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KTFA CC "Dessert" Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 12-28-16

KTFA CC "Dessert" Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 12-28-16

10:18:00 PM  [url= Call]Conference Call[/url], KTFA, News, Q&A, Thoughts  

FrostyTheSnowman » December 28th, 2016

Here’s tonight’s DESSERT HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at

How ya’ll doing family?

It is highly possible that you might see the results of what occurred over the weekend.
There was a lot of activity over the weekend.

I believe that today … you can witness what we meant.

It’s been so many years …so many articles.

The last time we were together … Delta brought you an article … it was different.
It wasn’t talking about the exchange rate … it was talking about the American dollar

They are getting rid of the American dollar

I suppose (USA) it’s our fault … because we took their currency off the shelf.
We gave them everything … protection … fix their government … and fix their currency.

I strongly feel that the mission to do this … add value to their currency is happening in amazing strides … leaps … miraculous agreements.

There are some things that we see that we study … that we cook it with long thought … there are some things that are leaving us in awe.

We’ve been wanting to see them!

I’m not saying that there IS or ISN’T UFO … but pretend that if a UFO landed in front of the White House … you’d say … wow! … I’ve been wanting to see that.

Finally we are seeing what we wanted to see.

We believe the Kuwait is going to do something special.

We told you on Monday … there was one issue … we were looking for the budget on the 31st … and that oil would need to see a certain number … in order to get to a rate.

We were looking between 55, 56, and 57 dollars.

The week before … I want to apologize … some people have been very critical … telling me I was wrong. You know … as I went back and read the notes … I might not have guided you enough.

I said something like … “oh buddy” … and then TA-DA … BUT … I have to be careful with everything I say because of our track record.

Our TEAMS are beautiful/wonderful … the Lord has blessed you with these TEAMS. I believe that I failed you … I didn’t mean a RATE … but your innocent hearts assumed that. I apologize for that … and I hope that some won’t be so mean either. I’ll take all of the rocks that you want to throw. I understand frustration.

For those of you who are angry …you’re still with me tonight … aren’t you?

I don’t offer you a date or a rate … I offer you the ability to study with us.

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon there were 4 days … and NOW there are another 4 days coming.

We told you about Kuwait … and today … TA-DA!!!!!!

What happened yesterday around 3PM. I told you 55,56,57 … and you saw the exact number, didn’t you?

What was the number I was looking for?

The number was $56.65 per barrel.

What was the number you saw yesterday … after our conference call?

Sure enough … the number was the SAME NUMBER we were looking for.

What are the astronomical odds that we would give you the exact same number?

All of the sudden … the exact number hit!

I understand that someone in Team Chat is taking our studies over to another forum. That makes me sad.

When we saw that number … what did I post?

It has now hit 56.65 … LET’S GO!

Now … it’s maintaining itself

This is the FUEL for the 2017 budget.

For how long must it maintain? How long have you been seeing it? (a few days) … good for you!

They have agreed on principle … a lot of meeting that happened in November and early December.

These agreements … are now public.


You see my ponytail … it has been cut in half … because I was trying to show our KTFA family that IMO … we are extremely close.

Kuwait surprised you … didn’t they? Come on … admit it.

The IMF is meeting with Iraq on Wednesday … the Oil for Food … they kicked that our 2 years ago.

Saddam buried Kuwaiti’s in the desert sands. These are Royal Family members.

A majority of the Royal Family members escaped … but these extended family members are being brought back.

The last few things that were needed were the remains of these family members.

All of the sudden the prime and foreign ministers of Kuwait and Iraq met … BIG SMILES …
What did they discuss?

A “new era of mutual understanding … signed 4 strategic agreement(s) with Iraq with committee representatives … will play a major role of Iraq exiting Chapter VII.”

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 1kuwait_orig

They are working out their issues.

On Monday … I said that they finally lifted Chapter VII … and it looks like that took place.
So Mr. Foreign Minister and Prime Minster … got anything else to say?

“We have a joint agreement” … and they left on an airplane back to Kuwait.

