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RayRat Call 12/12/16

December 12, 2016

TNT Call notes 12-December-2016

Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

You know we have impersonators and copycats, and some of them are extremely crafty – the elite criminals of the world. They are intelligent, they just use their skills the wrong way. There is an old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted. [silence] There was a fake Twitter account RayRen89n (rather than 98); generally I don’t care about that, but I was surprised to learn this fake site has been up nearly a year and 384 of you are following it. I don’t know if you thought it was me or were just following for amusement, but either way, I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you want to know if you are following the right twitter, check the followers – we have about 250,000 followers, and otherwise it’s not the right one. The fake sites have taken photos and logos to try to convince you they are the real deal. So if you are following us – TNT or RayRen – check that you are following the correct one. You can also tell if the messages are silly or don’t sound like me.

RayRen: Good afternoon, superfantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, December 12, 2016, yours truly RayRen98 here. Did we think we would still be here today? Yes, there was a possibility, but we might not be in a few more days – at least that is the thought.

There is no intel to share this morning. I am not aware of anything big. Iraqi television is still saying the same things, worded a bit differently. When we get to the bottom line, where are we? Most are saying the 15th; some bank people are saying the 15th and other are saying after Xmas but before the end of the year. Everybody is definitely saying before the first of the year. It’s a wait and see ride before the last stretch. If it doesn’t happen before the first of the year, what can we do? All we can do is wait. While I wait, I am looking for opportunities, but it’s still a waiting a game, no matter how many sites you visit or articles your read. If it comes by the 15th, will you be ready for that? If it comes between Christmas and the New Year, are you ready for that? We have other thing to occupy our minds right now, such as the holiday season, family and friends. We still have to get on with life, enjoy the season and the reason for the season. That’s it as far as the intel – that’s all I have to share today.

Questions from the TNT Forum

Q: Can you please tell us anything about the possibility of the Zim being released for exchange prior to other currencies in the first basket? A: I haven’t heard any such thing. Last I remember hearing, they are all going together. If someone has decided otherwise, Hallelujah! If so, are you ready? Because that will be a fantastic opportunity if any of the currencies come out prior to the rest. All you need is one!

Q: We are getting close to the 1st part of 2017, which has been the published time for deleting the three zeroes for over a year now. I’ve always thought they would do it before the published time; because I’ve never heard of a central bank or government giving an “accurate heads up on such sensitive intel” … is this one of the reasons you’re still positive it’s popping before January 2017? A: Yes.

Q: The Afghani has a 38 dollar contract rate. If we have been at war with them Like Iraq ? We have some difference of opinions ;Tony said that a long time ago? A: Where did you hear that? You know how to contact me, so bring me up to date on this. Otherwise I don’t understand the question.

Q: Ray is there anything more on the taxes? A: No, I haven’t heard anything.

Q: Have you heard if the US is already asset-backed? A: I assume you are asking if I’ve heard it from any of my official intel sources, rather than ‘have I heard this rumor’. I haven’t heard that from any official source, no.

Q: With talk of the Iranian Rial name being changed to the Toman, what do you think will happen to the Rial that we hold? A: Based on the information I’ve been seeing, I don’t think anything will happen to it. It’s the same. Once the transition period ends, it could change, but I don’t know what the transition period is.

Q: Last week you were 100% sure that this would happen or something else would happen that would show us the light at the end of the tunnel? What changed or is it just a slower process? Are we still progressing or has something paused this? A: I don’t recall saying I was 100% sure it would happen by a certain date. I hoped I would have firmer information this weekend, but that has not come yet. We’re still waiting, but it is coming. We are still progressing, yes.

Q: Is triple digits still a viable option to negotiate for the Zim? A: I intend to. What’s the worst that could happen? They could say “We can’t do that, but this is what we can do…” and we would negotiate from there.

Live Callers:

610 caller: Here we are again. Go to, click on the red donate button and make a donation to keep these calls going.


CO caller: I think we’re pretty well schooled on what to do when the 800 numbers come out. I don’t know what to do in the absence of 800 numbers.

RayRen: We will use tweets, blasts, and the forum and let you know the information we have and where to get more information. We’ll either say “It’s live and here are the numbers” or “It’s live and proceed with your plan.” Your assignment was to contact the local banks in your area and find out which branches deal with foreign currency and which verify onsite. If you did that homework, you will know which bank to contact to make your appointment. On Public Release Day, you will already I know which banks to call, because you know which exchange currency and which verify onsite. It might be that you choose a local bank or shop around rather than using the one that the 800 number sends you to. Call them, see what the deal is, and then you have some choices about where you want to exchange. Some of these banks are going to be very aggressive. The lead bank might not give you the best deal. Because they are the lead bank, they may not be motivated to give you the best deal.

Caller: Do you feel comfortable announcing the release date? With or without the 800 numbers will you let us know?

RayRen: One of us is mixed up on what we’re saying. I already said that it would be announced, whatever the case may be, with numbers or without. I am not going to try to the be the first; you could possibly hear it elsewhere up to 30 minutes earlier. But when I do announce it, it will be solid, not a rumor.

506 caller: I don’t follow anyone else. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

470/404 caller: What’s your feeling about how this will released? Do you think there will be a public announcement, possibly by the UN?

RayRen: I don’t have anything coming my way saying there will be an announcement or that it will happen by a certain date. I was expecting the release of the lower denoms over the weekend. Maybe they are waiting until the next Gazette. I only know what I was told they are looking forward to, and it didn’t take place. I don’t know why; I just know that things change. My sources are not decision-makers, they just report, like I do. Someone made a decision not to let things roll out on Sunday, so we wait and see. But those who are paying attention are happy because this ride is over. I was really hoping we would not have a pre-RV call this Monday…

Caller: Anything on the fighting in Mosul? I saw Abadi landing there in a helicopter…

RayRen: They might not be further along than we are being told; more to the point, how much difference is it really making? I don’t think Mosul is really making a difference to what we are looking for. It matters for peace and harmony, but not the RV, in my opinion. I’m not at the table making those decisions, so I don’t fully know what is significant or not. But I’m at peace with that.

Caller: May THIS be the very last call!

617 caller: I have a question – is Tony still at the same address?

RayRen: Yes: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630-7269.

636 caller: I need some clarification. I’ve been listening for months, and the general consensus is that this is Iraq’s call. However, Tony suggested that Obama would let this go before leaving office. Is President Obama involved or is this Iraq’s party?

RayRen: I’m sure it’s a collaborative effort between the US, Iraq, the UN and IMF and others. I think Tony was suggesting that the President would use whatever leverage he has, not that he can make it go singlehandedly. I think that a lot of us don’t understand that we are small fish in this deal; there are bigger fish to fry. Having this go before Black Friday would be a boon for US, but that’s not a big factor in something that is global in scope. Most of us have never been involved in something this big. How many live and countries is this affecting? There is much more going on here than the average person looks at or can understand if they are not involved in big decisions. The UN changes their rate sheet on the 1st and 15th of every month, so it might come out on the 15thbecause of that, or there might be other indicators that I don’t know.

501 caller: You said something on Saturday about Iraq joining the Paris Club? Is that significant to us?

RayRen: You have to decide that for yourself. I don’t keep up with that, and I don’t know what impact that would have, apart from being tied in to international status. I put it out there because my source said it was on Iraqi television, and I report what I’m being told. Some of you might know the significance of it, but it’s not that important to me. All I’m looking for is the date because that is the only thing I can take action on. I already know that it’s done, and that’s all the information I really need. I don’t try to get answers to questions that don’t mean anything to me. I care about rates and dates, nothing else. With rate and dates, I can make some changes to my life and for others. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be interested, just that I don’t think anything supports the reality here. We already know this is real. Iraqis in the US are using their cards and telling me that the calculations on their card come out to $3.71 – that’s real to me. When people are in Iraq or have just left Iraq and they have seen the value has changed in this area of that – that information is real to me. It’s a done deal; it’s over. We just don’t know the release date. Everything else is beyond our control. We are waiting, but not for long. So I like hearing the bankers saying the 15th, or between Christmas and New Year. Pretty soon we will say ‘the wait is over for you – go do your deal’ and give you appropriate information.

Caller: On the lower denominations are they in the ATMs now?’

RayRen: I have been told they are in the machines, not necessarily 100%. They have not been dispensed yet. That’s good enough for me

918 caller: If these lower denominations are in the ATM machines, what denominations are they?

RayRen: Ones, fives, tens and twenties.

Caller: So if I go to the market in Iraq, and I buy the equivalent of $4.23, four dinars and twenty three fils, how does the merchant make change?

RayRen: The fact that we don’t have the answers doesn’t mean these questions haven’t been addressed. A year ago, we heard that some merchants had received fils and then they complained that the currency values hadn’t changed so they couldn’t use the coins. Why would they tell us that if it were not the case? They sent the money back because it was tying up their operating capital. One thing is for sure, things are happening in Iraq that the public here doesn’t know about.

Caller: In your opinion, isn’t this 800 number helpful to the banks as well as members? Do you think this will go without an 800 number??

RayRen: It could go in an orderly fashion with or without an 800 number because each bank has an existing number for foreign currency exchanges. They could change their policy next week, and say that they ARE now dealing with exotic currencies. Then some members will be called by their banks to come in for exchange. I think they can deal with the chaos without 800 numbers, although I do think 800 numbers will make it more orderly and fluid. Banks have different rates for buying and selling, and the difference between the rates is the ‘spread’, and it’s how the banks make their profit. So when you call the banks you might get different rates, because the spread or the fees might be different. So you might want to do more research once this is released. The bank might be willing to give you a higher rate

Caller: Let’s say I get a certain rate, and the bank then says “you have to pay a 10% fee”. That would be too much, right? It should be more like 2%.

RayRen: So let’s say you exchanged, paid 2% in fees, and set aside 50% in case there is taxation. Take the remaining 50% and ask what results you want. Do you want this to support you for the rest of your life? Then calculate what you need to invest at what rate to have the income you desire before you spend anything on large ticket items.

Caller: Yes, my plan is to put aside 20 years of overhead, then pay off any debts, and then diversify into various areas to make money. Later on, if I want a house or car, that’s fine. Like you said, I’ll exchange, go home, and leave it a couple of weeks before I go back to that bank and start working my plans.

Next caller: Thursday is my birthday, so that sounds like a good day for the release!

RayRen: If things don’t pop before Wednesday, we’ll celebrate on the call!

Next caller: I heard that bank people are being trained for the exchange rates. Would that be the US banks, or across the world?

RayRen: I think that snippet referred to US banks, but I’m sure others are preparing.

I know I said ‘short Q+A’ and I intended it to be a short call. I didn’t have a whole lot of intel, but I wanted members to get something out of this with your questions so you are better prepared for when this takes place. I firmly believe this is DONE, it’s just not been revealed to us. We are just waiting. The best and only thing to do is to stick with this ride and wait it out. We can’t speed it up; we can only wait, and there is some peace with that. Many will enjoy the holiday better. We’ve waited this long so what’s another few days or weeks. We are at the end, and the roller coaster is coming in to a stop. We have to wait for those in the earlier cars to get off, and then it will be our time, when it is safe for us to exit. That’s all we are waiting for. The most exciting part of getting off this ride is being able to get on the next one. I’ll keep you updated and we’ll be up there with you until the end, whenever that is. x

RayRen played I Believe:
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on Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:16 pm
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Poll For People Who've Exchanged


It is Folsom Pak Mail which rents out mailboxes. Pak Mail is at #7  and  #7269 is - the mailbox! Right next to Canyon Salon & Spa on one side and the Canyon Grill and Alehouse on the other. And further down the strip mall is a Wells Fargo ATM. Google the address.

I found the close up here on Google satellite map. You can go see the whole strip mall here.,-121.1916017,3a,37.5y,234.87h,83.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smFgWzdjRXrdmaNUX-aXu2Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
by sensibleplease
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My Reply to the DA Concerning TNT Tony's Violations of Release Conditions


Rask, Scott (USAKS)


Today at 6:43 PM  

Dear Mr. Rask,

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to respond to my email. However, my concern wasn't related to the “Dinar Scam”. My concern is that fact that the court is allowing Anthony Renfrow to engage in a criminal activity (fraud) while awaiting sentencing, which is in violation of his release.

Doc. No. 2:12-mj-0126 GGH (1) "You shall report to and comply with the rules and regulations of the Pretrial Services Agency".

Specifically, Title 18, United States Code, Section 3142(b) "not commit a Federal, State, or local crime during the period of release."

  • Various state agencies have already identified this as a scam (fraud):




  • The BBB has also identified this as a scam (fraud):


  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) are investigating a currency investment scheme involving the Iraqi dinar and certain other foreign currencies. The FBI is encouraging victims to complete this victim questionnaire.

  • Anthony Renfrow holds conference calls three times a week promising people that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue soon. Anthony Renfrow has also said on his conference calls that he has spoken with people from three letter agencies, such as the UST, IMF, WTO and they are the agencies that are responsible for the holdup.

  • Anthony Renfrow uses a website, , with a staff of moderators, under the management of Pamela Pederson.

  • Anthony Renfrow solicits donations and asks they be sent to his PayPal account,

  , using the “Pay
           for good and service
option”. Anthony Renfrow is also often
           heard giving out his mailing address (9850 Oak Avenue
          Parkway #7269
Folsom, CA 95630) so the people who don't
           use PayPal can mail him personal checks. There is no
501(c)(3) form (non-profit organization) that we can find
          for TNT Dinar.

Last May Anthony Renfrow pleaded guilty to 1 count of wire fraud and is currently awaiting sentencing. Is there a reason the court has allowed him to engage in the same criminal activity (fraud) since his release in 2012?

I'd be happy to provide more details if this isn't sufficient.

Should I be sending this to the officer in charge of Anthony Renfrow's PSI investigation? If so, I'd appreciate his contact information.

by Ssmith
on Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:51 pm
Topic: My Reply to the DA Concerning TNT Tony's Violations of Release Conditions
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From Ray's Open Mic 10-10-15 -- Numerous Sources Reporting 800# Will Come Out Tomorrow -- Watch For Tony's Tweet


Tony says that while you're waiting, why don't you make a check out to TNT Tony and send it to 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.
by Ssmith
on Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:39 pm
Topic: From Ray's Open Mic 10-10-15 -- Numerous Sources Reporting 800# Will Come Out Tomorrow -- Watch For Tony's Tweet
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Poll For People Who've Exchanged

by Captain259
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TNT TONY Conference Call 9.23.15

TNT Conference Call 9.23.15

T:  Gooood morning, TNT!  There we go.  All right.  Today is September 23rd, 2015.  We are here and ever, ever yet so much closer to the end, it’s my first belief.  I’m gonna tell you, we are really, really close to the end.  Now, before I get started I gotta tell you this ‘cause Pam tells me, I tell you, we pass it along, but actually yesterday I got a phone call, so, which I usually don’t get.  Guys, we haven’t asked for any donations, help, or anything because I just keep thinkin’ this thing is over.  The date says it’s over, and I’m actually gonna give you guys the date right now, everything else, but it hasn’t happened and it could in fact change again, but our bill is due.  It’s actually a month behind and we’ve just been lettin’ it stay that way hoping this was over and we would just make up for the rest.  But when they start calling me saying your bill is due, we need to be paid, then I don’t know if we’re gonna be here today, tomorrow, or not ‘cause we’re so far behind with that.  So for those who do and can, we’re gonna pay it, tryin’ to last this last tame, time frame out and, and be here and if not we’ll do what we do, but it is due, it is red, and they did call, so.  And I know we haven’t done it in, in a while, and that’s why, ‘cause it was so far, I just paid what I paid and we’ll see how it makes it to the end.  So that’s where we’re at as far as that’s concerned.

The other thing I want you guys to know is this:  I put out on the text message “countdown” because there’s only seven days left in this month, and I think it will happen, and my information is that it will happen somewhere in those seven days.  Somewhere in there we should see this.  Now, the dates that have shown up on the screen, actually activation dates or hold and pending dates, have said the 15th, have said the 18th, and the 21st, which was Monday, it said “hold until 21 September” when it was supposed to be activated.  People were told it was gonna be activated that day.  Is there a new date?  Well, here’s what’s kinda funny.  There’s not a new date, but there’s no act--, nothing happened.  There is a day they are saying this will be completed by which I told you guys.  There’s no new date in there which means we can be in a very good window.  Or not, but that part hasn’t changed.  The rates haven’t changed, adjusted or anything for the last five days.  They’ve been holding steady, which is all real good information.  We know Abadi said he wanted the people to get paid before the holiday, which starts tomorrow, and they were, in fact, paid on Sunday.  I didn’t see about yesterday, I forgot, sorry.  I was doin’ a lot of calls.  But those who were paid on Sunday...I just thought, shoot, I didn’t check Kurdistan, either.  My bad, sorry guys, because they were supposed to get paid again yesterday.  The good thing is, talked to ‘em this morning, their cards were activated--MasterCards, Visa cards, everything--were indeed activated.  They can use them outside of the country.  They have used them outside of the country, and it is a different rate when they do that.  As of this morning, it is a different rate when they use their cards outside the country, so.  I’m probably not gonna put out the rate because some people would be upset, but the, it is a rate that we will truly love, I can tell you that, without a doubt.

Okay!  So I thought that was really good news ‘cause I’m sayin’, “Well, shoot!  How long can they hide that?”  How they keepin’ it, Visa and MasterCard are actually doing the new rate within their system, it’s gotta come to us sooner or later, and I mean sooner rather than later!  It has to be in the banking system in order for them to be transferring that back and forth or making those purchases outside of the country at those rates, which may be why the rates haven’t changed in the screens the last five days.  They haven’t been activated and we haven’t been called in, but the rates haven’t changed!  So I gotta try and put these pieces of the puzzle together and see what makes sense.  Along with people from several countries saying this thing will happen by this date, this is the agreed-upon date, again, which I’m not puttin’ that particular day out there, so please don’t call Pam and be mad at me and, or DC, and “Why did he say this or that?”  So I’m keepin’ it generic but lettin’ you guys know things are really truly happening and it can’t be that much longer that they can even hide it or I know it’s not much longer to the agreed-upon date.  And at that point either the money flows, I mean the dam breaks or there, there’s an explosion, or we’ll just see, see what happens.

I, I want to give you guys the information but not sound definite because I know already there’s been four dates and times but there were, before there’d never been a date.  This month alone there’s been four dates assigned to it, and they’ve passed all four of ‘em without actually doing it, even though they notified their people, “This is the day we’re gonna do it, get ready, everything else.”  Even though for the first time since I’ve been doing this in five years, “pending” and “hold until this date” has been assigned on there, and that’s, you know, within the last week or two weeks is the first time that’s happened in five years.  So, gave us some credibility.  I know for a fact, and I say for a fact ‘cause I’ve talked to people, I was on the phone with people, they had me on the phone in the bank with them, both this weekend and Monday--what’s today, Wednesday, right?  Yeah, Monday.  Oh, today’s Wednes--, yesterday.  Even yesterday!  Okay, I gotta get it right.  We had people who went to the bank and exchanged foreign currency.  It was not the dinar, it was another currency, and there’s ones that we talk about, mention, and there’s ones that’s in the basket.  So...and it started out with seven, eight people saying they went in and they exchanged and everybody’s willing to do it.  I talked to a person who exchanged.  They did exchange.  They told us the amount, it matched the amount some other people had got, and here’s the trick, though.  After doing multiple exchanges, the bank called back and said, “Hey, we shouldn’t a did that, you know, we need to get that money back.”  Some people’s money they took back!  Some people who had the foresight--I’m gonna put it that way--to actually move the money out of the bank, didn’t give it back when, when they got called, but the transaction did occur.  I had a guy live with me on the phone, we’re on the phone, he’s at the bank, he goes to do an exchange, and this is a tier two bank!  He’s doing his exchange, the banker told him, now he actually told him this, “I can’t exchange you, ‘cause I’m doing my customers right now.”  And told him another bank to go to.  He went to the other bank.  We’re on the phone.  They quote him the rate and he says, “Yeah, I want to exchange right now.”  They told him, “Well, you have to be a customer.”  Okay!  So he sat down, did all the paperwork to be a customer, and by the time he finished the rate had gone back, so he missed it.  But everybody’s ready for the next shot.  

