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Dave Schmidt Has Threatened to KILL Tank's Friend GUNNER! 1/22/18

Download the diagram and tweet it as many times as you can! – #TIMESUP!

F*CK YOU DAVID SCHMIDT and MATTHEW! It ain’t coming down!

I want everyone to know that I received an indirect death threat from David Schmidt and Matthew today and it was all because of this diagram. They  tried to get me to remove this diagram provided by Kim by scaring the shit out of me. Please download the image and tweet it as many times as you can. Please make sure to use hashtags #CABALPLAN #TIMESUP #IAMYOU #ABOMB #SPEAKProject @SPEAKINTEL @KRE8CHANGE @realDonaldTrump. Thank you.


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by Ssmith
on Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:41 pm
Topic: Dave Schmidt Has Threatened to KILL Tank's Friend GUNNER! 1/22/18
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ubiety Has A Serious Bet For TANK - Does TANK Have The Courage?

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily 6MrG0kOS_bigger  ubiety‏ @ubiety4now

SERIOUS BET: I buy Tank @Kre8change a java if he finds the courage to start systematically explaining, in real detail, who are the sources of EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF WRONG INTEL he's shared with us. Why would he continue to protect and CONTINUE USING a failed source? #SPEAKPROJECT

by RamblerNash
on Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:16 pm
Topic: ubiety Has A Serious Bet For TANK - Does TANK Have The Courage?
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Stand with us" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/27/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Tank_110
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

1:40 PM EST 12/27/2017


• There are no more issues to negotiate

• The Cabal has no control or leverage

• The entire banking system has been converted

• Every country in the world has been notified that the only currency that will be utilized by US is the Gold Backed USN

• Again today a time has been set for exchanges to begin for the regular people

• The human employees inside of the Cabal machine are beginning to wake up and realize they're supporting their own enslavement

• 267,933 people have died from starvation since I first posted the article "The Deadliest Weapon Ever Created" referring to the nonperformance of the powers that be

• There has not been a single threat that has been guarded against during this entire process that could or would have killed as many people

• The biggest fear has always been the liability and law suits that would result after this event took place. The damages could be devastating to everyone at every level which is why they took such great precautions to protect THEMSELVES

• The issue I have is that the leaders SHOULD be thinking about how to protect THE PEOPLE

• So, we have begun to gather the plaintiff information to file suit on this side of the RV with the expectation that the UST will finally execute and include us instead of allowing us to file


• The world remains at war in our consciousness because of the looming fear that there are no good guys. Alliance members, please ruminate on that thought.

Your lies, not the CABAL, have done the most damage to the people. We expect evil beings to do evil things that don't consider human suffering. But we have all looked to you to be better. We've looked to you to execute the mission with integrity and honor. We expect you to value the human experience. It is this unique individuality, the creative imagination, and the complex emotional capacity to empathize with someone completely different than ourselves, that makes it so profound to be human. We're counting on you to reconnect to that energy.

You're constantly saying you'll do something then hardly acknowledging it when you don't, leaving Dinarland story tellers to fabricate some excuse for you. We're on the same team. To be a member of this team, you have to believe in team work. You have to stand for something. It's not just about winning. It's about winning the right way. Stand up for us. Stand with us. Just take a stand today and stop allowing fear to dominate your decisions. It may have kept you alive, but it's a terrible way to live.

I will file suit against the US Treasury and US Government if need be. I will have more than enough evidence to win and get everyone paid. But no one wants that to happen in that way. But I am still connected to the people and you've forgotten what that's like. I know the pain of constant promises without performance. Someone has to do what they say they'll do, or it will crush the innocence and beauty of the human spirit. I want that to be you, but because you haven't done it you're forcing it to be me.

I will follow through on everything I said unless you release us to conduct our exchanges today. You have already set a time to go so I'm in alignment with your stated purpose. The enslaved masses are terrified that they've waited all this time for their freedom and somehow by someone speaking up to declare that our freedom is not yours to give or to hold back that it will be kept from them even longer. I know better. I know who I am and what is rightfully mine. And so do you.

I am not throwing a temper tantrum, or being impatient. I'm not trying to impose my will to force something to happen. I don't have delusions of grandeur or an ego the size of Texas. I'm demonstrating a loving kindness for all of humanity that is woefully lacking in your actions. I have committed myself every second of everyday to the liberation of human kind. This is a love story that happens to include a revolution. So I will do what I said I'd do because I love being human, and I see all the beauty and infinite possibilities of our freedom. I am doing this for Team Humanity and trying to remind the Alliance that they are part of that team.

We've already taken a stand. I'm asking you to stand with us.


Join the movement
FOLLOW @kre8change


You can register for the pending Class Action Suit here. Previous issues with the link have been resolved.
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by Ssmith
on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:10 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Stand with us" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/27/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "God's Timing" - GCR/RV Message 12/26/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

God's Timing

I often hear people say that this will happen on God's timing to justify doing nothing to liberate themselves. So I think it's important to consider what the scriptures actually say.

The Messiah, who was God in a body prayed a prayer saying "Father, make them one AS you and I are one." - John 17:21

So the desire of God in a body was that you would be one with God in the same way he was one with God.

In that manifestation he told his disciples that "Greater works than this shall ye do" - John 14:12

So it would appear that he had expectations that we would do things that were even more profound than the miracles he performed in the flesh.

The scriptures also say "it is the Father both to will and to do." Philippians 2:13 So our "will" or desire to do something, as well as our actions ARE God or the father.

So if you desire to wait then you can wait because that's God in you telling you his will. But if your desire is to finish this process, and all you do is wait, then you're denying God in you, and thus ignoring the will of the father to take action.

