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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- May 25 2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- May 25 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- May 25 2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- May 25 2021

Post by Ponee Tue May 25, 2021 9:30 pm

Member:  Holly says...I am told today should also be a day when things start.

Member:  Frank 26 said release is real close

Member: Mark- Do you think we are going by June 1st?

MZ: Yes I do……
MZ: I am still getting a solid steady stream from banking sources…I was told they are sending teams all over the place doing tests on transactions….most are successful..there are still a few glitches but they are busy working through those things……..

MZ: They are expecting things to break loose –tied to anther event as a cover….what that is-I don’t know?  But, It’s an exciting time to be alive. 

MZ: No news on CMKX or Prosperity packages. Maybe they are dotting the last “I’s” and crossing the last “T’s” before they let if “RIP” 

MZ: There is a good bet I am not sharing some things because I was asked not to…..buckle up buttercup…we have been leaned on by the banking community to not share many of the details….the last thing we want to do is being responsible for delaying this thing. 

Member:  Quiet is good means they are keeping things close....

Member:  I've always felt quiet means work is being done, chatter seems to fill the lack of action? Maybe?

MZ: Gets a text from Sheila (expert on CMKX and currencies)  

Sheila: Hi Mark, I believe that between today and Saturday this will all be over. Our new banking system is ready to go officially on June 1st. Everyone should be watching for an email notification . 

MZ: I hope she is accurate. There are a tremendous amount of people who agree with her right now. 

Member:  wow Sheila has great news to that's what I've been hearing so goes right along with the excitement on feeling in my spirit

Member: Mark- how can you be this excited?

MZ: How can you not???? So much going on. 

Member: Silver is at $28.05

Member:  SO the UST kicked the can for another day I see!!! Everything is completed and no reason for them to delay this anymore. I wonder why they haven't got the cap gun start going! !!

Member: The Us and current administration does not want us to have the RV….they do not want us to help humanity.

MZ: No……the aristocracy consider us “unwashed masses” …we are “deplorables”  It’s horrendous what they think about all of us. 

Member:  Read that someone went to WF for a wire and was asked to hold on cause she's working between 2 systems!

MZ: There are a lot of those types of stories ,,,,I have received a number of them..….right now we are running 2 different systems ..And I have received so many stories in my email, inbox, whispers…ect…..many stories since yesterday….

Member:  My buddy’s brother was at his bank setting up an account an hour ago and they had to reschedule him to come back later this afternoon after 45 minutes of trying to open it ...their system locked up.

Member:  Do the Chinese Elders need full disclosure before we RV?

MZ: The Chinese families want perp walks…..they want it all out in the public…that’s why I think we need to see a big disclosure moment and then “Boom” . There is a lot of chatter in the Beltway that they are about to clean house. It’s going to be an interesting week or so……

Member: Are redemption center staff still putting in long hours?

MZ: Most of the RC staff I know are also in the Wealth Management Dept…they have another job and serve a double roll.

Member: I found Vietnamese dong this week for sale..

MZ: Yes you can still find it places…but there is not much supply …but Vietnam is trying to digitize their economy…90% of all transactions in Vietnam are now done digitally…..they are trying to get the paper currency off the streets.  

Member: Have you heard reports of dong rates being as high as $3.80?

MZ: Yes I am hearing reports of $3.85. Consider it rumor for now so we are not disappointed…but I am definitely hearing those numbers right now. 

Member: Has anybody heard about Coronal Mass ejections hitting us about 1 pm today? 

MZ: Between 1 to 6 pm the solar wave hits us…..one of the largest in a while I was reading…last week we had some of the forshocks….gave us internet problems all around the globe….so watch for possible rolling areas out of power…..

Member:  Corona ejections should raise our vibrational frequency levels

Member:  Full moon tomorrow, lunar eclipse at 11:11 UTC

Member:  Blood moon tonight and tomorrow

MZ: Remember-Nobody knows the exact timing of the reset for security reasons…..are we hopeful for this week…yes….but remember we have thought this before……so stay calm. 


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