We had a person yesterday or day before yesterday who was quoted a rate, the bank people were scared to do it without the manager’s approval, and by the time they got the manager’s approval the rate had gone down four thousand dollars, but they still did the exchange, they still got their money!  So, but we know those things have been happening over the last couple of months anyway, since over this last weekend there was like a mini explosion.  We had several people, several different states, go in and actually did some exchanges done, and here’s the thing:  they were at different banks.  Different banks.  Not one bank was doin’ this, there were several different banks, even tier two banks, that that happened with between Saturday and yesterday.  Now, is it gonna happen today?  No.  I don’t think it’s gonna happen today, because the last couple times that it did happen and we knew about it, it did not happen the following day.  Now, two days after, three days after it did it happen again?  Yeah, but you just had to be in the right place at the right time.  So we’ll look for that.  Hopefully it won’t matter to us, but there’s still seven days left in this month, and I think the goal was to have this thing completed this month.  I still don’t know what day, whether that’s today, tomorrow, the day after, but that’s the window that we’re working with right now.  And when I could say we’re working with that window, it’s a global window, everybody’s working with that window.  Do they absolutely, hundred percent, have to do it in there?  I can’t tell you that, because every day has changed already!  But that’s what they’re working with right now.

Okay, so you guys, I got a call actually right before I started this, and I got some texts since I started this call about somebody once again telling you that US citizens, the general public is not going to see this RV, that you have to go through him, you know, he’s the RV god or something, I don’t know, but you have to go through him if you ever plan to see, exchange.  Guys, this, it will be open to the public, it’s scheduled to be open to the public, they’ve trained people to do it to the public, they’ve scheduled exchange places for the public.  Now, if it was only gonna be open to groups or never planned on being here, anything else, why would they do all that?  Why would they have all these places all across the country?  Why would they have this system in place?  Why would they have spent all this time training people?  They wouldn’t, that’s the bottom line.  So if you had somebody tryin’ to use some scare tactics and it’s power, I guess, to scare you, or words, into turning over your dinar to them or assigning it to them is the only way you’re going to exchange, then tell ‘em you don’t wanna exchange then.  If, if I gotta rely on you, I don’t wanna exchange, ‘cause the bank’s gonna want your money.  They’re gonna want this currency exchange, they’re gonna want the oil credits, and they’re not puttin’ it all in his hands to make it happen, not any one individual, okay?  So that’s what I could say about that.  Other than that, I think we’re about to have a good time.  What do you guys say?  828, what do you got to say?

C:  Good afternoon, Tony.  Thanks for all you do.

T:  Well, I’m still having breakfast, so you know, but go ahead.

C:  Well, okay.  What I was wondering, I’d like you to expound on and maybe be more specific if you can concerning a comment that you made last Friday’s call.  You said the RV would occur before the end of the month one way or another, and I wasn’t sure what that meant.  Do you know of some mechanism in place to complete the RV by then if Iraq doesn’t do it itself or, you know, what, what did you mean by that?

T:  Hmm.  I don’t know, ‘cause I seldom know what I’m talkin’ about, but let me see.  And...let me think, let me see (inaudible).  I can say my understanding is the Powers That Be wanted it to be completed by that time, wanted everything to be done by the end of the month, and I, I think it would be.  So I shouldn’t say nobody’s gonna demand, because Iraq’s been wanting it for months if not weeks.  They want it, they want it done, and my understanding right now is everybody else wants it done.  There, there’s a few things being tweaked.  Iraq wanted it know, last week.  They wanted it done before the holiday starts tomorrow, and they wanted it done at the new rate, ‘cause that’s what they were tellin’ people and they’re gonna look bad if it’s not released by tomorrow.  They wanted it released over the holidays ‘cause a lot of things are happening over these holidays.  But, you know, they’ve asked the people not to protest today and tomorrow, not to protest during the holidays so that they could enjoy it, and I was thinkin’ there wouldn’t be a reason to protest if they already did this, ‘cause they’d be too happy celebrating, buying things and everything else, and I know they can put out that they didn’t want ‘em to ‘cause they’re not sure, I mean, even when they’re gonna be able to do it.  Are people requesting they still do different things?  Yes.  Is Abadi right in telling you that people are still fighting the reforms right to this minute, including this?  Yes!  And we now that is gonna happen until they actually release it.  But they actually know by not releasing it, it gives them power to get some of those other things done, and that’s why they’re trying to do it all in the last minute.  And they’ve actually set a deadline of the 29th to have all those things completed, so this would be done by that.  But could the RV go before then?  Yes.  Are people told, I mean they’ve been told that it was goin’ before then, yeah.  Right now, to be honest with you guys, everybody’s being told, you know, between now and the end of the month just be ready.  That’s what they’re (inaudible).  No specific day.  The, the date has not changed from Monday, which I said okay, I gotta look at it.  They still got that date up there, ‘cause they’ve been changing it every time to the next date, but the date is still sittin’ there on Monday.  So I looked and said okay, is that because the cards are international, there is a rate?  Is that because it actually is happening within the system and they’re givin’ Iraq their holiday period or ten days or what for this to happen?  I’m, I’m trying to rationalize why would they not change that date when they’ve changed it four or five times?  I’m trying to rationalize how is this card being used in another country and they’re telling them when they use it it’s an international rate, but we don’t see the rate!  But we’re within that time frame.  So the best thing I can tell you is everybody I know of, have heard from, wants it done before the end of this month, okay?  One way or another.  There we go.  That’s the best I can tell you.

C:  All right.  All right.

T:  All right?

C:  And one more question.  How are you gonna let us know when the Raleigh celebration is, you know, where it is, when it is?

T:  I’m still sending it out on Twitter, far as I know.  I mean we’re authorized to do it, and it’s just a celebration, a party.  I don’t see anybody doin’ that.  I would still have my Twitter, I think, and just be able to say, “Hey, I’m gonna be in Raleigh, and we’re gonna meet,” just like I did for the party, I’m gonna do that.  If not, we’ll still have the other sites up with the information in it, and if I change my Twitter so it’s not referring to TNT or dinar or something like that and come up with a new one, which I will, it will be totally new, ‘cause believe me, guys, everybody else has got everything else.  Even somebody even got my name out there already, because they wanted to use that, so it’ll be something totally new.  I will send it out to you guys so you can follow it, all right?  So we won’t lose complete contact.  But more important than that, here’s another thing.  I want everybody who...

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  ...has made a, okay.  All right, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, thanks.  So I’m just thinkin’ off the top of my head right here.  Everybody who’s made a contribution or donation, I have your emails, so I can send out an email blast to you and let you know what it is.  Everybody who’s part of TNT, part of the forum, I have your email and I can send it out to you that way, let you know what it is, new thing.  And if we have to put up a new site to account for it, we can do that.  All right.  Okay, let’s go with 352.  Uh!  Soon as I hit it he disappeared.  Okay, 352, you were in there, but sorry!  404, good morning!

C:  Good morning, and....

T:  Hold it, wait, wait!  Before you start, wait a minute.  352, that, that might’ve been my fault.  I’m just looking here, so if you come back in, I’ll go down and find you.  Okay, go ahead, I’m sorry.  Good morning.

C:  Good morning and good afternoon, and thank you for taking my call.  Given all the information that you’ve been able to share with us coupled with any information that at this point you may not be able to share with us, what in your opinion is the best time frame that we can anticipate the Vegas, Vegas, Vegas event?  Do you anticipate that it would be in the fourth quarter, or do you think realistically we should be looking at it as something to really be celebrating the start of 2016?

T:  Even if it happened today, tomorrow, if I couldn’t do it within fifteen days, in October, then we probably won’t, because Vegas is booked up starting the 1st of November, just like they were last year, year before.  I mean, I’d have to rent the stadium out, which isn’t the kind of atmosphere I wanted us to do it in, I don’t think, or I’d have to throw so much money out it would cancel somebody else.  I would definitely try to do it between now and the end of October so it’s right here in the beginning and we could help people and everybody could, that would be my commitment as soon as possible.  And I looked at every venue they have in Vegas, and if they had anything within that time frame, I’d just throw it together, whatever it is, and it would just be whatever it is, okay?  Just so we could have it right now.  If it’s anytime after that, it would have to be the first part of the year, ‘cause we couldn’t get in there with, you know, ten thousand people because they start their celebration parties and Christmas parties and they start, you know, in November!  Because of the limited....

C:  We just want to be sure that we don’t stress you all out, you and your, your team, for everything that you guys have been doing for us.  That’s, granted it would be nice to be able to do this within fifteen days or so after this happens, but just want you to know that we want, we’ve got your well being in mind as well, so, I just wanted to kinda plan ahead, so.

T:  Well, thank you.  I, I’m gonna look.  As soon as this happens, I mean, I’m gonna go out and get some people and we’re gonna look at what’s the first available date we could get, and, you know, a four-day period of time, a space big enough.  Like I said, the first time we did it we had eighty-five, eighty-seven hundred sign up in fifteen minutes.  We’re probably gonna have more than that, especially after everybody now has money.  So I’d have to see the sign-up period and then see what the quickest I could get a space like that for four days.  Regardless where it is in Vegas, I’d just do it.  Okay?

C:  Great.  And with that, I will conclude with Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and may today, tomorrow, or this weekend be the time frame.  And thank you ever so much!  Appreciate it, and have a great one!

T:  Thank you!  Have a great day.  All right, bye.

C:  Thank you.  Bye-bye.

T:  Okay.  Let me see, did this guy come back in down here, ‘cause that was my fault I think.  Nope.  Okay.  All right, 432, good morning.

C:  Mornin’.

T:  How are you?

C:  You doin’ all right?

T:  I’m doin’ superfantastic, how are you doin’?

C:  I’m doin’ very well.  News is soundin’ great.

T:  Okay!  And it is good news!  I mean we’re, we’re here, we’re just waiting.  But the opportunity is still here and it’s still goin’ forward, and everybody’s still gettin’ ready for it.

C:  I wanna know, can you give Okie my number?

T:  Yeah, I can give it to him!  Hold on for a second.  I’ll, I’ll write it down.  I haven’t talked to him a couple days, just so you guys know, but it’s, last time I talked to him, he was, he’s still sick.  He’s still fightin’...what he’s fightin’, but I guess I won’t get into that, but...he’s still excited about what’s happening, too.  He’s still getting the news.  Is it, is, Willie?  Willie?

C:  (Wife:  Yeah, my name’s Willie.  My husband’s name’s Don.)

T:  Don.  Oh, okay.  I was gonna say, I never seen Willie spelled like that, but I guess it says Willie, but anyway.  Okay!  I will definitely give him your number.

C:  Okay, and I sure appreciate it.  Vegas, Vegas....

T:  Okay.  Thank you, sir!

C:  I hope, I hope to see you there!

T:  Me, too!  All right, thank you.  All right.  Okay, 601, good morning.

C:  Good morning, how are y’all doing?

T:  Morning.  I’m doin’ superfantastic, how are you doin’?

C:  All doin’ great.  I got a hypothetical question, but I want to say somethin’ before I ask it.  I’ve been in this....

T:  Well, wait.  Wait, can I give you a hypothetical answer?

C:  Yeah!

T:  Okay.  Then let’s do it!

C:  Well, whatever, whatever you think.

T:  Okay.

C:  No, I, I been in this for nine years, and I’ve researched it for roughly two years before I ever got into it.  And to me, it just made common sense.  The country was at $3.22 before they went in and, you know, the embargo against ‘em and devalued their money, so only way up off the bottom is up!  So it just made common sense that sooner or later their value will go up.  And but the hypothetical question I have is, you know, all these different countries right now are not playin’ nice together, and if somethin’ happened that the GCR fell apart, could Iraq still revalue their money eventually, sooner or later, and us still exchange?

T:  Well, I’ll give you a real answer.  Absolutely, ‘cause that’s the way it was designed in the beginning, for us and Britain, which I need to give them, or acknowledge that they were part of it ‘cause I’ll get into a lot for that, would absolutely still if this happened, the GCR probably wouldn’t happen if all that fell apart.  Iraq would still devalue their currency.  We would go back to our original deal.  

C:  Oh, okay.  Well that, that’s what I was wondering.  And I’ll go ahead and say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas for you, but I’m gonna say Mississippi, Mississippi because we got casinos just like Vegas, we got sand just like Vegas, but we got beaches and we got charter boats to go fishin’ and, and sailboat charters and there’s all kinda stuff to do.  So Mississippi, Mississippi too.

T:  Okay, we’ll, we might have to look at that if we can’t get into Vegas next month.

C:  Okay.

T:  We might have to look at Mississippi, all right.  Thank you, sir!  All right.

C:  All right, appreciate it.  Have a good day.

T:  All right.  Okay, so guys, I got a, a letter from Britain actually, from some people in Britain.  I wish I could find it right this moment.  But anyway, they thanked me, but then they act, actually chastised me for not giving them enough credit in participating in the Iraq war, which they did, and for being part of the original group who put this whole thing together.  And I do want to acknowledge that, and I want to tell ‘em they’re right.  We just always talk about US, US.  Great Britain was a big part of it, and for you guys who’ve been here a loooong time, you know that was the first time that I got in trouble in Washington was when I mentioned something about Great Britain.  Well, that was the first phone call I got, ‘cause, you know, they like, “Well, don’t mention that name.”  But anyway, that, that’s for the history.  You guys, some of you guys might remember it way back.  But we do respect you, we do appreciate it, and you’ll always be our partners and I’m glad, you know, you’re, you’re a part of this, too.  So don’t think I don’t know it and see it, I do.  Okay, hold on guys, ‘cause he came back because I knocked him out.  Okay, 352, glad you made it back.

C:  How are you doin’, man?

T:  I’m doin’ great, how are you doin’?

C:  It seemed to always, something, and when I’d call you it always, stuff would seem to happen.  I don’t know what it is.

T:  It doesn’t always, but okay.  

C:  Yeah, somethin’ always happens, man, last....

T:  All right, that, that was my fault.

C:  ‘Cause the last time I called in, I left my phone on, on the charger and I went away.  And I came back and, and you said somethin’ like they restarted somethin’ or, you know.  I don’t know what the deal is, but anyway, my, my question is what is the significance behind the debt forgiveness for Iraq and Zimbabwe.  I was reading that.  Does that play into the RV, or how does that play into the RV?  You know, if at all.

T:  Wait.  Was is the significant, no, behind what?  Say it again.

C:  What’s the significance behind the debt forgiveness for Iraq and Zimbabwe?  Does that play into the RV at all, or how does that figure in, or is that just something they, they did for the, for those countries?  How does that, how does that play into RV?

T:  Because the less debt you have, the more valuable your currency is.  

C:  Okay.

T:  All right?  So...

C:  Okay.

T:  ...we want Zimbabwe to come back and be of great value to us, then let’s do what we did for Iraq and wipe out as much of their debt as we can.  ‘Cause you’re going to get it back ‘cause you hold their currency anyway as a reserve currency, so you’ll get it back.  Same plan they used here in Iraq, okay?

C:  Okay.  All right.  Okay, bud, thank you.

T:  All right, thank you, sir!  Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Okay, thank you, sir!  All right.  All right, let’s go to Jerry.

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Oh, I’m excellent, my friend.  One of my sources had a question that they asked me to ask if I got on.  They wanted to know if....

T:  Wait, I, I, I can’t understand you.  Are you on a speaker?

C:  No, I’m not on a speaker, I’m on a headset.  

T:  Oh, yeah, you’re on Skype.  Okay.  All right, go ahead.  

C:  Okay.  They wanted to know if the UN Operational Rate deadline applies in any way.

T:  I don’t know, when is their deadline?  They usually come out on the 30th or the 1st, and then in the middle of the month.  And I hadn’t even checked the operational rate.  Does it matter to them?  No, I mean before or after, or they’ll change it in the middle for certain countries.  Would they like to do it right before or after so they have to do it one time?  Yes!  Makes sense!  But is that...

C:  And, and I think....

T:  ...a requirement? No.

C:  And I, and I think it’s also in association with a question he also wanted to know was, or is it their fiscal year, Iraq’s fiscal year?  Is that....

T:  When is their fiscal year?

C:  Well that’s a question...

T:  Do you know?

C:  ...that’s a question he asked me to ask.  I’m not privy to that information, I really don’t know.

T:  Okay.  So their fiscal year and their 2015 budget starts the 1st of October, supposed to, just like ours does.

C:  Okay.

T:  And they’re in negotiating and everything else.  Would they want it to happen during the ’15?  Yeah.  Did they say it was gonna happen during ’15?  Yeah.  Is that a good reason for it to be completed by September 30th?  Absolutely.  Okay?  Now we just need to wait and see what happens, right?

C:  You’re makin’ my day something.  Look....

T:  All right!

C:  Thanks again, Tony.  Always glad to hear you.  I don’t get on often, but I, Vegas, Vegas, so we all can go.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Have a great day.  

C:  You, too, my friend.

T:  Okay, 773, good morning.  773?

C:  Good morning, Tony, how are you?  Good morning, how are you?

T:  Good, how are you?

C:  I am good!

T:  Superfantastic.

C:  You’re in the middle of breakfast, I’m in the middle of lunch, but I’ll wait.

T:  All right, then!

C:  Well, you been doin’ good?  You have a good weekend, all that good stuff?

T:  I had a good weekend.  Had a good week.  Well, it, it could’ve been better, ‘cause...

C:  Right.

T:  ...again, you guys know I’m draggin’ around stuff that you guys don’t know about when I know there’s a date and a time and when they’re sayin’ gettin’ ready and I’m sayin’, you know, is it real this time, is it real?  And I’m gettin’ phone calls, and here I am doin’ another call when I said, man, I thought that was over!

C:  Right.  

T:  But, here I am!

C:  Yeah, well like you say, we are ever so close to the end.  Now my question is you said something about the rates they were getting on their Master and Visa cards.  Now, I know you said you couldn’t say the rate, but it is the international rate, so does that mean it’s a better rate than what they’re getting in country?

T:  Oh, yeah!

C:  Okay.

T:  Oh, yeah!  Without a doubt it’s a better rate.  That’s how they explained it to me this morning.  Now, I don’t have one, but he sayin’ yeah!

C:  Okay.  

T:  When he (inaudible) outside of the country, that’s, that’s the rate they got!

C:  Okay.  And the part two to my One-Question Wednesday, is you mentioned the...

T:  Okay.

C:  ...the Visa and MasterCard, are they different from the Q cards?  I don’t understand that.

T:  Visa and MasterCard are just like our Visa and MasterCards.

C:  Okay.

T:  Right?  So if we take our Visa card and we go to Europe and we put it in the ATM machine, what do you think we’re gonna get out?

C:  The Euro currency.

T:  That’s right!  We’re gonna get out their currency, so it has to be converted over somewhere, right?

C:  Okay.  

T:  In, in order for that to happen.

C:  Right.

T:  So, (unintelligible), hold on one second, okay?

C:  Yes, sir.

T:  Sorry, guys.  So I’m lookin’ at theirs, but it doesn’t care which country they go into, that has to convert over!  They’re telling ‘em they can use it, they can go to any bank, any ATM machine and pull out money, then that means they have to have an exchange rate with all those countries, right?

C:  Right!  Wow.

T:  That’s what it means to me.  So whether it’s at the 1166, 11, or the 800 that we heard about last week, there is some rate sitting there that is converting over.  Now, and he’s telling me, “Hey, this is what we got.”  And they’re excited about it, so I’m sayin’ if it’s in the Visa system, it’s in the MasterCard system, and it’s coming back at this rate, then it has to be exposed at some point, I mean in the very near future.  That’s how I look at it anyway.

C:  Wow.  That makes sense.  ‘Cause I was thinkin’ it, it was the same thing as the Q cards, but I was like, well no he keeps sayin’ Visa and Master, so it must be a regular Visa and Master.  So how does that affect their Q cards?  No effect to their Q cards?  They still can’t use them out of country?  

T:  I don’t know if they can use them out of country.  It did say that they could transfer money in between all of their cards now at, let me see, they didn’t call it exchange banks, they called it something else.  What did he call those?  Darn, I keep forgettin’ the name, what he called them.  But to us it would be an exchange bank, they had to go to an exchange--port banks, port, port conversions or something.  Anyway, I can’t remember the word he, oh sorry.

C:  That’s okay.  That’s okay.  All right.  All right, well thank you very much, Mr. Tony.  I will say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  And Tony, no offense against Mississippi...

T:  Yes?

C:  ...but find someplace in Vegas!

T:  Okay.