Now you can try and deny that based on some perversion of the scriptures because you don't like me, or you can listen to what the father is saying in you. Do you really want to wait? Or are you suppressing your desire to finish because you think it makes you more holy?


Join the movement




by Ssmith
on Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:07 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "God's Timing" - GCR/RV Message 12/26/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Orders have Gone out" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/26/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic


• That was over an hour ago.
• Keep the pressure on!
• We will not be placated any longer.
• OUR redemption is close enough that if we reach for it together we can have it now.
• And to the haters, thank you for your contribution. I'm better when you oppose me.




by Ssmith
on Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:01 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Orders have Gone out" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/26/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Everything will be Live" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/26/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily RVDuldrums01

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

10:07 AM EST 12/26/2017

• HSBC said today will be the fireworks and everything will be live

• President Trump called one of our contacts and said it's done and the CORE will be liquid this morning

• Multiple groups called into Reno to complete their exchange

• Mnuchin is allegedly the one n charge if the release

• Other reports that one of the Super Trustees is the one in charge of the release

• Today the SPEAK PROJECT will launch a website to begin registration to be included in a class action suit against the United States Treasury for damages from false representation related to the Global Currency Reset

• Registration for the class action suit will begin at 2PM giving the UST time to complete the release of notifications and liquidity

• Forward movement on the suit is contingent upon performance from the UST

• Iraq is reported to be live with a rate of $3.31

• The A-BOMB CAMPAIGN will initiate disclosure protocols beginning at noon EST today


Join the movement


by Ssmith
on Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:07 pm
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Everything will be Live" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/26/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "New 800#'s Have Been Issued" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/25/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic


• Tony came out of retirement to say that the RV is live in Iraq and the banks were given discression to start any time over a period of two weeks.

• To take a line from the man himself "who does that make sense to?" If we now know we have two weeks or even 24 hours we can go out and purchase currency and spend every cent of our paycheck to do so. It's called insider trading.

• I was also just told the NEW 800# was just released and they will be released to us within the next 24 hours. WAIT, WHA??? Were you listening to me today? So now we have to launch an all out disclosure attack starting right now because of these nonsensical time frames you operate with. And we have to get more and more intel out to everyone because YOU ARE NOT TAKING US SERIOUSLY?

• We have already spoken to some of the top Rico Law Experts in the country.

• We are building a legal team strong enough to make this a nightmare. And I will begin to make this VERY public.

• We have a Public Relations team, a Mass Media team, a Social Media team, a Rugby Team, and whole group of Elementals who are ready to stir up some interest.

• We were told by HSBC that everything on their end is going to start jumping tomorrow.

• But let's be honest HSBC, we both know that when we call the bank tomorrow your staff will act like they don't even know what currency is.

• So we will need you to get us that number tonight. Listen, we can stop playing this game. You like us. We like you. Let's just go out.

• I told you to get a hold of me today with notice and we'd go away. We all know the rates are live now in Iraq, so what happens? The banks will steal back Dinar from desperate people for $800 per million then in two days sell it back to Iraq for 3 Million? Or someone comes with cash from Iraq and they get the old rate? Or you'll JUST discriminate against us? We already have evidence that Wells Fargo conducted exchanges at .85 cents per Dinar. So you'd have a TON of lawsuits on your hands if that is what you're still doing. And right now we're still talking to the lawyers at 10:45 at night because we know YOU have a tendency to get right here and chicken out.

DON'T WAIT- Put the numbers out now. Because I don't work for you. I work for the people. I've signed NO NDA. I've done my research. I know my rights. I have the legal frame work and understand the laws. It's going to be messy if we don't get these numbers quick.

• I know the "Button Pusher" came in early to work tonight just to set this thing off. So why act like you're not going let things go?

• Mr. Mnuchin, everyone else has flaked out because they were afraid of one thing or another. I believe in you. I'm hoping you realize what an absolute mess it will be if we keep giving people a reason, backed by evidence, backed by amazing Lawyers who have already volunteered, and a population of angry upset people who have made very serious life choices based on this event taking place. The lawyers seem to think that somehow you're liable for that misrepresentation. Mainly because, you've misrepresented the timing over and over and over again.

• I know you heard the call. We want to be on the same team. We know everything is ready. Can you please be the one who stops giving out these lies. We need to get notice now. It'll just make everything easier for you and us. Same team. Act like it. Make Christmas special. Restore our trust in the Government.




Check out I AM YOU by Tank on Amazon Music
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by Ssmith
on Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:13 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "New 800#'s Have Been Issued" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/25/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "A-Bomb Campaign Launched" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/25/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Image_31
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

3:05 AM EST 12/25/2017

We have reached 350,000 people in various groups already and will rapidly continue our Awareness campaign efforts as people emerge from their Christmas festivities today. Our approach will continue to be relentless until we are given our invitation to make our appointments to exchange. As we've come to expect you didn't do what you said, again.

• The 800 numbers are supposed to be to us right now as if 3:19 AM EST

• We're hearing that "they're not to us yet"

• We're hearing that means they're stalling (the way they always do and then leave us broke on Christmas morning again)

• We were told to continue exposing more and more sensitive information to make sure we're forcing them to include us.

• We have begun emailing the Admiral to see if we can get him to help us and give us the 800#s to facilitate an exchange.

• If we need to we'll start calling him, and we think that if enough of us do it he'll realize how important it is to include us or at least point us in the right direction.

• The contact I have with the numbers had not reached out since around 11PM, and his phone went straight to voice mail when I called him at 2:30 AM EST. Could mean nothing but hopefully he went in to make his exchange and he'll call with the numbers afterwards.

