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MarkZ Sunday Update 5/23/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Sunday Update 5/23/21

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MarkZ Sunday Update 5/23/21 Empty MarkZ Sunday Update 5/23/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun May 23, 2021 9:58 pm

A Fake Markz scamming people and a real Markz scamming people...What's the difference?


Member:  Was not expecting this... hope there is good news.

MZ:  Well this is a quick, important update….there is someone posing to be me…using my picture on twitter and trying to aggregate peoples currency, serial numbers….posting as the originolmarkz with a o instead of an a in original. 

Message reads “ If anyone wants a higher exchange rate, please send me a private message and your currency serial number.”

MZ: This is absolutely false and criminal. This is not me. NEVER SHARE THAT INFORMATION.  You will take your currency to your exchange and NEVER let it leave your side until you are exchanging. BE SMART.

MZ: I am tracking down this information and sending this information to Interpol. This is criminal behavior guys.

MZ: I wanted to get on here as soon as I heard about this and let you know it was fake….We need to be careful here at the end guys….I would never ask anybody for this information. Anyone asking for this information is suspect in my book. Beware of scammers.

Member:  We have always been told they will come after our blessings! DO NOT do it and do not click links or give your currency to anyone! Keep it with you always

Member:  maybe if the scammers are out in full force we are close

MZ: On the positive side….I have been getting quite a bit of information from banking centers around the world over this weekend which is unusual that they are working.

MZ: Still issues with larger transfers I am told from a number of different locations.

MZ: They still hope to get bonds done very early in the week.

MZ: At this point I do expect to have that golden egg –exciting moment very soon. In the next week or so based on what we are seeing.

MZ: I hope and pray this is it…we are all ready for this thing to be over….

MZ: So watch out for scammers….don’t share personal info with anybody…..

Member:  Scammers are out there and everyone needs to get away from date and rate and learn what to do and what not to! Protect your blessings!

Member:  NEVER give ANY personal information or currency information to ANYBODY unless you are sitting in an exchange appt!!!

Member:  ANYBODY trying to get information from you PRIOR to sitting in your appt, are FAKE! They are NOT your friends, they are NOT, can NOT do you any favors!!!

Member: Do you still believe you will see CMKX before the reset?

MZ: There are some monies I think we will see right before the reset….but so close together it really is meaningless.  30 minutes to an hour…..

Member: What happens if the internet goes down?

MZ: I am told it will only go down in “rolling” areas as they finish cleanups….

Member: Anything from UK banks?

MZ: Nothing specific from the UK…Most news is from Hong Kong and Zurich….some banks from the east and west coasts here in the US.

MZ: Hopefully I will have phenomenal news for you all tomorrow on my birthday. It would be a great day to see bonds being paid…wouldn’t it?

MZ: Stay calm…Stay smart….see you all tomorrow (10AM est)

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