C:  Okay, I’m done talkin’ to you, my shrimp are gettin’ cold.  Bye.

T:  All right, bye.  Thanks.  All right.  Let me see.  Okay, let’s go with 248, good morning.  248?  No 248?  Okay.  Let’s go with 954, good morning.  954.

C:  Good morning.  Good morning!

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  By the way, the, great.  Last time I forgot to say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, so I will say it now.  How many currencies are in the basket, four or five?  And we’ve heard different amounts, I mean different amounts of currencies in the basket.

T:  There’s five that I know of.

C:  Okay.  That’s what I wondered.  Thank you very much!  Vegas...

T:  All right.

C:  ...Vegas, Vegas!

T:  Thank you, sir.  Have a great day!  Bye.  Okay, let’s go to 410, good morning. 

C:  Hey, you...

T:  410?  Hey!

C:  Yes!  Can you hear me?

T:  Yes.

C:  Good.  Wow.  So exciting right now, and, and I’m sure everybody wants to count it down, and I know you can’t give a date, but can you give the time?  By that I mean how many of us are waking up in the middle of the night and checking our phones and, you know, doing stuff like that.  Do we have any idea what they’d like to do, and considering, you know, in the past they’ve done a lot of things at night, do we still need to get up at night?  I’m (inaudible).

T:  Okay.  I think the, the optimum time is between midnight and 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

C:  Okay.

T:  Now, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night and look for it, ‘cause nothin’ you could do in the middle of the night.  So the bank’s not gonna open ‘til nine, even though they have people showin’ up at six sometimes and eight o’clock other times, they still don’t open up ‘til nine, and you’re not gonna be able to actually go into a bank until then.  Now, if, if they make the announcement and we send out the tweet or during the call, you’re gonna spend that time, you’re gonna be dialing 800 numbers, so I’d go to sleep at night, and I’m gonna sleep until somebody calls me and say get up!  I’m not gettin’ up, you know, four or five times a night checking to see if it happened, look for information.  I don’t do that, and if I was you guys, I wouldn’t do it.

C:  Okay.  All right.  I do have a friend who’s headed to Mexico Tuesday for a week, and I don’t know what she’s going to do, but if, if you have any kind of advice.  I was, I wasn’t thinking she’d really want to take all of her currency there just in case.  I think she wouldn’t even really want to come home early, but could she take a note or two and just have a better time down there and exchange at a bank there or not?  

T:  I don’t know!  I don’t know what Mexico’s requirements are to exchange another country’s currency.  I mean, if she’s there, she’s on a Visa, maybe like people come in from Europe, go to the airport and exchange currency.  I don’t know!  But I guess she could take a note if she’s not, you know, just treat it like US Dollars, protect your money and, you know, nothin’ beats a failure but a try!  I’ll tell you that all the time, so.

C:  Okay.

T:  You, if you got it in your hand and you’re standin’ in front of a bank, go try!

C:  Yeah!  Well, if it was...

T:  All right?

C:  ...completely ruled out, I would tell her to leave her stuff at home and then make her decision if she’s gonna just get a plane and come home early, so.

T:  Well, it’s never completely ruled out because, again, you know, the bank said they made a mistake the other day by exchanging these people.

C:  Yeah.

T:  She could be in the right place at the right time and they just give it to her, here, so!  I don’t know!

C:  So much (inaudible) for us here, you know?  Go away!  Take your money and run.

T:  Yeah.  That’s right!  Take your money and run, that’s what I was thinkin’!  

C:  All right, well I am very excited, I think everybody should be excited.  There’s so many things that you can see that are going on.  And my last final question, I know we don’t have too much time, but I was hearing somewhere that Abadi was going to make a trip during the holiday, or is that just smoke and mirrors?

T:  I don’t know!  I, I haven’t heard that yet!

C:  Oh.  I thought he and another...

T:  Where, where’s he makin’ a trip to?

C:  ...official were going...pardon?

T:  Where, where’s he makin’ a trip to?

C:  Somebody was saying somewhere, and I read too much and I should take more notes.  But it’s, it was another minister, I believe, and Abadi were, I think they were coming to the United States, and I couldn’t figure out why they would do that during their holiday.  And I thought that’s what they said they were going to do!  Unless they just want them over here, do it and celebrate with people at the White House, I don’t know.

T:  You know, the President from China arrived yesterday.

C:  Right.  Uh-huh.

T:  So he’s in Seattle and they’re having a bunch of meetings there.  Yeah, today.  So either later today or tomorrow he’s supposed to be in Washington meeting with President Obama.

C:  Right.

T:  And then he’s supposed to go and have a meeting in the UN, and the Pope met with President Obama, and later today or tomorrow morning he’s supposed to go have a meeting at the UN.  There are gonna be a bunch of other world leaders probably at the UN when the Pope is there, but I don’t know what the purpose of that is.  But if you ask anybody else, they’re gonna tell you it all has something to do with the dinar and the RV.  Well, I’m not sure of that, okay.  It could just be...

C:  Yeah.  Yeah, ‘cause there’s a lot of...generally.

T:  ...(inaudible) they’re all (inaudible) for the Pope and talk about global warming and some other things that he’d want to talk about, so I don’t know.  Okay?

C:  Okay!  I didn’t know if you had any...

T:  All right.

C:  ...word on it.  Thank you!  And thanks to the whole team, and I like Raleigh, too, so Vegas, Vegas, Raleigh!

T:  All right, thanks.  All right, bye.  Thank you!  Okay.  All right, 239, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony, how are you?

T:  I’m superfantastic, how are you doin’?

C:  I’m doing great.  It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you.  I have a couple questions.  Are there any problems that I could have in gifting several people Zim notes that are the hundred trillion, and is there any trouble that I can get in--I know about the 14,000 gifting--the Zim will be worth a whole lot more than that as we all know.  Is there any per, repercussions that I can get into myself by gifting it to ‘em?

T:  Are you gifting it to ‘em today?

C:  No, I’ve already gifted it to them.

T:  Oh.  Then I can’t see, you gifted it to ‘em when it had no value.  I mean, now it belongs to them, so I don’t see any trouble you can get into at all!  Not me!  I mean, I’m not an attorney or financial advisor, but I gifted a whole lot to a whole lot of people.  So if you get in trouble, look to your left or your right ‘cause Tony’ll be standing there.  Okay?

C:  Okay, so that, so that would be the same if it, I love it, that would be the same if parents wanted to gift their older children, the best time to do it would be now before it happens because right now as you say it’s not worth much, and so now would be the time if you wanted to gift people to do it before it happens.  Hello?

T:  Yes.  Now would be the time that you wanna do it.  Absolutely.

C:  Okay.  All right.

T:  Okay?

C:  All right!  Well that’s wonderful!  That’s, hello to my sister and brother-in-law in Arizona since that was their question, and I just wanted to say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, so thanks for all your work and your whole team, and can’t wait ‘til it happens.

T:  All right, thank you, ma’am!  Have a great day!

C:  Thank you!  You, too.  Bye-bye.

T:  All right, bye.  Okay, 281, good morning.  281?  Nope?  Okay.  352, good morning.  

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Good.  Hey, yesterday Mountain Goat said that the MasterCard won’t be going internationally.  He says the currency must first be on the international global exchange, is that right?  It hasn’t, or is it already....

T:  Well, tell, yeah tell Mountain Goat to read the article that Iraq has put out, CBI has put out, their Finance Minister, telling their people that they could now go to any country and use the card in any ATM and withdraw their money from there.  Unless Mountain Goat knows more than they know or has proven it.  Tell Mountain Goat that I have somebody here in the US who is using their card and they’ve used it at the ATM and has given me the rate.  But Mountain Goat might know more than this person ‘cause, you know, Mountain Goat might have a card in his, her, or its pocket and is determining what’s going on.  But from the articles coming out of Iraq from people in Iraq and the people here, they’re using their cards in other countries.

C:  Okay, good.  Hey, let me say this about your generosity to us in working so hard all these years.  There’s a lot of us that have gone to a restaurant over the last month, I would say, and even for a hamburger I’ve put three dollars down for a tip, and I would think that we would take this into consideration and the perspective of it all and would want to send you a check.  I know a lot of gracious things have been said to you, and when people hang up, but when it really comes to passing out a buck or two, seems they’ve gotten a little tight since you haven’t paid last month’s bills.  So I would suggest that everybody consider what you’ve given in tips and what you’ve gained for it vs. what you’ve given us and consider sending you some money so that you don’t have to pay it out of your, your own pocketbook.  So....

T:  Well, I, I appreciate that, and we’re a month-and-a-half behind because I haven’t paid it out of my own pocket, but anyway, ‘cause that’s there, but we are doin’ what we can do.  I understand what everybody’s doin’.  I was personally hoping that this thing would happen on the date that I was given and we wouldn’t even have to discuss this this month and just, you know, catch it up and be done, but since Pam says it’s red, since they actually called me the other day, I’m sayin’ we might be at that point where we need to do somethin’, okay?  But thank you, I appreciate that.

C:  Can Pam give your address one more time?  Or do you want me to do it?

T:  Pam, can you give my address one more time?  Oh.  I’ll give it to you guys.  Let me see what it is.  It is nine, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269, Folsom, California, 95630.  Okay?  And we definitely appreciate it.  All right.  Thank you, sir!

C:  Thanks again, Tony.

T:  All right.  Uh-oh, I forgot.  Vegas?  We goin’ to Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Okay.  All right, 405, good morning.  405?  Nope?  Okay.  Well, it’s our favorite attorney is up next.  

C:  Hello!  Good morning, good afternoon, Tony.  

T:  Yeah, do you know, just so you know, I tell people you’re an attorney so they can judge all attorneys by your questions, so go ahead.

C:  Oh, God, puttin’ me on the spot.

T:  Okay.

C:  I don’t want put on my Philadelphia lawyer’s hat right now.  Listen, a couple of questions.

T:  Oh, wait a minute!  Hold on, hold on let me do this real quick.  Somebody just sent me a text, it’s really good, too.  Okay, guys, if you’re sending in checks, you have to make ‘em out to Tony Renfrow.  Not to TNT, not to TNT Tony, not to TNT, not any of those, ‘cause I don’t have a business that, don’t have a, a d/b/a as that, don’t have anything else, not an account, and when I get those checks, which I have gotten, I really just shred ‘em, just so you guys know.  And you who have written them before haven’t gotten ‘em back, and that’s why, ‘cause I get letters also you’re sayin’, “Hey, I sent you two to three checks and they haven’t been cashed,” ‘cause they say TNT on ‘em, so I just shred ‘em.  So, all right, somebody just sent me a text to remind me of that.  Go ahead, I’m sorry.

C:  Oh, that’s all right!  Yeah, actually that was a good announcement to make.  Listen, has there been any, has the Zim been extended?  Because we’ve heard that September 30th is the deadline for that.  Do you have any information on that?

T:  I haven’t seen it in writing, but I know that date was put out there because everybody anticipated something happening, and I’m sure they’re not gonna do, what everybody else, is just keep puttin’ dates, new dates, new dates.  They’ll probably wait until the GCR is actually announced and then put a date.

C:  Okay.  And lastly, in your gut feeling, God forbid this doesn’t happen, but if this does not go by the end of September, what do you think will happen October 2nd or 3rd or 4th?

T:  I think they’re gonna do it as soon as they can if it doesn’t go by then, and immediately, but I know everything I’m hearing right now is to push, is to have it done before the 1st of October.  Again, I don’t know which date, what time, you know, that it’s gonna be done, but that, that is the push, to have it done before then.

C:  Okay.

T:  If it spills over, if something else happens, you know, beyond their control or just something just purely silly happens ‘cause they’re takin’ too long to do this, who knows.  But I don’t see it going, it is not right now designed to go to next year, next month, or anything else.

C:  Oh, okay.

T:  Okay?  

C:  Sounds like a winner!  Okay, well with that, I will let you get to the next caller, and I’ll say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas and the Venetian, the convention center at the Venetian would be an excellent place to hold this, by the way.  We’re there every year in January for SHOT Show, and it is a huge, huge arena.

T:  Well, I...I will definitely look at that and see if we can get it during that time frame, it’d be great!

C:  Oh, it sure would!  It sure would.  Okay, Tony, well thank you very much, and thank your team and everything else, and let’s just get this show on the road.

T:  All right, thank you, sir!

C:  Yes, sir.  

T:  Okay, 919, good morning.  919?  Nope?  I can’t hear you!

C:  Hello?

T:  Yeah, there you go, ‘cause I heard somebody tryin’ to say somethin’.

C:  All right, sorry about that.

T:  Okay.  What’s goin’ on?

C:  My question had actually been answered, because I was trying to find out how you were going to notify us if we were indeed going to have the celebration in North Carolina.  So I appreciate that, so I’ll just say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.

C:  Okay, and with that, ‘cause Pam said she has the transcribers down to an hour now, we are at an hour now, and Pam, what would you like to say?  We gotta give her time to take, hit the mute button guys, I think, you know.

Pam:  I am all set, I, it did take a few minutes to get through all the buttons, but I’ll just go back to you guys know more than you think you know, take your time, you can do this, and we’ll all get there together!

T:  Okay!  Ray?  

Ray:  Hey, everyone just hang in there!  Continue to enjoy this When-Am-I-Gonna-See-It Wednesday, and we’ll find out sooner or later!

T:  Okay, guys, there, there is no negative news.  I didn’t have any negative news, haven’t heard any.  All we are hearing is any minute, any time, be ready.  Everybody is ready, banks have been notified, tier two banks have been notified.  What I did get along with quite a few people being able to do exchanges is actually bank regional managers, assistant managers, releasing more information to their branches, which they’ve started saying yes, we are, and telling certain people that, you know, their branches are gonna be exchanges, places, or not gonna be exchange places.  They’re moving people in position.  I know they’ve moved people from branch banks to exchange locations who are investment bankers.  They’ve notified more of the wealth managers in the last two weeks, have said yeah, this is gonna happen, you’re about to get a crowd of people and be ready, so all of that is telling me that they’re building up to the release to the public!  I can’t say it any clearer than that.  Release to the public, and gettin’ their people ready to do just that.  So I’m gonna say do what I’m doin’, and that is I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day, the rest of my day, hoping that this is the last call.  If not, then...hopin’ we’ll still be here when it’s time for the next one!  So we will see, and that is the best we can do!  All the news is good.  If somebody’s giving you some bad news, think about it and say does this really make sense, what they’re saying?  If somebody tells you, “You can’t get paid unless you hand me your dinar,” look at ‘em and say one of us a damn fool and it’s not me.  Okay.  All right, enjoy the rest of your day, guys.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.
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TNT Tony Call notes September 9 -2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  [We didn’t have a call on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.]  We’re still here where no one wanted to be, but it is what it is.  Theirs is only good news. The banks were on high alert over the weekend and yesterday;  they were told things would happen on Tuesday, and then nothing happened. They are on the highest of alerts, as we all are, for this to happen.

In Iraq, they were restricting the military from doing ANY exchanges at any location. Their rates went down to 800 to 1, which is a great rate for us.  Then they were told they couldn’t do any exchanges because  something was about to happen, then nothing happened.  In Iraq yesterday, they were told what their new salaries are, and they are supposed to have access on payday.  They are not happy, but there it is.  In the market place, they have two rates, and the rate that will go into effect.  The articles today listed the new salaries, “effective in September”, and that is now in public for all to see.

Everything is looking good, and everyone is ready for it.  There are ridiculous numbers for Parliament to have and for us not to see this.  The VP, deputy PM, etc., are making six million dinars, and ministers making four million dinars – that is thousands according to the current rates, in the richest country in the regions.  If they pay them at the new rate, that is more like $6,000 per month, that is good money.   I like the fact it’s in  writing, that they actually came out with the salaries, and that this will be implemented from the 1st of September.  So we need to wait for payday.

They are on the highest of alerts today. There is almost zero chance of it happening tomorrow or Friday, because of 9-11.  I think payday is the 14-15th.  We are in that window now.  I said last week that if it didn’t have it over the holiday, it would be the 14-15, or the 30th.  I think payday is 14-15 this month, and I can wait until then.  That’s all good news, nobody is upset, everyone is pushing for it. They wanted it yesterday, told the banks on Saturday, and why they were in the banks yesterday.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen yesterday.  I wish it would be today, but I was told not to look for it tomorrow or Friday. But when the weekend comes around, or Monday/Tuesday, we should be there.  That’s where we are at.  Everything is progressing, meetings are done, laws are done, we are in a great day.

702 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  I do have one question:  do you think the Iran sanctions will have any effect on the RV?

Tony:  I don’t.  Even though President Obama has enough votes, we are not hearing much from the Iran side, one way or the other.  But it will not affect the RV.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  Iraq delegations are coming to the US;  will they need to be back on Iraqi soil before we can expect the RV?

Tony:  I would think so.  If they came here to do the bonds, and they are supposed to go international tomorrow… can they sell them at the old rate?  They could, but I imagine they would rather sell them at the new rate?  A couple of years ago, when this was supposed to happen, and there was a delegation here, they set up a movie set to make it look like they were at home to broadcast this, so anything can happen.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go and we can meet each other.

410 caller:  Are you we going to skip a whole weekend?  How can they do that?  Don’t they want this to come out at the weekend?  I can see them skipping  9-11, but can’t they contact us on Saturday so that we can make appointments?

Tony:  They could very well do this Saturday morning, absolutely.

Caller:  What about the pressure on the markets?  I thought it was closely related to how they would behave, at least as a distraction…

Tony:  I think what we saw happen is that the market made an adjustment so that it wouldn’t be as crazy when this happens.  That had to happen, so they did it right now, so once the RV is announced everyone can adjust together and it won’t be as insane.  They aren’t going to take all this new money and dump it into the market;  if this is the  new normal, then there is less of an adjustment to be made.

Caller:  It seems like they have a plan?  It seems they missed a payday, and that seem odd for people?

Tony:  They did pay  everyone but at the old rate.  Now they have announced the change for the next payday, which should be by next week.  We have heard this before – they said they would do it on payday  last month – but now they are putting it out in writing. Every time they do that, they make themselves look bad when they don’t follow through.  I was discussing this with people this morning.  They are taking that chance again.

Caller:  Let’s hope this is the last time. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  They cannot keep doing this.  Some other things have to happen, but it seems like this is the time.  Everyone is pushing for it now.

239 caller:  I want to ask about the Iranian rial. What was the best rate the rial had before it went down 15+ years ago.  Was it in the three dollar range?

Tony: I don’t’ have a clue.  I understand you are all concerned about Iran, but there are too many currencies out there that I know will make us money to be concerned about one that might.

Caller: So you don’t’ think it will part of the first basket?

Tony:  It’s not one of the five currencies I’m looking at.

Caller: Those who have purchased rial, they have to purchase it from a bank, not from ebay or wherever?

Tony:  I don’t know anything about the rial and cannot advise on that.

423 caller:  It keeps looking like it will happen and it doesn’t happen, and it seemed to have something about Maliki;  has he been arrested or what?

Tony:  My understanding is that Maliki and his son are both still in the Green Zone;  he cannot leave the country, he’s still in politics but not in power, and his party is trying to keep him in Parliament so that he cannot be charged while his opponents want him to be charged.  His dinar has been found buried, in his private plane, and they have confiscated all of that.

Caller:  There have to be a lot more crooks who have dinar, and they won’t exchange before getting that back, will they?

Tony:  They have been tracking that, and have things lined up to watch who is funneling that money through where… Abadi is still fighting for his reforms, “even at the cost of my life”, because there are still people loyal to Maliki and the way that he thinks. Abadi still has a fight on his hands, and he has to do it in the right way, legally and in an approved way so that people don’t get mad at him.

Caller:  That’s what I thought:  that Maliki was arrested and would be charged.  I hope they lock him up!  You said a while back that maybe banks would only take people within a certain radius of that bank.

Tony:  My understanding is that they will ask you what your zip code is, and they will send you to the banks in your area.  I am sure they would prefer you to exchange in your local area, where you’re going to spend the money, but you can tell them whatever zip code you want.

Caller:  I’ll see you in North or South Carolina.

602 caller:  Thanks for the info, Tony.  Last week you were talking about the crowds in the streets in Iraq – are the people still protesting, or has that calmed down as they wait for the next payday?

Tony:  I didn’t ask about that and my contact didn’t’ bring it up.  They did change the rates over the weekend, so they know this is coming, so they may  be a bit calmer.  If this doesn’t come out by payday, they may be backing themselves into a corner.