• We were also told that Brent McIntosh General Counsel to the US Treasury has been the hold up and the one who stopped us from exchanging before Christmas

• We will be contacting these authorities to try and get some support to get our exchange finished. We have a right to be included and it's just too important to blame anyone else but ourselves. We are taking responsibility and we will exchange this morning or we'll continue to pursue new avenues until we find our way in.

Fortunately, we are growing in numbers so I'm sure that one of the many thousands of people who are making these calls and gathering sensitive information to share publicly will find the right person to get us in for our exchange. We have seen the Cabal throw temper tantrums and get their way repeatedly so we're thrilled to have finally learned to speak the language. Rather than stay quiet like well behaved slaves we will grow in support, quality of information and get louder and louder.

We are grateful to be of service to the community and share information that can help us all get to where we want to go. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. McIntosh to see if he can explain why you haven't been able to exchange yet.



Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Image1%2B%25281%2529
by Ssmith
on Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:20 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "A-Bomb Campaign Launched" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/25/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "A-Bomb Update" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel 12/24/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

7:37 PM EST 12/24/2017


• Treasury has signed off on everything

• All banking systems are live

• Numbers coming out now


• Letters from lawyers approved

• KEY groups identified

• About to drop the A-BOMB!

• Delivery of notice is ALL that stops this.

• 48 hours of nonstop disclosure of very sensitive intel is coming, bombarding the public from thousands of people and growing!

• For everyone worried that we're making too much noise because we don't want to make "these people" mad-You're looking at it wrong. They've done nothing but lie to you. They think they still control us. Stop thinking like a slave. You're a creator. Make some noise and force them to shut us up by giving us our turn at the table. Because if we don't, they'll just stall again.


Join the movement
FOLLOW @Kre8change

by Ssmith
on Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:08 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "A-Bomb Update" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel 12/24/17
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situationfubarupdate "YOU'VE GOT 2B INCREDIBLY NAIVE OR PLAIN STUPID" 12/23/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily EHw7a8qE_bigger  situationfubarupdate‏ @situationfubaru

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRwKc69UIAAsft9
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRwKd2zU8AE7GYj
23 Dec 2017

by RamblerNash
on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:55 pm
Topic: situationfubarupdate "YOU'VE GOT 2B INCREDIBLY NAIVE OR PLAIN STUPID" 12/23/17
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situationfubarupdate "YOU'VE GOT 2B INCREDIBLY NAIVE OR PLAIN STUPID" 12/23/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily EHw7a8qE_400x400

situationfubarupdate‏ @situationfubaru


Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRv1O1LVAAEyEjk
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRv33M-VoAEpGrD
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRv38hBVQAAg5Dm
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily DRv4A1hVAAAKEWS
23 Dec 2017


by RamblerNash
on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:43 pm
Topic: situationfubarupdate "YOU'VE GOT 2B INCREDIBLY NAIVE OR PLAIN STUPID" 12/23/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Master Plan" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/21/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

12:59 PM EST 12/21/2017


  • The system was reinitiated last night and it's now possible for liquidity to take place. The Bankers have been holding the codes since yesterday and they've had the CORE groups funds for a week unable to distribute them. 
  • I thought this was already completed before but one of the key components to move forward is to get the budget to be extended into January 19th, 2018. 
  • By doing this President Trump will sign the Tax Reform Bill today. 
  • When DJT signs the Tax Reform the RV, GCR can begin exchanging on the Tier 4 Level without restrictions around the world, and 
  • President Trump has done exactly what he came to accomplish. I have to say he's won me over with this move. 


  • That being said, his actions in this case are heroic and this also might be the sacrifice he has willingly and knowingly agreed to. 
  • To implement GESARA there has to be a peaceful transition of power and whether you love Trump or not this might be the way it's set up to happen. 
  • Trumps attorneys meet with Mueller's team of prosecutors on Friday, where they will be asking for the investigation to be stopped. 
  • The DOJ will most likely refuse, which could prompt President Trump to fire the Assistant General and possibly Mueller himself. I don't believe this could have all collided so perfectly any other way. 
  • President Trump fulfills his mission in delivering the final death blow to the Cabal by getting the Tax Reform passed that releases all of man kind from by removing the shackles of money from the people, then willingly takes the heat through actions that make it look as though he is covering something up and thus obstructing justice. All the while this is a necessary sacrifice to transition into GESARA and the Republic. 


  • Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly is meeting to vote on the actions of acknowledging Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel today. 
  • This will acknowledge the Two State Solution that should have been enforced since 1967,which demanded Israel to leave land previously occupied by Palestine when the 711,000 Palestinians were driven out as a result of the the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. 
  • On Saturday Netanyahu will be called on the carpet for crimes against Humanity by the prosecutors which will result in many charges that will force him to be removed as the Prime Minister of Israel. 
  • This is only made possible because the Cabal is completely neutralized due to the initiation of the Global Currency Reset, which will have disabled them enough that they can no longer fight back with enough force to win. 


  • Also very significant is that the Federal Reserve went into Bankruptcy in 2012. 
  • The Creditors had 5 years from December 23rd, 2012 to finish resolving that transition and get the old USD off the books. 
  • So you have a complete Government shutdown that could take place without a budget, 
  • with a complete devastation of the American economy looming when the USD no longer has any value, just two days before Christmas. 
  • That means that actions need to happen now to avoid such a catastrophe, or rather that things need to continue exactly according to plan. 