Basically … the middle east … is the middle east … it’s great that they want to work things out.

They are NOW inside of Article VIII …

Many were lacking faith in what we told you on Monday … but I’m here to tell you that oil prices are going to increase … but it didn’t … BUT … look today … oil prices are moving up towards $60.

Look at POST 155 – LOVE IT! Iraq is likely to raise the price of oil to $60 a barrel. LOL …
we’ve known that for months. This is the exact amount needed to launch the budget. What did I tell you would pay for it (budget) … what does it mean for the budget?

They would be able to pay their debt off … launch their budget … [forum member typed into CHAT possibly see $1.15]

Abadi asked the citizens … “help me find these graves” … we’ve got until Wednesday to do this.

Kuwait needed to express it … and we told you that … they needed to be HAPPY! (see check list)

Just because oil and the DOW hits their numbers that that means the RV button has been pushed. It’s like the table has been set … ready to serve.

They have never had a budget … this is extremely historical.

I think we are going to have a budget on December the 31st. If I fail … I fail … but I believe it will happen.

The budget is executable with a program rate … but the budget must be funded.

The numbers we calculated … the budget is FULLY LOADED!

December 31 is New Years Eve

January 1st is New Years Day

Monday is a holiday … and Iraq created a new one.

There is a spread on the oil prices … it was missing “stuff” --- (port fees, border taxes, etc).
Our next phase (time frame) is the budget.

I found it interesting that 3 ministers were being paid … but more interesting is their salaries were being paid with e-Dinars. To me … that’s not the currency with the 3 zeros. Minister of Education, Justice, and Transportation. What did you read yesterday about the Minister of Transportation?

They are ready to plant a flag in the CENTER of Mosul.

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 2flag_orig

So why not tell us they are liberated?

You know what … we are no longer on the west side of Mosul (where Baghdadi is at) … we have moved. Where are we? On the East side (southeast side) of Mosul. We’re going back there. It was mopped/cleaned … but … the Iraqi Army wasn’t quite efficient enough … we are going to correct what they didn’t finish properly. How long will it take? Abadi will talk to you about Mosul VERY SOON.

Liberated areas … they are going back to them.

They might as well lift all of the T-walls in Baghdad.

In December … for my TEAMS .. this spoke volumes!!!!

You see .. we told you that on the meeting on December the 7th … that was moved to Dec. 5th … that was very powerful. We knew they were talking about these HOT topics!

We know that at the end of a quarter, and into another quarter is important.

I told you … our TEAMS are like snipers with intel. In the military … there are side-snipers You never see it coming. We killed this information … really good.

My comments of “Oh Buddy” and “TA-DA” – I’m sorry that some of you took that to mean a date/rate.

I would like to talk to Don961 (member on our forum) … you are showing us the oil numbers … but I want you to know there are 3 types. WTI is less carbon, harder to get. We need to pay attention to BRENT OIL … we need those numbers. Don’t look them up in FUTURES. We need to see SPOT. Today the SPOT was 56.39 .. and today it even went farther.
Our 56.65 was missing variables … because we do not deal in futures.

What happened with the UN and Chapter 7 … (Food for Oil and missing Royal family members) … did you see that Kuwait came to Baghdad?!!!!!!!!!!!! That was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t blame Kuwait for being pissed-off (due to what Saddam did to them) … but they came, smiled and took pictures.

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 3smile_orig

On Monday I talked to you about the India Rupee. Today, you saw the article. Now you understand what the India Rupee is all about.

24 hours later … you see that they claim they are going to put a flag in the center of Mosul.
The middle east is happy that Obama is no longer going to be President.

In the MOOKLA … we pray that it will come out in the beginning.

In the beginning … perhaps only take 1 to 10% … exchange some dinars … wipe out your debts … then wait at least 3 months … look for a PEAK in the IQD.

Many didn’t know that Kuwait went up to $13.

The numbers in the budget … the proverbial devil is in the details.

There is no DATE or RATE … the rate is solid NOW … well calculated … but the DATE is a moving target

Did you ever see the movie ROCKY?