Caller:  They usually get paid earlier in the month, so if we don’t see this by the 15th, what do you see happening at the end of the month?

Tony: There are the bonds, etc., and there are other end of the year things they want to get done in the provinces – and their fiscal year starts on 1st October.

405 caller:  Why has the USA been the one stopping it lately?

Tony:  My guys say the USA has been pushing it lately.  It might have stopped because they want the groups and laws are in agreement, or because of the  bonds.  I don’t know why it was stopped, because everything has been done.  There may have been a fault in the system.  Let’s see what happens.  We are not going to get into it and push it more;  we are not going to attack our government to push another country.  They are out in the streets because they don’t’ like corruption in their government.  It’s their fight, and they are already pushing on it.  Here it’s an election year, and nobody here is going to take up that fight because it’s not about us.  Everyone here is just waiting for us to go to the bank;  there is nothing for us to fight for. The Iraqi people can fight for the Iraqi people, and our government can fight for them, but not us.  Sometimes we just have to wait for people to do what they are supposed to do.  Alright?

773 caller:  I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday weekend with your family.  How does this bond issue affect the RV?  There was a Reuters articles saying that the last time Iraq issued international bonds was in 2006, etc.  If they issued them then, without an international currency, why do we need to have an RV to issue them now?

Tony:  they don’t HAVE to have one, it would just make more sense and would give a higher return. People don’t’ have confidence in their currency right now, and if there is an RV, those bonds would fly off the shelf. What is the benefit if Iraq has not shown any progress?  Announcing the new laws, the RV and stability for investments would make a lot more sense. They didn’t raise a lot of money the last time, and that’s why they are doing it again, to raise money for the government.  It might work out better this time.  Either way, it doesn’t guarantee us an RV that they are issuing international bonds;  it would just make more sense if they have an RV beforehand.  The problem is, I don’t think they care if it makes sense of us.  They obviously have their own plan and we have to wait and see what that is.

231 caller:  [chitchat]  First-time caller.  Do you feel that this really could be our month?
Tony:  I feel good that this is our month. I have information you don’t have, but I’ve had info in the past that you don’t have, and felt really good then. We’ve been within ten minutes of being paid. I know that the banks have restricted their people and they are ready – but they’ve done that 5-10 times before.  That’s how ready they are, and the agencies as well. They’re pushing it, but somehow it’s still not happened. These are guys in position or power, and they are saying “Don’t be surprised if this happens…”  They have reduced their pay, and they have bills to pay, and everyone is in position, so I feel good about it – just waiting for it to happen!

Caller: You know how soldiers are:  we will keep doing our job, but eventually you have to pay us.  I hope Iraq will pay its soldiers because they do everything for the people.
Tony:  I am certain they will get paid when this happens.

707 caller:  Remember the warning DC gave you about plugging in the thumb drive for the Superfantastic stamp.  I sent that thumb drive to you, and there is nothing on it apart from the graphic file.  Now, about the zim;  I purchased uncirculated currency. Will that make a difference?

Tony:  All my zim is uncirculated, too.  That won’t make any difference.

Caller:  I was in a coin collector’s shop, and the guy said that circulated silver coins were worth more than uncirculated, and also the price on the website was higher for circulated currency than uncirculated.  That’s what put the question in my mind.
Tony:  I could be wrong, but I don’t think it makes any difference.

406 caller:  DC have anything to say in the last few days?  And Pam, why didn’t we get anything from Texas?

Tony:  He said “be ready so you don’t have to get ready!”

Pam:  I had trouble getting on and didn’t have time to play any Texas songs.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

936 caller:  Is there any new information on the exchange locations or procedures.
Tony:  No. I know people are there, ready, trained, introduced to the higher interests and programs;  I don’t think the locations have changes at all.  Some will be at the banks, some at real estate locations, investment office, or mortgage locations.  Most will be at a high-dollar locations, the places where they have high-value account already.  I’m not aware of any changes to the NDAs either. Maybe they have finally settled on 34 pages as enough – no, the average person will only have five pages, if you take the contract rate only.  I understand they are still going to have extended hours, 7am to 11pm

Caller:  I guess we are still in a holding pattern, waiting for your tweet.  [Appreciation]
985 caller:  Last month, you said those guys didn’t get paid…

Tony: They did get paid, but at the old rate, but nearly at the end of the month rather than around the 7th. They delayed paying them because they wanted to pay them at the new rate, but it didn’t happen.

Caller:  You also said that in some places the rates were live.

Tony:  Yes, there was a lady who walked into the bank to exchange one of the currencies and they gave her a live rate of $13,000 per million.  She exchanged one million, went home to get more, and when she went back, they said they made a mistake and they took her money back. Other people I know were able to exchange and kept their money.  There seem to be moments when the rates are live, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, it happens.  Other times, they look at the rate and say, “this can’t be right” and they refuse to exchange.

Caller:  A while back you said some lady used your name to get people to her site…
Tony:  When we first started, one lady said she was my mother, and convinced a thousand people at a 35 dollars apiece to go to her site for information – but that was 3-4 years ago.  This happens every so often.  I think I should put my own story out there and get paid for it.    I don’t care.  Let’s just have the RV and all get paid.
With that, we are having a good time and good information.  Pam

Pam: Take your time – there is no rush. Make sure you deal with professionals you can check out. This isn’t mom-and-pop stuff, you’re in the big leagues, so be careful.  Don’t panic;  you know what to do, you’re ready, and you know how to do this.

Ray:  When are we going to do see it Wednesday – give some attention to self-directed IRAs and Roth IRAs.

Tony:  People have received phone calls from fake IRS and FBI agents, threatening you for buying foreign currency.  Don’t’ fall for that.  Look out for your elderly friends because there are people saying they can get them paid early, if they give them their dinar and such. Let’s look out for each other, especially in these final moments.  When it’s over, send me a letter about how this worked out for you, and how you are paying it forward, so that we can put  that final part in the museum.  Did people pay it forward and change people’s lives?  How did it benefit the everyday person?  That is the final part of the story. 

The address is
Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630-7269.

There is nothing like personal letters after the fact.  Some are saying “don’t send letters or pictures” because ‘they’ will know who you are, but I don’t know you, and you don’t have to put your address or contact information.  Don’t sent a letter if you don’t want to!  But it will be a great story about humanity itself, to see how we are able to help other people. That’s what I’m looking for.

Today is a great day.  I’m told it won’t be tomorrow or Friday, but we starting on the 12th… they are putting out great information and articles telling their own people this is happening. If anything wild and crazy happens we will put out a tweet.  Meanwhile, enjoy your day!
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TNT Wednesday Cliff Notes

Highlights of Tony’s conference call. 

 Only 1 hour call today.

[size=16]Tony:  I would like each and everyone of you to send me a note, letter, picture of your celebration after this is over . . . and how you have immediately paid this forward.  Hopefully in the first week after this happened. Send me this so we can complete the picture.
[size=16]Wants this to be part of Tony & DC’s compilation of history so people can go and see what occurred, before and after. .  Tony’s address:  9580 Oak Ave. Parkway, #7269, Folsom, CA. 95630. 

[size=16]Where we are at Today:  Tony:  Where we were on Monday.  Sitting around and waiting. . . No bad news. . . Meetings held and hearing tax situation will be decided by the end of the year.  Better to be safe than sorry.[/size]
[size=16](set aside 50-55% in escrow till after the tax scenario is known).[/size]

[size=16]I was looking for their last payday, and when that didn’t happen, they are thinking to get this done during this pay cycle.  It’s looking good to me because the projected date now is before the 15th

 [size=16][size=16]If we see an Arab Spring in Iraq, like Da’ash in Iran, then it’s not going to happen. That’s why we are in a critical point right now.  When people are in the streets demanding, nobody wants to see that happen, and I think they are trying to head that off.[/size][/size]

[size=16]CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Could be any moment, any day this week or next week.  They have picked a day and time and we have to wait to see if it happens.  No, it has not passed yet.  Plan is not for . . .today.  Scheduled time is before the 15th.[/size]

[size=16]Tony:  There are individuals with power who are flip-flopping (for and against Abadi and his reforms) because they suddenly realize that the reforms would apply to THEM – that they might have to give up one of their seven houses or whatever.  It was supposed to happen last night, but someone objected because it would affect them, and they had to have another meeting. 

[size=16]IRAQ:    Want to get this done before something else occurs to delay or hold this up. 

[size=16][size=16]Tony:  [/size]There is a power struggle going on in Iraq.  They are supporting Abadi in public, but in the back rooms, people are saying, Yeah, but not my position/house/privileges.  Abadi is saying “They will not stop this reform, even if it costs my life.”  Because he is being so public and transparent about it, Abadi is making enemies that he may not be able to overcome.  Because the people in the street want this, Abadi is supporting it at his own peril.  Even though everyone is saying they support him, that is not the case in the back room.[/size]

[size=16]At what point does he have enough leverage from those around him, enough support from the surrounding countries that he cannot be moved out by another dictator?  Iran still has a lot of influence through the back door and on the streets, and that’s why it’s very significant what Iran decides to do in Iraq[/size]

  • [size=16]Iraq's Incentive:  Tony:  . . . is to secure their country, get their economy back and for their citizens to live like human beings as the richest country in the region. They want to stop the war, and for their people to walk down the streets without fear of being blown up.  In some ways, life was better for the people under Saddam than in the chaos of the  last 12 years.  The rest of the world has a powerful incentive in the GCR which is designed to create a more even playing field. The US has a great opportunity to do this right now, and a lot of people will tell you it has been dragged out until now so that the last quarter’s numbers are the best before the election year.  People can go out and spend money on cars and houses and do some good in the economy.[/size]

  • [size=16]Security:  is still an issue.  The military patrol the streets nightly.[/size]

  •  [size=16] Tony:  . . .until people feel safe and secure, then it’s hard to push this forward.  They want to give the money to the people so they can have a great life and buy houses and cars, but at the same time, they don’t want the money to end up with the gangs and the mafia.  How do they work it out so that the bad guys don’t end up with even more money? 

[size=16]TV /Mosques:  The people are going by what they hear in the mosques.  Newspaper articles are often a mis-information campaign.[/size]

[size=16]INTERNATIONAL:    [/size]

  • [size=16]RatesZIM, lop 6 zeroes and those who have exchanged for SKR’s got a higher rate than .03.   

[size=16]UNITED STATES:     Nothing more to be done here system wise.  [/size]

  • [size=16]UST:    [/size]
  • [size=16]Banks and groups on alert again. [/size]
  • [size=16]Packages:  
    [/size][size=16]       [/size]

[size=16]EXCHANGING:  [/size]


[size=16]PAM:  I like that guy.  I love the detail and everybody hearing about flying in the lower denom and what happened years ago.  Talked to someone that’s been in this 11 years and they know it’s worth waiting for.  Whatever the truth is, none of it matters.  Worth waiting for.  Hang in there guys.[/size]

[size=16]RAY:  It will be here when it’s here.[/size]

[size=16]TONY:  This week people contact me about selling dinar.  Asking you got anybody that wants to buy it.  I tell them don’t see it.  Don’t realize how close we are to this.  Sell it at half the price and when it’s announced 2 days/2 weeks later and you’ll feel taken advantage of.  I tell them, “No.”  You spent the money, just put it away.[/size]
[size=16]If you bought it, you obviously believed it was going to happen.  It’s money gone.  If you spent it going to dinner, vacation, Vegas, it’s already gone so let it be gone.  That is your future.  I promise you that.  Stay with it.[/size]

[size=16]Everything is good.  Everybody happy, excited.  Getting calls all this week saying get ready . . . any minute.  It is scheduled.  That is the good part.  We need to see if it comes true.  This is stuff me, Pam, Ray goes through every day.  Every country as we get the phone calls and information.  We get the idiotic stuff . . ..from supposedly good locations, but some of the most ridiculous . . .[/size]

[size=16]They give it to us and it’s just BS or they give it to us to put to help convince you guys so when things happen, your more confused and we re just not going for it.  Because it just does not make sense to me.  Not going to talk about it when it’s just outrageous.[/size]

[size=16]There is a mis-information campaign going on and has been going on.  Just don’t believe everything you hear.  They control the news in Iraq.  One article says this, another says that.  The people in the street go by what is said in the mosque.[/size]

[size=16]Don’t believe everything I say.  I have been wrong.  Things have changed.  Things are being done on purpose.  Pam says “Tony, they are just saying that so we look bad.”  And I say, “We are not going to do that.”  “Maybe they are trying to get us to convince the people that this or that has changed.”[/size]

[size=16]Either way this is a moving, breathing, living type animal that sometimes changes hourly, back to back to back.  Happened at 10 o’clock meeting but this happened at 3.[/size]

[size=16]Memo goes out and we wait all day to get it.  Go through a lot of things like that.  All day, every day.  Just part of the process.  [/size]
[size=16]I will tell you this – no I won’t.  Okay, all right guys.  Great day, great information.  All positive.  I have to wait and see what happens.  Not going to put it out but life is good.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.[/size]

[size=16]It’s a great day, with positive information.  Another time and day has been determined and we will not put it out. Hope this is the last call.  Why I gave you my address (see above.) 

[size=16]All right, enjoy the rest of your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.[/size]

[size=16]Hello TNT Family,[/size]
[size=16]I missed some of the call.  My connection was down.  I will review other notes before I call it final.[/size]

[size=16]Didn’t go zip lining just yet.  Auntie had some honey do’s.  Took her to the dentist.  While there I got an x-ray for pains in my cheekbone that  began when I got here.  Nothing wrong with my teeth.  It’s decided I have a dry sinus cavity from the altitude and dryness here in Utah.  He told me take 2 aspirin and an Ibuprofen and call if I needed him.  LOL![/size]
[size=16]Auntie, at 94, is a game girl.  She is stooped over with arthritis but extremely independent.  This morning she decided she had to wash the patio table.  So, I have set her up outside with her walker, cane and chairs spaced strategically around the table so if she starts to lose her balance she has lots to grab on too.  I am within 20 feet of her if she needs something.[/size]

[size=16]Going to Little Cottonwood canyon after the call and hoping to find a hiking trail and commune with trees, nature and the mountains.  Mountain air is so fresh and exhilarating.  I’m reminded this morning of John Denver’s song, ”Rocky Mountain High.”  Post RV I’d like to visit Aspen, Colo and Jackson Hole, Wyoming to scope out for a resident. [/size]
[size=16]The moon seems bigger and brighter at this altitude.  So much more brilliant white than at sea level.  My bedroom window faces the mountain so at night lay in bed and watch the moon break over the mountains.  It’s blue, white radiance lights up the clouds and then streams down between the tree branches bathing the earth in moon glow, casting long dark tree shadows on the lawn.  [/size]
[size=16]Going to find some Utah peaches today.  They are like nectar in the mouth.   Stay well out there.  Blessings to all, Sunny[/size]
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Donation Time!

Time for all good TNT cult members to open up their pocketbook and shell out any spare cash to give to Tony.  After all, he needs everything he can get to pay back the court ordered 1.6 million.

Even though you may be living in your car, storage shed or facing eviction from your home.  Be sure to send Tony some money, so Pam can buy more prime rib and skanky purple lipstick! 

The lies he tells you three times a week don't come cheap, do they?


brendad (TNT)

Good morning, Family!!!
[size=16]The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.[/size]

[size=16]Tony's mailing address: CORRECTED[/size]
[size=16]Tony Renfrow[/size]
[size=16]9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269[/size]
[size=16]Folsom, Ca. 95630[/size]
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TNT Tony says this could be the last week, but STILL says they need money for site?? WHY?

Even though Tony says this may be the last week, there is still a big push to get more people sending in their hard earned money at TNT.

Millionairess wrote
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Topics tagged under 7269 on Dinar Daily SunTopics tagged under 7269 on Dinar Daily Heart ★ To Make A Donation With A Money Order ~ Make It Out To Tony Renfrow ~ Put A Note With It If You Want ~ Mail It To: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269, Folsom, CA 95630-9997 ★
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Tony & the IRS

It's always nice to have things in writing. 

Does Tony have a business or not?   Maybe the IRS could help him figure that out!

Donation Time Again!!! A Big Thank You From Tony and Already Blessed For Those Who Are Paying It Forward At Home.


Good morning, Family!!!
The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.

Tony's mailing address: CORRECTED
Tony Renfrow
9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269
Folsom, Ca. 95630


But yet if you go to ( you have to select "goods & services". 

So what is it, Tony?  You say you don't have a business when you are asking people to send you checks, but when when people are sending you money via PayPal, they are instructed to select "Goods & Services".


PayPal will NO LONGER allow you to specify  family and friends when you send your donation because they want their cut. So from now on please select  Pay for  goods and services as shown below. 