  • My money is on the Alliance that this has all been carefully orchestrated to happen right now. The budget extension will pass to allow the peaceful transition into the Republic. We will finally be allowed to redeem today and go have that legendary Christmas we've always dreamt about. 
  • The USN, at least digitally, will be reinstated and Gold backed. 
  • They had expected to finish these things yesterday so true to from I'm sure the Cabal still thinks they have a chance to pull off the victory, but I've already seen it and I know they don't win. 
  • Hold on tight folks you're about to be redeemed. Notices will come out any time after you hear about the budget being extended, and Trump signing off on the Tax Reform. This is the day. Carpe Diem.

Anything can happen I'm just putting the pieces together for you. You can draw your own conclusions but this is pretty close to right.

follow @kre8change
follow @TETELESTAI800


Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Unnamed
by Ssmith
on Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:42 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Master Plan" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/21/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Expect Changes Very Fast" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/21/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily 12-20113

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

6:55 AM EST 12/21/2017

• Yesterday the Tax reform was passed

• Inside if this bill was said to be important litigation that limited the amount of support the USA is allowed to provide Israel especially in reference to the defense spending

• In addition, there's rumors that the 80% tax on our exchange was repealed in this bill

• Today is the day that was reported nearly two weeks ago that President Donald Trump would announce the Gold standard and GESARA

• Yesterday we had reposted that President was absolute thy the RV must go now apparently just as sick of the delays as the rest of us

• 6:59 AM 12/21/2017 we still don't have 800#s

• Yesterday the CORE members of the Admiral's group who had been able to see their funds had been distributed into their accounts but still did not have access were told by their bankers that the bankers had the codes to release the funds and a time they were allowed to do so-HUGE!

• However, as now I don't have an update as to whether or not those codes were initiated successfully

• If they were we will have 800#s to set our own appointments very shortly

• I can confirm several deals closing in ZIM and Dinar in Zurich. These same deals are bringing money back into the US to people I know personally

• Meanwhile, I have contacts who live in Zurich who haven't been able to get an appointment to exchange. And YES Zurich, that should piss you off.

• Here in the US Brokers I've even been contacted by are finding ways to purchase Boxes of Dinar for 500 Million Dollars-(.50 per Dinar) and 10 QUAD of ZIM for 100 Million Dollars-I've yet to see any of these deals successfully close with liquidity

• However, ZIM group leaders are flying all over the world to get their contracts fulfilled at various sucker rates seemingly taking the loss for the privilege of exchanging now

• It seems silly to me that the financial engine if the entire world is here in the US and we can't get a simple exchange done for the asset we hold at a fair value

• Expect changes very fast and be ready to go today. All indications, regardless of the doctrine of the unbelievers says we're in this transition right now.


Our weapon is our intelligence, beauty, love, and truth. We stand together in these attributes willing to demonstrate how they define themselves in the most challenging times. Today I encourage you to tap into your "why". This is the innate motivator, your personal truth that you remember when you get knocked down that inspires you to stand back up. The "why" is not the source of our strength but what connects us to that strength and reminds us why we don't give up, why we stood up in the first place, and why we're inspired to take action to make a difference.



by Ssmith
on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:28 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Expect Changes Very Fast" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/21/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Power Struggle" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/18/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic



(Note: This was from this morning/afternoon. The four hour window mentioned here already passed. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

*There is a power struggle taking place as we speak for whether or not this will happen NOW.

How can we support the release?

Our thoughts and words have helped to create the energetic support to breakthrough and release us. Today we are activating the notifications commanding them to come to us.

• This is an amazingly powerful technique. One phrase at a time where you engage your power and creativity to begin the manifestation of the new world-your world.

Start your Twitter statement with one of these phrases:

• I am...
• I have...
• I create...
• I receive...

Don't talk about the numbers or money. DAs simply as possible describe the things you want in your world. This creates the powerful supportive energy to raise the frequency to match the the RV being released.


• I am a father who spends quality time with my children every day.
• I have a beautiful home right by the water with a view of the city.
• I create opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams.
• I receive support and love from the same people I love and support.

End each Tweet with this statement:
This is #ourworld.

Trust me this is urgent.* We act now and we will receive now.

Post the same hash tags
by Ssmith
on Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:32 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Power Struggle" - GCR/RV Intel Update 12/18/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank Joins Ach Payments.... Secret Accounts Unleased FB Group 12/16/17

Steffen Rowe/Tank has found a new group of people to prey one.  He is now a member of the ACH Payments....  Secret Accounts Unleashed group.  Wonder how he and Porsha/Porsche Belle/Bell will get along.  Lol

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily 25158491_540395579657852_6680610355159568817_n

Steff Rowe

New Member · 6 hrs


_New Matriarchal Society_

To: Wells Fargo

I was just told that it was you again dragging your feet, and then out of position last night when the 800#s were to be released. I'm disappointed.

I thought you had cleaned up your act. But it's not me you should be concerned about, it's the Matriarchs.

I am certain that its the Divine Feminine Energy that is bringing in this new age. I'm confident that we're moving into a kinder Matriarchal society, where the beauty and intelligence of female leaders will be highlighted and celebrated. I'm not talking about the current female CEO's that have been forced to adopt the attributes of war time male leaders, thus hiding all of the things that make being a woman so powerful. I'm talkin about that skillful velvet glove leadership that gets men to perform at our best, meet our deadlines, and quietly allows us to think it was all our idea. That kind of mental Ninja Super female that takes one swipe with the katana sword and you think she missed because it was so fast and quiet. But then her opponent shakes their head and it falls to the floor.

I know our male leaders will learn to tap into these qualities within ourselves to be more effective in our communication, more considerate in our strategies, and more efficient in our execution.

