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MarkZ says -- I am looking for today and tomorrow being big days.

Dear we hate to be a pest.. 

It's not that we find this unlicensed currency pumper, self taught global economist & part time paid-to-play entertainer totally despicable .. it's just the opposite, this has become as entertaining as a train wreck or watching someone pull wings off a fly. we're okay that he parrots his crazy friend, aka the author of the book never written Mr Cottrell, and it's okay that he quotes other guru's , especially our fav , the sugar free kool aid provider "the G.O.A.T", but..
Q: what would motivate a guy who always trails off w/the most ridiculous statements, like his secret make believe GOI insider contacts? It seems kind of weird , but it's usually in the context that this "RV/GCR" could happen at any moment? 

Between his slick bartender know-it-all econ-BS, pompous/self righteous rants & birthday singing .. based on the estimated add clicks & potential viewership, believe it or not this guy is for real   

I guess it's none of our business but we're just  curious about his income stream since pivoting to cross endorsements & literally turning over half his show to a snake oil salesman that plugs a potential cure for cancer. Really ?

by Tinef
on Thu Aug 20, 2020 11:38 am
Topic: MarkZ says -- I am looking for today and tomorrow being big days.
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