Also in the Add a note section at the bottom of the confirmation page, please put Donation for TNT and Tony in the Message box.
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TNT Call notes 3-August-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, August 3, 2015.  I didn’t wait for everyone to come in this time, but the number is growing. Where do we want to start this morning? There is a reason we are still here.  Meanwhile, the bills are still due.  Pam says that the bills are red, and we have stuck it out as long as we could, hoping we’d never have to ask again.  I know we are really close and we want to be here for you all, so it’s up to you.
Why are we still here?  I don’t know.  People are confused, but not upset.  It should have been announced over the weekend.  Bank memos went out again over the weekend, telling people not to plan any vacations for August, September, that there would be some overtime work, and that the final phase has begun.  We don’t know when that is, but the are being told to be ready for this. Those were bank memos to their people.  I hear they are mad at me for saying some of this, but everyone on this call knows this is happening, so it can’t be wrong to tell you that they are ready as well.
We are frustrated and ready to get this over with.  It looks like the last phase has begun and we can get on with our lives.  It could happen this weekend – I see no reason it shouldn’t. The tariffs did go into effect on Saturday, the 1st, along with the taxes. Everything that was supposed to happen did happen apart from an announcement of the RV.  How will they deal with a 20% on all imports to a war-torn country when they can barely pay for food… then they add the taxes in on top of that.  They cannot do that without giving people some kind of monetary relief, which they have not done as yet. People were in the streets protesting about the heat, lack of electricity, etc., so something has to happen and happen quickly.
I got a letter from a guy in Iraq this morning.  [silence – call was lost]   I guess that’s one way to shut me up!  The guy was telling us what is going on over there.  It’s 142-149 degrees over there!  They haven’t been outside since Thursday.  So we know what they are complaining about with no electricity or A/C and now 20% increase on everything they buy when they don’t have any money to buy it with.
How does this affect the RV?  Even now, people are anticipating it.  I was going to get on the call and try not to say anything to see how that will affect things.  There’s not a lot of say because everything is done apart from the announcement.  They did start selling bonds yesterday. So everything they said would have to be done before the RV or as a result of the RV, those have all been done. There simply haven’t been any international sightings. We should have seen it over the weekend;  that was the plan.  It should have gone but it didn’t.
As usual, we should have some answers this afternoon, after the call.  There are people back on ‘any minute’ watch, ready for this to happen.
707 caller:  There is a YouTube commercial/ad that I want to recommend.  It’s about military families, and it’s called Food City Salute.  If anyone has military history in their families… watch this.
617 caller:  I’m very good, thanks.  Have they cut the salaries in half as well?
Tony:  They said August, and I don’t know what day they get paid this month.  I have asked my people to find out what day they get paid. Should be the first week of the month, I would think, but they haven’t set a standard pay day  yet.
Caller:  There is a slot tournament in Vegas on the 13th – do you think I should go?
Tony:  I think there’s a good change we’ll all be Vegas for the 13th.
Caller:  Okay!  I’ll be at the Venetian!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
301 caller:  Is the zim still eight zeros?
Tony:  My understanding is that they are dropping six zeroes.
Caller:  So that would leave eight zeros?
Tony:  Whatever it is, take six zeros off.  All weekend I’ve been expecting this, with the bonds, taxes and tariffs, and bank memos.  They are still telling people to get their people ready right now, not in a month or two months.  They did implement the tariffs at the borders, and some provinces wanted to fight it because they don’t have the money, but they were supposed to have the money by today.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens today. 
Caller:  Thank you and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
404 caller:  About Maliki – sometimes he seems to be present, other times he is not.  What are your sources saying about Maliki?
Tony:  His plane was confiscated over the weekend so he is not going anywhere.  He’s been put in one area and his entourage is being removed from positions of power, authority and influence.  He is NOT a factor in what’s going on at the moment.
Caller:  There seem to be indications that long-term dinarians are on bank lists so they will be contacted when things happen.  What about people who never bought from banks?
Tony:  I do know that some people have been contacted by bankers who kept their list in case this crazy thing actually happens.  I know one bank has asked their people to go back and search those who bought foreign currencies and created a list off that.  Other bankers have kept their own personal lists from people who have made enquiries.  I know someone who was called on Friday by a bank and told that he could take ten of that person’s people, so the banker is using the dinarian to create the list for him.  He said he would do things for them on Sunday but it didn’t happen.  They cannot help you unless they know that you have currencies.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!
302 caller:  On the internet, they said the highest temperature in Iraq was 120, it just feels like 159!  Some internet sources say that there will not be 800 numbers;  what is your view?
Caller:  I just try to do whatever they ask me to do – the banks, people who are briefing me.  I get phone calls asking me to do this or that, and I will do whatever will help people get through this more smoothly. They had five different sites they  would put out information through, and the Goat is not one of them.
So… here’s the bank with branches in all 50 states.  In all those states, you have 5-20  locations where people have been trained to do this exchange process – they have been trained on how to answer the phone, which personal banker should get which client at what level.  So, as a bank, do I do what I spent all this money on for staff, locations and security OR do I just say, “It happened, so six million people will just call and show up at random, confused and frustrated and causing confusion in all my employees and alerting them that what they heard in the last few years was a lie, and having them walk off the job.”  Which would you prefer if you were the bank?
Caller:  I would think the bank locations would be better.  I know many banks have other locations besides actual retail banks.  And I imagine they only taught a select few, because otherwise all their staff would buy currencies and run off.  So what I am hearing is that you will hopefully get the numbers or information that would send us to those select locations.
Tony:  That has been the plan for years.  I don’t know HOW they plan to do it – sending you to static sites, 800 numbers, one 15-minute call, a series of calls… they have to do something to make this more organized, and also to keep it quiet.  If/when the general public finds out, they will get upset because they could have taken part if the banks hadn’t kept saying this was a scam.
Caller:  What timeframe do you think this will take?  A few hours?  A day? 
Tony:  I would have thought they would take a day to train us, to make sure I understand before giving the information out to the public.  I would be willing to have a bank person on the call, but they don’t want to do that.  It was supposed to go Thursday or Friday, and let’s say they asked me to come to explain it.  Then it didn’t happen.  They don’t know me, they just know that I have a bigger audience. They don’t trust me, they are worried that I might just give out my opinion.  However, I agreed to give out just the information.  But if they don’t trust me, and it doesn’t happen, then they think there might be chaos. So they probably don’t want to give me the information until after it’s live.  Then they are willing to do that part and then go from there.  Even though I have gotten the times before, it has never happened.  After the fact, they don’t care.  I’m going to get it no matter what because I have a lot of contacts.  I don’t have to wait on the banks or the powers that be.  I get to decide if I want to do a call OR if I wait to talk to them before sending out the information.  We can do that in the interests of a smooth transition, or I can tweet it out and we can all pile into buses like they do in Texas.
I don’t think it’s going to go live on Forex, but the banks are definitely going to know, and the global/international traders because the rates and prices will change and they need to know that.  The banks will know.  The news networks won’t know until afterwards.  All the plan for the general public are for after the international release;  you won’t know before.
Caller:  Who do you think will call you and say it’s time to go?
Tony:  I have an idea who will call me.  They have a system in place, but they change the whole system in an hour.  I can only say what makes sense to me if they want this to be organized and not total chaos.
Caller:  If the banks can see the rates on the screens, how can it not be live?
Tony: They are getting notifications the same as I do, “this is the window” then it doesn’t happen and they cannot make it happen.  They have memos saying ‘this weekend’, or ‘get ready, put your people on standby’.  They are frustrated just like we are.  Someone at some higher level is saying “it could be any time, get ready”.  I used to be in the military and we’d scramble at a moment’s notice, and we’d sit there on the runway for an hour, then turn them off and go back in the building, mad and frustrated.  That is the process, and there is nothing we can do about it until it happens.
Caller:  RV, RV, RV!  Then we can go where we want!
Jerry on Skype:  Instead of going through the exchange process at the ban, can I exchange at an investment firm?  I have dealt with this investment house with my own retirement accounts throughout my career, and I’d rather do this as a one-stop  process than have to exchange and then transfer funds.  I have contacts who said they can exchange me.
Tony:  Sounds like you have a plan!
Jerry:  Anyone who listens to you and then doesn’t plan, they have a problem!  If you don’t have faith in anything, you will waver.  I waver occasionally, and then I remind myself that we just have to sit back and let this happen.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
432 caller:  What’s your address so we can send you a check?  Thank you!
Tony:  9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630
512 caller:  You mentioned the bonds earlier – are they trading the bonds right now?
Tony:  Over the weekend, they explained on television how the bonds work, and that they have the opportunity to buy bonds, which went on sale on Sunday.  We’ll find out exactly what is going on.
Caller:  So the heat has nothing to do with stopping the RV?
Tony:  No, they are upset because the RV hasn’t happened, because they need money to buy air conditioners and power plants and generators. With the RV, there will be a flow of money in the country to rebuild.  Nobody knows why it didn’t happen this weekend because everyone expected it to go.  The next thing I am looking for is when they get paid this month, because they said they were cutting their pay by 50%.  I don’t know of any country or government doing that unless they will benefit somehow.  I would cut my check if it’s being revalued, but not otherwise!   The Iraqis are just as smart as Americans, and they know BS when they hear it.  They know politics!
Caller:  Lou Reed said three things:  Don’t be afraid of anyone, get a good bullshoot detector and learn how to use it!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and Texas, Texas, Texas!
318 caller:  How are you?
Tony:  I’m great.  I could be super-fantastic.  Usually I’m like that when I have something to look forward to, but today there isn’t any bad news, but I’ll probably get some news over the course of the day.
Caller:  You’ve answered most of my questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
281 caller:  Is there a difference between the bonds that are happening in-country and international bonds? 
Tony:  I’m not really into the bonds because the RV will happen first.  Bonds are long term.  The same bonds are available to the Iraqi people to build up their economy;  they have the first opportunity to buy these bonds because they are not international yet.  They can buy them now, and then they will be offered internationally in a couple of days.  Those who can take advantage of the in-country sales will get a better rate, probably.
Caller:  So there could be a delay between the bonds being available in-country and being offered internationally?  
Tony:  Yes.  They don’t have to have bonds go international.  It depends on the specific bonds.  Sacramento is selling bonds to build a new stadium, and other countries are not interested in that.  In Iraq, bonds could be sold to build specific things, and they need not go international at all.  If the Iraqi bonds are international as expected, that would be a big deal because there would have to be a rate.
Caller:  Have the currency dealers been informed about a rate change?
Tony:  Not to my knowledge, but the ones I have talked to expect some kind of notification.  They were supposed to do certain things, but since that whole situation has changed, I don’t know what is going on.
Caller:  Are they trying to keep us off-guard, or is it just that badly organized?
Tony: Oh, it’s very well-organized. If you can put together the various pieces, you’ll get a clearer vision of what’s going on.
Caller:  Texas is well-represented today.   Remember, when we get into those buses, they are coach-style, not school buses.  We do it in style!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
559 caller:  I’m not from Texas – I’m a little south of you in California.  Does Texas  have enough room on the buses for everyone to join them?  I was ready to pack up and go out there just to get on the bus!  Obviously we are close. I’m glad you gave out the address because not everyone gets on with PayPal, so it’s great to be able to send a check.  [Appreciation] We need to support you as well as you support us.
Is there anything to do with them holding back?  I imagine their PM is starting to lose face, but you have said in the past this has to do with a global event… is that affecting this?
Tony: When things were going on with Greece, they had meetings and said, “Let’s see how this affects the markets”, and something similar with Iran and China. During moments of crisis, people say “let’s do this!” or “let’s wait!”  Each country puts the pressure on when they are in crisis.  Puerto Rico needs to make their payment right now – where does that fit into the situation?  Is that as bad as Greece, for instance?  Probably not.  If this goes, of course this will give all the countries the money to make their payments. 
As for the riots in Iraq, they get that way every summer because every year they are dying of the heat.  It’s worse this year because of global warming, which I can see here and it’s even worse there in the desert.  Yes, it is affecting Abadi’s reputation because you can only say things like this so many times before people lose faith and begin to wonder if he is lying or just not in control.  Too many people are wondering if Abadi is losing his grip. The plan is for Iraq to be as wealthy as Iraq, and nobody wants to have to start that process over again – we have gone too far for that.
Caller:  Today is my anniversary, so I hope to get a nice anniversary present at least!  If we wait between now and eternity, it’ll come real soon!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam says that she cannot say goodbye to us today, but hopes we will talk again.
Ray:  Enjoy this Marvelous Monday and see what it brings between now and then.
Tony:  Everything and everyone is still positive that it will happen and we are in the window of it happening.  Everyone was frustrated that it didn’t happen over the weekend, but there is a new energy this morning of “let’s get this done”.  I’m sure I’ll get more information later today.  If something crazy is going on, we will do a call.  If not, we will sit back and wait, knowing that it is coming, and look forward to the next call, which I hope is a goodbye call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday.  I will probably send out a tweet later just saying that things are looking super-fantastic.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I will enjoy mine.
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A Fool & Their Money Are Soon Parted

Irene wrote 
15m ago
BEN, Thank you ★ To Make A Donation With A Money Order ~ Make It Out To Tony Renfrow ~ Put A Note With It If You Want ~ Mail It To: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269, Folsom, CA 95630-9997 ★
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Monday TNT Call Notes

DC was not on the call again.  His website (AeroCentex is gone & phone is disconnected).

TNT Call notes 1-June-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 1, 2015, which is a day I never, every thought we would see, but here we are.  What’s the good news?  It’s still good.  I will give it you guys straight.
First thing I heard was “uh-oh, Mtn Goat must be right, because it’s June”.  Well Mtn Goat said January 2015 as well.  Believe what you want to believe.  DC is actually working on a project in his old arena.  We have talked and everything is just fine according to his guys and our guys.  Banks are geared up, as they were for Saturday and Sunday.
DC is working and I don’t know if we’ll get him back this week or not.  There was a minor detail over the weekend, and we are still ready to go.  The banks say they haven been given a day this week when they are supposed to be ready. The dinar went off the screen yesterday, should be back today.  Dong is fluctuating between six cents and 48 cents. We have been given out different rates for years.  People actually involved have seen those rates, but they still think that the dinar will come out at $3.91, the dong will come out at 47 cents, that the rupiah will be $1.08, and the zim will be between 11 and 22 cents. Different rates have been popping up on the boards. The final settlement has been taking place this morning, as we speak, and it should come out the day they agreed this week.
They agreed to have this done by 1. June, which is this morning.  That is why Friday everything was done, the system was fixed, and they anticipated an announcement in Iraq on Friday or Saturday when Abadi addressed Parliament.  Their meeting went well, no one was upset, some minor detail needed to be addressed.  It could happen any time, and should happen the day the banks have been told, but I’m not going to say which day because I don’t want anyone to blame Tony for screwing this up.  I don’t know of any problems, none.
Parliament was supposed to go on vacation Saturday because this was supposed to be over.  It’s not over, and Parliament has not gone on holiday.  Iraq is not looking good around the world because they made another major announcement, but nobody is upset.  Everyone has been told to be on standby, and all those times are for this week.
705 caller:  I’m great – half pre-celebrating and half-mourning, but it is what it is. Are contract rates available in Canada?
Tony:  I don’t know… but you can come across the border if you want to!    I cannot tell you what Canadian banks are doing or if there are contract rates.  I don’t know if there will be an NDA in Canada. The only guy I know in Canada is so high up they won’t let him buy dinar, just other currencies… and he does have an NDA.  And no, I cannot say what will be in the second basket.  They didn’t want us involved in the first basket, and you will have to have at least ten million to participate in the second basket.
I did get my shirt Friday that says “Vegas, Vegas, Vegas”, and I wore it Friday night so everyone could see it... and sent a picture to Pam and DC.  It was from the TX group.
707 caller:  I have a question.  A friend and I purchased currency together;  I was driving and couldn’t get to the bank, so he bought it and we made a note on the receipt.  Will that be a problem for me?
Tony:  So long as you have it documented, I don’t see a problem.  I’m not an attorney!
Caller:  I drive an airport bus.  A young man got on the bus last night, with his father.  His father had looked him up on Facebook and they got together for the first time ever.  I was so blown away by his story that I got his permission to write it up and paid for his fare.  On the credit card receipt, I wrote “superfantastic”.  I had the choice of sending you a donation or doing that, and I chose to do that.
Tony: That was the right choice!  I am superfantastic… even these minor things that pop up, they have to end and this will go through.
408 caller:  How we will know when the TNT site has gone static?
Tony:  We will probably put a note on the home page saying “This site is now static!”
828 caller:  The minor glitch that happened over the weekend… can you say what kind of glitch this was?
Tony:  We will probably get all the information after this call.  All I know is that it was something minor, and everyone is happy.
Caller:  I thought you said that sometime in June the zim notes will be worth nothing… what do we do then?  Didn’t you say that up to 20,000 have zim now?  Are they unhappy with that, and is that why they may run zim out before we can exchange?
Tony:  I don’t know the date on that, we thought we would be through with this by then, so someone needs to do some research on that.  At this moment, I don’t know anyone who will buy it back like with the dinar.  What I hear is that there were 2,000 zim-holders, then Pam caused it to go up to 10K, and Ray sent it up to 20K, but they are okay with that. 
Caller:  What about the dong rates?
Tony:  All we can tell you is what we hear and see on the screens.  We have thought it would b 47 cents, and then $2.27 was the contract rate.  So now that 47 cents is back on the screens, maybe $2.27 is the contract rate again.
352 caller:  I was listening to the news;  there is a school in Orlando with 20 kids, and now they are almost out of money.  So if everyone could remember this school when the money comes in, that would be a great project to help.
I haven’t heard  you talk about this recently – do we need to open an account for each currency?
Tony:  Three years ago, somebody I know from the UST said that you need to keep your dinar separate when you exchange because it may be taxed differently. The rest they do not care about.  Just the dinar needs its own account.
347 caller:  On Friday’s call, you said that the rates were showing on the screen.  Which screens?  Back screens or tellers’ screens?
Tony:  Some VPs, wealth managers and other bankers could see them, but not if you walk in off the street.
Caller:  Iraq doesn’t show it has a credit rating.  Is that been on hold or denied?
Tony:  For a long time, we have been talking about what we mean by the screens. The moment it shows up on the teller’s screens, we’ll be in the banks.  It wasn’t on that level before... even the bank managers couldn’t see it before.  Iraq put out an article themselves saying they have an A credit rating.
Caller:  What is this glitch about – this weekend?  Now they say that it’s going to happen this week, pushing us to Friday again.  You say the banks have a date for this week but you don’t want to say what it is.  Do you expect to have a call on Wednesday.
Tony:  I didn’t say there was a glitch in the system.  It was supposed to go on Friday then at the meeting with Parliament on Saturday.  I didn’t say the glitch was in the system;  where the glitch is we will probably find out this afternoon.  The banks told me that they have a day this week and they asked me specifically not to say when.  If it happens by Wednesday we won’t have a call, and otherwise we will.
Caller:  Can you possibly post the information when you find out about the glitch if people are not on the forum?  I knot TNT posts on Recaps.
Tony:  We do NOT post on Recaps.  People listen to this call, or they take things from the TNT site and post it on Recaps.  They do that;  we do not.  We have our own site, so why would post anywhere else.  If there is something that is important, Pam (Already Blessed) will put it in the Tony Blast section where everyone can see it – that’s on and click on the Forum.  That page can be accessed by everyone.
Caller:  So all those stories on Recaps that use your name, Pam, Ray, DC’s name… those are not in the TNT family?
Tony:  They put it out as “Tony says X or Y”, and they paraphrase and it gets twisted.  We don’t post on any other sites.  We are quoted and misquoted and used to bring people into their site, but we don’t post on any other site.’
717 caller:  Happy Anniversary to Pam – hoping it’s really special, but the day is not over yet.  Hello to the Scribe Tribe, too!  This past weekend my computer crashed twice, and I need to get to the Apple store, and I’ll continue to do what I can, but hopefully someone else will step up.  I prayed over my computer and it did fire back up, but it makes a funny noise, and transcribing on my laptop is like running an marathon backwards.  I only want to know who, where, what, when and how much??  I understand there is a lot your cannot say and I don’t understand when people keep pushing for certain things.  We miss DC, but we’re glad he’s working behind the scenes to help us.  And I really like the shorter calls, for obvious reasons.
Tony:  I thank you so much for what you do.  I know it’s not easy, that you have to go back and listen to every word as you transcribe.  If you cannot, I don’t ever want you to feel overworked or responsible. We have two recordings in different places that are free, and people can always listen again.  I appreciate the transcripts, but I don’t want you to feel you have to do this when you don’t get paid for it.   But I do appreciate it!   I  just don’t want you to feel stressed about it.
This was supposed to be over on Friday and we should have had our 15 minute call today.  It was supposed to be over the 1. June, and I was hoping we could just enjoy ourselves.  As you say, the day isn’t over yet.  Oh, and Pam intends to pick out a Bentley for you!  
Caller:  I think I would be afraid to drive it!  I’m transcribing as best I can…
Pam:  Tony does love those verbatim transcripts, Zebragirl!
301 caller:  What happens if this doesn’t happen on the first?
Tony:  Iraq didn’t say anything about pulling out if it doesn’t happen on the first.  There are contractors who say that if this is not released by today, they will pull out, or renegotiate their contracts.  They have said that before, though…
404 caller:  Zebragirl, thanks for your transcripts and we’ll all pray for your computer. Have you had any feedback on whether we can meet at Vegas, and when?
Tony:  DC still says that he doesn’t think they will let us do it, but he says they are talking about it.  I won’t know until I get the NDA, which was 33 pages and is getting longer…
Caller:  I heard that there is to be an other holiday on Wednesday – is there a link?
Tony:  My sources said there would be a holiday today.  Parliament was supposed to go on holiday Sunday, and they are still there today.  They are still ready to go!
Caller:  It’s still 1. June in Iraq, and they may still make that deadline.  We miss DC, and hope to hear him back on the call.
Tony:  They don’t pay attention to dates and timing in the same way we do, so it could still come in the next day or so.
Next caller:  I didn’t catch all the rates.  Did you say that dong is coming out at 47 or 77 cents?  Will the dong go up on forex like the dinar?
Tony:  They think that 47 cents is the true rate for the dong.  I don’t know if the dong is going to go up in the same way as the dinar.  I don’t want people to do something crazy because of something I say, because not everyone has my threshold for pain.  I know they have a schedule for dinar, but I haven’t heard of one for dong.
Caller:  How come they don’t’ bring Baghdad to 1:1 at least?
Tony:  They want Baghdad to be the last to go, and once it does, people will ask why it hasn’t been recognized internationally.  Once the entire country has changed, they won’t have any more excuses.  Then we can celebrate with them.  Otherwise, it’s like when Saddam Hussein declared the dinar was worth 2.22 and nobody recognized the new rate.  Iraq is ready to do it, they have tried to do it, phone calls were made on Friday saying they were going to do it. They wanted to make sure they were supported because they didn’t want to look bad, and here they are looking bad again.  I don’t what happened and we’ll find out later, probably.  I do know that nobody’s upset, that there is a date/time when it’s supposed to be released, and everybody should stay ready.  There was a glitch of some kind and we’ll find out later.
Caller:  Could we have Monday calls later in the day?  Many people don’t realize that DinarRecaps is just a wall site that grabs stuff from other sites.  Based on the timeline, we are not going into next weekend, are we?
Tony:  I sure hope not, but I cannot promise anything.  If approval was already given and there was just a glitch, then I don’t see any reason.  If they don’t sabotage the system any more, this should be released.  As for who did that sabotage, I cannot confirm or deny.
What he was saying about the other sites, the majority of dinar sites are like that.  They try to get the information they can to get people to their sites.  That’s how they get paid, by advertising and clicks.  But it’s not me, Pam, DC or Ray posting on those sites, it’s someone posting about us on those sites.
562 caller:  The outcome is so fantastic that I’m not worried about how much we will be paid;  I’m more worried about the TNT site not being there.  I was staggered to hear Pam say that you pay for the calls and the site single-handed.  Please could everyone on this site donate or take one dollar, fold it into a piece of paper and send it to Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.  Thank you!
Tony:  Thank YOU.  We have 25,000 people on the line, right now.  By tomorrow this time, 300,000 will have listened to this call, and in  another 24 hours, more than a million will have listened.  You’re right, it’s the same 500 people supporting this call.  I appreciate it!  People who don’t even come to this site will have this call on other sites!
Caller:  Won’t it be great to see a playground/park in Sacramento called ‘Superfantastic’?  If there is more money left over, that is great as well. 
432 caller:  What is the bank fee for the different currencies?
Tony:  We heard it would be around 2%;  then I know someone who went in to do his exchange, he refused to pay that much, and his exchange went through.  I don’t think it is supposed to be more than 2%.
Caller:  There was a post in the forum saying that it would be different for different currencies, and that is might range from 8-20%.
Tony:  I’m not paying that much!  If the bank takes 20% and the government takes 60%, you’d only be left with 20%.  That is ridiculous!
719 caller:  You need to get that boy back on the call… you’re sounding lonesome.  I have a group of 250, and some say they don’t want to know until this pops, and others are happy to get the notes from people in the forum, Adept, and so on. 
Tony:  Someone told me that they are looking after 400 people – why?  People need to get informed themselves, because otherwise they won’t know what to do when they comet to exchange. People who cannot make it on the calls or the forum, that’s one thing and they will benefit from your keeping them up to date.  If they can’t be bothered, that sis oemthing else again.
Caller:  Would you buy a stock and then not follow it?  People are asking about the taxes;  you need to find a good tax attorney and/or enrolled agent before you start giving away money.  Don’t give away money willy-nilly then find you have estimated tax payments.  Find out the best way to give away money before taking action.  As Ray says, there are ways to  get benefits from giving it away.
Tony:  Or it might put the recipients in a tax situation.
Caller:  Are the three scenarios still how you think this will roll out?  Do you think we will have a call on Friday?  Or do you think we will be free by Friday?
Tony:  I don’t know.  I hope we don’t have one after tomorrow, but I don’t know.
Caller: Before EO 13303, you had to have ten million before investing in all this?
Tony:  No.  EO 13303 has nothing to do with that.   Some investments have always required ‘sophisticated investors’, meaning with  a net worth of over one million. They are putting that up to ten million, but there are ways around that, although there are some risks to that also.
Caller:  Let’s say you have more than ten million;  where would you go to invest in the second basket currencies?  Banks or investment houses?
Tony:  I don’t think the banks will know, although your wealth manager might give you suggestions.  There are all kinds of investment places out there, but they won’t guarantee anything either.  If you want to go into a currency now, they might ask if you are leaving the country, going on vacation, or a long-term investment, because they don’t want the responsibility coming back on them.  There will be some new rules that you need to read and understand before investing in your currency.
Caller:  The two anti-allergy remedies are Bromeliad or MSM with Citric C complex. That will help with the drainage, removing allergens, etc.
512 caller:  Like everyone else, I’m waiting.  I did want to ask… we have gone through a lot with these glitches, and just as everything is clearing up and it looks like a good clear path, then some other minor glitch shows up… how will we get to the point where we actually go through?  It could be June, July, August!
Tony:  They said this was minor and it’s still going through.  How many times can they do this?  Until they don’t do it, or Iraq says “enough is enough”, or whatever.  They can do it until it starts hurting them personally.  How long do they want to do it? Why are they doing it?  We won’t know until afterwards.  I don’t know what happened in Ramadi or Mosul, or it that had anything to do with this, or if it’s about the currency over there. It wasn’t an issue on Thursday or Friday… I don’t know what’s happening in the conversation with Iran, or if that has something to do with it.  I don’t know where they are at. Even if it could tell you, they will probably ask us not to  tell you about that.  I’m hearing there is already a new date and time and we’ll have to see what happens.
Caller:  We appreciate you know something of what’s happening behind the scenes.  I wish the President would make a proclamation that no one is allowed to mess with this RV any longer, and that is they do and are caught, that is a serious offence.
Tony:  I would love to see that happen, but it probably won’t.
Think we got all the information out there that we need to get out there…
636 caller:  I’ve been in this for five years, and if I bring up ‘dinar’ in my  house, I get thrown out!  Putting aside all the good things in Iraq over the last ten months, people still come on this call and don’t understand that it’s about wealth distribution in this country.  They are still taking out the middle class and there is more poverty.  If they would let it go from up top, we would raise the poverty level overnight. We keep being told it’s being stopped for this or that reason, and then a little while ago,  it’s not about Iraq at all.  DC himself said that the US is nitpicking this, and they could do that for months to come. This is a political football that still needs some air taken out of it.
Tony:  Saturday night, I was standing outside with one of my friends, who is a correction officer, and he deals with these people all the time. To my right is the VP of one of the biggest railroads in the country.  We are all smoking cigars, talking about dinar, because we’re all invested. They are saying similar things:  “Why don’t they get this through? The banks don’t want people to walk off their jobs… or the government doesn’t want us to get this money…” etc. 
My response to them is the same as I would say to you.  If there are six million people who quit their jobs, that means six million new people will take their jobs.  Vacancies have to be filled, so people will be moved up. It’s jobs, the economy, and those six million people will start their own businesses and opportunities.  That will provide more jobs, as we buy more cars, trucks, houses, go on holidays.  Sure, the banks don’t want all their people walk out one day, but it won’t all happen on that one day because people have a sense of responsibility and will give two weeks notice.  I really don’t think the reason is that ‘they’ want to keep us down, because they don’t care!  They are still convinced that  most of us don’t know how to deal with this much money, that we will rush out and buy things we cannot maintain.  They have seen that lottery syndrome so many times, and they think we will go out and blow it.  I don’t think that is really a factor any more.  We are now poised for the growth in the economy to hit at the right time for the next President to take credit for it.  So I don’t think this is about us as dinarians;  there is something higher going on than us just going to the bank, or the Iraqi people suffering one may day, week or month.  Abadi didn’t plan on going beyond this weekend, and that specific time was planned by people who are involved and who should know!  Nobody is upset, they and we are just waiting for this to happen.
Pam:  We will do whatever we can on the site to happen, we just don’t know what we will be allowed to do. You know more than you think you do. Take your time, sit back and relax;  there is no rush to spend the money.  Talk to your professionals, and make sure they are professional.
Tony:  I started doing IPOs on my own.  As soon as I went to this major company, I lost $85,000 in 15 minutes, despite his experience.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this magnificent Monday, and Tuesday could be even more magnificent.
Tony: Thank you everyone.  It is scheduled for this week, and hopefully we won’t be here past Friday or even Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I will enjoy mine!
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FULL TNT Conference Call NOTES for 5.26.15

