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Becky Mcgee (Oootah) Beg-A-Thon Coutinues - Ungert Again! 7/24/20

Instead of find help within the members community, Becky wants you to funnel the funds through her.



[size=24]UNGENT: 07/24/2020[/size]

We need to help one of our own guys please help today ASAP!
This can not go on and it can not wait!

Folks we have one of our OOOTAH family Member that needs our help ASAP.

The member contacted Becky as his last resort, and we can not and will not just sit back,
We need all your help, no mather what the amount that you can donate to get him a safe
and healthy shelter and/or room,

We need to get the person HELP NOW...

OOOTAH Scam Call
Here’s the different ways to send your donation:
Thank you in advance for consideration and support.
1. Donating through PayPal please click:
2. Donating through Zelle please use:
3. Donating from our Oootahscamcall Website: Click:
Regardless the amount of your donation know that every dollar counts and much appreciated. Feel free to send it anytime or multiple times. God will reward you more than you can ever imagine.

God Bless!
The OOOTAH Scam Call Team
by RamblerNash
on Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:21 pm
Topic: Becky Mcgee (Oootah) Beg-A-Thon Coutinues - Ungert Again! 7/24/20
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