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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- May 31 2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- May 31 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- May 31 2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- May 31 2021

Post by Ponee Mon May 31, 2021 9:05 pm

MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim
MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Thank you to all our Veterans on this Memorial Day!


MZ: I am very much in agreement with Holly that this is the time to be quiet. There is a lot of things you are not going to see right now because of security. 

Holly:  I was told it is time to be quiet. Just know we are there and it is set to happen this week.
MZ: What we have heard is there is a massive push to have the software portion /computer portion ready for June 1st. We don’t know how it rolls out after that. But I have been told we are right here on the precipice. 

MZ: There are more and more banking stories about June 1st….

MZ: over the weekend there was a number of articles in Iraq saying that it is time for them to make a serious change in their value. …there are reports coming from the streets of around .70 cents to the dollar in Iraq on the dinar and then float it quickly…..i can’t prove this yet.   I spent the weekend trying to get pictures of lower denominations, They are trying hard not to leak things right now. 

MZ:We just need a little more patience as we watch this roll out. 

MZ: the majority of our banking contacts in the US are off this weekend….they were not called in . Getting any news is difficult because they simply are not there. 

MZ: On the European and Asian side with the paymasters….they are seeing positioning of funds and releasing some dollars to pay cash strapped groups and bond folks and exchanges.in Tier 4A in for redemptions….…..To me that is big….that the bank side is willing to put their funds up to help these folks get into position. 

MZ: There are people out there that are worth millions on paper but are homeless right now because of this thing taking so long. Those dollars started moving early in the week to get them where they need to be to redeem. 

MZ: I have not heard anything is postponed guys…..The overwhelming intel I get right now is we have to be quiet. 

Member: Have you heard if UK banks are exchanging?

MZ: I have heard from UK banks and they have not started exchanging….this is where part of my information comes from on some of the bond dollars and group dollars that the banks have paid to get people in position. 

Member:  Mark.....2 ??? (1) Can you contact Sheila and ask her what happened?? (2) Will you now tell us the info you had to keep to yourself last week??? Thanks

MZ: There is nothing to contact Sheila over….she is looking for this to be our week to start. I am in total agreement. 

Member: have you heard from your CMKX contact in homeland security?

MZ: We talked over the weekend ..they are positioned and waiting like everyone else for the reset. . 

Member: What about the elected officials in Iraq who took a 70% pay cut many weeks ago?

MZ: I heard they did not implement that pay cut yet. It has been delayed. 

MZ: There are contractors in Iraq…this is where a lot of information in Iraq comes from…...contractors building power plants, water systems , infrastructure…ect……everytime we get close….they get sat down and go through rates, exchange rates and get everything in place for when it occurs….and they have been awfully busy doing just that…..

Member:  MarkZ I received an email from Chase Bank talking about Wealth Management and I only have a few bucks in my account. They know

Member:  I got an email from my smaller bank - about Wealth Management, too! I thought it 'strange' considering I'm hardly wealthy.......

Member: I hear we are running on 2 systems now in the banks…the old swift system and the new system. 

MZ: The news system has not yet been activated….testing and getting everything ready to go is not the same thing as activated. 

Member:  The new system gives u total control of your money,,, no one else can access your account unless you give the bank permission when U take an interest bearing account.

Member:  I am hoping there is no glitches with the new system going in, and it will go smoothly when being implemented.

Member: What do yu hear about Basel 3 starting on June 28th?

MZ: We have been looking for Basel 3 since 2008 or sooner…….This forces the banks to back up deposits…to have an asset . They can no longer use paper gold or paper silver. They have to have the physical metal. Basel 3 brings more transparency and forces them to secure the money. If something goes wrong and there are bail ins…the bank is holding physical assets. It will not come from your or I. So basically Basel 3 is a huge piece of this. It will be in place by June 28th. That’s why a lot of metals contracts are being demanded off the COMEX now.  There is a serious metal crunch coming as we roll through June. 

MZ: This is another thing that makes me believe we are at “any moment” for the reset now. 

Member: Fleming says Mr. C is a fake?

Member:  Mark, A couple of updates from others, saying GOLD TREATY redone, without Mike Cottrell?

MZ: Nick did not discredit Mr. C…..some people took that out of context.  He is of the belief that Mr. C has been replaced from being a signatory with the Gold treaty…for security reasons. There was an attempt by the deep state to throw in a “fake” Mr. C to go in …Mr. C has talked about this at length. My contacts firmly believe that Mr. C is still firmly part of the gold Treaty. Either way he is a great historical figure in this reset. 

Member:  No one knows the timing of this blessing but we all need to stay positive and pray for this to come to fruition so we may start to heal our world.


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