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Q & A w/One Who Knows #11 4/18/17

"Question for OWK on Yosef's Word Salad"

Entry Submitted by Pat at 4:30 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

"Who Knows" - GCR/RV Update - Tuesday - April 18, 2017

"Now if you hold ZIM, don't expect any guru to give you numbers or release on either their calls or post on their websites.

It'll be complete word of mouth for the ZIM. All person to person contact. No digital transfers. Very inside baseball stuff."

Sorry are going to get bombarded with this one.
What is this suppose to mean? We need your insight on this word salad.



"Giftee Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Butterfly at 3:13 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

Are giftees with only one ZIM note still going to be offered a flat rate per note? Do you know what that offer will be? Thank you.


"To OWK"

Entry Submitted by LT at 12:53 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

We have been told many times that this is going at 8:00 or whatever tomorrow by Yoseph. Whether he is just hoping or trying to confuse it definitely is working.

They say the NPTB will not release if there is any kind of war going on or Saber rattling. It seems to me the cabal has it figured out and this can go on for a long time.

Your opinion is very important is this going to happen or should we just move on with our lives.
Tomorrow is the only day that never comes.


"How Much Should We Ask?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:04 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

How much should we ask for on our 100T ZIM note?

We have calculated our mortgage pay off, bills pay off, loans pay off and other misc. debts pay off. Then we added in assistance for family members, purchase of 2 new cars, several trips we would like to take and a cash reserve. There are probably a few other items we will add as we think of them.

At start up we will use some of the original principle to get several humanitarian projects started. We have also calculated the amount of cash needed to bank (cash engine) in order to produce the amount of interest needed quarterly to fund these and other humanitarian activities in perpetuity.

We know the new metals backed financial system will fund our new currency, USN, for the Republic of the United States of America at an established value. Will there be any further reduction in value during the global revaluation process? While we don’t want to be greedy and take more than we need we do want to take enough.

The bottom line, should we ask for more funds at redemption to offset any future reduction in value of our GIFT? We think the answer should be NO, as we are now in a new benevolent period of growth and prosperity. “The Golden Era”

Please comment……..Thanks

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:55 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

First I would like to thank Patrick for DC for offering such an invaluable venue for so many. Also I thank you OWK for all the calmness and clarity you bring to this process. Also an invaluable selfless service.

My question/comment is the veracity of the truth of this event. I have been in this speculative investment for just about 7 1/2 years and like so many others I have heard an incessant repetition of the same things. Whether it was just about to happen this week back in 2009 or the lifting of chapter7 or releasing the lower denoms or the liberating of Mosul or on and on for a million other reasons to the rv of the IQD has evolved into the GCR and that this has been planned for the last 50 or is it 100 or 1000 years. Who knows really?

I mean, I want to have faith in this and I believe I have kept the faith. But to be honest with you, even you have been expecting this to happen for some time now and it hasn't. I read you are one of the segment leaders which is great but how do you know with absolute certainty that you yourself are not being led down the garden path? Others have said and I'll repeat it - it keeps getting reported over weeks maybe even months and actually years but nothing ever happens. Do you really know with 100% certainty that this segment rollout is the truth and what the timeframe is?

Please take this in the well-meaning spirit it is given.

Thank you again OWK.

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:07 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Sorry for the lead-in. Just setting the stage.

On Saturday, your peer Yosefus, (yet again) made very specific (erroneous) claims. As just a few examples:

· Redemption center staff checks in at 5:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm & 11:30pm daily.

· HSBC told their midnight crew would get the RV start sometime Saturday.

· Military base redemption staff reporting nightly at 8pm EDT for ZIM only redemptions.

· Fresh food and drinks are catered in and placed out every night by 11pm EDT.

· Once tax day ends on Saturday April 15, expect 800#s to pop out, as that ends the 2016 tax collection period, legally--as well as the USA, Inc's fiduciary books permanently.

· Look for a midnight release between April 15 & April 16 as that's when the Christian Orthodox churches celebrate the Easter holiday.

· All 28,000 Wells Fargo employees are to report into work tonight at 6:30 PM EST to begin the exchange process.

Not only is each one of these ludicrous and beyond the pale, but the collection is wholly insane. (ALL 28,000 WF employees went to work Saturday night?! Before Easter Sunday? I know many. THEY DIDN’T!)

