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KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday Afternoon 5/27/18


DinarDiva1:  Article:  “A spokesman for Sadr: We will end the formation of the largest bloc in two weeks”  So they need 2 more weeks then govt will be formed?
Venustwo2: The next 2 weeks we will be in the middle of the year. I remember it has always been said, last quarter, first quarter, middle of the year is what Dr. Shabibi  preferred for the R/I of  the dinar and it is playing out beautifully imo.

Pattycakes77:  You are right. I cannot remember what year it was when Shabibi wanted to R/I but it was during the month of June. Early June. 
Fuze:  June 6, 2014! It was actually mentioned in a MOF document. I recall well because that was the back wall date I gave to a few Dinar giftee's of mine, in October 2013....

Doc.K:  MID YEAR  coming up  ......  accounting .... bookkeeping , contracts... etc.
maybe they can start their New Mid Year books with a New Rate ? 
Timing - June through the 1st half of July (before July 15 IMF rate)  will allow this.
Final 6 weeks ......   or less ...... IMO      Hang in there !!

​Kindworld33:  I wonder if they have to wait to after they forma block to pick a prime minister? 

Iobey777:  Hopefully during that time Trump will have everything set in writing that he wants before or by June 12! IMO, I don't know if it is related, but it's just my thought that it may be something to do with China and NK.


US dollar

MilitiaMan:  "1190 ought to floor everyone. The CBI is not going to lose money for very long.. In fact, imo Delta's #87 in the FA says one word that is very telling. It is.. "Immediately.. " That is about how long the CBI will lose money.. lol imo ~ MM

"And that this goal will remain one of the objectives of the central bank, which requires direct banks to immediately leave the total dependence on the window selling foreign currency in its financial activity." FA87  ~ DELTA

MilitiaMan:  Well at a 1190 they will do exactly that as noted above in red. They are not in the business to lose money. In fact they will make nothing but money from hear on out. imo ~ MM

MilitiaMan:  Now keep in mind that the dust is settling on the political stage and note they had (imo) 15 days to get things in order and then, wala. We see this below. In other words, the final touches politically last night look to have been met and apparently reported today that are on time, and within that window of 15 days. Close enough for Government work, imo.. Then the CBI at  or just before Banks closed in Iraq today we see this.

1USD/1190IQD = .00084034. Imo if you have one USD divided by 1190 that is a number. Project to delete the Zeros, then becomes 1 USD  1/.84 = 1.190476 IQD. imo That is purchase power folks, imo.. That will or should draw the remaining 3 zero notes in from the citizens, as in country the Dinar has or will have more value than the USD. Just like they are telling them in the news and in the FAs, see below. imo~ MM

“A spokesman for Sadr: We will end the formation of the largest bloc in two weeks"  LINK

DUST IS JUST ABOUT SETTLED .................... TA DA. ~ Frank26

Final Article #80.. "Pull the dollar" 

MilitiaMan:  Those three words are exactly what they are doing, imo..  They are now  or have been, ceasing (Multi Currency Practices.) MCPs by pulling the dollar in with having more value to the Dinar.  Imo.

Now dont' forget the article #17 in the FAs #87 by Delta was on the 25th and the Alak showing the ATMs preceded that.. New ATMs with the new software to support the NEW Currency is in place and has been now for some time.. Let the timing sink in now. The CBI changed the rate right before banks closed. Hmmm? Holiday in the UK and USA on Monday.. Hmm? Starting to see the picture? They set the stage already.. Bill boards, presentation boards, photos of LDs for symbolism, Alak with new ATMs.. All timed and synchronized, imo lol ~ MM

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Alak_1
"Visit of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq branch of Basra" FA #70 ( Lower Denomination photo for symbolism. ~ MM)

"The next phase of currency reform is the conversion from old cash currency to new. " FA81

"The campaign must make it clear that once the currency reform is initiated, account holders can withdraw their money in the form of new banknotes." FA81

I. E., Modernized banking is up and running.. imo ~ MM

They even go so far as this~ MM:

"It will be issuing new Iraqi dinars a way to expose corruption, as it requires the replacement of currency in circulation is the new currency." FA82

"National Bank announces the completion of the electronic system for the completion of transactions." FA85 link

"The value of the dollar is lower than the value of the dinar adopted by the Ministry of
Commerce to buy flour as a domestic crop and sugar as crop National. ~ FA85

I sure hope this helps out, it sure helps me see what is going on and in my humble opinion, as FRANK26 would say, "TA DA FRANKIN DA" and (imho), WS may say, "YEP".. ~ MM

Samson:  Commercial Bank of Iraq distributes 12 billion dinars to shareholders

 27th May, 2018

The Commercial Bank of Iraq ("Commercial Bank of Iraq") approved the distribution of cash dividends to shareholders. 