But right now there are a thousand kids living in cars in a little town in California and they need help. There are children being sold in Guatemala because their parents can't take care of them. The Banking system has enabled the Cabal elite to hide and launder money while trafficking, molesting and murdering children all over the world. And the Patriarchal society we've lived in might forgive that, chalking it up to being "just business." And business for men isn't personal and doing what ever it takes to get ahead is admired and rewarded.

But for women, when it comes to kids ALL of their business is personal. So I would stop dragging your feet because you just got new orders to perform again tonight. And if this new Matriarchal Hierarchy finds out that you put money and power over the lives and safety of the world's children, there will be hell to pay. And to be quite honest there, won't be anyway we can stop them.

We're on the cusp of freedom or the brink of the people's revolution. And the most accessible place for rebellion to start is right in the banks as people begin to crawl to the top floors looking to hold the bankers accountable. This is your chance to save yourselves. For once, for the love of your Mom, just get it done.




by Ssmith
on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:53 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank Joins Ach Payments.... Secret Accounts Unleased FB Group 12/16/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Re: Larrabee Report Status" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/16/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Image_27

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

12/16/2017 8:22 AM


In case you haven't realized by now what we're doing here, we're trying to expose the entire story being told in the intel and distinguish what is real and what is psyops. More importantly, we're trying to demonstrate our discernment to see through the lies and force the Alliance to include us in the transition. 

If the psyops isn't working, there should be no reason for its continued application. The easiest way to include us is to invite us to exchange.

In addition, by standing together to work toward a common goal rather than bickering among ourselves about issues less important than our freedom, we demonstrate that we are awaking from the trance the Cabal has used to control us.

We have always been stronger than them, and outnumbered them, but our belief in their lies has held us captive for thousands of years. This excuse does not apply to those of us who are awake. We are liable for the enslavement of the whole human race if we have the power to change it and continue to do nothing. That applies to every one of you reading this, including the Alliance. 

For those of you concerned that we are exposing sensitive information and that this will hinder the process, I want to assure you that not only do we understand what and why we're doing this but we have also been directed to take this action by the highest level authorities with the intent of provoking action that will release us.

For those of you who think this is just a few restless crybabies whining because they want their money and thus believe we are creating a negative vibration that will have the opposite of the intended effect or no effect at all, I want you to consider the impact of its alternative: indifference.

To expect to be a leader and a creator of a new world and not be willing to stand up with the people when the Universe is crying out to us to take action is a crime against humanity.

In your heart you've longed to liberate yourself and didn't know how or what you could do. Instead you found a way to get comfortable in your cell so that you could cope with your situation.

But that is no longer a valid excuse. The door to the prison has been unlocked and all you have to do to leave is walk out. If you remain dormant, waiting in your bed for permission, then you deserve to be a slave, and the energy created from that inaction is a much lower frequency than that of all the prisoners banging their tin cups against the bars to garner enough notice to bring down the walls of the prison.

If you will just stand up with us, the prison can no longer hold us. Until then, you have decided to pass judgment and criticize rather than run the risk of either being judged or facing the criticism of being looked at as a fool. You have chosen indifference and mediocrity over gratitude for your gifts and the opportunity to activate their power.



The breakdown below is the intel from Gary Larrabee's webcast and the current status thereof based on various reliable and vetted sources (commentary in bold):

1. LARRABEE: Planners are trying to get this done if possible on or before Christmas.TANK: This is true and it "being done" includes our private exchanges being mostly completed, not just started.

2. They were trying to get 8 days for 800#s, even trying to move it up to two. This is true and, to clarify, "move it up two" means they were trying to get it done yesterday to have ten full days of exchanges before Christmas. The numbers had a set time for release last night that started at around 7PM EST last night and SHOULD have reached us already. Currently, all we've been told is that it's taking longer than expected.*

3. The main issue was to get the announcement of the active USN. It is legal, there is inventory (meaning gold) and it's waiting to be active International. Not applicable or necessary for our release.  The USN is active but not fully international. It will be announced on or around the 21st of December

4. We have to check to see if it is gold/asset backed was part of the delay. It is asset-backed and even the USD is backed by the USN. The real gold-backing for the world is in the ZIM bond notes we are holding. 

5. Trump does not want the USN to be out internationally. NOT True. Trump is and has been an advocate for our progress and his own legacy.
6. Trump still wants the Cabal to pay fines and penalties, which has been part of the delay since he wanted the banking system to pay for damages done. Yes, and he has stated this exact language in reference to Wells Fargo paying for their financial crimes to hinder this process. 

6. The Cabal was trying to stop or distract process. OBVIOUSLY, YES.

7. The Banking cartel found a glitch — that software and the problem has been eradicated. This is true. The LOOPHOLE CLOSED WEDNESDAY MORNING. Rumors are telling us that the Cabal was trying to take the 80% of held funds and use it to perform micro trades and build back up the wealth and power of the Cabal. Doesn't quite make sense to me because they told us that wouldn't be a thing all the way back in September.

8. They want to contain the Cabal from the Trump Camp as it's related to East Jerusalem being part of Palestine. This containment is FINISHED which is why Trump came out to announce the US embassy moving to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. More importantly, Netanyahu supported and complied with said action.

9. Until the safety team says its ok, we still wait. Safety team has SIGNED OFF.

10. The "Hercules System" is ok, but the system needs to be safe before we go. The system is Officially SAFE.

11. We know the Admiral's Core group has received funds for the first time in their accounts. That is a fact. The Admiral has even told them that their business together is done because he has released all control of their money to the designated accounts provided by the members. However, the banks themselves have not released these funds to the members even after holding them since Thursday morning. Either they are in shock or they are waiting for all of us to release at the same time. The Core has been told once again that they WILL BE LIQUID this morning.

When this Liquidity is a fact for the Core, our release should come out at the same time.  