TNT Conference Call 5.26.15

T:  Okay.  Gooood morning, TNT!  Today is May the 26th, 2015.  That would be May the 26th, 2015, just to make sure Pam heard me say it, so everybody else would know.  Okay.  Guys, DC is taking care of business.  It’s after a holiday, a lot of things are going on, so he won’t be on the call.  I can give you the information and probably give you more than I should give you, but I’m gonna give it to you ‘cause that’s what happens when he’s not here, so it’s their fault for causing him to do the, or makin’ or work or whatever he’s doin’, so okay.  So, we just gonna go ahead with it.  Before I get started, though, I want to absolutely send out my condolences to the families in Texas who have lost people due to this weather.  And I know I pick on Texas a like, a lot I mean, and it’s really ‘cause I like ‘em or I wouldn’t pick on ‘em, but I do.  But I am sad to see what we are seeing here with all this weather and, and what they’re going through, and both in Houston and in Austin, I mean, I’m seein’ it all, and the little cities around.  We don’t want anybody to go through what they’re going through right now, so I wanted to get that out the way first, guys.  Second thing before we get to the news, no wait, there was two other things I was supposed to talk about.  What was it, shoot.

Pam:  One was me.  I had a message.

T:  Okay.  What was your message.

Pam:  Okay.  We made some changes on the other superfantastic sites, and I’ve been hearing about it all weekend.  We took out the hyperlinks, which is something our programmer put in there for, so you guys could access the forum and chat room from the, net, and .info sites, and that is not there anymore.  But you can still access the chat and forum if you are members from the site, that’s  That’s also where we post the transcript of all these calls and the links and the call information for all those calls, for all the calls, and also the donate button is there.  So all of you have donated or those of you who have donated, the donate button is there, which reminds me, it is that time again.  We not only have a red invoice for the forum and chat, we, we have had that for a while and Tony said that they are calling him on the conference call, the computer call, on that one, so I’m gonna give you the information on making donations again.  It’s to go through PayPal, and for those of you who want to send something else, a money order, check or something, we are not a business.  Tony pays the bills, Tony pays all the bill.  I don’t pay any bills, Tony does, and so if any of you want to help out with that and can’t do PayPal, you’re gonna have to make it out to Tony Renfrow.  And I’m tryin’ to find the address for you, although he probably knows what it is.  Oh, I’ve got it:  9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, that’s 95, Tony Renfrow--quit laughin’--9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom, CA 95630.  9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom, CA 95630.

T:  Okay.  I was simply gonna say we don’t have enough yet, and if we get it, we get it, and if we don’t we just don’t, and then that be it, so, without all that, but okay, ‘cause....

Pam:  Well I will add to that that these calls are the first thing that are gonna go, ‘cause the calls are the big bill.  The, the computer, Free Conference Call doesn’t cost anything, so we can only get, it’s supposed to be 5,000, we get 6,000 on that.

T:  Okay.  That, okay thanks.  Let me tell you guys somethin’.  The reason we made changes to the sites, though, is because we were asked to.  The reason we made changes to our site, everything else, ‘cause we were preparing for our final call, and we still are preparing for it.  Don’t know when it’s gonna come exactly, but we are in fact preparing for it, and we had to get some things done so that we could move quickly when the time came and cut off communication ‘cause that’s what I tell you guys is gonna happen.  Then we’re gonna do our last call and give out the instructions, unless something else changes.  But we were preparing the site and everything for that, and the other sites, to put the information out on.  We still haven’t got the instructions yet.  We still don’t know the way they want us to do it yet, but we know we were given three different options, so we tried to prepare for each one of those so we could do it quickly when, when required to do it.  So that’s why you see those changes and things goin’ on. All right.  So that’s all I was gonna tell you about the site and about that, and I guess Pam told you about the bill ‘cause I was gonna say either it gets done or it doesn’t.  I mean, just is what it is.  So, okay.  

From that point let’s go with the information that we got, and since DC isn’t here we can just go full bore I think, but I will be careful.  Nobody panic.  I think I know how to say what I need to say.  All right.  So when we left Friday, we were expecting for this thing to go.  So I’m gonna give you the rumors that are out there without pointing fingers at anybody or condemning anybody for what was said or done or even starting somethin’.  I’m just gonna put the information out and everybody can decide for themselves at that point.  So I’m not gonna choose one side or the other, but I’m gonna give you the information from both sides, ‘cause I think that’s what we do, and then, you know, see what really makes sense.  So what we know is Iraq tried to put it through again over the weekend I think nine times, and it would not go through.  Nine times over the weekend they tried to put it through is what we’re being told.  We got information on Friday and Saturday that it did go through, that everything went through perfect, all the codes were received, everything was received, authorization was received, all, everybody’s happy, let’s finally get this show on the road, let’s get going, and then there was issues with the transactions themselves.  And they know ‘cause they started doin’ some, they became issues, the problem being some people assume, oh, hold on a minute.  Oh.  Okay.  It’s DC takin’ Pam’s place sendin’ me messages, but he’s, he’s, he’s workin’ so he can’t come.  Where was I at.  Oh, yeah.  The problem being some people assumed it was a system problem and some people think that somebody else is doing it intentionally, yet they, and I’m not identifying who ‘cause I’m not choosing sides, but anyway.  That was the situation over the weekend and still is.  Iraq had meetings.  They are highly upset, so I’m just gonna say that part ‘cause it’s true and we actually got meeting minutes or, or direct languages or information from great sources, all that kinda stuff that they are highly upset.  They are requesting, you know, access to the system so they can figure it out.  Supposedly that’s being denied to ‘em.  They’re upset because they’re looking bad.  Abadi made statements this weekend on how he keeps telling his people this is gonna happen and it doesn’t happen, how it’s makin’ him look bad, upsets his people, everything else, okay, so that’s out there.  So we know they’re trying to do the best they can do, I guess, under the circumstances.  Anyway, that’s what we’re hearing.  So the arguments were about some things that’s goin’ on in Iraq, how the rest of the world perceives it, who is at fault, who isn’t at fault, who’s doing their fair share, who’s not doing their fair share, those type things, so I’m sure the majority of you guys know what I’m talkin’ about, along with the system.  

So here we sit.  We’re sayin’ it, it went through.  Oh, we, the banks got notification this weekend, which they did, memo went out, told them to be ready for this morning.  Be ready, have your people ready, ‘cause we’re, we, the system is clear on our side, we just haven’t gotten a go yet, so they’re waitin’ for a go.  Now this could be tomorrow, could be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, next week, and I’m not tryin’ to pinpoint it down ‘cause obviously we’re not supposed to know, but I am tellin’ you guys what you were all hyped and excited about over the holiday--not just you, I mean people all around the world--were fully expecting it, sittin’, partyin’, I mean just ecstatic on Friday and Saturday who are absolutely miserable this morning, again, without pointin’ fingers in public or anything else, but sayin’, “What are we gonna do here, guys, ‘cause”...oh.  And we’re still tryin’ to figure it out, what we’re doin’, ‘cause nobody really knows if they’re gonna do it or not.  Now, what were some of the system problems?  I don’t know, I won’t go into what we heard.  I will tell you guys this, though.  It came from good people and good sources, and it, the thing about it when I got it--so I’m just gonna put this on me, but believe me it’s not just me, but I’m just gonna say me--when I got the reason and what was happening and, and what was occurring in, in the system that this wouldn’t work, just as a, you know, me--and I’m not puttin’ anything on me--just as a normal citizen lookin’ at the situation, anybody else, you cannot tell me that somebody’s put in twelve to fifteen years in doing this that this system has paid people out, you know, and we’ve tested it hundreds of times so far, pings, everything else, and test after test--which they ran a hundred tests the other day, DC told you--they all went perfect, and then the one time it’s supposed to go...there were system problems.  I was almost tellin’ you guys what the problem was.  I’m not gonna do that, ‘cause I know it’s gonna cause some kinda backlash if I do that.  But just the, the problem itself--and I’m talkin’ to the people who do know what the problem was--that, how can that be?  That’s what I’m gonna say, I’m gonna put it that way.  How can that be that out of ten years of structuring, puttin’ this together, that’s the problem.  That, that one’s hard for me to believe that that could be the problem, that’s all I’m gonna say.  All right.  

We’re still in a good place, I guess, because everything has gone through, it’s just waiting for either this problem to be fixed, worked out, or contained, or somebody just say, “Let’s just go ahead and do this and we’ll worry about everything else later,” which is an option to do.  Certain countries or areas, I think, aren’t having any problem at all, so it’s, you know, and others are.  But that, that’s where we’re at.  I’m tryin’ to think, anything else I can say to you guys to let you know where we’re at.  Could go in an hour, minute.  I can tell you that, again, people are still in lockdown, that we’re in lockdown to make this happen.  Again, instructions were given over the weekend to get ready.  Again, a whole new level of people received instructions this morning to get ready, but doesn’t say when.  It just says, “Get ready, get ready,” again.  Should’ve already gone, didn’t go yet, and we’ll see what’s coming up.  So this is what I say, if we haven’t done this...or if it doesn’t go by tomorrow, ‘cause we’re gonna get back on Wednesday so we can do a Friday call instead of goin’ another long weekend, we’ll do one tomorrow, a short one tomorrow, just gonna tell you already, if it’s not the real call, and then one on Friday.  But we’ll see, if it’s not done tomorrow we’ll see if we can get DC to tell you what it was, so that way he can take the blame instead of me.  And I’m all for that, so I hope everybody else is too, ‘cause I’m all for that, but...what?  I don’t know what that means.  No, I did not mean to say live in any countries at all, but it’s not.  I said some countries aren’t having an issue with completing it while some are.  Okay.  All right, so that’s the news, that’s the information.  It is what it is, nothin’ I can do about it but give it to you, tell you what it was over the weekend and why we’re still sittin’ here today, and no I cannot be more specific.  

I was absolutely specific in, in telling you guys.  You know, this is what I get.  If you’re following the information, if you’re listening to the calls as we’re givin’ it out, if you’re lookin’ at the news and, and, and the bulletins and if you’ve been involved in this, it’s not hard to figure out what I’m sayin’ and who I’m sayin’ it about or to, and so that’s to the, the who’ve been involved in it.  For those who haven’t, I can’t understand, but I’m giving you enough to know that the system is there, that the codes and the authorization went through, so it did connect globally.  It’s ready to go as soon as they say go, but it’s the next step.  So we’ve gone a major step.  We’ve never gone the complete system connected, runnin’, ready to go.  Usually we run into an issue before it fully connects or before it’s fully authorized to go through.  That wasn’t the case this week.  It was fully authorized, it just didn’t work afterwards, so maybe I even cleared that up for you a little bit.  After it was authorized it didn’t work, so that’s a whole new issue, and then the question was is it a system issue or is it someone-messin’-with-the-system issue.  So now I even cleared it up some more without pointing any fingers at anybody at this time--I’ll let DC do that job if he wants to--and now we need to wait and see what they come up.  Now, is there a reason behind it?  I made it really clear there was some things that happened, were said in Iraq, in the US.  The rumor was it became a problem, that’s the rumor, ‘cause I wasn’t there, I don’t know, but if you were payin’ attention on television on Saturday or even this morning you would conclude that that was a problem, ‘cause there is a back and forth that’s goin’ on in the public, and some people were irate about that, upset about it, and retaliatin’ one way or the other.  I explained to you, again, that Iraq had high-level meetings.  There was fussing, fighting, upset, blame, questioning who is doing this, why are they doing it, I mean they’re makin’ us look bad again, making Abadi look bad to his people again, so they’re a little upset over there as again they have a right to be, I suppose.  Okay.  So here we are!  We’re at this point of could happen at any moment, any day, again, because we can’t say we’re waiting for it to go through ‘cause it went through.  So now we’re on the other side of the system, the authorization and everything else, we’re on the other side of that.  So we waited ten years to cross that hurdle, we crossed the hurdle, and now here’s a problem.  And I hope I’m making that even more clear so people can understand exactly what I’m talkin’ about.  And nothin’ we can do about it, is decide who’s gonna fix the problem, identify the problem, and how long is that gonna take and when are we gonna go.  Now, is that gonna be based on, again, comments that were made over the weekend, situation over the weekend in, in Iraq?  Is it gonna be based on what’s presently occurring in Iraq in Anbar?  Those are the things we’re waiting for.  Does it need any of that?  No!  ‘Cause if it needed any of that, then the authorization wouldn’t have been given, would’ve said, “Wait until we do this.”  But the authorization was given, so.  Okay, now that’s just as clear as mud, right?  Okay, that’s where it’s supposed to be, clear as mud.  Those who need to know, know.  Those who needed the message got the message, and everybody understands where we are, and the rest of us common folks, that’s me just like you, we just wait, so that’s what we have to do.  Okay, with that since DC is not here for me to pick on, go back and forth, and since DC is not here I don’t have to repeat everything ‘cause I know you guys clearly understood what I said, then we’ll go on!  All right.  Okay.  Good morning.  Do what?  Oh.  Good morning!  Hello?

C:  Hello?
T:  310?  Yep, somebody talkin’ in the background there?  

C:  Hello?

T:  Oh, no, wait a minute.  Oh, hold it, wait a minute.  Wait, wait, 310.  Hold on.  Okay, I did this one first, 860.

C:  Hello!  How are you?

T:  Hi.  You fightin’ with the cat or the kids?

C:  I just have the children!

T:  Oh, okay.

C:  I’m (inaudible) my daughter’s house and just helpin’ her.  Today’s our, our Sophia’s fourth birthday, so we’re over here celebrating.

T:  Well tell her I said Happy Birthday.