Remember when his trainer said he needed to be “quicker?”

He made Rocky chase chickens.

Rocky thought that was no big deal … just chase one … and Rocky couldn’t catch even one. That’s kinda like the DATE.

Kuwait sees a chance … IMO … to make money with Iraq. It’s not a high-love affair between the two of them.

The numbers we calculated … those are the MEDIUM NUMBERS … because they are missing variables … port fees, taxes, etc. I’m repeating this because we feel the budget is FULLY FUNDED and the deficit will be dealt with … they will pay their bills.

They are going to collect taxes … money is going to be returned to them.

IMO – the BUDGET is FULLY FUNDED … and even at a program rate … IF it stays at a program rate … it is NOT fully funded. They need to apply this oil price to their budget and ACTIVATE it. If not, they have wasted 2016.

We did not include the GAS FLARING numbers, nor the port fees, taxes. We only dealt with the oil prices … but IMO … we are there!

We look for the satisfactory numbers … as they head into the 56 range.

Next month … it will go over 60.

We follow oil … and oil follows us … because we are investors in their currency.
It is the only commodity that Iraq has.

Everywhere they step there is OIL and SAND … do you know what they do with MICRO-CHIPS?

None of that will happen until they raise the value of their currency.
Frank26: We are right on track with the MR.

More has been accomplished in December 2016 than the past years combined!

All of these “agencies” that lined up all of the stars for them – incredible!

The impact will be HUGE as they get this right … right now … it has to be perfect!

What we are seeing … is impressing the living daylights out of us.

No more keystone cops!

A government should fear its people … not the other way around.

Watch for Chapter 7 to be gone.

Once they are out of Chapter 7 … they are automatically into the IMF’s ARTICLE VIII … which means they have lifted the value of their currency … why else would Kuwait make a trip to Iraq?

The #1 thing right now is to see the BUDGET!

Don’t forget … the 31st … (please be fair) … we might not see it until the 1st or so … but we’re looking for the IMF and the UN to make Chapter 7 official … looking for an “OFFICIAL RATE.”

They (Kuwait) … what they are doing with IRAQ … that’s at an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL!!!
It’s almost surreal what is going on.

Do NOT do “what if’s” with yourself. Look at the facts … look at the final articles!

Admins … please add Delta’s post in that section.

How are the ATM’s doing? Want to hear a story?

Tank (member of KTFA) … he is in Iraq … contactor … he sent a 3 page … he went to an ATM machine … the OLD ATM machine … they are in these rooms … like old telephone booth … he couldn’t get dinars out … and so he talked to the attendant … told him he couldn’t get any dinars out of the machine … so the attendant made a phone call to his brother at a bank to see if he could get any more dinars. His brother was in the parking lot … and he was informed that NOPE … you’re not getting any more until NEXT YEAR! The attendant offered to go to the black-market to get him about 2 Million dinars … but Tank turned it down … because with the black market there is such a huge spread and you don’t know if it’s real or not.

With the NEW software in the ATM’s … it will only accept the new lower denoms.

We want to see 2 things … maybe tomorrow would be cool … when the UN Operational Rates come out … (probably won’t until the MOOKLA – beginning of 2017).

I need for you to be strong family … we all need to be strong in these fragile steps … like rice-paper. Only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars. Focus on the light.

We work in the darkness of critics to serve in the light of God.

We have survived together … stones thrown at us … we have survived for 8 years. Survival is a victory.

On Monday, I told you another reason why Kuwait would show up was for “liquidity issues.”
When they removed some of the Chapter 7 issues .. they were moved to Chapter 6.
Look at WS articles … they are saying they lifted Chapter 7.

Article 8 … this is why you are seeing so many amazing things … including Mosul … Kuwait.

Why would Kuwait do this right now?

Because Iraq would NEVER be able to raise the value of their currency without Kuwait’s satisfaction.

Yes, two years ago there were the 2 issues under Chapter 7
About two years ago … after Obama and Maliki decided not to protect Iraq’s interests .. and now EVERYONE is SINGING HAPPY.

