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A serious warning about a population explosion in Iraq .. Planning is attached to birth control DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

A serious warning about a population explosion in Iraq .. Planning is attached to birth control

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A serious warning about a population explosion in Iraq .. Planning is attached to birth control Empty A serious warning about a population explosion in Iraq .. Planning is attached to birth control

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 20, 2021 9:52 pm

A serious warning about a population explosion in Iraq .. Planning is attached to birth control 9999-7
Time: 05/20/2021 13:23:25
{Economic: Al-Furat News} The Foundation, "Iraq of the Future" concerned with economic affairs, has warned of the danger of continuing the population explosion in Iraq as the world gradually dispenses with oil and turns to renewable and clean energy.

"The volume of investment in renewable energy exceeds for the first time in the world the volume of investment in the oil and gas sector, as it reached more than $ 87 billion, while the volume of investment in oil and gas amounted to only $ 45 billion, and if it is done," the corporation said in a statement. In addition to the volume of investment in the batteries sector, which amounted to 20 billion dollars, the total investment in generating renewable energy in 2020 reached more than 100 billion dollars. "

He pointed out, "This dangerous indicator indicates that most countries have practically started to move towards alternative energy, which means reducing dependence on oil during the next ten years."

The Foundation noted, "The decline in dependence on oil has become a tangible reality that no one can argue about. On the other hand, Iraq still depends on its revenues from oil and the rate of population growth is still maintained at its levels, and the level of education is still at its worst stage."

She pointed out that "these three things foreshadow a real disaster that the country will go through during the next ten years, as oil has no value, a huge population that is not scientifically armed and able to find work opportunities, and a warning against the transformation of society into an unemployed" calling on Iraq, the government and people, to bear the greatest responsibility for the future of our children and grandchildren. Otherwise, we will be the main reason for the formation of a parasitic society that is not sustainable in any way. "

She stressed, "We must start the process of educating about the dangers of population growth and trying to determine birth control, as well as work to establish residential communities and cities that do not depend on oil revenues, but rather are self-sustainable, which is the first step towards the transformation from dependence on the state to dependence on the small community."

The Foundation stressed "the need to build cities dependent on the agricultural, industrial and service sectors, and to be able to finance themselves. Countries withdraw their hand little by little from their responsibility to be the official sponsor for financing the various classes of the people."

She added, "It is also necessary to adopt mechanisms to combat illiteracy, strengthen the role of technical education and advance the reality of the current generation to be able to work in the future," noting that "putting the head in the dirt will not solve the problem, and the state must be clear and clear with the people about what the future will be like soon." More than we can imagine. "

For its part, the Ministry of Planning commented on calls for birth control and finding appropriate solutions and plans to address the population explosion in the country.

"It is not easy for us to go towards legislations or laws that limit birth control, because our society is perhaps different from the rest of other societies as it is an Eastern society," ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi told Al-Furat News.

He added, "Acting now according to the directions of population policies and focusing on the issue of societal awareness of the necessity of spacing between births and reducing their number from an economic and educational aspect, considering the fewer children the more the family can provide for them, in addition to that the lack of births preserves the health of the woman."

The Ministry of Planning recently announced that the population of Iraq has reached 40 million.

Planning Minister Khaled al-Najm said in a press statement on April 21 that "Iraq has made a commitment to the international community to reduce births and deaths."

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