None the less, the tragedy is this jack-wagon’s bodacious “intel” preys on Dinarland’s hopes. Real, caring people’s hopes get raised to tremendous highs by this piece of dirt then get dashed when his BS proves wrong again. (But he keeps getting printed on DC)

My question for you is, as you predict “our time is now,” why should we believe you? What credibility do you have wherein we should place our hope and trust? (and I know you’ve said, “I’m part of the plan” but those are mere words… the same as we get from Yosie-Punk.)

"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Midwestman at 10:05 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I have a simple question for One Who Knows but before I ask I do want to thank you for the information you have recently put out and the answers to all of the questions that have been asked. People ask questions for a bunch of reasons and I have always maintained that it is alright to ask questions. I wish these arm chair psychologists and psychiatrists which just back the hell off and let people ask whats on their minds. I have always been told there is no "bad" question. To make someone feel bad for asking a question earns those people a good square kick right in the kahonies. I have found that if 1 person has a specific question, there probably are many others with the same one and for what ever reason, maybe they are beat up every time they ask a question, they end up not asking it. This endeavor is fraught with questions and a lot of time asking questions holds peoples feet to the fire so I say if someone doesn't understand something then go ahead and ask someone who may understand it better than yourself.

I have a simple question that I ask in all seriousness. You have called this plan "genius" and from what I see it is, even though I am no one to judge. But I cannot believe that General Dunford put all of the time and effort into developing this plan without some kind of time line for it. So I am asking in all seriousness, what is the time line for the roll out of this plan. Now I understand you don't know the exact moment but there had to be some indication as to whether we would be waiting to see this plan executed this week, this month, this quarter. I know in your post you said "a couple of days" but now that this has been out for "a couple of days" I wanted to know if you are sticking to that time line or will there be more delays in order to implement this plan or what. We, the die hards that have been patient through this whole thing have been through all of the delays, real and manufactured and just want to see this thing done, as I am sure you do. So a plan as complicated as this has to have some kind of time line. I'm sure the General didn't create this plan just for busy work. When I was in the service, whenever the upper brass created a plan and implemented it, it ALWAYS had a hard time line so thats why I am wondering here.

I truly am not trying to put you on the spot, I truly am not trying to make you look bad. I have come to the conclusion that you are one of the "good guys" and don't believe you would put something out that was total crap so I hope you can enlighten us with the answer to the proverbial million dollar question. We are just tired of the games and hope that this truly is it.

Thanks again for all you have done with this.


"Question on Segments for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Matt T at 9:34 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Will the email sent by your segment leader be sent more than once in case you accidentally deleted the first one, or you missed it when going through the 1000 spam emails you get per day?

Thanks for all your benevolent hard work!

God bless,

Matt T

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by English White Knight at 9:31 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Further to Christine’s request earlier, I would very much like to be on your segment list as I too am out in the cold in the UK.

I have an all absorbing need to rebuild our planet and lift Humanity so any advantage to access the higher rates would be so useful.

Thanks for all your guidance to date.

Kind regards

English White Knight

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:30 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Hi, we are writing from Italy and we think that in our country we aren' t too much people to follow the GRV, so we ' d like to know how we can get the 800 numbers and where we could go to exchange. Thanks

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Namboy at 8:24 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Dear Richard

Thank you for your (it seems) tireless efforts regarding the idc community.

I am in a southern African country. I bought currencies via ebay, but had it delivered to family in England. Once I just made the delivery adress theirs and other times, when I experienced some difficulty buying from my account I had them buy it for me using their own account. I also had them buy dong at a currency dealer, but repaid them. When they visited in December they brought all the currencies (Z$, IQD, VND) along as well as all the paperwork. I thought maybe there will be a local place where we'll be able to exchange, but we don't have an HSBC over here. The original plan was to go back to England to exchange and I'd still prefer that option.

I haven't explained the RV/GCR to them, because my believe in this wasn't hight enough untill recently. It remains a speculative investment at best, so neither could I really sell this to any of my other family members. I tried to, but was shot down before I could get started. Having to exude an air of being financially​ responsible I didn't bother a second time.

There are 3 of us in whose name the currencies were bought, though I ultimately paid for everyhing. Who will have to exchange what, seeing that there is supposedly a record of who bought what? I'm afraid that the big bucks will then go to people who does not have a clue about this whole reset, leaving me with almost nothing to do any projects with. My original plan was to put the money in trust and devide that which wouldn't be needed for projects equally among the family members, so they will probably be getting more than they would know what to do with anyway.