C:  Well Happy Birthday!  Tony said to say Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart.  So anyway, she’s all dressed up in her princess dress, you know, the whole business.  But anyway, my question was really, you pretty much answered it as to what the snag was that we’ve been kind of penetrating on this situation, so I really appreciate the, the way you put it out there in your way.  Those of us who follow it, because I’ve had issues with, you know, the people that I’ve introduced this to who have it, and they don’t follow and it’s like, and then they just look like, oh yeah, and they, you know, the whole business so.  It’s, you’re right, you need to follow it to have an understanding as to why.  There’s reasons for everything, and I don’t care if you’re building a house or if you’re doing an RV, there’s, there’s gonna be flaws everywhere, and you just have to kinda go with the flow.  So I appreciate that, and I can say is Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  All right, thank you.  Have a great day.

C:  Thanks, Tony.  Bye-bye.

T:  All right.  Okay, the Zip Code is 95630.  And yeah, I got, I gotta tell you guys, ‘cause I go through it just like you do.  I have some friends, believe it or not--I’m gonna talk about ‘em ‘cause they’re on the phone right now ‘cause they listen to the calls--and then, but they just say, “Hey, just tell me when this happens” or, you know, “what’s goin’ on?”  And I’d be like, man, I’ve been doin’ this for five, six years, and I can’t take twenty minutes and explain five, six years’ worth to you.  I mean, I try and give ‘em the best, but it depends, I mean, to do just what they’re doin’ is listen, grow, and understand.  So I have a, a lot, like you guys.  I got a, a letter from somebody today said, “Hey, man, I got 250 people that I pass your information on to.”  Man, that’s too many people.  That’s too many!  I’m tellin’ you.  I have 40 people on my list, which is growing, so probably it’s now 50 ‘cause I added a few more, that I, you know, expect me to call and, and tell them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and, and everything else, which I’m definitely gonna cut that list down when, when it’s time.  I’m gonna notify ‘em, “Hey, go to the bank and get your money,” but that’s too many people!  That’s too many people, you know, involved in your life and for you to be involved in their life, because once this is true and you show them how to get this money, ‘cause they (unintelligible) you, then they’re gonna depend on you for the rest of their to tell ‘em what to do with it, how to make it grow.  “When is the next time we’re gonna do this?”  Everything else, so I’m just tellin’ you guys be careful with that, that’s all.  But I always say that when I, I look and, you know, somebody calls me that wants to sit down and, and I don’t mind, guys, ‘cause I get some TNT people who now smoke cigars with me and hang out and do that and when, when we talk, because I know they follow it.  I know they’re on the calls and they’re trying to understand it, it’s just the people you know wanna listen once a month or once every six months and, “Just explain to me what’s goin’ on now.”  How am I supposed to explain it to you and it changin’ every day?  And there’s this level and that level and if I tell you, you wouldn’t know what it is anyway ‘cause you don’t know the players, you don’t know the schemes, you don’t know what they’ve tried to do.  So those are the things we have to look out for and I want you guys to look out for, okay?  All right?  ‘Cause they’ll drive you batty, and you don’t believe me, just ask Pam how she got there.  Okay, hold on.  All right, 310, good morning.

C:  Hey, good morning.

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  I’m fine, I’m fine.  Hey, I just have a quick question.

T:  Okay.

C:  Are the people that you know which have done exchanges, did they exchange all their currencies?

T:  No, they only exchanged dinar so far.  Only dinar.

C:  Just dinar.  

T:  Yep.

C:  Okay, did they drop any zeros?

T:  They did drop the zeros.

C:  Pardon me?

T:  Yes, they did!  Absolutely!

C:  Oh, they did.  Okay, okay, okay.  That’s all I wanted to know.  And I just hope that this happens ASAP.  I’m already in Vegas, so hey, I’m, I’m here. 

T:  All right, man, I’m ready to go, so believe that.  But you guys can go look on board.  I probably got no less than four or five emails this morning, the articles out of Baghdad that are sayin’ that the Council of Ministers or Parliament is demanding that the CBI delete the three zeros project, get started, this morning.  Gotta make sure I saw it says “demanding”, they’re demanding that they do this now.  They got pictures of the 50-dinar note out there, why would they have that, the new one.  They have pictures of the coins right there on the articles themselves, why would they have those out there.  I mean the proof is obvious, especially to us now.  There’s no denying this is gonna happen like, you know, some idiots said in the past and continue to say it’s not gonna happen.  You just absolutely cannot deny that.  The, the rates have already changed over there even at the $1.16.  The MasterCard is already international and being used in this country by people that we already know, so that is already happened.  People over here who’ve already exchanged, been paid out early, have been paid over $3, so I’m just gonna make that perfectly clear.  Bunch of ‘em have been paid under $3 in private groups, but a bunch of them have been paid over $3 and way over $3, so all that stuff has already occurred, so there is no doubt.  The only question is when!  All right, thank you, sir.

C:  Okay, thank you.

T:  Okay, 559, good morning.

C:  Good morning!

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  How are you this morning? I’m doing great.

T:  Well I’m great too then!

C:  We’re just, we’re just still waitin’.  I’m still superfantastic.

T:  Okay!

C:  I just had a, a quick question in listening to all this again, and it’s like how long is Iraq going to put up with, if you will, our shenanigans if you want to use those type of words, but also the people who had been--since you just mentioned again--paid out, what are they still deciding, if anything, about how they’re going to do taxes for us?  And....

T:  Okay.  How long...oh. 

C:  Go ahead.

T:  You got another one? Okay.  How long Iraq is gonna put up with it, I don’t know, because they obviously don’t have a choice.  They’ve been tryin’ it, tryin’ it and, and demanding it, and like I said, they tried at least nine times over the weekend, it wouldn’t go through, and they’re frustrated just as we are, ‘cause they want it to happen, they want to be the richest country in the region.  They’ve done the things that they need to do.  How long it can continue, I don’t know or I’d tell you guys right now, “Here, this is the last date that they can go, somethin’ has to happen by this date.”  But we’ve heard that, seen that.  It’s been changed a hundred times every time we get to that date.  Either them or us or somebody decides to change it and writes a rule, law, and okay now we’re gonna go through this.  So it’s very flexible until it’s decided.  Until there’s a coalition of people who said, “Enough is enough,” then it’s gonna go until somebody decides it’s enough.  Now the difference, again, is maybe they did do that already, because the authorization went through.  We’re on the other side of the authorization now.  “Oh, we authorized it, we let it go through, but now you got a new problem on this side.”  Now how long can that problem exist is the question.  

C:  Well then the only other thing is....

T:  That’s the Iraq part.  The other, hold up, wait a minute.  The tax part I don’t know.  Nobody I know of that has exchanged it has paid any taxes so far.  Okay?

C:  Okay.  The other two things, since you said they’ve been flexible and gone up and down, are the rates still the same for dinar, dong, and Zim that they have been, or have those changed when they were trying to release them? 

T:  Well....

C:  And the other thing is, oh, go ahead.  I’ll let you answer that first.

T:  What we got this morning is the rates were removed from the screen and there are no rates on the screen at this time.  Even though they were the whole time, they have been removed.  So we’re hoping, you know, whatever the problem in the system is, it gets figured out, rates come back up, and we’re ready to go.  But we’ll see how it goes.

C:  Okay, and the other thing is if you run it like a business, which it is, and those people aren’t doing their jobs, I know when I husband and I owned a couple corporations, basically you fire those people who aren’t doin’ their jobs because there’s enough smart people in the United States who can fix it.  You being one of ‘em, Tony.

T:  Okay, well here’s the response to that.

C:  Well why don’t they hire, why don’t they hire somebody who can fix it.

T:  Okay, here’s the response to that.  What do you if those people are doing their job and that’s what they’re told to do?

C:  You keep goin’ up until you solve the problem!

T:  No, ‘cause, you know, it comes from the top to the bottom.  Don’t go from the bottom to the top.  So I’m sayin’ a long time ago, you know, nine, ten, twenty times, a hundred times it’s tried, if it was a individual’s fault who wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing, they would’ve been removed.  So let’s, let’s not say it’s incompetence, ‘cause this is too important to the world for it to be sheer or mere incompetence.  Nobody believes that.

C:  No, I agree.  I, I wasn’t necessarily implying incompetence, but somebody just kinda holding it off, meaning there’s enough people in the United States or in the world who know how to do things, and they just need to pull their heads together to get it resolved.

T:  Well, hopefully they do, and it’s a...yeah, whatever it is.  You know, global conflict, egos again because of things that were said or statements that were made which I, I just...actually I would believe that more than the other story they have out there, so.  Okay, thank you. 

C:  Thank you.

T:  All right, have a great day.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  Goodbye.

T:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Okay!  There we go.  Okay.  347, good morning.

C:  Yes, hi, good afternoon.

T:  Okay, good afternoon, how are you?

C:  All right.  I have a quick question.  

T:  Okay.

C:  You said that you, there was a system problem, right?

T:  Uh-huh.

C:  Okay, what is the system that’s having the problem, even though you can’t say what the system, the problem is, but what is the system that’s causing the problem?  What does the system consist of?

T:  The system consists of us getting paid.

C:  That’s the system?  So what you’re saying is like a technical problem, so that, what is the technical problem, the system?  There’s, there’s no response to that?

T:  Yeah, that’s the part I said I would let DC tell you on Wednesday if he wanted to tell you.

C:  So you....

T:  That’s, that’s the part of where I said I can’t believe it, it didn’t make sense to me that that is the problem.

C:  Okay.

T:  But that’s what they’re saying the problem is, and no I’m not telling you because it doesn’t make sense to me.

C:  In the comments that were made over the weekend, you said they were on the news.  What were the comments?  May, some of us probably hadn’t seen it.  What were the comments that were made over the news that created this problem within the system?

T:  Well, on Saturday I heard that the, actually I saw it on CNN, that Carter said that the Iraqis didn’t have the will to, to fight or hold this, and that they left and put down their weapons even though they weren’t even outnumbered, they just put down their weapons and walked away.  So Iraq is sayin’, hold it, wait a minute, you know, we do want to defend and you’re not giving us the right weapons we need to fight with and, you know, you should hold some responsibility of doing that because that’s what you said you were gonna do, and do what you say you’re gonna do and, you know, so it’s just a back and forth type thing.  And then actually this morning President Biden praised Iraq for their abilities and the things that they have done in aidin’ their own country and conflict, so it’s, it’s back and forth and, and some, some things there.  Which is common knowledge in the news so I should be able to talk about that, so...but some people seem to think there was some underlying things said or done that caused an issue over the weekend.

C:  And you said they tried a minimum of nine times to push it through.  And it seems to me that they always try to push it through on the weekend, so there’s no way that they would try to push it through on a Monday, on, on a weekday, Monday, Tuesday, Monday through Friday, and why is that?

T:  ‘Cause that’s not true.  ‘Cause they’ve tried to push it through Monday through Friday several times.  I just said that’s what happened this weekend.  I didn’t say they only tried on a weekend.  

C:  As far as the Zim is concerned, there’s reports that it’s supposed to expire as of June 17, the 2008 AA series.  What’s the status on that, do you know?

T:  I, nope, I don’t know.  That’s what the report said.

C:  So if it does expire before, and there’s no RV, that’s just Monopoly money, pretty much.

T:  Well, I don’t know, ‘cause I don’t know what are the provisions they have in there.  I haven’t read the law there, so I can’t tell you if it’s not done by that time it’s worthless ‘cause they may do an extension.  They may change it because they thought the RV was gonna be announced during that time.  I can’t make facts like that.  I don’t know.

C:  So you’re not getting any intel as far as the Zim, but you, you’re getting intel on what the, the zeros are being dropped and the rates are and the people who exchange.  The people who exchange with, exchanged the Zim, from your intel or your friends’, what were their rates they were getting for the Zim?

T:  The...the rate for the Zim that we last got was 19 cent.  And I said the people who have exchanged so far have only exchanged dinar.  

C:  So you, wait a second, there was never any exchanges for the Zim?

T:  The people who have exchanged so far have only exchanged dinar.

C:  Tony, you said in the past that there were, people had exchanged Zim, on your calls.

T:  No, I did not.  I said this is the rate for the Zim, this is the max that you’re gonna get for the Zim, this is how they’re gonna pay it out afterwards.  I didn’t say anybody has actually exchanged Zim.  

C:  All right, that’s all I have.  Have a great day.

T:  All right, thanks.  Okay, 410, good morning.

C:  Oh, good afternoon.

T:  Okay, good afternoon.

C:  I am probably feeling the same frustration after seeing what I saw over the weekend, too, and people saying they’re walking away from the fight and all kinds of stuff.  That’s really not supportive of a country you’re supposed to be supportive of.  So somebody’s gotta get a hold of that, but my questions came up over the weekend ‘cause we were certainly expecting to go into the bank, and we still will.  We still really think that’s going to happen very soon, but there are a lot of people who put up suggestions about how we need to behave for our own security and for our dinar’s security, and some of them seemed like, are they over the top or are they these real kind of ideas that we need to go for because we really need it?  What is our security going to be like, I mean literally we’ve seen things about, we, what if they don’t have a De La Rue machine?  So they need to send it away and then we’re told, “Don’t let it out of your sight.”  So you need to take in copies of your dinar, all of them, and all kinds of stuff like that, including setting a burner phone, and then, you know, getting security by renting a car to take it to the bank?

T:  Well, you know, yeah....

C:  (Inaudible) to home?

T:  I know.  You need to go with what makes you comfortable.  I don’t know how much you have, how much, this is what I do know, guys.

C:  Okay.

T:  Nobody knows you have it but you.  Nobody’s gonna know what your appointment time or location is but you, so in going there nobody will know where you’re going until you get into the parking lot and get ready to go in the building.  They’re supposed to have security in the parking lot, so I’m not concerned going there.  When you come out, the most you’re gonna come out with as far as cash is $7,000.  So you got $7,000 and if you’re worried about somebody robbing you for $7,000 on the spot, bring somebody with you or do anything else.  The reason they tell you to get a rental car is once the location is exposed--because it will be, everybody else--somebody could follow you home and they know now that, you know, you had dinar, you have money.  But they still don’t know how much you have, or they’re following somebody home who had a hundred thousand dinar or somebody who had a hundred million dinar.  How will they decide that when they go and, and follow you home.  So that’s why nobody wants to be followed.  Some people are being over cautious, I would think, and, you know, well I guess there’s no such thing as being over cautious if you can afford it, but they want that peace of mind.  I’m not particularly worried about anybody following me there or following me home ‘cause, well, I’m not gonna tell ‘em and I’m not gonna go there, and you’ll know to look, but if that’s somethin’ you think you need to do.  As far as computer security, again, if you haven’t told the world then they don’t know.  Now, they’re gonna hack into other people’s computers, they hack into bank accounts like they do now, they go into banks, and they’re just telling you, “Hey, don’t let your computer be one.  Don’t have your bank account on that computer.”  I said it a long time ago.  I’m gonna buy me a separate laptop just for my banking, and that’s the only time I’m gonna use that laptop.  Anything else I gotta go on the internet for, any other sites, all that, will be on a separate computer so I won’t get viruses, they won’t have a chance to hack me, anything else.  If you wanna get another phone, you know, ‘cause everybody has your phone number, people lock into it, then do that.  What I said, when you go into the bank and you tell the banker, “This is the number I want you to call, this is our number.  I don’t want any of your associates, affiliates, any of your advertisers calling me at all unless they call you first,” and that way he can shut all that off for your own security.  You go in there and say, “I don’t want my account accessed by tellers below this level or people below this level,” as your wealth manager, that, they can set that up so that you and them are the only ones that access it.  You can’t go into the bank and get them to access your account ‘cause now they can’t access it ‘cause you set it up that way.  You can set up a smaller-value account that you can access at every bank.  So those are just things you have to think through and see where they’re gonna apply to you in your life and how much exposure you’re gonna have out there once you get this money.

C:  Yeah, and I thought a lot of those things were, that, on that side which where they, common sense, but it was a little bit confusing about actually when you have your dinar and they don’t have a De La Rue.  How, how many of the banks are going to have a De La Rue?  And then they have to send the currency away, and how do you protect yourself there?

T:  Okay.  A lot of ‘em probably won’t have it, especially the smaller ones, they, they won’t have it, and that’s what they do.  They do their foreign currency like that right now, and they’re gonna do it like it afterwards.  And they take it and they send it to their regional bank or whoever.  They do the counting, go over it, verify it.  They send it back and say, “Okay, it’s clear to go.”  Now, my understanding is when you bring it in, whatever it is, during this process they’re gonna count it, give you a receipt for it, put it in a plastic bag if, if they can’t give it to you right then, and regardless you’re gonna get access to 10% of your money and have the rest within 48 or 72 hours once it’s gone through the system.  That’s gonna be everybody, whatever they have a De La Rue machine or they don’t.

C:  Yeah.  Is there a marshal still in that plan?

T:  There is a third person supposed to be in the room to sign off.  Yes.  

C:  Okay.  What about color copies?  Yeah.

T:  Okay?

C:  There was a question, too, that was raised that you could make color copies of your, each note.  That seemed like it could be quite a process, but.

T:  You can make copies of ‘em, but I’d write somethin’ on the side, “For financial purposes only” so nobody can, you know, rush in your house and say you’re tryin’ to counterfeit money.

C:  Oh.  I see.  

T:  Okay?

C:  Yeah, they would sign off [other voices].  Yeah.  It, it was, yeah, we were going over some of these things, what we had never heard about doing before which was making copies of each note and having two copies, and they sign off on one set of copies and we sign off on the other.  But it would be good to put this is not for....

T:  Yeah, and it depends, guys, realistically, you know, how much you have.  You know?  I’m not gonna go and sit there and, you know, sign off on a thousand copies.  You got twenty minutes to do this appointment, how you wanna do it?

C:  Yeah.  Yeah.

T:  Okay?  So that’s the way I would look at it.  Okay?

C:  Yeah, okay, good, yes.  So yeah, I, I just want to say that I hope that this kind of behavior that’s out there stops really soon, because it isn’t good for anybody, it puts terrible negative energy and in a place where we’re trying to work with a country that’s trying to become a new nation again, and done extremely well to do it.  Extremely well.  And they need to be honored for all their efforts and all what they have to deal with.  You know, maybe they don’t understand, you, it would, that the way we behave is not as pretty as what they’re doing.  I mean....

T:  Well, that’s right.  Depending on who’s lookin’ at it, right?

C:  Yeah, who was lookin’ at it.

T:  It’s just terrible, so.  But, and we don’t know the reasoning behind it, we just know that it’s happening.

C:  Yeah.  Well...

T:  That, that’s all.

C:  ...we don’t know what’s happening, but it’s certainly, they’re not the, the...the media has been very brutal and where did they get that from?  Anyway, I would...

T:  Okay.

C:  ...rather take our energy to a higher spot, and we are going to have our currency within the next couple days and it all can be forgotten and forgiven.

T:  Well, tell ‘em today would be okay, right?

C:  Right, we could tell ‘em today would be okay, too.

T:  Today would be okay.  All right, thanks.

C:  Might actually heal it.

T:  Okay.  Bye.  Thanks, have a great day.

C:  Thank you guys for everything, too, and we are, we’re, we are definitely thinking Austin would be a nice place to go to pick them up after the disaster they had there.  Austin, Austin, Austin.  Just in case, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thanks.  Bye.  Okay, what she did make me do is remember the other thing I was supposed to talk to you guys about real quick.  Hey, ‘cause we got a lot of suggestions on the one-thousand-dollar tips.  And guys, I don’t mean for you to just walk in somewhere and just give somebody a thousand-dollar tip to be giving ‘em a thousand-dollar tip.  First of all, we’re trying to pay this forward.  You know, there’s six million of us, and I just hope you pass it on to the people who aren’t on the call to try and do it, and try and do it within the first week.  If we all try and do it together within the first week, it’ll be just, you know, off the charts, I mean it really would.  But on the receipt, write, “You’re superfantastic” to the person.  So I had a suggestion from somebody, they actually sent it to me, when you write out “superfantastic” write over the N, put a T above it and a T below it, ‘cause that’s superfantastic TNT, and nobody will know the better, it’ll just be us, but it’ll be a signal to us that it’s one of us payin’ it forward, and I just think that’s great.  And as everybody sees that the people who didn’t think it through or doesn’t wanna do it, even seeing that on Facebook or the internet or Yahoo or Instagram and inspire some more people to do that.  But actually do it with people who, who you think you can affect their lives, though, by doing a thousand-dollar tip or donation, you know.  People who, who are nice, kind, I mean doin’ their business with you, but talk to ‘em for a minute.  I know a lot of people don’t do that, don’t talk to their servers, male or female, and see who they are and what they’re going through and, and why they’re there.  I always try and do that.  You know, why do you do this job?  What else do you do?  I mean, I’ve done that for years just to find out who the person is, and then make that decision on who you’re gonna give that to.  And you don’t have to limit it to one person if you don’t want to, I just think it’s a way that we can show our appreciation to whoever it is, and it can be done all around the world.  Doesn’t just have to be done here in the US, everybody listening, every country can do that or it’s equivalent and effectively change someone’s life with that.  Again, I’ve seen so many people say how much a thousand dollars would change their life.  So the other suggestion we got, and, well especially during this year at Christmastime, which it really happened, is you go in there and you pay off people’s layaways, which we saw some people do.  You know, we’re not tryin’ to get Walmart rich off of this, but we’re trying to help some other people have the Christmas of a lifetime, goin’ in paying off their layaways, and doesn’t just have to be Walmart.  Target, Kmart, I would do the communities and stores who have people from the communities that need it, not just goin’ into any other store.  So it would be a targeted effort if I was doing it, just so you guys know.  All right, so that was the other thing I was supposed to discuss, so.  Okay, hubby’s not here, are you here today?