Why now?

Because IMO … they are about to raise the value of their currency. The coalition forces will be happy. Even Israel has dinars .. even Iran.

Compared to other middle-east currencies … the IQD has not gone down in value … that is a masterful plan.

Listen to me … Kuwait wants Iraq to RV … and that’s why they signed this morning!

They want to use e-Dinars … they are invested in dinars.

They want to do business with them on an international level.

In the MOOKLA (beginning January 2, 2017 and beyond) … I want to see the LD’s and the new rate.

If we walk into January … I may be in tears … I may be confused … puzzled … pissed-off … if we don’t see anything by the MOOKLA of 2017!

Kuwait seems to know what is going on with the last 2 remain issues.

They want their money and their people … and they (Iraq) gave it to them.

By this action … they have agreed to sign.

From now until January the 2nd … many institutions will be operating on a NEWNESS. ;

On January the 6th (Army Day) … that’s another day of observation.

My TEAMS are being respectful … because they don’t want to talk. “We’ll talk next year.”
You know why I mention that?

I see the articles … I add my opinion … I believe that if people talk about a DATE/RATE … now and into the MOOKLA of 2017 … there could be consequences.

It’s interesting … exciting … to see Iraq and Kuwait engaged for a “financial marriage” -- and not at a program rate.

Are you satisfied with the oil prices you are seeing right now … then get ready to see over 60 in the MOOKLA.

I talked to all of our TEAMS today … 5 at the same time … lasted about 2 hours … amazing … wish I could have recorded it.

Oil for Food was removed 2 years ago … and in those 2 years … Kuwait kept the communication channel open because Iraq couldn’t repay them then … but I’ll bet they know Iraq could repay them now.

The LD’s … (50, 100, 200’s) … the proxy governor of the CBI talked about it (see final thread articles) … in the MOOKLA. The IEX will come back early in 2017.

Iraq … it would not be too smooth for you to change your rate while the banks are open. 4-day weekend coming.

The Kuwait signing this morning was a well calculated step.

The reason WHY they did was the SECURITY and STABILITY of Iraq ………… TA-DA!!!!!!!!!
It’s all about the money.

Family … IMO … the budget has been ready since December the 18th.

Try to go to the Gazette .. you can’t even access it.

The HCL is in the budget. Fueled up with the rising price of oil.

“Conditions” --- SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!! No more program rate … Kuwait want to be happy.

I expect to see the budget on Saturday night.

I’d like to Militia Man … he took those articles … BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must have taken a long time. He took Monday’s CC … and placed his comments after it. Very proud of your contributions!

Abadi told the citizens that the GOI and the CBI are working together on financial issues. That is the MR
Read the financial articles.

In 2017 they said they were going to be global … coins … etc., etc. etc. … COME ON!!!!!! This is exciting!!!!!!!!!!

They want to EXECUTE the monetary reform!

They are a filthy rich country.

Iraqi TV tells us that Abadi has been telling the citizens to listen to him for the last 6 months … and they have … and do.

The Foreign Minister and the Prime Minster of Kuwait … when they flew into Iraq … their signatures BONDED them together. This was done URGENTLY! No one knew about this! These steps will release them from Chapter 7 … all done to INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS … you gotta say WOW!

The IMF also said to Iraq this must lift the value of their currency in order to be accepted.
This is the middle-east for God sake.

We want to run the numbers in the budget … along with their other revenues … so we can see the CAP that should occur about 3 months later … that should be over 4 … that is solely in our opinion.

The CBI put out a notice today … announcing to the citizens of Iraq … they are starting to get along … they will not charge the citizens any fees when they use their debit cards. Is that an incentive? What do you think family?

You know the Foreign Minister … the one that went with the Prime Minster … do you know what his name is? Let’s call him Joe because I can’t remember … LOL … I’m sorry … anyway … he’s a salty old dog … a mean SOB … never plays around … especially NOT this time. He signed … the very last second before the MOOKLA. The USA has taken care of them (Kuwait) … now … let’s make money together. The IMF, the UN … they all know this. Joe is not a kind of guy you invite to your family reunion. He barely cracked a smile.
So why the urgency to come before the end of 2016? Why not 2017?