1. Possession is 9 tenths of the law, but would the name of the original purchaser have any impact?
2. Any idea where in southern africa I might be able to exchange? Apparently SA does have an HSBC, but not a retail banking branch.


"For OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Tee at 6:57 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I read all your posts on DC. Am I included in your personal contact list you made reference too on your Q&A? If not, how can I be included on your list?


"OWK, We Must be Driving you Nuts" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Christine at 6:39 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you and Patrick do for us in this community, it is so appreciated. I'll get to the point as I know you have many many enquiries.

I'm from UK and up til now I've kept a low profile because I wish to help humanity as anonymously as I can, for many reasons but mostly for my childrens' safety when this GCR rolls out.

There's no one talking about the GCR/RV in UK, Dinar Chronicles is my only source of info so I check in daily and have for a while now and am content to trust the process.

But, I now have a small request, please will you put me on your Segment email list?

I bought my currency from an HSBC branch in UK, but they didn't take any contact details so I can't expect them to email me so I rang HSBC in London today.

It took an hour, as I was passed from dept to supervisor and back again, yet still I couldn't get to anyone who had a clue what I was talking about, they could only offer a screen rate which is the same that it's been for the last few years.

They had no idea what I was on about, it's like I'm on a different planet!

I'm assuming in UK there's no where near as many currency holders as in US, and as I have Dong, I'm thinking maybe its a different system here whereby the banks have no idea about this and the only route to some kind of 'secret separate first basket currency exchange unit' is the #800 coming to us via "segments".

I'm confident that I'm not in a list or group due to my low profile, although I'm on Patricks email list for this site.

So please, OWK, you seem to be the reliable source of info, would you kindly include me in your segment group list? Patrick will have my email address from this post and his "Intel" email list, I would be really grateful if he would pass it to you.

Many blessings to you and all on DC, may you all bring the change this world so desperately needs.

Christine x

"Question for OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 6:20 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I have few thousand 100trilion zim banknotes.

I dont want take sov.rates.

Im actualy not greedy and I want take the lowest rate 2usd times 100trilion so it will be few thousand quadrilions usd.I heard that all usd money created are higher as empire state building(just 100trilion)

I will force them to print it in 100dollar notes(I will be mercyfull and I will not let them to print in 1dollar notes-actualy Im going green with that) so I will build whole cities with bunches of money instead of bricks.

Hopefully there will be no fire and water there.

So my question is if I will be allowed to buy whole America and build these paper cities
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Peter Kasaj

"Re: Segments" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Rainbow at 5:49 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Have just read One Who Knows post on Intel about "Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

Dear One Who Knows

Have purchased a few 100TZim from a private seller plus a friend purchased for me and l payed this friend back as no credit card here in Australia and was wondering how we can receive the #800numbers. Also how do the friends and family that we have gifted too receive notification on the exchange. Looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks for your Intel on our prosperity for all our brothers and sisters.


Topics tagged under 800numbers on Dinar Daily Unnamed%2B%25283%2529

"Question to OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 5:18 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Regarding this article:

"My Two Constants..." by Anonymous1 - 4.17.17

Im littlebit confused here because I also heard at least 2 versions of RV process.

1. version
Hidden RV - it will look like it never happened supported by article upper and also it was said in one of Intel posts(I didnt found it back but I remmember it(that grandfather ordered RV happend to look like it never happened)

World wide exchanges,supported by military bases and external exange centers and through banks.With dinarland going first because they paid attention so they have special privilege just because they paid attention on public website for all to see and be bilion trilion quadrilioner times zilion.

So my question is which version is going to play out hiden Rv with hiden gold or other assets backing or public version with 20 000 000 zilionares which if they will ask for sov.rates will be super total Usd quanifilioners or I dont know how many Zim holders are up there.

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Peter Kasaj

"Question on the Segments GCR Roll-Out Plan" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Jay Coolie at 2:10 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Dear One Who Knows.

RE: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Thank you all the way for your previous information provided.

I am an old-stuffs collector, so I also hold zim. The main point is I just walked in and bought my collection at the shop but not by net. So I think there is no info from me that can collect by the “Super Computer”. So how can I be contacted. What can I do to get on the bus.

Besides, I live in Hong Kong. Is “the Segments” just go in USA or Worldwide? Can I have the chance to take this cake? Please give me an advice.

Very appreciate with your job. Thank You all IDC family, thank you OWK.

Jay Coolie
by Ssmith
on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:36 pm
Topic: Q & A w/One Who Knows #11 4/18/17
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