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MarkZ: "I still hear a Street rate of about $4…to a contract rate of just over $8" (From Who? LOL) 5/19/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I still hear a Street rate of about $4…to a contract rate of just over $8" (From Who? LOL) 5/19/21

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MarkZ: "I still hear a Street rate of about $4…to a contract rate of just over $8" (From Who? LOL) 5/19/21 Empty MarkZ: "I still hear a Street rate of about $4…to a contract rate of just over $8" (From Who? LOL) 5/19/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 19, 2021 10:01 pm

MZ:  We hope youtube is up and running for tomorrows stream…..

MZ:  There are lots of power outages all over the world……is it solar flares?  Are they arresting people?

Member: We hear Thursday may be our big day!!

Member: We have Dubai Dominos mark!!!!!

MZ: There is so much going on right now and things are “astir”  (a state of excitement)

MZ: I hear the only reasons we are not wealthy this morning is because of problems with Dubai 1 and 2 overnight…I am hearing of lots of success moving money between different banking centers……and  with just a few small glitches they are now willing to move forward.and just deal with stuff as it comes up…I hope this is true….

MZ: The game is afoot. (I just need a pipe and the hat)

MZ: Text from Sheila “Keep the faith-It’s going to be “our week”

Member:  : Mark, Understanding perspective… Dubai 1 and 2 they are ok with moving forward even with small glitches, so that doesn’t slow us up.

MZ: Yes, but they can’t move forward without the big ones being free…small glitches they can work around but not the big glitches….

MZ: I have not seen any more CMKX deliveries …and no PPS yet….it could be because of very strong NDA’s….they could be moving along at a great clip and we just don’t know about it….….

Member: I hear many have signed NDA”s now……

Member: The NDA’s are not talking!!!!

MZ: I am hearing a lot of shortages ,,,power grids down….and  power outages in key areas.…….A number of contacts in the beltway said this would happen overnight last night as they went after bad folks…There is massive panic inside the beltway today…..If they are right there are a lot of people in the pokey right now.

MZ: I have no problem coming back several times today…Don’t be surprised if you see me again later…there is a frantic state all around the world……There is a whole lot more happening but I am trying to vet it before I share it with you…..don’t be surprised to see me back a couple more times today when I get more news.

Member:  I wonder who needs to get arrested before we see this?

Member:  Internet will be going down at some point. Part of the Plan.

Member:  YT was a complete wreck last nite!!

Member:  Just got this: Due to market volatility, there are wide-spread exchange outages and exchange connectivity issues across the market. As a result, the Voyager App is temporarily in maintenance mode. We are closely monitoring and working to ensure our systems and exchange connectivity will be available as soon as possible.

Member:  BREAKING NEWS: GLOBAL INTERNET OUTAGES WORLD WIDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKWAdGixohE

Member: What are you hearing now on rates

MZ: Dong rates – still jumping all over…cheanging almost hourly….we are seeing about .90 cents to a dollar…..something is going on…it could be testing …it could be a place holder….i still hear our contract rate is in the $2 dollar range……maybe as high as $3.80 or so……it’s all a rumor for now…

Member:  Someone made a good point, I wish vietnam was in charge of this ….it would actually get done LOL

Member: Anything new on the dinar rate?

MZ: I still hear a Street rate of about $4…to a contract rate of just over $8

Member:  Mark. Percentage wise. How much farther has the rv gone this time compared to the past “

MZ: We have never been this far before…..

Member:  My son is in crypto and just sent me a text all crypto tanked to zero


Member: What percent of people in the world are involved in the RV

MZ: Less then 1%......

MZ: On the silver side…comex 2.1 in the last week or so…..a million more ounces of silver has been demanded off the comex….being pulled out of paper into physical…..they are demanding physical…..they are brewing the perfect storm right now.

Member: Chase gets hit today on silver scam…….

Member:  Granny from Beverly Hillbillies episode 2 season 2 wants Jeds Millions back.."and none of that paper stuff only silver" LOL

Member: It todays silver report was a seismograph…I would be under the bed……

Member: If the corporation is gone….why is the IRS still here

MZ: Because it’s not gone yet…..but I do think it’s in its death throes……..

Member: The IRS is done when Nesara/Gesara goes through.

Member:  Just wait for Announcements people! And the EBS!

Member:  i think the exchange is going to happen right after the EBS!!


MZ: I am being told no…that we will not be popped based on our terminology…...that the taxes are now covered in a treaty but years ago they were not. Before we could not use the word “invest” or we would get taxed more than if we used the terms exchange or redeem…..my banking sources now do not believe that to be accurate….but hey….it doesn’t hurt. 

Member: How many CMKX shareholders are there?

MZ: We have the master shareholders list…..We believe it is around 200,000…

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