In a statement quoted by the bourse, the bank said that the cash dividends of 11.88 billion dinars for 2016. The bank grew its annual profits by 32.6% to reach 10.05 billion dinars in 2017, against a profit of 7.58 Billion dinars, in 2016. 

The bank's current capital of 250 billion dinars, distributed over 250 billion shares, the nominal value of dinars per share.   LINK


Samson:  Iraq ranks high with gold reserves

 26th May, 2018

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Gold_13 The World Gold Council revealed that gold reserves owned by the Arab countries amounted to 1006 tons. The figures showed that Saudi Arabia tops the Arab countries with reserves of 323 tons, followed by Algeria with 174 tons

Libya comes in third with a reserve of 117 tonsIraq has about 90 tons of gold, Kuwait 79 tons, followed by Egypt with a reserve of 77 tons

The gold reserves in Jordan are estimated at 44 tons, 27 tons in Qatar and 26 tons in Syria. Morocco is ranked 10th in the Arab world with a gold reserve of 22 tons

According to the data, the United Arab Emirates has 8 tons of gold, while the distribution of 14 tons of gold between Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman

The world's gold reserves remain at 8133 tonnes, and the total global gold supply rose slightly to 1,063.5 tons in the first quarter of 2018, while the production of mines was 770 tons. Precious metal by 27% to about 287 tons    LINK

Samson:  Iraq fourth in the gold reserves at the Arab level   LINK
by Ssmith
on Mon May 28, 2018 8:02 am
Topic: KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday Afternoon 5/27/18
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Alexander Gagin/Yosef 1/1/18

From Yosef

Ok it's now been confirmed that all ZIM redemptions / private exchange

transactions will be occurring on military bases / federal facilities around

the United States. In bank redemptions will occur in typical branches

around the country and world per normal. Only the ZIM and private

exchanges will be handled with special protection elements.

Issue #70 January 1, 2018

“Location - Location - Location”

Trained bank redemption staff was moved in buses last night, with

blackened out windows mind you, to the nearest government/military

exchange location. They are eating and sleeping on said government/

military controlled sites as of this morning.

And there they will remain until they are allowed to go leave.

Meaning, everyone with ZIM and going in for private exchanges will be

doing so under military guard on military grounds at least in the USA, not

sure about the world.

Below I've attached a few military and government location maps

highlighting where exchange centers might be taking place near you.

Always said this was a military operation. Always. Now we know for sure.

Making the whole Wells Fargo redemption strategy either a distraction or

secondary appointment strategy made to look like a primary strategy

(which is my guess).

Again, this exchange period is brief and out of the publics eye, and only for

ZIM holders and private exchangers within the first two weeks of authorized

redemptions in the United States. The public or mass exchanges will be

coming after this two week stretch and post all international treaties taking

legal hold across all nations.

They've done this for maximum safety sake. And it makes a lot of sense,

military installations are well known, established, easy to patrol and control

information. Plus it lowers the desire of any adversary attempting to do

private redeemers harm because they would be attacking the entire US

government/military versus just a handful of redeemers in an off-site

banking exchange center.

God is with us
by Ssmith
on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:18 am
Topic: Alexander Gagin/Yosef 1/1/18
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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 7/19/17










Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1618224&m=75&t=1481246793
TED1016 wrote
4h ago
Midweek already and still waiting. Hmmm. Latest word was something would begin this morning sometime after midnight. So much for that thought. So where are we? Still waiting and entertaining each other with our stories and medical cures and world news post for our amusement. Still we do have the rest of the week to look forward to as we keep up with sport’s events etc.

Just a little down myself today and expressing it here does nobody any good accept writing and reading about it. Tried to extend my home equity loan today without any success. Since my accident in May of last year I have been unable to work and the lost income has cause me to max out my credit cards and still managed to get behind on my payments so it lowered my credit score.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I know there are folks here who are worse off than I am so I guess I shouldn’t complain. I see our ADMINBILL has opened the room again for new members. Lord helps us to make these new people feel at ease with us and become valuable members to the WSOMN forum/chat. We look forward to meeting them and hopefully encourage them as well.

Dear Lord God Almighty, we know this blessing is going to happen and we worry about how much longer we can keep out thoughts centered on the positive side of what is about to happen and not be swayed by the nay-sayers who continually try to steal our dreams. Amen and Amen.

Dear Lord watch over our members as they rest this morning and prepare them for the challenges they will face later on today.

anyone know where Ray is this am not on open mic strange

Curly i was thinking the same thing … he shut it down this morning. I hope that is good news in the making

do u know why payday?

not sure... he just told bishop to shut it down...I am playing attention to everything

ummmm interesting

i know could mean somthing and then again it could be nothing

Sorry for not being very active had to take a break for a while and went into lurker mode.