We're also hearing that Galactics are helping the process.  This also concerns me because they have no human concept of time, space or money.




People are dying, in this dimension, where we currently live. And, in this place, life and death, time and space, slavery and freedom are ALL very important to who we are and what we create.

Our perception, belief, and reality act as powerful generators for the cosmic vision and experience of all beings in the Universe. This is why we are considered the most coveted asset in the world, because the creation is responding to our thoughts, words, and actions.

And finally, all of the controlling entities know that we are on the verge of exploding out of this current existence and that there are two ways out. 1. Either we are freed and able to create a peaceful new world of cooperation, beauty and kindness. 2. Or they don't release us and a catastrophic rebellion takes place as the world begins to fracture and implode on itself as the Sovereign People of Earth start to take their freedom back.  

Right now, we are using our words as our weapons to free ourselves. Thoughts become words and words become actions, which the Alliance understand better than we do. Our words will force action, either from our release or from the people themselves, who won't be able to take this enslavement any longer knowing that our release should be here now.

These are not threats, as the New Powers That Be well know. These are the results from previous creations and the foresight of their own remote viewing.  

The only place we can make the difference between life and death, poverty and prosperity, and love and hate is this exact moment in time. Every second we are not released, the tension builds toward another tragic failure.

You know that. Now, the people know that too.



by Ssmith
on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:26 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Re: Larrabee Report Status" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/16/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "The Creative Age" - GCR/RV Message 12/14/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Image_24
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

The Creative Age — SPEAK PROJECT: PHASE 3 — "I AM A KRE8OR"
By Tank
December 14, 2017

In an effort to effect change, the SPEAK PROJECT team has done our best to expose the errors in the psyops by revealing the entire story behind the intel. We've created a messages that resonate with everyone and tweeted them out to the masses. We've written articles to teach people and raise the vibration of the planet, hoping to break out from this dome under which we've all been living.

For the most part, these activities have served a purpose by getting us mobilized and participating in our own liberation. We've sparked the dormant character inside each of us that remembers what it’s like to actively pursue our dreams instead of waiting for our dreams to just magically come true.

But we haven't really tapped into the core quality of the human experience that both defines us individually and unites as a species.

We were made in the likeness and image of our Creator. We are all creators in that we define the world we live in and ultimately agree to the rules of the world we’ve created. We have accepted all that we see and know to be the reality of our experience and the limits of our existence.

The truth is that the only limits we have are the limits that we place on ourselves. We believe we'll age so we get older. But, scientifically speaking, every cell in our body is replaced every seven years. So we are literally a brand new creation of our own choosing at the end of each seven year cycle. Scientists have whole divisions at universities dedicated to understanding why we age. Because we all accept it as reality, the mass consciousness reflects our beliefs and we do indeed “age.” We are not responding to the Creation. The Creation is responding to us.

I know how our victimized slave programming immediately starts telling us that what I just wrote isn't true. Some will call it heresy for thinking themselves “creators” and will soundly reject this concept from the confines of religious or culturally accepted perceptions. Others might advocate meditation as a means to find peace no matter what, thereby creating an imaginary world within themselves, not willing to impose their will on anything external and thus creating nothing.

We toggle back and forth between a desire to express ourselves openly and an expectation of structure within to which we can apply a formula to get results.

We remain divided within and divided without. And yet, we want more than anything to move forward into a new world — together.


DO NOT blindly trust me on this. In fact, I'd like you to try to prove me wrong. But do allow yourself 15 minutes for the following exercise.

1. Start with the statement, "I am a creator.” Concentrate until you convince yourself that it is the absolute truth.

2. Next, close your eyes and contemplate the trappings of your life — your family, your body, your clothes, your job, your attitude. Take responsibility for that creation.

Consider how it was you who chose your partner, who raised your kids, and who decided how to treat and respond to your family. You thus created the relationships you currently have with them. You bought your clothes, creating an image to those around you and altering your own reality based on their responses to you. You chose where to live based on financial realities that you created which, in turn, were based on decisions you made professionally and personally. You made decisions about the food you eat, the beverages you drink, your exercise regime, and other habits that have created the person you believe yourself to be. In other words, you live in a reality of your own creation.

3. Now, start to create the new world you want to live in. Write down the single word that best describes the emotion you want to feel most of the time in this new world of your creation. Just one word. That is the word that will emanate through every aspect of the new world you create.

4. Complete this sentence about the role you want to play in this new creation: ”I am (place the feeling word here) to be the (role you want to play) of this world.” (Example: “I am joyful to be the light of this world.”) Read it out loud and make sure it makes you feel exactly the way you want to feel when you declare your statement.

5. Now that you know exactly how you'll feel playing the role you want to play, go ahead and create three immutable truths of your new world. These are rules that govern your creation, like the laws of nature, attraction, or even gravity. Keep it simple to start.

6. Decide what you want to teach and what you want to learn from your creative experience.

Being that you have the power to bring anything into existence, you may want to experience feeling helpless so you can appreciate the power you have. Or maybe you want to know what it's like to play the part of a hero overcoming an impossible situation. You might just want to create a simple world where everyone gets along and there is no conflict of any kind (although this environment does make it challenging to really learn anything). But it's your world, so do what ever you want.

8. Imagine yourself playing your part in that world, and allow yourself to create the details as you go. Apply your rules, feel the energy you want to feel, and express yourself exactly the way you want to in the role you're playing.

9. Finally, look at your life again. Would it really be so difficult to apply those same principles to your life today?

If it were necessary to have a mission to inspire the arrival of this historic change, this would be it. The goal is to connect you to your natural creative state. These often latent abilities convey infinite power, wisdom, and expression. They exist inside of you and are available for you to unlock at any time.

