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MarkZ: "Not much news on the RV front" (DUH!!!) 1/21/21

Member:  I wonder how the paymasters are feeling this morning

MZ: Not much news on the RV front…..a number of military contacts think it is still in play and we are in the thick of it….we are still seeing declass and disclosure….that is a great comfort.

MZ: Everybody is still knee-jerking in all the pay centers …Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe, Zurich, London, Miami, Reno…all these areas are still trying to digest what has happened.  No credible intelligence yet…let things settle down.

MZ: There is still great chatter out of Iraq that they are moving forward…and also from Vietnam. So no matter what happens….they are still moving forward with their revaluations.

Member:  Vietnam , probably has the best growing economy the last 15 yrs. of any country on earth. FACT

Member:  Bombing in Baghdad this morning. Minimum collateral damage

Member:  Iraq's RV should have nothing to do with who is in the white house

Member:  Maybe we should all pray for the RV and use that exponential power

Member:  RV will go between now and Saturday...this is what I’m being told.

MZ: Most of my Military sources say watch the 27th……I think we will know by Feb 1st if the reset is pushing forward or will Iraq just go for a 1 to 1….

MZ: On a positive note I was told if Iraq pushes forward with a 1 to 1 rate…..then Vietnam will came out with a street revaluation of close to .50cents……that is what I am being told. This is because their treasuries are to inter-related…..I do not know what that means for the Zim.  Consider this rumors only.

Member:  I heard CHINA not accepting FIAT anymore...???

Member: x22 report last night was very reassuring.

MZ: It was very reassuring…..i got confirmation from military folks it could be accurate…there is always hope…..let it play out.

Member:  Trump released classified info before he left. military has duty to arrest

Member:  Charlie Ward says troops are staying in DC for 30 days.

Member:  Woke up to the Marshall Report. Feel much better today


Member: Is the US Capital on Foreign ground?

MZ: Yes it is on foreign ground….Its a foreign corporation. Some constitutional scholars say it is on foreign ground on purpose so it could be a unbiased safe place…….other schlars say the Vatican bought and paid for it along with the UK….but yes it is on foreign ground.

Member:  How can Biden be president if the USA Corp has been dissolved? Doesn't that mean he's the President of nothing and all his executive orders are NULL?

Member:  Remember it was Ben Franklin that was asked, after agreeing on type of government, what kind of government do we have, he said a Republic if we can keep it. It now appears we lost it in 1871 due to US Corp.

Member:  Actually, according to Anna con Reitz, it was an illegal incorporation act passed in 1870 that started it.

Member:  Robert David Steele put out an interview with a SERVIEMAN IN wASHINGTON. He said"About 25000 there to help secret service and police to Military transition.

Member:  Also, there is ALWAYS a Flag that flies on the White House, yesterday there was NO FLAG on the White House meaning Military Occupation!!

Member:  Are we a corporation technically still? Or....once the Military is finished with control of the CORRUPT... March 4th ...begins The New Republic? Im hearing March 30th?

Member:  Well, there is that rumor that the New Treasury will be in Nevada, just saying...

Member:  ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and their censorship is no different than NAZI BOOK BURNING. It’s all part of “Cancel Culture”! Let’s take back our lives and CANCEL SOCIAL MEDIA!

Member:  WE BEG PRES. TRUMP TO START & LEAD “THE PATRIOT PARTY”! 73Million+ Patriots would join, shedding the chains, corruption & RINO’s of the GOP! The Republican Party would cease to exist! #ThePatriotParty

Member:  White House link on 1776 commission taken down already

Member:  I have heard a lot of screaming but no action.

Member:  There’s a lot of conspiracy theory’s out there. I don’t know who to believe anymore...

Member:  Drake said the Med Beds come out in March!!!


Member:  Thank you everybody. Stay positive. We have each other. Look for all the powerful signs and reasons to know this is happening. We are creating it!!

Member:  Biden Removes Andrew Jackson Portrait, Churchill Bust, Military Flags In Oval Office Decor Shakeup

Member:  Situation Update, Jan 20th - Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?

by RamblerNash
on Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:51 pm
Topic: MarkZ: "Not much news on the RV front" (DUH!!!) 1/21/21
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