peace

Ramona Caesar Campbell  I reserve all rights. No receipt was found. Please cease and desist your false claims. Please delete the post you made with my Information and pictures on DinarDaily. Thanks

Kathleen Marsh  Ramona Caesar Campbell I don't know what you are talking about. I'm not a member of DinarDaily, I didn't even hear about DinarDaily until you mentioned it. So I can't delete something I didn't post. Please show me what your talking about.

Ramona Caesar Campbell  Please read and apply.Manage

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D.L. Harris  Kathleen Marshwhat's the email you used to make your donation,

Ramona Caesar Campbell  We ask you for a receipt, yet no proof. You are more interested in private info. Any further contact will be considered harassment.
by JanetM
on Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:13 pm
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Topic: What Happened to Porsha Bell's WeThePeople MONEY? 12/30/17
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