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1601727&m=75&t=1460324373
bet Rays phone is blowing up asking why


I am listenig to 365 right noe link is below.
hard to believe that phone he has of gold. he is talking alot that Frank talk about

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1602157&m=75&t=1460609344
i think alot of intel gurus get there intel from Frank

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1618732&m=75&t=1482458281
I didnt want to bring my negativity into the room

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1623594&m=75&t=1494854062

we all have it at times Cjoseph we are human

Yes we do. Negativity is a disease that can spread quickly an any community...

RC I know the RV button is somewhere in your livingroom. Can you please find it and press it? I really need to eliminte the only real source of strress

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1607368&m=75&t=1464541848

I have a question ....with the new SWIFT/CIPS system in place that moves funds super duper fast....does that use wifi, special cables or what? Just trying to figure out how Off Site locations will work....WAY OVER my pay grade. haha

OK, please don't tell me this is not some bit of good news? I believe with all my heart that they are working towards full completion of their monetary reforms

Angel, thanks for that! Beginning to see Lots of flags starting to wave at our finish line!!

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1618732&m=75&t=1482458281
Seagood - the process to connect every bank in the world on proprietatry leased lines (dedicated phone lines) would take decades

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1623426&m=75&t=1494516374
Angel: Very encouraging words from Peggy68 post #70 @ ktfa (around page 7 dated 7/18) Peggy'S Full/complete analysis post #50 around page 9)

According to analysis US adjusts on July 26th. Sounds like USA will adjust last, possibly trigger.

If Iraq is the 5th largest holder of gold in the world, and has over 87 tons of it, why are all the other countries pouring in millions and billions? What am I missing??

Topics tagged under 70 on Dinar Daily Avatar?id=1623459&m=76&t=1494554632
We are never getting any real answers, this I am sure of

Sandnsea good question, if I would have to guess I would say for a piece of the Iraq pie

They can eat the whole thing - they needed help with ISIS - and the safety and security to keep all that gold I guess

I rather put my energies into helping people and animals than trying to figure out all the greed this encompasses.

Since the day my buddy called and told me I better get in this quickly because it was happening soon (9 years ago), we have been on the precipice of the RV hundreds of times.


Any thoughts on Oct as a date

Anyone know what was frank 26 story does he have a new time line

Time lines always move out when we come close to the last prediction.

IMO - there is really nothing left to do - Iraq is far richer than we even knew. All we are waiting for is a change in the rate of the IQD. What else can we really say?

very forward...its great....after mosul, not really anybody knew what a timeline could be like. now, we see a great period from now through august. it is getting exciting

I thought it had to happen before August. didn't they have to show the IMF an international rate before the next meeting?


dedar never a backwall.....just some timelines to look at, however, now is not outrageous. now is for the first time, a good bet.

dedar yes, they need to show something before the august meeting. just what is we dont know. the rate would make the most sense for a ton of reasons

Elmer said that the paymasters have just confirmed funds.

Who exactly are these paymasters?

Pj I have no idea.

dedar elmer is a bit behind...funds have been in accts for quite some time......just cant be released yet and , to my knowledge, have not been given the go yet

No no I know we hear that I often wonder! I know an attorney who is but much of that was on the Zim

pj long answer for that one , but i have sat down with two of them to pick thier brains. the zim has most of paymasters. too much to put here. could write a book.

Tool u think we will be able to exchange our zim

006 i think there is a plan, but not for the money being touted. no trillionaires or even billionaires, but some very comfortable millionaires

006 don't forget that the Zim in 1980 was on par with the US dollar before Magabe?


dedar also, those times had no 100 trillion notes, just standard denoms like 100 on down. ray is dilusional....thats all i will go there

tool true but aren't those notes supposed to be printed on bond paper so that they are both currency and bond making them more valuable.

dedar just imo, but if 3 digits then maybe .005 .....thats 3. but ask, its your world, remember that

dedar kind of, but also kind of d land myth. it will all play out in the end. however, imo, not at a buck.

respectfully I hope you are wrong this time.

dedar me too, but i can back everything i put out here. it just bums me out because i cant type enough to properly explain it. i need a call, but that will never

Well I am going to do what Ray says to do it is worth a try but if I only get the cents well I will be happy with that also.

dedar look at it this way....if one buys a stack of zim and then clears 10 million on it.....what is the problem? it would be more with the zim holder than the process itself

dedar if you hold any of the currencies, you will be blessed and happy

dedar i can tell you with confidence.....we, as currency holders, are actually a humanitarian project that someone has been given control over. we talk about our pet projects, but we are actually someone pet project. weird stuff.





Bill are you still taking on new members? My sister wants tho join.

by Ssmith
on Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:14 am
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