CHALLENGE: What would it take to convince you, even just to humor me, to write down your creation sentence and tweet it out to the world?

Follow us on Twitter and include the following tags in your tweet:

You're more than just the change you want to see in this world. You are the creator of the new world we create together.

by Ssmith
on Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:29 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "The Creative Age" - GCR/RV Message 12/14/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank S.P.E.A.K. Intel as of 10:54 AM EST 12/13/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Tank412
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

AS OF 10:54 AM EST 12/13/2017


• All new currency has been delivered to the banks.

• The currency is described as unique and markedly different than the old currency.

• Announcement will be made about the new gold-backed currency.

• Memo went out to the exchange centers, call centers, and banks telling them that a Global Currency Reset valuing the currency at its appropriate value according to the assets of that country will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours (for the first time in history).

• Liquidity has been released in the entire global financial system.

• Flash bangs are everywhere.

• 800#s were expected to come out to the people yesterday, still expecting them to show today.

• It's possible that private ZIM exchanges could begin today

• We have confirmation from Zimbabwe that they are in fact revaluing their currency and it will be Gold backed.



Beware of fear-mongering tactics that imply that you the people will not be able to exchange your currency. Anyone who creates division by trying to make you feel like you do not have the right to exchange is misinformed.

The elitist mentality that those in control will be the only ones able to aid in the restoration and reeducation of humanity has not yet adapted to the paradigm change.

The elite had their chance to do distribute the wealth they have had control of, and instead hoarded their money away to maintain control, abuse, mistreat, and enslave all of humanity rather than distributing it to empower the people.

This is our opportunity to demonstrate the value in that. Use their ignorance as a tool to sharpen your own determination, dedication, and skill set to make your efforts stronger, your heart more compassionate, and and your mind more clear.

They are not an opponent. They are an asset.

(published with permission)

by Ssmith
on Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:44 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank S.P.E.A.K. Intel as of 10:54 AM EST 12/13/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank S.P.E.A.K. (The Truth) Intel as of 2:36 PM EST 12/13/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Tank_214
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

2:36 PM EST 12/13/2017

• Okay so we know everything was released including instructions to release 800#s and all liquidity in the new financial system in wee hours of the morning.

So why don't we have our appointments?

  • IT IS NOT because President Trump JUST found out about the 80/20 split and said "absolutely not" and now everyone is scrambling around to get the paper work done. Think about it for a second, everyone knows about the "80/20 SPLIT" and EVERYONE KNOWS it's been changed. So if WE who are considered and informed of nothing know it, do we really think the President JUST found out? Seriously? If he didn't know something as obvious and broadcast as that, he certainly doesn't have the power to change it, because he's being handled. Or, he's not being handled and that's just some more nonsense to create fear and panic.
  • IT IS NOT because they're locking down New York City to ensure there's no more incidents with suicide pipe bombers. You can't stop random rogue elements from causing a problem if they're determined to do so. There are some obvious steps to take such as profile people who are wearing pipe bombs strapped to their chest. I would expect that this will be done regardless, and as a rule, don't hug someone with a bomb strapped to their chest. They're probably not in a good place. 
  • IT IS NOT because you're only going to be able to exchange your ZIM in Zurich, or Hong Kong or a base on Mars, nor is it because you have to be in one of these ZIM groups to exchange. That is a tool being fed to Brokers who offer very low rates on your very valuable ZIM to try and get it at a lower rate, right before the RV because various entities know the value is about to change so they put up big money to scoop up as much as they can, then trade it on platforms while paying you out a percentage over 50 weeks. There are such exchanges going on in Zurich but I can tell you right now for a fact there are brokers purchasing QUADS of ZIM today in New York City. They only have until the end of trade today to take it in though (a clue perhaps). 


  • As part of the good guys plan they've allowed the Cabal to utilize a loophole in the Quantum system to steal money from the system. The Cabal thinking they had this backdoor way to continue to steal funds believed they would still be able to make a comeback and maintain some power after the RV exchange process had concluded. In reality the Alliance had always planned to close the loop at the last minute, which is exactly what they did this morning. Which has caused what appears like a delay. In reality the Alliance positioned themselves in a "must perform"scenario because this move only works if they initiate right now so that the Cabal doesn't have time to recover before it starts raining asset backed Currency.
  • Long story short, Good Guys win. Notice is on top of us at any second. 


We look forward to receiving our notice today!


Join the movement to be a part of your own liberation:


by Ssmith
on Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:41 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank S.P.E.A.K. (The Truth) Intel as of 2:36 PM EST 12/13/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Today was the Day" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/11/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily Image_23
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

SPEAK INTEL 5:31 EST 12/11/2017

• Allegedly the 120 "ZIM Counters" should finish up this evening

• When they finish we can go

• We have multiple confirmations that Iraq is live and international (almost)

• Funds have been put in place for payouts on the ZIM

• We had heard "it started" but we have no idea what that means because it hasn't started for us

• ZIM platforms are supposed to be liquid this evening

• Other sources telling us anytime after midnight

• Jerusalem actually translates to Yahweh is peace, and it's symbolic of "the bride" so it seems fitting that it would be coupled with peace, which would be a necessary component to implement GESARA and even more appropriate to acknowledge a kinder more nurturing time if the Divine Feminine

• The guys with the numbers were told today was the day this would all be finished, but true to form they're late.


• Still rockin

• Be part of your own liberation. Imagine how we can increase the planetary vibration when we're united behind one common purpose. I'd like to invite the leadership to join as well. We know you're listening. Come out of the shadows and help us wake humanity.