C:  I am here today, and I appreciate your taking my call, Tony.  Thank you ever so much.  Couple of....

T:  Well let me ask you this first of all, ‘cause I don’t want to insult your (inaudible), but I know you have a real husband, but you don’t care that everybody in dinarland calls DC your husband do you?

C:  No, because you talk about your work wives, and I don’t think your, your spouse has any problem with that, so.

T:  All right.  I just wanted to make sure.  All right, go ahead.

 C:  Oh, we, we are clear, we are clear on that.  We, and these are some combined questions with the real spouse.  There, Iraq is on record as saying that they want this done in May, and with all of these changes that, that you’ve been telling us about, in your opinion and those of the, the sources that you have, how likely is it that they will be able to live up to what they are on record as saying that this would be done in May?

T:  I told you they tried it nine times!  So, I mean, it’s really not up to them.

C:  Okay.

T:  But, but that’s what they want, and that’s what they’ve been saying, and supposedly again it went through and there was a new issue on the other side is the way it’s being expressed or, or said and displayed to the world, so it, it is something new.  Are they upset about it, irate about it?  Yep.  Do they, again, have access to the system so they can go and look themselves?  No.  So they’re still relying on somebody else to tell ‘em what the problem is.

C:  Okay, the....

T:  And they’re just not sure if it’s really a system problem or is it a...human problem, you know.

C:  If this were, in fact, a system problem, who actually is responsible for said system?  And therefore if they’re responsible for it, they’re responsible for actually “fixing it.”  

T:  Well, everybody has their....

C:  Is that (inaudible) bank (inaudible).

T:  Okay, but you guys gotta realize every country has their part that connects to the system, okay?  It’s a puzzle, but every country has a piece of the puzzle.  They’re saying, “Give us access to the puzzle so we can find out where the problem is,” and they haven’t gotten that yet.  All they’re saying is, “Does your piece work?”  Yeah.  “Then let’s go check with this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy.”  As I said, there’s a million lines of code out there, and there’s more than a million, and we’re tryin’ to find that one piece that’s givin’ a problem or this one system or this one country that’s not exercising it right and all that.  Without that, we don’t know if it’s really a system problem or did somebody plant a seed or somebody’s blockin’ it.  Until we have access to the whole thing, we just have to believe what we’re told.

C:  Okay, okay.  Also, throughout all of this, there, all of the various and sundry rates that, that are being tossed out there from the lows in the 86 to 88 range all the way up to what we were presuming in the re-instituted rates in the three twenties, three seventies and, and the like.  If it were, in fact, to come out in the rate of 86 cents and the like, what kind of impact is that having on the rest of the ones in the basket?

T:  Oh, it would definitely have an impact, because everything’s based on the dinar.  All the other rates are based on those countries reserve notes in dinar, so it would drop ‘em all down.  It would be crazy, and then they’d have to recalibrate the whole system.  They’d have to adjust for all the payments that they’ve already made.  They’d have to adjust for all the countries they’re payin’ on the back end and the daily trading that’s doing, the banks are doin’ on, on the back end.  So realistically, I don’t see that happening.  

C:  Okay.  That, you, you answered the question that keeps floating back in my mind of why are folks taking the 86-cent range as being feasible knowing that it’s part of a basket and the dire effects that that would have on, on the whole process.  So, okay.

T:  Well, they’re takin’ it because, you know, if Iraq was doing it on its own, it may have come out at that rate, okay?  Because some people got that right now because they wanted to get somethin’ started.  That’s in country only, it’s not gonna be the international rate.  And they would’ve come out at the, the three, over three-fifty rate or four-dollar rate if they could’ve just brought it out.  But they did that trying to force something to happen, trying to satisfy the people who are about to riot in the streets and everything else and, and groups were forming throughout the country, so they’re trying to give them what they can, what they’re allowed to give ‘em, just to slow that down until the process actually happens.  But again, all the other accounting, the rates that have been set, everything else, it, it can’t come out at 86 cent ‘cause none of those would work.

C:  Okay.  Glad to hear you say that, every so much.  And again, thank you for taking my call, and I will continue to say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and for those in Austin, I will be glad to say Austin, Austin, Austin.  But for my folks in Atlanta, I’d like to say Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, so take your pick.  We’ll be happy with any of them.

T:  What about Houston?  Houston is struggling right now.

C:  Definitely, and my, my heart goes out to all the folks there, so I will say Houston, Houston, Houston as well, so.

T:  Yeah.  Now, and I will tell you guys Atlanta is expecting flooding this week.  They are expecting flooding in Atlanta this week, so please be prepared.  Okay, thank you.

C:  Appreciate it.  Thanks again, Tony.  Take care.  Uh-huh, bye-bye.

T:  A’ight, bye.  Okay, 302, good morning.

C:  Good morning, how are you?

T:  I’m good, how are you?

C:  I’m disappointed and confused.  I have a feeling....

T:  Oh, join the club!  Well...

C:  Yeah, I know.

T:  ...I’m not really confused, but I’m really disappointed, but go ahead.

C:  Well, I know you’re not confused because I have the feeling from the way you’re juggling your words that you know exactly what happened but you’re not allowed to tell us.  It sounds like it’s not a system problem at all.  Sounds like...

T:  Well, I’m just tellin’ you they’re sayin’ it is just a matter....

C:’s a country or people problem.

T:  Well, it

C:  Is that true, or not?

T:  Well, I don’t know what’s true, I’m just tellin’ you what they’re sayin’.  They’re sayin’ that there is both a system problem and a people problem.  Those are two of their reasonings that were given throughout the weekend.

C:  I think on Friday you had mentioned that Prime Minister Abadi had said on Thursday that this was gonna happen in the next two days, which would mean it would be....

T:  He said, “In the next day or two.”  

C:  Day or two, okay.

T:  That’s exactly what he said.  Day or two.

C:  Day or two, all right.  And it sounds like they made the effort to make that happen by trying to put it through a number of times, nine or whatever it was, over the weekend, so they did their part.  Who was it...that kept it from going through?  Was it the US again?

T:  Okay, this is what I’m doin’, guys, so, and I’m tryin’ to do it the best I can, people understand.

C:  I know.

T:  I’m being, no let me finish.

C:  Okay.

T:  I’m being very specific in my words, ‘cause people change my words all the time.  There’ll be another site and “Tony said this and Tony said that,” and a word can definitely make a difference, and that’s why I’m tryin’ to be very specific when I say he said in a day or two.  So I explained that.  I explained he tried it on Saturday.  I explained he had a meeting with his Parliament members and he was highly irate.  There was a lot of cussin’, fussin’, and, “Who’s to blame for this?  Who did it?”  And a whole bunch of other things were said and done and, and they’re tryin’ to figure out.  I said that they were trying to figure out was it really the system or was somebody intentionally doing something, somebody said something, and that’s the point where we’re at.  I clearly said I am not going to tell you who that is, we’ll let Winston do that on tomorrow if he chooses to.  So don’t try to keep gettin’ me to say who that is.

C:  Okay, that’s a reasonable approach to get Winston to talk about it tomorrow. 

T:  That’s right.

C:  But when you said that everybody in, in dinarland, in Iraq, from the Prime Minister down, does that include the CBI and all the guys over there, they all wanted this thing to go, and therefore it was held up in that country or outside that country?

T:  It was held up within the system.  It can’t be in that country if I told you they tried to push it through.  They did everything they could do to push it through, then that means it’s outside the country in the system where it happened.  They don’t know if it’s really the system or it’s somebody in the system.  I can’t get any clearer than that, right?

C:  Okay, okay.  I understand.  So hopefully they should clear this up, as somebody said, they want to get it done in the month of May.  

T:  Well they wanted to get it done three weeks ago, and here we are.  They really tried this weekend, so, and I’m sayin’ I’m not giving a definite because I don’t know what’s behind the system, guys, I don’t know.  And I’m just givin’ you an honest-to-God truth, just so you know.

C:  Right.

T:  If it’s the system, it’s a million lines of code and if it’s in the code, okay.  If it’s the system and every country has their part of the system and they gotta go through and see which country here, there, or there, if that’s true.  I don’t know that that’s true, because all last week every test was successful.  It went through fine, no problem, so, but here’s a problem.  If it’s a person or individual...

C:  And you mentioned that the....

T:  ...sabotaging the system, then they’d have to locate that person or individual.  If it’s an ego or attitude thing over comments over the weekend, then some of that would have to be smoothed out until everybody’s back on the same page and pleased again.  So I’m just giving you the different things that were brought up over this time, why everybody’s miserable this morning.

C:  Now is DC not on the call because you don’t want him to talk about what’s going on, or is he truly tied up someplace?

T:  He might not be on the call ‘cause he don’t wanna talk about what’s goin’ on!

C:  Okay.

T:  Not because I don’t want him to!

C:  I know!

T:  So, it has nothin’ to do with it, so.  No.  He’s actually, he’s actually in a meeting right now.  A very important meeting right now.

C:  Well, I can hear the frustration in your voice and everybody out here listening is as frustrated if not more so, and we appreciate you diggin’, and there will be a call tomorrow, correct?

T:  That’s what Pam said, but let’s see what happens today.  Yeah, there’ll be a call.  I mean, if there’s no RV there’ll be a call.  If there’s an RV there’ll be a call, so yeah.  We’ll probably do an hour call tomorrow to see what kinda update we have just so we can get back on schedule, Wednesday and Friday.

C:  Okay.  Well thanks...

T:  Okay?

C:  ...for takin’ the questions and clarifying some things.

T:  All right.  Thank you, sir.

C:  Thank you.

T:  A’ight.  Okay, guys.  We’ve been on for an hour, quick.  I think I gave you guys the latest, greatest information that I have.  Let’s wait and see what happens.  I gave you the rumors that were out there in specific areas.  We are waiting for more information, clarification.  That came from some of our, our, you know, our, our best sources, again, so we know what’s goin’ on, we just need to see how it ends up and see if there’s any adjustments or things agreed upon this afternoon, and we’ll go from there.  So it’s not over.  Like I said, we’re on the other side.  It was fully authorized was our understanding, authorization went all the way through just like they said it would.  There’s an issue on the other side now, so at least when that part gets done we’re ready to go.  How long it’s gonna take, I can’t tell you.  Is there a window?  I don’t know.  I can tell you that over the weekend and even this morning people were still on lockdown, people were still being told get ready to go.  So just don’t know when.  All right, with that I’m gonna tell you enjoy the rest of your day, I’m gonna try and enjoy mine.  If there’s anything really, really important, prominent out there, then we will tweet it out, and we’ll see what happens.  If we’re here tomorrow we’re here, and if we’re here on Friday we’re here, and if we’re not, we’re not!  We’ll just go from there.  Talk to you guys later.  Thanks, everybody.  Bye.
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Topic: FULL TNT Conference Call NOTES for 5.26.15
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Will you people DONATE some MONEY????  NOW!!!!  DAMN IT!!!!!

Pam:  We made some changes on the other tntsuperfantastic sites (.com, .net and .info).  We took out the hyperlinks to the site.  You can still ask to talk in the forum at the, which is where we post the call information, the replays and transcripts, and also the DONATE button.  We have had red invoices for a while, and Tony says they are calling him on the conference line to remind him.  Go to to pay through PayPal.  If you want to send a check or money order, make that out to Tony Renfrow because TNT is not a business.  The address is Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.  If we cannot pay the bills, this call will be the first thing to go, so…

Tony:  We made the changes to the site because we were asked to, and because we are preparing for our final call.  We are still preparing for that, although we don’t know exactly when that will happen.  We have to be ready to change quickly when that happens, and preparing the other sites.  We still don’t have instructions yet, but we were given three different options and we want to do it quickly when we are required to do it.
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Tony CC Cliff Notes, Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[size=16] Highlights of Tony CC.  Updated as call progresses.  Tony said SHORT call today.  DC in a meeting.  Expect an hour call tomorrow.

[size=16]Tony:  First thing, give my condolences to the families in Texas.  Don't want anyone to go through what they are going through, right now.

[size=16]. . . Friday we expected this thing to go.  Going to give  you information from both sides.  Iraq tried to put it through over the weekend "NINE times."

 People all around the world were expecting it.  Partying and celebrating and disappointed again.

[size=16]Tony:  Can't tell me after 10 years of putting this together, this system has paid people out, all went perfect and then tell me the system had a problem.  How can that be?

[size=16]If this doesn't go by tomorrow, we'll see if we can get DC to tell you what it was.  The system is there, codes and authorizations went through.  Is it a system issue or someone messing with the system?  I was told what the problem is but it does not make sense to me. 

[size=16]Does it depend on Anbar, (other issues)?  Tony said, No, or the authorization would not have been given.  A deadline date has been changed 100 times.

[size=16]CURRENT WINDOW:    [size=14][size=16]Tony:  We are at this point . . . could happen at any moment  . . . not waiting for it to go thru cuz it went thru.  We are on the other side of that.  We waited 10 years to cross that hurdle.  Authorization went through.  We are on the other side of that now.

[size=16]IRAQ:    Tried to put it through over the weekend nine times.  We heard on both Friday and Sat. it did go through.  Codes went through, authorization received and then there were issues with the transactions.  They are highly upset, frustrated and requesting access to the system. It's been denied to them.  Abadhi upset as he tells the people it will happen and then it doesn't.

[size=16]Rumor is there was a problem.  Tony said if you've been watching TV news you'd know there was fussing and fighting and upset in Iraq.  People in the US administration talked about Iraq not having the will to fight and Iraq said US won't give them the support / equipment they need to fight. [/size]

  • CBI 

  • Parliament articles out saying Parliament is demanding the RV go through.  Tony said it's proof that this is going to happen.  Rates have changed over there and the MasterCard is International.   

  • Banks 

  • TV              Mosques 

  • ISIL

[size=16]INTERNATIONAL:    [/size]

  • IMF    

  • Rates:  ZIM, .19   Tony is saying no one has actually exchanged ZIM.

[size=16]UNITED STATES:    Tony: People already exchanged here have been paid over $3.00.  WAY OVER $3.00!  No one that has exchanged has paid any taxes so far.[/size]

  • UST:    

  • Banks:    Got memo's to be ready this morning.  Lockdown still in effect.   No rates showing on the bank screens at this time.

  • Personal Security:   Tony:  Nobody knows you have it but you or when, where your appointment is but you. No one will know until you get to the parking lot.  There will be security in the parking lot.  Expect the exchange location to become known.  Tony will have a separate laptop for banking.

[size=16]EXCHANGING: [/size]
[size=16]TNT Info:    PAM:  Changes made on other superfantastic sites. .net and .info site.

[size=16]BILLS DUE:  Pam says you can make donations at  Tony personally pays all the bills and if you can't go through Paypal you can send a check to Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Ave. Parkway, #7269, Folsom, CA. 95630[/size]

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Another Plea For TNT Donations

Started by TNT member brendad.


Good morning, Family!!!
The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.

Tony's mailing address: CORRECTED
Tony Renfrow
9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269
Folsom, Ca. 95630
by Ssmith
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Poor Tony

I just counted 19 people that said they donated, one even said he wishes he could send more but can only afford 50 bucks every now and then. Tony is FOS.

Good morning, Family!!!

The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.

Tony's mailing address: CORRECTED
Tony Renfrow
9590 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269
Folsom, Ca. 95630

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Date: 07:12 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Done.....Thanks for all you do Tony and TEAM!

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Date: 07:22 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Date: 09:02 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Date: 09:58 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Double Done! With much Love 

With Love & Light

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Date: 10:23 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Done! So appreciate the info and intel we gather from such amazing people on this site!! No where else could we get such an education!! Thank you TNT Team!!! 


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Date: 10:46 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Date: 11:26 AM Apr 21, 2015
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Date: 12:42 PM Apr 21, 2015
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Done! ...again!


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Date: 01:05 PM Apr 21, 2015
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done deal



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Date: 02:29 PM Apr 21, 2015
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DONE! and thank you for this site.

Already Blessed

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Date: 06:59 PM Apr 22, 2015
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Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.

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Date: 07:03 PM Apr 22, 2015
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Is there an address we can send donations to if we chose to not send by way of PayPal? 


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Date: 07:13 PM Apr 22, 2015
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Donated love you guys thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much HUGS ! LOVE YOU ALL, YOU TOO DC,



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Date: 07:17 PM Apr 22, 2015
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it is done & THANKS to TNT for being the most giving group on the planet!!!

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Date: 07:39 PM Apr 22, 2015
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magnoliagal wrote:
 Tony's mailing address: 

Tony Renfrow

9590 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269

Folsom, Ca. 95630

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Date: 07:44 PM Apr 22, 2015
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The gift like a child, ways to the Kingdom

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Date: 08:52 PM Apr 22, 2015
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brendad wrote:
Good morning, Family!!!

The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.

Tony's mailing address: 
Tony Renfrow
9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7
Folsom, Ca. 95630

-- Edited by brendad on Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 07:38:26 PM

 Brendad, would you please clarify Tony's address...I input the address into my phone when it was mentioned on a call about 3 weeks ago.  I show the same street number...but the unit # shows as phone does some creative things on its own sometimes and I don't always notice; is it #7 or #7269? Appreciate it, thanks!


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Date: 09:04 PM Apr 22, 2015
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YUP!!  Only problem is that all I can afford to give every now and then is $50 until after the RV.

I would definitely like to donate a bunch more after the RV as a thank you to Tony and all for this!!!

Hopefully there will be some way to do that.


Those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know...   

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Date: 09:55 PM Apr 22, 2015
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Done... Thanks to Tizzy's reminder   I honor you WatchNWait...  You did so much better than I Smile

-- Edited by MacJedi on Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 09:58:19 PM 

Abundance is a force from within.  All one must do to partake is to first understand how and where to connect to such forces.

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Done. Thanks for the reminder. Wish I could send more, but I know it all can add up if enough of us show our appreciation with a few dollars.

I stand up for Justice, Liberty, Abundance and real FREEDOM for ALL.

It's our Divine Birthright to be FREE in all aspects of our lives!


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Date: 04:13 AM Apr 23, 2015
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Already Blessed wrote:



 Those purple "LIPPS" made me laugh when I woke up this morning. LOL!!! 

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Date: 05:13 AM Apr 23, 2015
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Glorious wrote:
brendad wrote:
Good morning, Family!!!

The time has come again to pay it forward to our TNT family, charity begins at home. Let's send our donations today so we can keep this wonderful source of information that keeps us connected to each other and our blessing flowing.  If you have the heart to give and not the funds, please send Tony and our great team your love.

Tony's mailing address: 

Tony Renfrow

9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7

Folsom, Ca. 95630

-- Edited by brendad on Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 07:38:26 PM

 Brendad, would you please clarify Tony's address...I input the address into my phone when it was mentioned on a call about 3 weeks ago.  I show the same street number...but the unit # shows as phone does some creative things on its own sometimes and I don't always notice; is it #7 or #7269? Appreciate it, thanks!


Tony Renfrow

9590 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269

Folsom, Ca. 95630

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Date: 06:23 AM Apr 23, 2015
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Just gave something recently - wish I could afford more. 

by chilimama
on Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:25 pm
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