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MarkZ: "Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether" (And He Forgot To Take A Snapshot? LOL) 5/18/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether" (And He Forgot To Take A Snapshot? LOL) 5/18/21

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MarkZ: "Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether" (And He Forgot To Take A Snapshot? LOL) 5/18/21 Empty MarkZ: "Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether" (And He Forgot To Take A Snapshot? LOL) 5/18/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue May 18, 2021 9:36 pm

Member: This RV is moving slower than a snail in peanut butter……

MZ:  It appears to me that CMKX was a test or a pump-fake  to catch more nefarious guys? I have not heard of any more deliveries in the last 36 hours… I am not seeing the amount of deliveries that others have posted about….Does this mean they are now comfortable with their system?

MZ: I have not seen any PP deliveries at all and the only adjudicated funds I have seen are  CMKX… 

MZ: I am hearing from my DC beltway guys to expect some disclosure today and then deliveries will start up again

Member: The Dragons want perp walks before RV according to Mr. C………

Member:  Mark 911 reports are to be released today and who was behind it

Member: I heard something big was going to happen today as well….

MZ: I hear they have tested the system, they are confident it is ready and they are going to start up deliveries again after disclosure….This is what I hear from most of my highly connected beltway contacts….

Member:  Hopefully CMKX should be done this week

Member:  Mark, Your thoughts does that put us behind now a couple of weeks until they get delivered?

MZ: I do not feel it puts us behind at all……they may still be delivering …just slower than I would like to see…..They may also have strong NDA’s and people are being quiet on purpose….I can buy that as a possibility. ……it also makes perfect sense that they would hold me to the end…..or pay me on a Friday where they don’t expect anything on weekends…..

Member:  Sheila said everyone under NDA no more communication

MZ: From banking contacts…The dong continues on some banking screens to flirt with the $1 mark….it may not be what the final rate is …but gives me a lot of warm fuzzies….

Member:  Do you know how the Kuwait RV played out? Did it go through something similar to what we’re seeing now? Was its rate close to what it had been?

MZ: Out of Iraq they released another article that was very similar to what they released in Kuwait just before they revalued…….pegging the dinar of 1485 or so to $100 usd….basically indicating they are not doing anything anytime soon ……Kuwait had a similar article…and then they just did it….RV’d

MZ: Regarding Juan o’Savin talking about no RV……Keep in mind Zim is a bond and the Dinar and Dong are reinstatements that were devalued….i do not think he is talking about us. Maybe he is talking about currency like the peso that will just move towards parity…..

MZ: Keep in mind that history is full of examples of banks devaluing currencies…and then revaluing…just like they did in World War 2 and World War 1……

MZ: I am not worried about it one bit…..

Member:  There are only 22 currencies that are going to revalue, the rest will devalue or stay the same

Member:  The UST should be a fast food chain. They keep giving us nothing burgers with Phantom fries


Member: Are banks in Iraq still closed?

Member:  I thought I read somewhere that Iraq was closed to the 23rd ... don't hold me to it.

MZ: I heard they re-open this week…..

Member:  Mark. I talked to my buyer yesterday, who is already in Zurich. He told me to just wait and believe that we have already reached the end and assured me that everything is ready 100% ready. At any time we will receive the NDA, to sign.

Member: Believe me….when you least expect it…it will happen……

Member: Mark, Are all Rates still the same as you have said in the past ??? No big changes ??

MZ: Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether….not showing at all….Dong is still moving around on bank screens……I have seen screen shots from banking folks…..rates are all over the place…this makes sense….they do not want us to know what  is real and what is smoke……I believe these rates are “place holders”  ….they are doing a lot of testing…....I am hearing that contract rates on the dong may be close to $4.00 now   around the $3.80 rate? …..remember….it’s all a rumor until we get to the banks……

Member:  Is there significance to May 20th ? Trump E.O. , RV, Ect......???

Member:  Mark Do you believe martial law could be extended beyond the 20th?

MZ: Yes I do

Member:  MARK, have read that Basil 3 takes effect June 28. Does that mean rv can't take place until then?

MZ: Interesting timing…..June is going to be a big month…..I expect we will be over the hump by then….I will dig more on this and tell you what I find……”Basel 111 is a move toward sound money”

Member: : Who do you think the emails will come from? Bank? Currency supplier?

MZ: I am told it could be a combination of all of those…

Member: Can we just walk into a bank and get street rates?

MZ: If you want to. .

Member: Let us all believe that the RV and Nesara are starting right now……..power of positive thinking….

Member:  The rollout is what it is …and we all need to work on our tolerance for waiting, waiting, waiting. Life is short. Eat dessert first and don't put off your life waiting to 'begin' your life.

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