Maybe Kuwait had to sign off something BEFORE any trigger could be pulled in 2017.

After the ministers returned to Kuwait … they told the media … the humanity issue (missing Kuwaiti people) … a new light had been sorted out. You’ll see this in tomorrow’s articles.
Remember, I told you Kuwait needed to tell the UN that they were happy.

I am very ecstatic … very happy!

So Mosul … you prepare yourself. Set that flag. Ok? Because we are getting closer and closer to Baghdadi.

On Monday I told you … contracts were being paid over the weekend. Look at post 225 … you will see a massive ship, full of goods, were paid.

Now … look at your check list … and change Kuwait to HAPPY!

Two Monday’s ago … I told you to watch the auction numbers. IMO … what did I say would happen to the numbers of the auction …. That they would be bigger.

Today .. the number were 266 million. I’d like someone to explain that to me.

Also on Monday … I said that things were coming at a fast pace … hourly in abundance … even while you sleep. Yeah!

This next thought … I mentioned at the beginning of this call.

There are articles that came out … they said they were going to lift the checkpoints from major roads into the city of Baghdad.

We thought … “oh my goodness!” … that’s not possible.

Baghdadi … we don’t have him yet … but that was amazing news to us.

Iraq said they were remove all concrete barriers (T-walls) from Baghdad. Really?

Kuwait then says … Iraq will be a good pillar of security and stability.

This is amazing.
POST #147 … by WS … “ … will raise the Iraqi flag in the Center.”

Humm … that must mean they have already done it … doesn’t it?

Who else is happy? The World Bank.

Look at your checklist.

They told Iraq to stop the flaring of gas and sell it to Kuwait.

The World Bank is also happy because POST #155 says that Iraq is likely to raise the price of oil to over 60 dollars a barrel. That would certainly help Iraq with their budget.

What is Iraq doing right now at certain levels according to the World Bank? They are praising Iraq for their preservation of their environment … at an INTERNATIONAL level.

Humm ……………. Nobody can say “RV” ……………. but at least their happy!

ARTICLE: The DATE of 2017 … the budget allocation … WITHOUT any DELAYS!

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 4nodelay_orig

This is a time where we should be focused with our Heavenly Father.

We are doing something in Mosul … because they didn’t do a very good job of it.

What did we tell you about the “masks” of the elite army? (black masks with skulls).

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 5mask_orig

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 62017_orig

Iraq never knew how to protect its country – it has grown up tremendously.

I don’t know the DATE or the RATE … but what we’ve done is calculate our very best.

The material we are studying right now … takes us into January the 2nd.

That doesn’t mean they will do something prior to that … but you know that Iraq pushes things into the last Nano-second.

It is very clear what they are doing … we just don’t know WHEN or HOW much.

Family, to survive all that we have gone through is a victory … with God!

I hope you enjoyed your Conference Call.

For those who like to disagree … come on … get a life … I want this to end for you as well as for me.

Not to be dramatic … but it was about 2 weeks ago I did something with my ponytail.

CC ended in prayer/shofar.

Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily Frank12282016_orig
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Poll For People Who've Exchanged

Kue911 from Bank Story #147 is like all the others.  They tell their bank story and just vanish....never to be heard from again.

There's been hundreds of bank stories just like this one and never has anyone produced a receipt.  On the last call Tony was talking about people that he knows have cashed out.  How come not one receipt has ever been posted at TNT?
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Bank Story #147

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I can't believe it. My Wealth Manager at Wells Fargo finally called me and told me that things were happening. He told me to come down and made an appointment for me.                                                                                                                    So if the wealth manager said things were happening what did she/he think was going on to not grab their currency LMAO& I bet the TNT IDIOTS believe it LMAO  Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 2322496710 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 2322496710 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 2322496710 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 3508649203 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 3508649203 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 3508649203 Topics tagged under 147 on Dinar Daily 3508649203
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