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BobTheTaxMan recommends you get ready to deal with the TAXES of the dinar rv

Dear  .. 

This Bob the Tax Man is correct .. he is either crazy or delusional , and most likely is Not an SEC (#SECNews@SECNews ) licensed or registered investment advisor.. he is at best completely fuctarded .  

Oh, and no licensed Certified Public Accountant I know would touch this insider marketing scam w/a 10 ft #2 pencil or offer their legal opinion on the tax consequences of a mythical RV or GCR unless they were crazy or delusional..  

Q: So how is this either an honest or "bonafide" investment if the "guru's" marketing the crap out of this insider info scam are unlicensed / non registered currency pumpers having milking this cash cow for over a decade with a false narrative, half truths and out & out lies .. since most involved have some kind of criminal record or checkered past ?

Fact, Iraq is a failed state, fending off corruption & struggling for stability . Their single revenue stream is from the sale of state owned oil paid in petro-dollars .. Their revenue is enough to have rebuilt the country  over 5 times in the last 10 years without a currency revaluation or a Global Currency Reset . 

But after a decade of blatant lies what do we know ..  #60Minutes #ABC2020 #USnews #NYT #WSJ 
by Tinef
on Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:31 am
Topic: BobTheTaxMan recommends you get ready to deal with the TAXES of the dinar rv
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