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Iqd Chat, 4 june

Xyz    Sadr's spokesman: They are heading to form a government and the last days of Ramadan are crucial
xyz    Intersection of guru @Kaperoni 2% and @Sadr prediction - someone is getting closer to iraq politician --- a deep rooted source ;banana

xyz    Iraq issues arrest warrant for Kurdish referendum leader
KIRKUK, Iraq - Iraqi judicial authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a Kurdish politician at the centre of last year's failed indep
Chattels    "The last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan will be decisive," Moussawi said, stressing that "naming the presidents of the republic and the councils of ministers and deputies is left to the national space, which constitutes the parliamentary bloc the most numerous."
Baxter    thx Chattels.... sure havent had many articles about Ramadan this year..
chattels    Ramadan ends with the Eid Al Fitr Holiday on or about June 16th.
Baxter    thx....
chattels   Iraq issues arrest warrant for Kurdish referendum leader By AFP
xyz    Parliamentarians reveal the imminent exclusion of 15 candidates "won their votes"
Speaking in the last election, deputies of the losers speak of a surprise that the Electoral Commission will announce next week after checking complaints and their links, backed by documents and evidence to confirm cases of fraud and fraud.
And reveal that the surprise will be the removal of 15 candidates winners who found the complaints that their results are incorrect and the result of manipulation and counterfeiting.
TWW    xyz Nice link if I read Arabic
xyz    TWW chrome does auto translate
xyz    TWW contd ...
xyz    They also confirmed that the Commission will delete some polling stations and stations and cancel some of the votes of blocs and candidates.
"The Electoral Commission has begun to deal seriously with the complaints received by the entities and blocs objecting to the results of the elections," says the House of Representatives Speaker Niazi Maamar Uglu in a statement to (the extent) that "the decisions taken by the Commission to delete some polling stations and stations and the abolition of some Voices of blocks ".
Oglu is speaking of a surprise that the election commission will announce next week, with the exclusion of nearly 15 candidates in the elections, who are losing because of manipulating the results of the elections. He stressed that "this information reached us from within the Electoral Commission after the latter reviewed all the complaints and documents and evidence provided to them."
As soon as the Electoral Commission announced the final results, the powerful forces, which lost most of their parliamentary seats, quickly submitted their complaints to the Electoral Commission, backed by documents and evidence alleging violations and fraud.
The House of Representatives voted in an extraordinary session last week, attended by 166 deputies on a parliamentary decision to cancel the results of the elections abroad and conditional voting in all governorates except Nineveh (and the population movement in Salah al-Din and Anbar).
The parliamentary decision also obliged the Electoral Commission not to destroy any priorities except for minority votes covered by the quota and to count and hand counting of at least 10% of the ballot boxes in the polling stations.
The House of Representatives was able to read a law to amend the election law first and second readings.
The MP from the province of Salah al-Din that "the parliament is ready to hold a meeting on Wednesday to present the proposed amendment to the third law of elections to the House of Representatives
xyz    elections to the House of Representatives No. 45 on the vote, which will require the Electoral Commission to re-count and manual sorting instead of e.
And blocks continue to contest the results of the election pressure to force the Commission to adopt the counting and manual sorting instead of e-adoption through the proposed amendment of the election law.
In contrast, the parliamentary fact-finding committee is close to finalizing its final report and submitting it to the parliament's presidency after it detected a lot of manipulation and fraud in the election results. It also concluded that the Ministry of Displacement and Migration did not provide UNHCR with the numbers of the Iraqi community in all countries of the world.
In turn, the MP from the National Coalition Abdul Karim Abtan, that the Electoral Commission will respond to the objections of blocks within ten days, expected that "responding to complaints will be scary and will change a lot of election results."
The Electoral Commission announced last week the abolition of 1021 polling stations inside and outside Iraq, while referring to the formation of commissions of inquiry to account for the defaulters.
Abtan stressed in a statement to (the extent) that it is necessary to ensure the intersection of the fingerprint to detect the sale of electronic voter cards by some parties with "
The cabinet held an extraordinary session last week, during which a committee was formed to look into allegations of election violations. During the session, the National Intelligence and Security Service provided the Council of Ministers with reports confirming the occurrence of piracy of election results.
A member of the parliamentary fact-finding committee on election fraud said that "if the fingerprint is proven to be a crime punishable by law," he stressed that "in the coming days we will notice the removal of winning candidates because of fraud and manipulation and the rise of candidates instead."
xyz    He continued that "the appeals filed by the blocs objecting to the election results before the electoral judiciary will be dealt with according to data and evidence and documents that confirm the rigging and rigging in the electoral process, which affected the results in general."
xyz    TWW there you go ...
Spectra    @aboskovitch @SaadoonMustafa Meanwhile, Turkey is ignoring the concerns of Syria, Iraq, and Iran regarding water... sooner or later this must be addressed.
Spectra    Iraq's water crises.... Zab river situation after Iran's cut off the water on Iraq!
Spectra    Whereas Iraqis suffer from lots of crises & d pol parties & leaders continue their power struggle, #Turkey & #Iran cut d water flow in2 Iraq following building dams on tigiris & euphrates rivers& their branches. Humanitarian & environmental catastrophes expected 2 challenge #iraq.
by Rosy
on Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:36 pm
Topic: Iqd Chat, 4 june
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