• You can get the latest instructions at SPEAKPROJECT.NET



Steffen Rowe/TANK
by Ssmith
on Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:51 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Today was the Day" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/11/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Twitter Camp" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/9/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic


You are invited to participate in your liberation. We are currently expecting the release of the 800#s at any moment based on the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, the announcement of them joining the World Trade Organization, and their formal acknowledged release from Chapter 7.

We have also heard but not yet been able to confirm that CNN International actually announced the new rate of the Dinar as $7.12.

We have these factors and we are very excited for the people of Iraq. But this is of no consequence if the rest of us are not included.

I have been advised to continue to keep the pressure on them to perform. We will actively be engaged the TWITTER campaign below. We ask you to join us in this effort taking place NOW!

We are all Sovereign People of Earth. Please stand with us to force our voice to be heard.






"We are ONE voice demanding liberation NOW. Release the notice to unlock our chains."

"We are the change the world has been waiting for."

"Join the movement! Our freedom is at hand. We exchange TODAY!"

"If you knew you were enslaved, your pursuit of freedom would be relentless. Well guess what?"

"All of our power is in our awareness of our power. Today we are aware. We're making you aware. And we're telling everybody else too. We can ignite a revolution or restore the Republic. It's up to you"

"We support the Alliance to safely make this transition. Free us now so we can help."

"IRAQ DECLARES FINAL VICTORY OVER ISLAMIC STATE. Their freedom frees the whole world!"

Twitter Contact:

POTUS Trump - @realDonald Trump. @POTUS. @PresidentTrump



HSBC Canada - @HSBC_CA

Sec Mnuchin - @stevenmnuchin1

Gen John Kelly - @realjohnfkelly

Steve Bannon - @StephenBannon. @Steven_K_Bannon

Sec Sessions - @SecSessions

FNC - @FoxNews

Sean Hannity - @seanhannity

Infowars - @RealAlexJones

Email, does not use Twitter, ex CIA Agent Robert David Steele:

Jay Sekulow - @JaySekulow
by Ssmith
on Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:10 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Twitter Camp" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/9/17
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Steffen Rowe/Tank - "Who's the Hold up?" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/8/17

Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily 12-20110
Topics tagged under speakproject on Dinar Daily PastedGraphic

6:25 PM EST 12/8/2017

"Who's the hold up?"

• I just heard the Admirals group is fine and we're closer than we've ever been

• Not good enough! This was to supposed to have been released already! And now you're scrambling to get things done?

Is it the "Admiral"?

• The US Treasury has received your funds from your groups that turned in their currency, they've done background checks on YOU to make sure you're not a criminal, meanwhile YOU are struggling to pay your rent! That's a fact.

Is it the treasury?

• Yesterday I was told that they were paying out the Admiral's group and they were finally being made liquid, but the "Bankers" were slowing down the process.

Is it the Banks?

• President Trump tweeted out today that Wells Fargo would have to pay their fines and penalties based on their misconduct and fraudulent activities. Wells Fargo is the ones who "lost" the Gold certificates and tried to make money off from them while one of the Trustees threw temper tantrums that he wouldn't let it go until he got his money back.

So is it Wells Fargo?

• Fines and penalties has always been referring to the Farmers laws suits that started this whole thing so maybe we had to wait for that tweet to start paying them out.

So are we waiting for the Farmers claims to be paid?

• The American Corporation that has been illegally running our country from foreign soil out of Washington DC and established the Federal Reserve in Puerto Rico to control the Central Banks, enslave and exterminate humanity, while pretending to act in our best interests is supposed to be out of business as if 12:30 PM EST TODAY!

So Is it the Shadow Government?

• The Restored Republic of the United States has allegedly been in control since 2015 with Paul Ryan at the helm. And yet the Cabal is still able to use high energy weapons to ignite Southern California with a heat so hot reports say it was melting iron and trees were burning from the inside out, and this move to cause chaos and stall the RV once again. But other sources are saying the Republic let it happen.

Who's running this Circus??

• I was told there are 120 people who started counting the ZIM that had been turned in by the groups this afternoon. And in an attempt to impress us we were told they'd be working 24/7 for the next three days to get that done and then the rest of us would be allowed to go. What??? YOU should have hired a thousand people at every city in the country to count ZIM and let us go NOW! I'll pay for it myself. Just let me exchange!

So is it the Elders fault who are buying this ZIM at a lower rate to get it off the street before we go in??

• And finally we heard that the last few banks were finally connected last night and we should be good to go. Instead we sift through more nonsense. This would mean that OUR MONEY is finally TRANSFERABLE! So get to transferring it already!

• I'm calling BS on all of it! Stop feeding us lies and give us our freedom because WE ARE UNITING! And we know our rights!


WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYMORE DELAYS OR FALSE REPORTS. It doesn't matter. No one cares anymore about what the reasons are. You've had 16 years to get all of this done and it's time to go. We know because today we got a hold of real decision makers at HSBC in London who connected us to bankers managing the Collateral accounts. And we know we have the right to our money and the opportunity to exchange. We are connected and growing stronger, and we're not willing to wait anymore. And we don't care who's fault it is because you're all complicit in our enslavement. So we're leaking through the castle walls and we're not standing down or letting up until you set us free!!

• And ALL of you who keep doing nothing and waiting until they finish one more thing while we sit accepting our mediocre lives, hiding an IMENSE CREATIVE GIANT with unlimited power are guilty too! Get off your couch and do something to shift the energy!




Join the movement and stop waiting for permission to SPEAK. One VOICE. Right now!


Limited space left to join on What's App

Follow on Twitter
by Ssmith
on Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:32 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank - "Who's the Hold up?" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update 12/8/17
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